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1/1/15 OOB: Portal: Transport Vehicle: Training in High School

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See Katy on YouTube talk about out of body experiences, tips,techniques & her OOB experience of 1-1-15. https://soulevolutioncenter.com/
I shared this amazing out of body (OOB) experience in my sleep state to teach the following:

  • To inspire you with the knowledge that there are existences in alternate dimensions beyond our physical, that we can experience in an OOB
  • To teach how beautifully complex and multi-faceted our spiritual lives are, especially in our sleep state when we may be able to recall them with lucidity
  • To show how information you receive psychically during the day may be a foreshadowing of your OOB experience. The evening before this OOB, I telepathically heard in my own thought voice that my veil is going to lifted.
  • How you can have OOBs naturally and spontaneously when you have raised your level of consciousness
  • To show how you can have an OOB from a dream sequence. This is a type of dream or dream. Often, it is easier to have an OOB from this platform as you are already in an altered state of consciousness, making it easier for your consciousness to experience further dimensional travels.
  • To show how before the OOB, you may be with familiar people.  Right before I experienced going through the portal,  my spouse was laying in a bed next to me.  In analyzing this, I  have come to the conclusion that  this is to be of comfort and security to me right before I exit.  It is a sort of sign, that it is all good and safe so that I can exit easily and without fear.
  • To show how a past familiar setting in the dream may be used as the platform for the OOB. For me, perhaps about 75% of the time, this setting has been the apartment that I was raised in during my teenage years.  Entering the portal during this dream often occurs in my old bedroom and sometimes when I am falling asleep while on my old living-room couch.
  • To show that there are teams of beings, involved in your development in other dimensions. In this OOB it was clearly Michael and Veralah and a few of those in the gymnasium. The male being, that I referred to as The Custodian, stated directly to me that I was one of Veralah’s protégées or charges.
  • To show that you may be training in alternate dimensions.  In this OOB  there was a type of classroom instruction. This OOB was also set in a facility, reminiscent to me to as a high school, one that resembled my own high school that I attended in the 1980s.  This was representative as a place of learning, training and instruction.
  •  To show how you may unite with someone, who is familiar to you during the OOB experience but that there may be some distortion or changes in their physical appearance
  • To show that OOBs can act as simulations for higher learnings.  In this OOB a troop attacked  that turned out to be a simulation. In real life I aspire to emotional mastery and attaining higher level virtues so this is not surprising that this carried over to my experiences in OOB.

Key Learnings During this OOB
– Energetic vitality and stamina is important in an OOB. It is important to increasing your chi or life force energy to sustain your OOBs. In this OOB, I learned that I was experiencing “blackouts” because of my energy.
OOB Benchmarks
My  benchmarks or new occurrences during  this OOB were the following:
– Being able to hear my own voice echo back to me when I was in the portal.
– I was able to control a “blackout”, where it feels like you are spontaneously and uncontrollably ejected out of an OOB. If you feel like you are blacking out in the OOB or falling back and you want to stay in the OOB, talk to yourself and hold the intention to stay in the scene and focus visually on items in the scene to keep your attention. In this OOB, I felt like I was going to black out so I performed some self-talk on this topic and kept my eyes on specific people in the scene, which averted the blackout.  This shows the power of self-will, determination and perseverance.
I considered this to be an OOB and not just a dream for the following reasons:

  • It felt like an extraordinary experience upon waking. The interactions with other beings was clearly significant and different.
  • I went through the portal or interdimensional corridor, from my Third Eye.  I call this the Third Eye Exit Technique (T.E.E.T), which I have shared in earlier OOB blog posts.  I actually feel like I am in my Third Eye, the space between my eyes when my eyes are closed.  Usually, this involves travelling & moving forward through here at high speeds with various, colored light forms around me.
  • I was shown and experienced new technology not currently available on Earth.  In this I was being transported in a very unusual, single passenger futuristic vehicle.
  • My level of clarity and lucidity of what I saw and heard in this OOB was very high, close to 100%.  This happens only in about 5% of my OOB experiences. I was very conscious. I controlled my thoughts and actions. I was very aware of my manners.  It truly felt like it does, when I am up and about during the day.
  • There were escorts, who met me upon being ejected into the alternate dimension.  In this OOB these beings names were Michael and Veralah.  Also in the second segment of the OOB, I also was met by The Custodian, as I refer to him, who showed me where my group was in the gymnasium. It was very clear to me that they were all there to meet me upon arrival.

