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1/11/14 Healing: Messages: Supplements Etc… For My Daughter & Spouse

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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs).   I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness. I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I also am a channeler, and I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.  To learn more about my background, please see:


I shared below experience about my recent psychic experiences when I asked for information about my daughter’s sinus issues that she has had over the past few months.

Purpose of this Blog Post

I shared this experience for the following reasons:

– How you can receive information, clairaudiently, through sound, in your own thought voice in your head or also known as telepathically from your guides or invisible helpers.  Clairaudience is the main way that I receive guidance from light and love beings for my life or to help others.  You may receive just words or phrases and not streaming, complete sentences & complete explanations.  This is fine! Don’t be disappointed.   At least you are getting something to help you! Partial phrases and single words are the main way I receive information when I am not sitting directly in front of my computer, transcribing the messages.

– How you can receive information, clairvoyantly, or through images or visions, moving video, in your head.  Once you are aware and you are able to quiet your thoughts, you, too, can receive such answers to your questions.  It does take some practice and awareness.  Don’t give up as the rewards will be great!  We all have these gifts, and it is not limited to a select few.  You just need to be open-minded, aware and quiet!

– How we have a healing spiritual team.  This is a group of beings or consciousnesess, who help you in healing others or yourself.  Yes, this is possible.  You just need to make this connection.  In this experience, I shared how Dr. Oz is part of my healing team.  We are not in this Earthly life alone. We have many, many helpers!  This is all a necessary and a key part of the Plan for our evolution.

– How our loved ones in-spirit may visit us to impart information to help us with our life or on our request for help.  They can come in a dream or a meditation.  In this experience, I shared how my spouse’s Grandma in-spirit came to me in a meditation to provide key information for help in my daughter’s healing & how she also came in my dream for my spouse’s healing.

– When you are open-minded and free of fear, you can expand yourself in this way.  

Please also read my commentary at the end, which provides helpful, background information.

Please share if you have experienced receiving psychic information for your health or that of others.  I would love to read about it.

Please see the rest of my blog for messages I have channeled from various beings of light and love, my other OOBs and other psychic experiences.

Please share with others who may be interested.




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1/11/14 Saturday

The day before I asked telepathically about how to help my daughter with her sinus condition.  My daughter has had sinus issues the past year off and on again at college.  Since I have a relationship with my guides and channel various light beings, who exist in different dimensions, I believe wholeheartedly, and I am comfortable in this process of telepathically communicating  with my guides for help.

I telepathically heard the following in response to my question:


My daughter does have a sensitivity to cats.  This has been proven time and time again when she has slept over her friend’s, who have had cats.  She often had to come home early because of her physical discomfort or take an over –the counter allergy medicine.  She had just gotten a guinea pig in her dorm room with roommates. I wondered possibly if the guinea pig dander was bothering her.

Then I had a knowingness that she needed to wash her bed sheets more frequently.  This type of knowingness is referred to as claircognizance and is a psychic sense. 

I thought that I should recommend to my daughter that she buy hypoallergenic sheets.

Last night I had fallen asleep, flipping through a magazine, on the living room couch.  I was awakened by my husband to go to sleep in the bedroom at about 1:30 pm.  After this I could not sleep.  I laid in bed and decided to get more information for my daughter on her health condition.  Telepathically, I stated “I, Katy Simmone, am here to receive guidance from those beings of light and love, who are medical experts, on her health condition with her sinuses.  Please let me know if there are any nutrients, supplements or life-style changes needed to be made.  Please be clear and provide dosage amounts if necessary etc…“

Telepathically, I received the following:

“Dust…dust mites…rag wood…neti pot…Vitamin C…her nervousness…St. John’s Wort…Lisa R. (This is the name of a herbologist we visited in real life in November 2013 to help with this issue)…well-balanced diet…nuts and fruits…whole grains…teas…”

I made a note to share with my daughter the importance of these words.  For the vitamin C I will emphasize to her the importance of eating vitamin C rich foods, like citruses, papaya, cantaloupes, strawberries, tomatoes, and broccoli on a daily basis and a daily supplementation of vitamin C if she is unable to get her Vitamin C in through her food choices.

 I am going to let my daughter to be aware that when she does eat nuts, which are very good for her, just to be aware of portion sizes.  It is easy to get carried away and eat a lot nuts.  It’s like eating a bag of chips.  It may be hard to stop eating after a few. Nuts  are calorie rich as well as nutrient rich.  There just needs to be an awareness of a reasonable portion size. 

I received an image of a tomato, sliced in half.  Then I heard the word “lycopene”, which is an anti-oxidant found in tomatoes.  I sensed that my daughter may need to take a lycopene supplement. Care needs to be exercised for dosages as this a powerful anti-oxidant.  There are multi-vitamins that have lycopene in it.

Then I received a clairvoyant image of Dr. Oz.  I had received an image of him as well earlier in the day.  It just flashed into my mind.  Telepathically, I said “Hi, Dr. Oz.  Can you help me with my daughter’s health issues?”  I received a clairvoyant image of him in her college room.  He walked over to her window and drew the curtains open for light to come in.  I interpreted this to mean that direct sunshine in her room is important.  I have gotten this message for her before – the importance of sunshine.  In addition, I know that sunshine helps the body with vitamin D production.

