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11/13/12 Living Intuitively from the Source/Holy Spirit/Universe

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Intuition, Psychic Developments & Experiences


I wanted to share two amazing, real life experiences to illustrate the power of, living intuitively.  I consider this a connection to Source or  having the Holy Spirit guide you or accessing the energies of the Universe.  ( Please note that you can use whatever term that you are comfortable with to define such power).

 One of these experiences happened at work and the second happened when shopping.

 By integrating this approach of asking Source/Holy Spirit/Universe for help with your life situation(s) and asking for help in living your life intuitively, the intuition can flow through you, unhindered and unobstructed, IF you stay relaxed and open.  Please know that anger, judgment, anxiety, guilt and other lower vibrational emotions can act as blocks to this natural flow of intuitive energy.    

When you live your life intuitively, your life will flow easily.  You will find that you spend less time “wasting time“ or spinning your wheels and that solutions will present themselves naturally.  Both emotionally and physically, you can improve tremendously the quality of your life.

Enjoy!  Please share with others!




 Working Intuitively

On 11/13/12 during the day I worked at my accounting firm.  In the morning, my manager gave my first IRS tax resolution case for a small business.  He is expanding the firm to include more of this type of work that I will be handling.  I have some light experience with this type of work from a previous job.   

He gave me a brief verbal overview of the case.  There was no physical documentation or history, either paper or digital, of this case in our office that could be of help to me.  As he was explaining the case, I told myself not to get stressed about this, that I would be able to handle this new type of work.

My manager recommended that I have a meeting with the client that day.  I did not even have a strong grasp as to what documents the client should bring to the meeting.  As I talked to the client on the phone, again, I  reassured myself not to get stressed, that somehow the client would bring the relevant documents to the meeting to help me understand the situation and get the ball rolling on this job.  Somehow, as we talked, certain subjects arose, and from that we agreed he would bring certain documents.

At the meeting, the client showed me the documents he had bought with him.  I had not seen most of these type of documents before.  I was slightly familiar with one type of document but not nearly enough to make sense out of it.  I wanted to appear confident and efficient.  I attempted to quickly assimilate the information.  In addition, I asked him a few questions in regards to the history of his IRS problems.  The client shared some information.  Somehow,to  my surprise,  I was able to digest this and take down notes.  

The client mentioned that he had made some substantial additional tax payments to the IRS in prior years through his accounting software that he believed the IRS did not account for.  Since we had his company’s computer file in the office, I had his financial data; However, I am not that efficient in the payroll tax module and the knowing of how to run certain tax reports.  I attempted to view the data on the computer that I needed but I was not getting anywhere.  Because I didn’t want to take up his time, I told the client that I would research this further and get back to him.  As I told him that, I again reassured myself that I would figure out how to access the computer data and to relax.

The client left the office.  I looked at the pile of documents and told myself “I have no clue on how to start this.“  As I wanted to appear independent and competent, I didn’t want to ask my manager for help right away.  In addition, I knew he wanted to delegate this case to me so he could pursue his other job responsibilities. 

I thought it may be good for my mind to take a break from this case.  The documents that the client dropped off sat on my desk for about fifteen minutes.  I worked on something else.  About 15 minutes later, I returned my attention to the case.  I perused some of the documents.  Though I didn’t know how ultimately it was going to help in the outcome, an idea came to me for a beginning approach. I started entering transactions into Excel.  I spent about two hours on this and then left work. 

From that point on after leaving work to my surprise, I didn’t even think about how I was going to get this case completed.  It didn’t even surface in my thoughts.  Usually, in the past, about five years ago, when I worked in corporate accounting or government auditing, when I have had new projects to work on that I was unfamiliar with, my head would feel very tight, and I would be very stressed.  I would also take this stress home with me.  Not reacting this way was a very nice surprise to me.  It was probably all the spiritual work I have been doing to raise my consciousness.  It was really paying off!!

The next day as I was driving to work, I thought about the IRS tax resolution case.   I had an awareness that the night before or somewhere in the deep background of my mind, my mind had been working on figuring this out.  I felt like I had some unconscious understandings that clicked.

I resumed my work on the case.  I completed the inputting I wanted to do.  Easily, the next step came into my mind.  I prepared another spreadsheet.  I ran a report from the accounting software to access the information I could not access the day before when at the meeting with the client.  This report was not helpful.  I had another idea to run a second report to get the same information.  When I ran and sorted this report, total clarity came to me.  I knew exactly what to do.  I was able to tic and tie neatly what was needed for one tax year.   I had a new understanding and was aware of the process & steps necessary to complete this case.  The story unfolded right before my eyes.    

I would use the same steps for the following tax years.  The bulk and hardest part of this case was over.  What remained was very manageable.  I was so happy!

Commentary: Looking back,  this new type of work I was given went so smoothly and easily.  One step led to another.  I could not believe it.  Though I didn’t receive telepathic information on what to do or how to do it, I worked intuitively.  I hadn’t asked for help to the Universe for this specific job, but prior to this, I had been asking for wisdom, clarity and guidance on a daily basis.  In fact, over the past few days I asked to live my live intuitively!  

Shopping Intuitively

On 11/12/12 at about 9:00 p.m. after the A Course in Miracles (ACIM) class that I attend, I went shopping at Walmart.  Usually, though I have my shopping list, I miss getting a few items.  Not this time!

It was very strange.  When I couldn’t find an item on my list, I would tell myself “Do not worry.  You will find it later”.  This happened for three items.  Then somehow, as I was in the store aisles, I would accidentally come upon the item, when I was not looking for it.  For example, the laundry odor eliminator was not in the area where I thought it would be, in the laundry detergents or fabric softeners were.  I looked twice here.  As I walked to exit the aisle, my eyes glanced down.  There on the most bottom shelf was the laundry odor remover.  It was in the area where the starch cans and stain removers were. 

As I wheeled my shopping cart out of Walmart, I realized this was the first time I had gotten everything on my shopping list.  Also, I marveled at how intuitively I shopped in Walmart.  I didn’t even know why I was in certain aisles and then I would see an item on my list. 

Commentary: Truly, I think this work and shopping experience was in answer to my request in help in living my life intuitively.  The past two days before these experiences, I had been pondering the concept of living life intuitively.  I asked no specific being for help in living my life intuitively.  Then, I created an affirmation  “I live my life intuitively.”  I repeated that a few times a day. 


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