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Welcome to Evolving Soul Center


Evolving Soul Center LLC is a virtual center founded by Katibe Simmone.  Its mission is to help you evolve to your best life of love, joy, peace and abundance on all levels~ physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  The Center is committed to helping you raise your base inner vibration (ascension to the higher dimensions) through the following soul evolution coaching principles:

1) understanding the purpose of your existence to its highest spiritual evolution 

2) aligning to your soul’s plan for this current incarnation through higher consciousness teachings

3) transcendence of your ego  

4) emotional healing and release techniques 

5) understanding of your energetic nature

6) providing knowledge of your innate power and how to access it 

Soul evolution coaching is offered virtually for private, small and large group coaching sessions on various spiritual and metaphysical topics. Many developmental sessions, workshops and certifications are available which can be customized to your needs.

Tarot and Oracle card readings are offered to answer your life questions. During these, Katibe utilizes her intuitive abilities and psychic senses.

Katibe’s soul purpose has been revealed to be a messenger for Beings of Light and Love and teacher of spirituality. She provides soul wisdom from beyond. She is an advanced channeler of Light Beings. These Beings exist in other dimensions in frequencies most cannot readily detect with their physical senses.   She has provided guidance to the masses from many different Light Beings. She shares their wisdom on her Facebook, blog and in her published eBook. 

Katibe first founded Soul Evolution Center LLC in February 2013.  Then in April 2019 she founded Evolving Soul Center LLC. She is a soul evolution coach, published author, workshop facilitator on various spiritual and metaphysical topics, speaker and channeler.  


Evolve into Your Best Life