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11/16/09 Message from Jesus: Birth of a Boy in the South Pacific

by | Nov 17, 2009 | Channeled Light Being - Jesus Christ, Psychic Developments & Experiences, Resurrection

Welcome !! So glad that you are here!! Love and Light to You All !! 

 Purpose:  To share a message I rec’d from Jesus Christ. To show that we can all receive messages from Jesus if we are open and aware.  Jesus is around for everyone.

Comment:  As I stated before, I did not grow up with a religion with Jesus Christ.   In the last 2 weeks, especially, I sense, clairovoyantly, Jesus around me, more and more. 


PLEASE NOTE:  You may want to revisit this post at future dates as I may update it with additional info as I get it. 

Please see my post on the Intro to further understand the purpose of this blog, to learn more about me, the author and my psychic developments.  



9-14-09 Saturday Evening 6:30 p.m.  Message from Jesus

I rec’d this message clairovoyantly, while driving in my car to dinner on the highway.  I did about 3 heartfelt Ohms.  My mind was quiet and open.

I saw Jesus in his white robe and gold braided tie around his waist as I usually see him.  He said that there will be a baby boy born in the South Pacific in the atoll islands in 2011.   He will be a very special boy and very powerful.   I see an image of  a large crowd of people reaching out to the boy when he is in his 20s.    Many people will adore and follow him.  I see  Jesus next to the young boy, who has Asian type eyes.  Jesus is teaching him.    Jesus wants me to write about this.

I get the name of the tribe that the boy will be born into- something like  manohoarian-manahorian or something.   It is a name I am not familiar with.  I google the name but don’t get any hits. 



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