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10/29/09 (updated 11-16-09) Channeling: Song from Angel & Others

by | Oct 29, 2009 | Light Being - Alexandria My Angel, Shaman

Welcome !! So glad that you are here!! Love and Light to You All !! 

Purpose:  To help raise your awareness to the amazing world that is beyond our physical senses.  To validate the presence of angels by sharing with you my experience of channeling a song from my angel.   To show you that your angels are around and ready to help, guide and protect you.  You simply need to ask them for their help.  Have you done that? 

What a beautiful and wonderful world we live in to have such loving beings, watching over us!

I also want to share my experiences with previous channelings.

Comments:  At about 4:30 p.m today, I visited a website that had a web page that had the sound bite of OMs.  I heard OMs like 3x.   This was after I got the messages from beyond in my email subject header (Please see my post on this.)  Immediately after, I felt like I wanted to hum.  I don’t hum by nature and don’t have the best voice. In fact, some may call me tone-deaf. LOL! Okay, so I start to hum. I can sense it is a very special melody.  I feel it growing with in me.  I hum louder going up and down in the notes ( Ok, you can tell how musically savvy  I am).  I make the hum from a special place in my larynx.  That’s the way, I sense, it is supposed to be hummed.  I go high up in the notes like I never have done.  The melody is very beautiful. Clairvoyantly, I see my angel’s face in my 3rd eye.  It is just her face. It is luminescent.  She is wearing white.  She has blonde, wavy hair.  Her song is sung from the heart.   I didn’t want to stop humming this song.  It felt so nice to hum it. 

Angels are known for their beautiful angelic songs and music. 

Immediately after the channeling, I go into my 3rd eye.  I ask her telepathically if her name is Alexandria.  That is what another medium had told me her name was.  She says “yes, that is my name”.  But then I got Alexia.  She said “no, it’s Alexandria”.   She said she is my protector and is there to guide me.  I hear this clairaudiently.   

I thank her profusely.  I ask her to come again to me in a way that is clear and that I can understand, feel or sense.   I asked her to come to me the past 2.5 months, since I have learned about angels. I have been asking to see her, feel or hear her.  It has been a challenge.  During my closed eye meditations, I made contact with her for messages, but the messages were very stilted and one word or 2 words phrases.   I don’t feel like I even sensed her presence around me, though I try.  Only 1 time I felt her presence and that was in a dream and we were flying together.  I felt her angelic presence and body next to me in mid-air.  I have met people who say they see their angels all the time and have conversations with them. 

I am surprised she came to me, and I picked up her beautiful melody. I wasn’t even in a semi-trance or deep meditative state.  I was so happy that I channeled her melody. 

A great introductory book about angels is Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue, Ph.d.  This book is chock full of info on angels and how to connect with them and how they communicate with you.  This book says we each have 2 guardian angels.  They are just waiting for you to call them for guidance.  If you haven’t done so already, close your eyes now and ask for them to come to you. 

 I wonder if I channeled this angel song so easily because my crown chakra was more open from the dream I had in October.  In this dream, alien beings performed a spiritual healing on my head and opened up my crown chakra. (LOL, rereading this, I see how funny this sounds.  Please, see my post on this alien being dream). 

 My husband, Tom, was home when this happened.  I sense it was a message for him, too. In the last few days, he has been attempting contact with his angels for the 1st time.  I sense this was a sign to show him that, yes, angels are out there.  Keep believing!

Previous Channeling 

I have spontaneously channeled about 5 other times in the past 3 months.  

Female Shaman

– 2x it  was a chant from an female Shaman from an Incan tribe in Peru that came to heal my big toe.  This was in my bathroom in my house.  This happened VERY spontaneously.  I was just looking at my toe to see how it was healing.  There was an infection on it.  All of a sudden, I could see my aura clearly around my foot.  Then, the aura spiked suddenly about 1. 5 feet around my toe.  I have never seen my aura that far out from my body.  Also, usually, it takes a few minutes of focus to see an aura.  Then, I saw an image of the Shaman clairvoyantly.  She was an older thin, short woman like in her 80s  with white hair.   Then she starts chanting and dancing. Before you know it, I am chanting from deep within like an old lady.  My eyes start to water because the chant is so intense.  I am chanting from a deep place within my solar plexus.   After the chant, I feel wiped out.   It was strong!

