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Virtual Sessions-Coaching or Card Readings

* Sessions are just as effective done virtually.
* Virtual sessions by Facetime/Messenger/Skype/Zoom/Teleconference are available, with or without video, depending on your preference.
* Please read below Session Policy, including cancellation policy, before booking.
* Book the following sessions for individuals or small group on the online calendar:
- Soul Evolution Coaching Sessions on Metaphysical & Spiritual Topics of Your Choice
- Tarot & Oracle Card Readings
 - Learn Tarot & Oracle Card Basics, and other certifications
- Out of Body Basics
FREE! Sound Recordings of Evolution Coaching sessions and Card Readings when on the teleconference line.
Clients ABSOLUTELY love this option to receive a free sound file of the session to listen to again in the future for deeper insights. At times your conscious mind through its memory may play tricks and may distort the information that is channeled. Recording the session is highly recommended to maintain its authenticity. Many clients find it extremely helpful to listen to the reading some time after the session. Each time you replay it, you will have various epiphanies.
If the session is not recorded for you, it is highly recommended that you record the session through your smartphone as it is very beneficial to listen to it again in the future for deeper insights.
Please have your questions ready if it is a Tarot/Oracle Card reading. Katibe will review how to ask your questions briefly at the beginning of the session as well.
If you would like your session recorded for FREE (barring any technical difficulties), please call in at below teleconference phone number at the time of the appointment:
Teleconference phone number: (641) 715-3273. If you are calling from outside the USA, dial 1-(641) 715-3273. Then Enter Participant Access Code 540559# .
Katibe will meet you at this number at the start of the session unless you inform her otherwise prior to the session that you prefer for her to call you at a phone number of your choice that you provide to her. You will then be responsible for recording the session yourself.
Please be prompt for your sessions. For the teleconference/Skype/webinar sessions Katibe will wait 10 minutes past your session start time for you to arrive. If you are not on the line by then, Katibe will attempt to contact you then she will hang up and the session will need to be rescheduled. If you arrive late for your sessions regularly (more than 2 x), you will be charged for it and your sessions will be shortened by that length. Katibe strives to teach people higher evolutionary traits such as considerateness, impeccability of one’s words and respect of another one’s time. Thank-you for your understanding in that.
If you do not want to meet on the teleconference line, please provide the best phone number or Skype address for you to be reached at the time of the session. If you choose this option, you are responsible for recording the session yourself.
* Please book your session responsibly.
* No refunds after services are rendered. Please read the descriptions of the services on this website so you clearly understand how they work.
* All sessions are by prepay only.
* Sessions are able to be booked 2-21 days in advance on the calendar.*
* For Zoom/Messenger/Facetime/Skype/teleconference session reschedules, changes or cancellations, please give at least 4 hour notice to allow others, who may be on a waiting list, an opportunity to schedule. If after the 2nd time you are a no-show or change your session last minute, $25 of the session fee will not be refunded.

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