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Welcome to Evolving Soul Center


Evolving Soul Center LLC is a virtual center founded by Katibe Simmone.  Its mission is to help you evolve to your best life of love, joy, peace and abundance on all levels~ physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  The Center is committed to helping you raise your base inner vibration (ascension to the higher dimensions) through the following soul evolution coaching and metaphysical  principles:

1) understanding the purpose of your existence to its highest spiritual evolution of Love and all of its beautiful sub traits 

2) aligning to your soul’s plan for this current incarnation through higher consciousness teachings including self-awareness, karma, life synchronicities, animal totems, dream work and more

3) recognizing and transcending your low vibrational ego  

4) emotional healing and emotional trigger release techniques, including forgiveness and gratitude work, understanding of karmic relationships and your soul lessons, balancing of low vibrational karma and other beneficial energy healing techniques like affirmations, crystal and color healing, remote Reiki and energetic chord cutting.

5) understanding of your energetic nature, including your aura, chakras and energetic chords and techniques to maintain a healthy energetic anatomy. Good energetic health correlates to good physical health.  The mind~body~spirit connection is essential.

6) providing knowledge of your innate power which includes your intuition and psychic powers and how to access it with confidence and trust

Five primary services are offered:

1) Soul evolution coaching is offered virtually for private, small and large group coaching sessions on various spiritual and metaphysical topics.   Bring your real-life issues and challenges so Katibe can empower you with specific pragmatic metaphysical tools and knowledge to help you understand your soul nature, release and move forward in your life. 

2) Tarot and Oracle card readings are offered to provide guidance on your specific life questions. During these, Katibe utilizes her intuitive abilities and psychic senses.

Katibe’s soul purpose has been revealed to be a messenger for Beings of Light and Love and teacher of spirituality. She provides soul wisdom from beyond. These Beings exist in other dimensions in frequencies most cannot readily detect with their physical senses.   She has provided guidance to the masses from many different Light Beings. She shares their wisdom on her Facebook, blog and in her published eBook. 

3) Educational metaphysical content that Katibe intuitively feels would serve you best and/or that you desire to learn more about.  Developmental sessions, workshops and certifications on various topics are available which can be customized to your needs and desires

4) Energetic chord cutting exercises where Katibe walks you through an interactive visualization to cut low vibrational, binding chords with specific people, events or locales that limit your full potentiality for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  

5) Remote Reiki where Katibe walks you through an interactive visualization to activate, vitalize and align your seven major chakras as well as other needed energy clearing, cleansing and psychic protection for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  

Katibe first founded Soul Evolution Center LLC in February 2013.  Then in April 2019 she founded Evolving Soul Center LLC. She is a soul evolution coach, published author, workshop facilitator on various spiritual and metaphysical topics, speaker and advanced channeler of Light Beings.  


Evolve to Your Best Life