 In a meditation on 8/4/09, I asked  telepathically where she was from and her name.  That ‘s how I got that she is a  Shaman from an Incan tribe in Peru.  Clairaudiently,  I got she is known as graceful dove/sparrow ( unsure about the bird word as I think it was a type of bird that I was unfamiliar with) rising over still waters. 

updated 11/16/09 

8-3-09 Monday nght 7:00 p.m.I know she is a loving being because she had come to my earlier at a healing session at a metaphysical church in our church when a well known healer came to talk about the healings she did with John of God in Brazil.  http://www.johnofgod.com/index.php/about-john-of-god

I was sitting in the back of the church.  About 30 people had attended.  At the very beginning of the talk, I was just watching and listening to the healer’s words.  The healer had begun her discussion on her trips to Brazil to aid John of God.  Then my eyes started to water.  Then I felt all this love over me. It was beautiful.  This has happened to me before where I felt spontaneous love and my eyes water and sometimes I cry because it is just so beautiful.  It has happened driving in my car.   I sense the healer had all her loving healing entities in the room and it just bought it on for me.  Then my head was suddenly being pushed back while I was sitting in my chair. It was like a pressure on my forehead pushing my head back.   I couldn’t fight it. I sat in my chair with my head dropped way back looking at the ceiling.  Mary, a woman, sitting next to me, asked me if I was ok and I said my head was stuck.  I couldn’t lift it back.  There was pressure being applied to keep my head back.  Then I saw an image of indian type medicine woman.  It was the Shaman. She was chanting and whirling around.  I almost felt like I was going to chant  & whirl around with her right there between the seats of the chapel! I had this fear that I couldn’t control these actions if they came over me.  Anyways, the healer had to come next to me and said some prayers and snapped her fingers.  My head went into normal position with considerable effort. But it still wanted to go back.  Then I started to spontaneously sob quietly. Then I went to like a open eyed trance in my seat and couldn’t get out of it for like 15 minutes.  I couldn’t move or respond.   One of the Reverends, who sat next to me and just comforted me and gently tried to get me to focus.  I was out of it!  Then I returned to Earth

I thanked the  Reverend for her help.  Just having her next to me was so comforting though I couldn’t respond.
Midweek during the week of 11/09/09-  I am in my bathroom getting reading for work in the early morning about.  I feel an urge to spontaneously Ohm.  So I do it.

On the 2nd OHM, I feel strange, like someone else is OHMing  thru me.  Then I sense it is the female shaman.  She chants through me.   I sense she wants to do her healing through me.  I sense she has waited a long time to find someone to do her healing work and now she has found me.  She is slightly impatient and wants to heal through me.

Since that time, I sense her clairvoyantly, very close at hand to me. She is like always there.   I sense that I must do my Reiki since I am recently Reiki 1 certified but have not had a chance to practice it.

11/16/09 Monday about 2:00 p.m- I do an energy healing session on my husband.  This is the 2nd time I have done this on him.    I start off with 3 heartfelt Ohms.   He is laying down on a exam table in our house. I sense the female shaman is there clairvoyantly.  But I cannot let go to have her work thru me and do her chanting as I have not done this in front of anyone, even if is my hubs. 

11/16/09 Monday about about 4:30-  I am in the bathroom with my husband.  I sense that the female shaman is right there. I feel like something is stuck in my throat.  I tell my husband that she really wants to come to heal him.  I had suppressed her earlier that day.   My husband is open to her healing energy.  I do 1 OHM, then on the 2nd OHM I feel the shift.  I feel like I am going to cry.  She is coming through.  I am totally conscious.  I go toward my husband who is standing and start to grab and shake him on his shoulders.  She is very physical and hands on.  I turn my husband around and am chanting.  I take his head and rub his head with my hands.  I let her guide me.  I end up by placing my fingers on his closed eyes and wrapping my hands around his head.

I stop chanting and stay like that for like 3 minutes.  My head drops more and more.  Then it ends.  As soon as it stopped, I feel an enormous release, like I am so relieved.  I feel like I need to take deep breaths for air.

This is the 1st time I have channeled a spirit on a third party.  French Singer

– 1x it was as a French song from a French woman who told me clairaudiently that she came to me “to sing” when I asked why she was coming to me.  I also saw a clairvoyant image of her  from a distance of a large matronly type woman with dark hair and fair skin on a stage.  I don’t know French at all.  This happened in the car as I was driving.  I was very relaxed and had done about 5 minutes of straight heartfelt  OMs just because I felt like doing OMs. 

Foreign Languages

-2x I channeled Sanskrit words or tongue.  Not sure what they were. It was unrecognizable to me. Some sort of language .  Again, this happened in the car as I was driving.  I was very relaxed and had done about 5 minutes of straight heartfelt OMs just because I felt like doing OMs.

updated 11-16-09  Feeling the urge to Talk  French

11/13/09 Friday During my run for my morning exercise, I spontaneously felt like rolling my tongue and doing these French “r’s.  It is odd.  This is like the 2nd time I felt like doing this.


updated 11-16-09  French Diplomat

11/14/09 Saturday evening about 6:30 p.m. while driving to dinner, I did a few Ohms in the car just because I felt the urge to do so.  Then a French man appeared clairvoyantly.  I sensed he was a French diplomant.  I sensed he was in a high rise office in Paris.   He was talking in French.  I could see French words written  in my mind.  He showed me the bookshelves in his office.   He opened up a book but it was in French.  I asked my angels and wise spirit guides to please send me an interpreter so I may understand him as I don’t understand French.  No such luck!!  I sensed he wanted to me finish his manuscript that he hadn’t had a chance to finish before he passed. 

I am open to channeling words or writings if they are higher level of love & light.  I just don’t want many spirits ,who have passed and may be lower level, to come to me constantly to channel them.



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