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10/30/09 Spirit Crossing-Dream State- Margaret & Others-Intense White Light

by | Oct 30, 2009 | Light Phenomena - White Mist, Margaret the Spirit, My Family - Tom, My Spouse, Psychic Developments & Experiences, Spirit Crossovers

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Purpose: To show that spirits may visit in our dream state.  To show that it is possible to cross spirits over in your dream state.

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10/30/09 Spirits Crossover Dream

I had another spirit crossover dream early this morning after 6:00 a.m.   I was in the house  located out-of-state we used to live in when I was in elementary school. I just woke up from the night’s sleep.  I heard my husband, Tom, close the door behind him as he left for Starbucks.  I walked into the kitchen.  To my surprise my teenage daughter, Nikki, was there.  I said to her “What are you still doing here, you haven’t left for school yet?” .  She said “No”. She hadn’t been feeling well but now she feels better.  I told her I could not take her to school.  I wasn’t even dressed.  I asked her why she didn’t ask daddy to take her on the way to school.  Nikki said that she was surprised that daddy had left without letting her know.  I said that I was going to catch up him in the driveway.  I ran out there.  His car was gone. I had missed him.  There were 2 black large dogs running circles around the entire border of the house in like opposite directions.  I ran up to the stoop and closed the door to the foyer.  The dogs ran up to the door.  I heard them scratching slightly on the door. I was not scared of the dogs  I asked Nikki if she heard the dogs scratching.  She said yes, and that the dogs always run around the yard.   (Comment: I sense that these dogs were symbolic of being protectorate dogs, protecting the house and us in it).

Then an older woman with round glasses and gray hair, medium build on the shorter side, appeared out of nowhere in the kitchen.  She said she wanted to be crossed over.  I don’t know why but I asked her some questions that I usually don’t ask during crossovers.  I asked her her name and she said Margaret.  I asked her if I knew her. She said that she knew my mother from work and she knew me from the retail store Target.   I didn’t recognize her as one of my mother’s friends or from Target   I wanted to make sure I got her name right so I repeated her name again.  I told her that I was going to tell my mother she said hello.  ( Comment: My mother is living).  I shut my eyes and imagined a white tunnel of  light coming down.  I asked Archangel Michael to come and help.  Then I said ” In the Name of God, all those people who need to be crossed over, should cross over now.” 

A huge white astral light filled the room and surrounded me.  It was intense. In the back of my mind, I worried about  Nikki.  She was in that white light for the 1st time.  I could not see anything past the white light. Everything disappeared but the white light.  Then the light stopped.  The woman was gone.   Then a white soft fanny pack fell from the ceiling onto the floor in front of me.  In my dream, I knew this was a gift  of appreciation from Miguelli, my spirit guide sent to me on my request, from heaven to help me with my psychic stuff.  He had sent me a white package before that came from above in another dream before. 

Then as soon as this stopped, I heard my Nikki say to someone “Cool, are your here for the spirit crossovers, too?”  Immediately,  I knew more spirits had arrived.  This has happened before in my dreams.  One or two spirits arrive in my home and then they all start piling. News gets around fast!   About 6 women came in from another open door in the kitchen where there was no open door. They had their lunch buckets. I knew they were factory workers.   They put their lunches on the kitchen table and sat down.

I said to them “Do you need to be crossed over?”.  One woman said no, but that the other woman across from the table needed to be.   I sensed there was another woman who needed to be crossed over sitting at the table but she did not pipe in.   I looked across the woman to see who they were referring too.  Sitting about 1 foot and half away from the table in a chair at an angle that projected she wasn’t part of the group was a black woman, possibly in her 50s or 60s in a dress.  She looked sad.  The other women gave her a hug and kiss. They told me to give her a kiss.  I have not kissed a a spirit that needed to be crossed over in my dreams yet.  I went close to her but then felt fearful. I felt a tingle on my upper lip like a cold sore was going to come on.  (Comment: In reality, I do get cold sores).  I told her I felt a cold sore coming on and they were contagious and that I really shouldn’t kiss her.  Instead, I made a hand gesture toward my heart, saying my heart was with you.

Again, I closed my eyes and imagined a white tunnel of  light coming down.  I asked Archangel Michael to come and help.  Then I said ” In the Name of God, all those people who need to be crossed over, should cross over now.”   The  huge white astral light ,again, filled the room and surrounded me.  It was really intense. I heard a man’s voice saying “she’s doing it” or something like that. Funny, I don’t remember a man coming into the kitchen but I sense many spirits that I did not see piled in after those factory women that entered.   Again, in the back of my mind, I worried about  Nikki.  Then, I saw myself flying through the heavens.  I was flying thru the night sky filled with stars.  I was really high up. I felt really hot and funny things were happening to my breath.  Then I was back in the kitchen.  A white covered package fell from the ceiling again.  I knew it was other gift from Miguelli for my work in crossing the spirits over.

I asked Nicole if she saw the crossovers. I was worried about her.  She said I went upstairs in the 2nd floor bedroom to perform them.  Strange, I don’t remember doing that at all!

I immediately woke up from this dream.  I again said what I usually do after it dawns on me that I crossed spirits over in my dream:

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for all your help.  You and Archangel Azrael, please make sure that all is good order for the highest good of all.  I pray for the spirits that crossed over.  I wish them

well, happiness and love.  I ask Margaret to come back to me gently  after she is settled in to  let me know how she is doing. I ask her to use her name so I remember who she is. Amen.

Comments: Wow!  This dream was different from other spirit crossover dreams in the following ways:

–  I have not had crossovers so personally intense.  I have not experienced that white mist of light all over and being immersed in it.  I had not ever travelled thru the heavens like that during it either. Yowza!   I sense it has to do with me saying ” in the Name of God”.  That was very powerful.  This was the 1st time, I referred to God during a crossover.  I changed my crossover invocation due to what I read yesterday in the book Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette.  Sonia says that spirits or entities must obey as there’s nothing greater than God.  By the way, this is an excellent book to read to help you connect with your spirit guides.

Sonia says that spirits or troubling entities can be dispeled by asking it to leave now and enter the light in the name of God. It must obey as there’s nothing greater than God.  I  think above line should help with spirits not wanting to cross over in the dreams.  They just don’t want to go though they should.  I have had that experience with a mother spirit not wanting to go into the light in another dream.  She just didn’t want to go.  Her daughter went in though.   I was wondering what to do about that.  Then my hubs bought this book and yesterday, I started reading like  random pages in the book and within a few minutes came to these line.    THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!!!!

 – This was the 1st time my daughter, Nikki, was part of this experience.  She was very receptive to it from the enthusiasm exhibited in the dream.  I sense she was involved in this because the night before, my husband, Tom and I had a discussion on how much we should share with her for her spiritual development.  For the first time, Tom said we should share as much as we can with her.  He gave his permission as he is spiritually developing himself.


In this dream I crossed over Margaret and others. This one was different from the other spirit crossover dreams I had




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