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Purpose: To increase your awareness of the beautiful higher consciousness that you possess by sharing my personal experiences.  Also, to show you that your dreams have important messages for you!   This is illustrated by the following message, that I just rec’d from my spirit guides, that I will be channeling ancient writings.
Background:  This is the message I rec’d this morning on 10/27/09 Tuesday.  I rec’d this message in the early a.m. hours about 7:05 a.m. I had gotten up around 30 minutes before and laid back down on my bed.  I was really relaxed with nothing pressing on my mind and therefore open to receiving this message.
I find this time of day is very conducive to me for receiving messages, clairaudiently or clairvoyantly from those beings, spirit and otherwise, who are guiding me.  I laid there with my white lined papered notebook and pencil to transcribe any incoming messages that come into my head.  I had done this before.   I find at this time of day  I actually may hear voices inside my head (clairaudience) with specific accents, tones or inflections.  Many times these voices are unrecognizeable or unknown to me.  I may talk to them or interject  telepathically to find out who they are, if they are speaking to me and questions about the subject matter at hand.
At times the voice  inside my head is just a sort of monotone, unidentifiable voice, neither male nor female but not my voice either.   That is what I heard today as I transcribed it below.
I have gotten two other messages  from ascended masters earlier, Master Kutihumi  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuthumi)  and El Morya  (http://www.summitlh.com/minneapolis/chohans/elmorya.html).   I have yet to post these messages.
I have been having amazing dreams with the past 4 months with spirit visitations and feel I am being guided and led toward something.  It has been a challenge, attempting to figure out my dream symbolism to receive and understand the messages.
The italicized font below represents my comments interjected in the message for further explanatory info.
The periods represent missed words as it is difficult for me to get the full text at times.  I may only gets words, phrases, or partial sentences at times.   Please remember, that I am still a novice, having only recently experienced these psychic developments to receive messages within the past 4 months.  I feel often I am just winging it by the seat of my pants.
Please know that I have a very superficial knowledge base or no knowledge  in respect to many of the names mentioned below in the message-like Arcturia, etc…
I will keep you updated onto what transpires.  I am staying calm and if and when the information to be channeled comes, I will gratefully accept it.
10/27/09 Message  from Guide and Ascended Master
UV (unidentified voice):  You’re kind of figuring it out… calmly enough..was there anything….?
Katy( I ask them/her or him  telepathically): What can I do to raise my vibration so I can hear you more clearly?  ( I ask them this because if you raise your internal vibration to a higher frequency, communication will be more clear.)
UV: … real forces around you…There are some other things that go as well. ..
Katy:  What is your name?
UV: – Principal #1  (to be called P #1 for this post  )
P #1:  … sit and talk…
P #1: – my father was a …. my mother was a…. Israel… the 1st people…. Mennonite (for more info on them see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mennonite .  I don’t know,  Mennonites don’t seem to me to be  from Israel  from the little research I did. )..  Jews… thirst for freedom and knowledge… Babylon…exodus.. (Then I was shown an image of distant aerial view of a desert scene with people in it )… writings before time… the tablet…. your name sake  (namesake refers to my birth name, which means writer of holy book. I have shortened my birthname to a nickname)… the end… the rising glory.. the new tide…. the march goes on…
( I sense here that the speaker changed to someone else).
UV: – for a better world to succeed in all its infinite grace & power.  The phoenix is rising, ushering in the birth of a new era, the awakening of many, many souls for what’s to come ahead.  This is Master Kutihumi  . You have been chosen along with a select few to usher in this new era… Arcturia shall rise and lead again.  ..tutorial … There are many others like you, working for a better destiny… honest ways for living… the real question is not what to do but when to do it…  I am going to cry… 
( For more info on Master Kutihumi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuthumi    http://www.indigoworld.com/index.php?topic=115.0 )
Katy: What is my specific role in this?
UV: You are going to do great things… send and receive messages from beyond on guidance and inspiration to the masses that yearn for this knowledge.  Your writings will become very important.  History will be revealed.   The ancient writings shall spring forth thru you.
Katy: When do I start?
UV :As soon as you are ready to begin.
Katy:  I am ready.
UV: Ptolemy, master mathematician, (I was then shown a clairvoyant image of a series of a few foreign letters -looks like Greek but not sure)   will come to you at some future time to relay his teachings.  Nostradamus   will arrive shortly thereafter.  Pythgoreas will appear.  As always, Merlin  will be working behind the scenes to make sure all is going smoothly.  Your dream state will be a rich, fertile environment for these interactions to take place.
(For more info on Ptolemy see  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ptolemy.  In reality I didn’t know who he  was.  I just  knew him as animportant ancient  male figure having to do with numbers and science)
( Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nostradamus    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagoras    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merlin  )
Katy: Will I remember these writings?
UV:  They will be transcribed to you by you by your higher self in another realm and bought forth in a form easily understandable.  You need to watch, listen, and be aware of that which is around you.
UV: You will be guided.  You will have many lifetimes to complete your work.
Katy:   Thank you.
UV: Thank you, my child.
Comments:    I am so relieved that I know now that I will be channeling ancient knowledge and presenting it in an understandable modern form writings.   I am more confident with this especially since I met my spirit guide, Zooley, in a dream this past Monday night, who was helping me to pick out information to disseminate.
This message explains the meaning of the 3 other dreams I had within the past week where I saw thick antique looking books and earlier messages I rec’d.  Some foreshadowing of what is to come!  My spirit guides were attempting to show me back then that I would be working on some writings.
