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10/22/09 (upd 10/29/09) Messages:From Julie-Thanks For Spirit Crossovers & More

by | Oct 29, 2009 | Levitation, Light Being - Damie, Psychic Experiences - My Friend's, Spirit Crossovers, Spirit Guide

So glad that you are here!  Love & Light to You All!

*** Please Note: This post was updated on 10-29-09.  See update as noted below.***

Purpose:  This is to share the types and forms of messages one can receive psychically.   This  is a recent  message rec’d while in a night-time sleep state  from my friend Julie to me.  I presented it  as it was emailed to me by Julie.
In the same message Julie also included a message to me in regards to timing for listing our house for sale, which is located out of state.  She also got messages for herself and her coworkers in regards to their health. It was a very busy night for Julie!  I did not include those messages here.
About Julie
Julie is a fellow light worker.   We have taken spiritual classes together which is how we met in 2009 at an angel card certification workshop in South Florida.   She is extremely gifted with psychic abilities.  In the last 3-4 years after an illness, her gifts have been amplified.   She has a regular day job. Like so many of us lightworkers, she does this spiritual work around her other work.
Thank you, Julie for giving me this beautiful, heartfelt  message!
You see, good deeds do not go unrecognized!  The work I have been doing in my dream state in crossing spirits over has made a difference.  To all you spirits that I have crossed over,  I humbly accept your gratitude.  I wish you all well and much happiness in your new lives that you are so deserving of.   My thoughts and prayers are with you, always!
From this message, I am going to talk to God more during my meditations.  I have only gone directly to him one time during my closed eye meditation.    Hmmm, need to work on the levitation part, too (LOL)!!  I tried to levitate one time during a closed eye meditation weeks ago.  Didn’t work!
Also, based on this message, I will definitely keep my eye out for my guide to be “Damie, born a son of god-light worker.”  I welcome his presence, involvement and guidance in my life.
It is good to get a name in a message.  Sometimes you don’t get them. Or sometimes the names mean something else.
P.S. Just so you know, which I am sure you may have already picked up on, when you get messages from spirit, they can be staccato- not full sentences.  This is especially true if you get them in the middle of the night and you are half asleep and are groping for your writing pad and pencil on the nightstand!
From Julie’s email 10/22/09  Message for Me
mail box
Kay can change the future
Tell her to levitate, speak clearer work on it.
Talk to God
Many, many thanks to her she helped so many cross, even me  God bless her in jesus name thou art our lord in kingdom come we love her.

 thank her for all us souls crossing.
Damie born a son of god- light worker will come to help her. Peace and love  together you and your good night.
 thank you,  we will protect you, sleep now child. “

Post Update on 10/25/09  I had like 5  dreams that  night, three of them were had aspects of  Julie’s message
– One dream had mailboxes
– The other dream,  a darker dream had toys
– In one dream  I was levitating in my bathroom
 Post Update on 10/29/09
Another message from Julie that she rec’d in her dream state to me.
This is from Julie’s email 9/01/09  message for me:
Kay,  I got this last night:

  this was for you
10 12 3 5 9
“equiptment calculator times and dates x event time
 speak in tongue
tell her the message divided by 4
 thank you
 then I got
Accelerated knowing tools from the heavans above to all that need information to project happiness on earth.
loving calls.
help mankind in many ways “

Message interpretation:  On 10/29/09 I revisited this message because the part of on the accelerated knowing tools seems to be happening.  Based on the dream I had on 10/26/09 , and the alien being dream where a procedure was done to open up my crown chakra  and some of the messages I have rec’d during meditations and in my sleepy/wakey state that I have already posted on, I see now.  I see that I am being given accelerated knowing tools from heaven to help humanity.
In regards to the message phrase, speak in tongue, I had the following experience. One time when I was driving in the car, after I did some heartfelt OMs, I wanted to talk to say things, but I didn’t know what.  The wanting to say OMs just comes over me spontaneously at times.  When this happens,  I just release it.  It is like an itch that I need to scratch (please excuse my crude comparison!).   I just opened up my mouth andIi was saying these nonsensical syllables.  I thought I was speaking in tongue.  After I thought, it may have been Sanskrit.  The  syllables were  short and were like rah, da, ta, me, run
In regards to the message’s mathematical numbers and formula, I am stll unclear.  I did some calculations but did not come up with anything fruitful.


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