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10/27/12 Channeled Message: Technical & Inspirational: Masters of the Universe: Atlantis

by | Oct 28, 2012 | Atlantis, Channeled Light Being - Masters of the Universe, Channeled Message, Channeled Messages that are Technical

I have been guided to channel information from various beings. I have been told telepathically to do this regularly.

I wanted to channel a specific message for the monthly Metaphysical Book club meeting on 10/28/12 Saturday from 3:30-4:30 p.m.  We are studying the book “The Convoluted Universe” Book One by Dolores Cannon.  She presents much information on metaphysical topics, including that on Atlantis.  Atlantis was an ancient civilization, that was once vibrant and unparalleled in its accomplishments of art, science and manifestation, and then underwent a dramatic downfall and is now believed to be underwater.  I wanted to ask the guides for information on Atlantis to enhance our reading of the book.

Read on and enjoy.  Please share with others who may be interested.

Please also ready my commentary at the end for helpful background information on the channeled message.



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10/27/12 Sunday 10:56 a.m. at my laptop in my office:

Channeled Message on Atlantis  from the Masters of the Universe


Katy: To the Guides of Light and Love, Masters of Knowledge, please give an overview of Atlantis and significant highlights to us humans now on Earth.  Thank you!

Masters of the Universe: Change is necessary. It is a part of life, of growth, of spiritual evolution. At times specific knowledges are imparted to help those reasonable to understand, to parlay this information is advantageous and significant.  Overcoming obstacles to understanding is of prime importance. 

 The specific incidents of Atlantis led to their downfall and ultimate demise.  They were the gatekeepers of knowledge and very astute.  Their abilities to enhance their standard and quality of life enabled them to pursue other extraordinary interests.  Their advanced abilities led them to make decisions that were not in keeping with the laws of the universe. Hence, they realized this when their actions and concentrated efforts to produce magnificent results caused their entire civilization to collapse. 

Commonalities exist today with the human race.  The efforts of advancement often result in other unexpected and haphazard results.  The quality of information becomes distorted.  The necessity of unusual avenues of opportunities can be of prime benefit.  Concentrated efforts are necessary to keep an even, balanced and structured approach to growth of civilization.  Many minds are required to keep an altruistic, directional force.  Supreme philosophies of life and understanding of mankind is another requirement to allow man to grow beyond his current facilities. 

We want you to understand that no single person is able to achieve this.  It is a communal and collective consciousness that enables entire civilizations to grow and develop and evolve into their potentialities of love, grace and knowledge.  Each one of you has impact.  Remember this, for in this togetherness you shall achieve beautiful, wonderous states to help yourselves and each other in your continued growth.

 Keep at it, loved ones!!

 We bow our heads to you.

 We are the ones that are called the Masters of the Universe, and it is to you we have come today to share our words.  Please help yourself to help others.  In this you shall be cherished and rise above all temptations.  You are God’s eternal gifts.  Remember this, how special each and every one of you are.  Keep the faith.  We look forward to our next communication with each and every one of you.

 In love, we leave.  In love, we shall return.

With that we bid adieu until the next opportunity to shine our grace on thee.

 In Excelsis Deo (1) !

 Katy: Thank you! Namaste.


 (1) I googled “In Excelsis Deo”.  “Excelsis” means lofty. It could also mean high, elevated or a height or lifted or raised or soaring tall or towering.  Deo means ‘God’ or ‘God-like’ or ‘the divine one’ or the ‘Godly one’. You may have heard of ‘Gloria in the Excelsis Deo.  The literal translation of ‘Gloria in the Excelsis Deo’ is ‘Glory to the Lord in the highest’. The words ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ could also mean ‘Glory in the heights for the Lord’.


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