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10/21/09 OOB: No Portal: Being Taken to a Crazy Campus Scene: Thule & Bank Break In

by | Oct 21, 2009 | Dream Interpretation, Dream with Message, New Word, Out of Body - Interdimensional Travel, Spiritual Missionary

Welcome!! Light and Love to You All!!
Purpose:  This OOB (out-of-body experience) clearly illustrates the fact there is communication going on from those spirits or beings to me in my dream state.  Because of the uniqueness of this experience, I categorized this as an OOB and not just simply just a dream.
I was shown the word, Thule, which was unknown to me,  clearly in my dreams.
10/21/09 Dream #2:  Being Taken to a Crazy Campus Scene: Thule
In my dream, I was looking for a male friend.  I don’t know his name. For purposes of this blog, I will him Eric.  I knew Eric from other dreams.  I found his room mate, let me call him Steven, in this room.  Steven was taller than my Eric and had brown hair. Both, Steven and I were standing on a special thick wire bar about 1 foot and a half off the floor.  Steven slid along the bar and the bar bent with his weight toward the floor.  He got off the bar and gingerly lifted his leg off so the bar wouldn’t snap back with me still on it.  In my mind I appreciated that so I didn’t fly off the bar with the force of the spring.  When Steven made it to the floor, Eric appeared.  I gave Eric a warm hug.  Eric had thick black hair, fair skin and a medium build.  He was college aged.  We left the room.  They were going to take me to where I wanted to go.  Eric was walking slightly in front of me.  I was walking with Steven.  We were talking.  I made a comment to Steven about my husband.  Steven just stopped and looked shocked.  He said “You are married?”.  He didn’t know that.  I can sense his mind was working on processing this surprising bit of info.   Eric had kept that from him.  Eric had been telling him and his other friends that we were seeing each other.  Eric had now “lost face”.  Eric’s face fell when he realized that I had let it slip to Steven that I was married.  He walked way ahead.  I realized that I shouldn’t have said this to Steven.  I told Steven not to tell anyone else.
We were walking on a major road in our town.  I said to Steve “Are you sure you know where we are going?”.  He said yes.  I looked around to get a general sense of my bearings.  I was confident I could get myself back.
As we were walking, I noticed a giant marquee sign on our left side that said ThuleThe letters were big and ran vertically down the sign. (The way this word was shown in my dream clearly showed that it was a message for me). 
From Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thule  Thule is described as:
 Ultima Thule in medieval geographies may also denote any distant place located beyond the “borders of the known world.”
 Pickpocket #1
Then, during the dream we walked into a building.  Steve & Eric disappeared into the building.  The front room was full of people.  I felt a hand go into my front pocket.  My small plastic container about  1 inch by 1 inch, that I carry my ear plugs around in real life, was taken.  Inside of it were scraps of paper.  Immediately, I said to the man, who was wearing a white polo shirt with horizontal navy stripes, “hey, you just pick pocketed me!”.  I said this very loudly to embarrass him in front of the others and let others know that there was a thief in the midst.  I told him that I could go to the front desk right there and report him to the police.  Then I realized that it would be ridiculous to call the cops on him over a small plastic container with paper scraps in it.
 Renting Computers
Then, in my dream, I walked into the 2nd large room.  To the left was a long narrow area where you could rent computers for use.  Then you could use the computers there in the work areas.  It was separated from the main room by a 1/3rd partition type wall.  There were many college students in there using the computers.  The college student in the front of the narrow area was in charge of the rentals.  I asked him for the price sheet.  I thought that the prices were very expensive.  Prices ranged from $4000- $7000 to rent the computers.  Included in the prices was the service for bringing firewalls in from the back.  As I was looking at the price sheet, a worker carrying a large computer barely squeezed by me.
Pickpocket #2