Dreams- Book Symbology- Spirit Guides  Showing Me What’s to Come
–  In one dream , there were like 10 antique thick books.  When I opened up one of them , it was so easy to read with large black font.  In my dream, I remember I was surprised that it was so easy to read as I was expecting some heavy, arcane wording if I judged the content by the books’ appearances.
– In another dream on 10/24/09 Saturday, there was a bookshelf from my childhood. On it were many books, including 3 books labelled “Encyclopedia”.  In my dream I could not understand why this bookshelf was there  and why my older sis and I  took it on our a short  getaway.    I thought my sis travelled very heavily!!!  Bringing this big bookshelf with all these books with her!!
In my dream I remembered that my father, who in reality passed away 17 years ago, helped her carry it up the stairs into the 2nd story place that we were staying in.   In my dream, I was going to give away these  3 Encyclopedias because they appeared to be heavy, and we needed to carry the bookshelf out of there cause we were checking out.  But then I decided to keep them.
(Sidenote: In this dream, it was the only dream that my passed father showed his face for a second.  Usually, I may feel his presence in my dreams but not see his form.  I sense this showed the importance of the books)
Dream -Book Symbology/ Meeting Zooley my Spirit Guide/ Spirit Crossover
– In this dream on 10/25/09 Monday,  I was shown 3 large shimmery bookshelves lining a side wall.  They were full of books, had two TV monitors and handouts.  There were handouts also.  Tim, my husband, was sitting on the couch with me in an unknown room when the bookshelves materialized.
Immediately, I knew by the shimmer these bookshelves were important.  I asked  Tom “Do you see the bookshelves?”.  He said “no”.  I got off the couch.  There was so much information on the bookshelves.  It was like a spiritual information library.  I did not know where to start!  I started describing to Tom very loudly what I was seeing in detail so he could take notes and remember along with me.
Then a female appeared.  She looked like a teacher, small-medium build and straight blonde/brown hair parted in the middle a little past the ears.  I asked her if she was a spirit guide, and she said “yes”.  Boy, was I surprised!!  This was the 1st time I had met a spirit guide and they stated they were one !
I asked her if she was my master teacher guide.  She said “no”.  She said something about a few principals, who were my guides.  I could tell she really wanted to get down to business and show me things.  I explained to her that I am just learning about spirit guides so I am asking her these kind of questions.
I asked her her name.  She said “Zooley“. I wrote her name down on a sheet of paper.  I thought it was Zooly.  I asked her if there was an “e” in there.  She said “yes”.,  I wanted to make sure I had the correct spelling of her name.   She said ” Ok, so you are going to take the handout to disseminate (or something like that)”.  There was a construction green papered handout that I had taken.
Then in the midst of this, a large unknown woman in her 20s appeared in black in front of us.  My older sis appeared from somewhere to greet her.  I sensed this woman’s name was Peg.   I remembered her from another dream scene that very night, where I saw her get attacked by an angry blonde female in a dark basement scene.
I said to her” Didn’t you get just get attacked in my last dream?” Peg said “yes”, and she burst out crying.  I looked to my right. There were 2 other unknown females , which were Peg’s friends, sitting with me on the couch.   Zooley was furthest away from us, sitting on the other end of the couch.  She looked perplexed.  I sensed she was wondering , “what the heck is going on here??”.
I sensed that I needed to cross Peg over and her friends over since she appeared to be in a dark realm, the dark basement scene, that I saw her in.  As soon as I started to  call for Archangel Michael for help, and I was creating the white column of light for the crossover,  the dream scene disappeared.  In reality, while laying in my bed, a very bright white light flashed behind my eyes.
I continued my prayer to Archangel Michael to help release them and all the other people I saw in the dark basement dream scene.   I asked him to send them to where they need to be, whether it be crossed over, for the highest good of all concerned.   I prayed that they would be happy in their new lives and wished them well with lots of love.   I thanked Archangel Michael for his help.  I asked Peg to come to me gently when she was all settled in and let me know how she was doing.
I have crossed over other spirits as written in other posts in this blog.
( I wanted to share this entire dream not just the part on the books)
Dream- Baby Symbology – Giving Birth to a New Creation – A Book
I also had the following symbolic dream, foreshadowing the message of doing writings.
– In a dream of 10/25/09  Monday,  I had a dream I had a baby that was only like the length of my hand.  It was very small.  The baby was only a few hours old, yet it was talking words and sentences!  I was so surprised.
The baby had a very large mouth in relation to its small head. LOL.  I could not understand in the dream why I did not remember being pregnant.  It seemed liked the baby just appeared.
Now, I realize that I should not take this dream literally.  I am interpreting it in the following way.  It symbolized my giving birth to a new creation, a book, a book that is new (like a baby) but containing old knowledge (represented by the baby’s mature talking abilities).
Other Foreshadowing Messages About Writings
– On 10/13/09 in my sleepy/wakey state before falling asleep, I rec’d the following message clairaudiently:
”  publishing… Amanda… knows what to do..  ”
I don’t know an Amanda.  She may be a spirit guide that I haven’t met or she may be someone in real life I will meet.  I will keep you posted.
– In my sleepy/wakey state this past summer 2009 I rec’d 2 messages about finding a university professor.   At this time back then, I had no idea what this meant.
Now, I sense this means that I should contact a professor of theology, religious history,  metaphysics or some other other related area of study to help me with the writings.   I let my spirit guides and beings of light and love and those that guide me know that I am open  to contact with a professor to help me with the book.
While I was running the morning of the 10/27/09  in the park, a  name came to me “Dr. xxxx”.  I googled that name for professors in the area but did not come up with any fruitful info.
I don’t know. Maybe, I don’t need a professor if it is going to be in an understandable form.  We shall see what happens.


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