Foreshadowing of this Out-of-Body of All My Lives
-Telepathic Information Received
The evening before as I lay in bed preparing for sleep, I telepathically heard in my own thought voice
– “Your veil will be lifted.”
In past month I have telepathically heard at random times during the day  & spontaneously:
– “Your forest… your forest…” ( I sense that “forest” is a symbol for all of my past, present and future lives.  We all have our own forests, with many trees in our forest, where each tree represents a unique existence.)
– “You are being prepared.”
Often, I receive telepathic words or phrases during this time of night before bed.  This is a fertile time for such messages.
-Footwear, Jackets, & Clothes as Dream Symbols of My Past, Concurrent & Future Lives
Footwear, coats, and items of clothing in closets and in drawers in past dreams have been a symbol for me of the number of my past, present & future lives. Each dreamer has unique dream symbols. It is up to the dreamer to interpret them.  This theme of footwear, jackets and clothing has been recurring in  my dreams lately in the past few months. If you think of each life as an expression of your soul, who desires to experience such existences,  than it is simply like changing your outfit or shoes for each lifetime.  You soul stays the same. It just changes it wardrobe or its costume.  Therefore each clothing item and footwear style represents a unique existence of mine.  The recent dreams I have had show me how many of these lives I have and also shows it in relation to how many less others have.
I have had two such lucid dreams with this symbology, just in the past week. I share them below. This increased frequency of occurrence highlights the urgency and accelerated emphasis to me of the subject of my present, past and future lives.
1) Prior Dream of 12/31/14 Organizing Footwear & Work Closet
I  had a lucid dream where I was to organize my footwear in a rectangular, physical space with a hardwood type of floor of like 9 feet by six feet wide.  That was my task. I decided to lay out my shoes and sneakers in an arc pattern facing the main aisle of the space.  I knew I could have picked out any pattern or design but I chose that to start. I knew I could change it if I found on completion I didn’t like it. I had that flexibility. I laid out a pair of tan low heeled pumps. Then I notices I had a pair of the same style in white. I thought that because they were the same style, I should put them next to each other. There was also a simple rectangular table about 5 feet long and two feet long to be placed abutting the arc and lining the aisle. On each side were single, straight back chairs.  These chairs were for the two psychic readers.  I knew I had to organize these as well, and I made sure that there was an empty chair for each psychic’s client as well.
Dream Analysis: Since I already know what footwear represent -all my soul expressions- the organizing of them represents action I have taken to properly sequence or prepare them for easy retrieval by other beings, including psychic readers.  Akashic records are a dimensional space, where all your thoughts and actions are stored, since your soul’s inception.  Some psychic readers can access  a  person’s Akashic records.  This organization of shoes in this dream represents part of these preparations I am undergoing.  As I shared earlier in this post, I have heard said to me, telepathically, “You are being prepared.” Because I was the one doing the organization rather than a third-party or a helper, this shows my compliance and soul’s acquiescence to these developments.
Dream Benchmark: This is the first dream I had since my spiritual awakening in 2009, where I have intentionally organized by footwear. Therefore, this indeed marks a milestone development for me in regards to revelations of my multi-dimensionality.   In all my earlier dreams where my footwear was revealed, I was just viewing or observing the quality or quantity of it.
2) Prior Dream during week of 12/29/14 – My Huge, Oversized  Closet
My spouse and I had moved into a new two floor apartment in a high apartment building.  The whole bottom floor was used mainly as my closet! My spouse had a closet about the size of a laundry room, and my daughter had a closet smaller than his. I, by far, had the largest closet.  I was so embarrassed in the dream that my closet took up so much space because of all of my clothes and shoes. It was like a clothing retail store!  It was even setup like that with upper and lower clothing fixtures. I thought that this space could be better used as a workout room or my office. Instead, it was being taken up by all my stuff! I thought I really needed to streamline and give some clothing to charity.
I looked at the individual racks.  I had clothes of all styles! I even had clothes that weren’t my style. I had a few tops and short mini skirts that looked risqué  and vampy. Some of the clothes were in unattractive colors like a mustard yellow V-neck with thick bold black stripes. I thought about giving these away but then had the thought that there was the slight possibility of wearing them again.  I was having trouble parting with them! You can say this may be a carry over from real life, where it is hard for me to give my clothing away for the very same reason! This dream showed me that I may need to rethink my attitude on that !
The clothing had been organized very well and all out to view. My mother in the dream had done most of it. I just had to do some small tweaking.
Dream Analysis: In analyzing this dream, I sense that it showed that all my past, present and future lives were being organized for more clear viewing as symbolized by the orderly clothing racks in this dream.  It was not overcrowded and very well laid out.
