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10/29/09 Messages – Jokes from Beyond in Email Subject Header

by | Oct 29, 2009 | Messages in Email Subject Header

Welcome !! So glad that you are here!! Love and Light to You All !!
PLEASE NOTE:  You may want to revisit this post at future dates as I may update it with additional info as I get it.
Please see my post on the Intro to further understand the purpose of this blog, to learn more about me, the author and my psychic developments.
Purpose:  To help raise your awareness to the amazing world that is beyond our physical senses.  To show you what forms  of messages  spirit guides & spirits may use to contact you.
Also, you can set the boundaries so that interactions and communications with spirits and spirit guides are done graciously, tactfully and with gentleness.  You let them know how you want to be treated!  Sometimes, they forget, are ignorant or just plain not aware of how they are coming across to you.
Comments: In the last few weeks I have gotten some messages in the subject header of my Yahoo emails.  When I am working on my computer, when I cut and paste words into the email header, I got the following random messages on the following dates. These messages appear without being related to what I had intended to cut and paste.   It seems like there is a  spirit who has a sense of humour around me! 
I thanked him for his funny messages.  I sensed it was a male energy.  I asked him for his name and for some more info on himself.   The next cut & pastes did not prove fruitful to his identity.  I did not try to meditate immediately after to sense his identity.  
Has anyone had any other similar experiences or messages ? Please share.
 Messages in Email Subject Header 
10-29-09 Thursday 4:26 p.m – “Hazards of storing plutonium in Tupperware ”
10-29-09 Thursday 4:30 p.m.  ” Ma has a ham! ”  (Comment: I don’t really get this joke.)
10-10-09 Saturday – “Is your coffee table caffeinated?”
10-10-09 Saturday – “Hydrate or DIE!!!”  ( Comment: I had a cold that week  & was slightly dehydrated.  Therefore, I think he was telling me to drink more water.  After I rec’d this message, I told him out loud, that though I appreciated his message ,I appreciated if he used more tact and gentleness in delivering his messages.  The reference to ” Die!!” was just too harsh for me.  Remember, that you can let the spirits and your spirit guides know or remind them how you expect to be treated and what is acceptable and what is not.  You can set the boundaries so that interactions and communications with them are done diplomatically, tactfully and with gentleness.  )  


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