Then in my dream, as I was leaving the narrow computer rental area, I felt a hand go into my pocket again.  A college student had pick pocketed a hard candy in a white wrapper in my pocket and then took my small plastic container, which was now filled with ear plugs.  I immediately noticed what he did.  I yelled at him and grabbed my small plastic container.  I told him I needed my ear plugs and that they were very important to me. ( In reality, I do carry around ear plugs in a small plastic container because my ears are so sensitive).  He looked chagrined. His 2 friends were sitting next to him.  One of his friends gave him a smooth indigo blue handle.  I took this to be a knife handle.  I said “You are going to stab me over ear plugs??!!!.  I was ready to go off on him verbally but then I was at a loss for words to accurately express my outrage.  He shook his head in a “no” motion, that no he was not going to stab me.  I walked away from him.  Having been pick pocketed 2x,  I realized this place was a high crime area, and I needed to be careful.
 Breaking into a Bank
During the same dream, I then I walked into another room.  I saw a female college student running so fast.  I knew she had special powers.  She was like a superhero or something.   There was a man who looked like and acted like the actor Robert Downey, Jr.  I will call him Robert for purposes of this blog.  He had the same easy going, not-take-life-too seriously attitude that Robert Downey, Jr. has.  He was taking his team of college students on a mission.  I wanted to join him as I thought it was a positive, humanitarian mission.  The female superhero wanted to come with us.   We go into another room.  There was a huge glass wall in front.   Robert was explaining how to break that wall.  He was saying that you don’t need to break the glass and then he said “Or not” as he put a special tool on the wall, causing the glass wall to shatter and showing a pitch black room beyond.  He said not to worry, that the only person working security was an old lady called Mildred.  She was in her 80s.  So we broke into the room and went down the stairs (the stairs symbolize descent into a lower plane).  Mildred says hello and gives us a smile.  There are 2 other older people there.  They seemed to know and were friendly with Robert and his team.  I sensed Robert and his team had done this type of break-in before.
Escaping from the Bank
Then, I realized I had helped Robert and his team break into a bank!  These college students needed money for their coffee.  I could not believe it.  The alarm had gone off. I knew we only had a few minutes before the police arrived.  I decide I no longer wanted any part of this “mission” now that I realized what it really was.  I said I was going to go.  I knew Robert would be mad at me for leaving and was going to try to stop me.  I asked the female superhero college student if she wanted to come with me, but she said no!  I could not believe she did not want to come with me as I thought she was above this kind of thing.  Fully expecting, Robert to be chasing me right behind me,  I took off running up the stairs ( the stairs representing ascent into higher plane).  At the top of each flight of stairs was a blockaded wall.  Somehow, individual boards became loose as I approached so that I could get thru to make it to the next flight of stairs.  As I was running up a flight of stairs, and seeing a closed door at the top of the stairs and wondering if there was an escape from there, the dream stopped.  It was 2:00ish a.m.
Dream Interpretation: Spiritual Missionary Work
Somehow this dream was part of my spiritual missionary work.   I say this because it was a lower plane as represented by the crime (the pickpockets) and the stairs downward.  In another blog, I write that I do spiritual missionary work in my sleep state as part of my service to humanity.  It is not directly evident to me how I was able to be of service in this dream.  Maybe I was there to influence the female superhero student to rise above and be more than she thinks she is.
 Dream Interpretation:  Unknown Words to Me: Meaning of Thule
I have never heard of the Thule till it was displayed so prominently in my dream.   This is what has been happening to me more and more often.  I see words in my dreams or hear words clairaudiently before falling asleep that  I don’t even know what they mean.
Also from Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thule  Thule is mentioned in:
Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Dream-Land” (1844) begins with the following stanza:
By a route obscure and lonely,
Haunted by ill angels only,
Where an Eidolon, named Night,
On a black throne reigns upright,
I have reached these lands but newly
From an ultimate dim Thule
From a wild weird clime, that lieth, sublime,
Out of Space — out of Time.
This poem describes some of my dreamscapes perfectly.


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