Connecting with Grandma with Message for My Daughter

Today, during a meditation at about 2:05pm on the living room couch, I received a clairvoyant image of my spouse’s grandmother in-spirit.  She looked to be in her forties.  She passed when she was considerably older that.  She was bathed in a beautiful white light.  She was sitting on a light-colored blanket in a grassy field with a one large tree in the background.  She was having a picnic! She was sipping tea from a white teacup.  I thought she must have bought her own teapot to the picnic.  I thought that it would be difficult & unwieldy to carry a teapot to a picnic.  Then I received an image of a large thermos with a red plaid design.  This was the same thermos that my father had taken to work in his factory about 38-40 years ago.   I hadn’t thought about this thermos for years! It’s amazing how Spirit will pull things from your memory.  This meant, that Grandma did not bring a teapot to the picnic.  Se had bought a thermos!  I telepathically heard “She planned this.” 

I heard  Grandma say “My spouse’s first name… IDF machine….to clear the air in her college room…”  My spouse has an IDF (Intrinsic Data Field) machine that he uses with his own unique & special tunings for various energetic cleansings and clearings of people, locations, objects and crystals.  

Then I saw an image of Grandma stripping sheets from a bed to wash them.  This meant that my daughter needed to wash her sheets more.  Then I received a vision of Grandma vacuuming my daughter’s college room.  This meant my daughter needed to vacuum her room more, preferably more than once a week.  I am sensing that it should be two times a week.  Perhaps, Grandma drinking tea was a validation that my daughter should continue to drink her teas.  We had encouraged my daughter to have cups of tea during the day for medicinal purposes like those that had eucalyptus in it, etc… as a holistic option.  I had heard that the use of commercial nasal sprays over the long run may damage and cause harm to one’s system so I did not want to encourage this as a regular practice for her.  

I forgot to thank Grandma for her guidance and visit.  I thanked her later, as I was recording this entry into my log.  This was my first visitation that she orchestrated in a conscious state with specific messages since her passing about 27 years.

1st Time Connecting with Grandma During a Guided Meditation with Her Message

I did connect with Grandma for the first time when I was did my first mediumship class in 2009 in South Florida after my spiritual awakening.  During an exercise, we did a group guided meditation to get us very relaxed and take us to a special room to connect with a loved one in spirit.  In my mind, I was receiving a blurry image of an older woman, with full cheeks, gray hair and a kind smile.  She looked familiar to me but I couldn’t quite place her.  All of a sudden, her image became clearer in my mind, and I saw that it was my husband’s grandmother in-spirit!  I was shocked as this was my first experience connecting with Spirit.  I had no expectation of what spirit I was going to connect to prior to this exercise.  I simply started the exercise with an open-minded attitude.

Grandma told me how happy she was that my spouse was doing well and how happily married he was.  This was the message she wanted to deliver to me.  I burst out crying.  It was overwhelming, and I hadn’t prepared myself emotionally for this possibility.  I could not hear anything else Grandma was saying after that because I was crying.

1st Time Connecting with Grandma During a Dream with a Healing Message for My Spouse

I will share another experience I recently had when Grandma gave a message to help the health of a close family member, my spouse, her grandson.  This time it was in a dream and not a meditation as happened today.  This dream occurred in the first week of January 2014:

I was lying in bed in an unfamiliar bedroom with my spouse.  I opened my eyes to see a petite old lady with white hair standing over me.   I screamed in fear.  I screamed again.   She stood there, looking at me with a smile on her face. Then I paused.  I looked closely at her.  It was my spouse’s grandmother in-spirit!  Because I was not lucid, I did not think to hug her, welcome her and let her know how good it was to see her.  Grandma was wearing a hot pink V-neck shirt with white pants.  These colors signified love and pureness.  She was with another woman, with a matronly build, short brown hair parted on the side and wearing a red top.  I knew her to be Tim’s aunt in the dream.  I heard her last name, which was not Tim’s family name.  In reality, Tim did not have an aunt in-spirit that matched this description.  So the question still lingers, who was this aunt? Perhaps an aunt from a past life-time?

Back to the dream: My screaming had awakened my spouse.  I asked him if he could see his Grandma there, and he could.  I asked him this because sometimes in dreams, I can see beings in the room, and he cannot.  I told my spouse that his Grandma was there.  The next thing I see is Grandma talking to my spouse.  Both of them have their backs turned toward me and are about ten feet away, facing the bedroom wall.  The only thing I heard was Grandma asking my spouse “Did you take the mineral oil?’  Then she repeated the same question to him.

The dream broke, and I lay awake in bed.  I knew this immediately to be a message dream for my spouse from his Grandma in-spirit to take mineral oil.  She had repeated it twice so I knew that it was important.  My spouse had not been feeling well the past few days.   

As I lay in bed, I felt bad that I screamed in the dream at her like that.  Telepathically I apologized to her and thanked her for her message for my spouse and for her visit.


(1)    Spiritual Healing Team

Dr. Oz is part of my spiritual healing team.  I know he is still living and not in-spirit but being deceased is not a necessity to be part of the team.  In 2010 during my first class on spiritual healing, we did an exercise to meet our spiritual team.  Our teacher told us we all have a group of beings that help us do healings for others and on ourselves.  We were led through a guided meditation by our teacher and got relaxed.  Then, clairvoyantly, we were to see who was on our team.  The first image I received clairvoyantly was a headshot of Dr. Oz! Since then, I have occasionally received images of him and messages from him in regards to advice for people on their health.  Because Dr. Oz is Turkish and so am I, I wondered if this was part of our connection.



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