Now you have some firm, explanatory background to help you understand the circumstances leading up to the OOB that I chronicle below:
OOB Experience in My Sleep State of 1-1-15 ending at 9:46 a.m.
This OOB occurred from a dream state of the apartment I grew up in during my teenage years. It was in my former bedroom.  I was laying on the floor.  My spouse was laying in a bed next to me.  I was looking through my Third Eye, with my eyes closed, and noticed its landscape changing. I knew this to be a precursor to an OOB experience.  I saw a beautiful lavender-violet light in my third eye, with dark space in the middle of it, like a doughnut.  I was moving quickly through it.  I said to my spouse outloud “Honey, I am going in the portal. ” As I said this, I heard the echo of my own voice back. I was surprised! I have never experienced hearing my own voice in the portal. But again, I don’t recall every speaking intentionally out loud in it.  I usually am thinking to myself or communicating telepathically.  I was giving my spouse commentary as to what I was viewing in the portal. I sense this was a mechanism for me to help me retain this information upon waking for me to document in this blog.
Text in Third Eye Scape
My Third-Eye landscape changed. I saw what looked like a beige piece of paper in it come toward me. It had black letters in it. The letters looked foreign and it was not legible or comprehensible to me.  I said outloud to Tim ” I see a paper in the portal with letters on it but I don’t recognize it. They look foreign.”  There were quite a few letters with umlauts.  I specifically remember the letter y with a circle umlaut above it.  This is not uncommon for me to see letters, text, or even pages of a newspaper directly in my Third-Eye during my sleep state.  Often, they are difficult to read or are moving too quickly for me to read it.
 Clouds in Third Eye Scape
Then the view in front of me changed.  A cloud scape of white clouds against light blue appeared.  However, it only took up the mid 2/3rd of my Third Eye scape. At  the right and left sides of it were darkness.  It made me think that it was some sort of presentation screen.  I relayed this information outloud to Tim.   Tim was not responding at all to my communications to him.  I had no idea if he was even hearing them or even still there! I was not concerned with this. I was just concerned with relaying the information to him so I would not forget what I had seen.
My Futuristic Single Passenger Transport Vehicle
Then I noticed that the scene was gelling before me. I  noticed that I was in some kind of chair and that there was a dashboard in front of me that looked very similar to what you would find in a car with a about 5 circular gages.  The dashboard was a classy dark brown, and reminded me of being a quality leather.  I was in a closed confined area, built only for a person for one.  It felt like a cockpit. Then a narrow window of the windshield opened up .  I was in this vehicle moving very quickly.  I heard the whir of the vehicle as I sped along in it.  I was being bounced and jostled along.  It wasn’t the smoothest ride.  Looking through the windshield I saw  that it was daytime and a beige road that I was on but that was all I could see.  I could not see the rest of the landscape due to the limited vision out of the windshield.   The road was the same color beige and looked like the same sort of pavement that sidewalks are made of.
I noticed that the vehicle had a glossy red-orange coat.  I liked the color.  It looked like a nice paint-job and like it was a new vehicle because of it.  I knew it to be a single passenger vehicle and thought that was cool.  I was still relaying information out loud to my spouse! I told him the color of the car! As I looked out the windshield I noticed that the road was curvy.  It appeared that every time  the car came to a curve in the road a special arced metallic arm would come out from the front of the car to balance the car on the road and hug the road.  It was a mechanical pieces that was like 10 feet wide and 10 feet long.   I noted it and relayed to my spouse out loud ” There is a special arm that is about 10×10 feet wide of this car.  Meanwhile, I am still bouncing along and travelling very quickly.
Was it Some Sort of Simulation?
I noticed that in the vehicle on my right side it was totally open.  The best way to describe it as that I felt that the cockpit was dissected or cross sectioned and the right side of it was exposed.  I really don’t know what this meant but that is how I felt.  Perhaps, I was in a simulation and on the right side was where all the scientists were viewing me.  I wish I was more lucid that I could have explored this but alas I was not.  Being in simulations have happened to me before in OOBs.  I have experienced being a test pilot and underdoing simulations while there were other people in a control room were monitoring me.   In one OOB, I had an earpiece and instructions were being relayed to me.
My Escorts-Michael and Veralah
The vehicle stopped suddenly.  I had a quick view of the outside of a dark-colored building in the daylight.  Next thing I knew I was in an elevator. There was a man with gray hair and a goatee, with fair skin and light eyes, standing in front of me.  He was about five foot 7 inches tall.  There was a women who was about 5 feet 2 inches tall standing to my right side. She was heavier set and had mousy brown/blonde hair that was curly and not quite shoulder-length.
We all just stood there for a second or two looking at each other.  Immediately, I knew that they were there to meet me.  I knew too that they were watching me and waiting for me to initiate communication.  I felt slightly frustrated with them. Why don’t they just speak to me?  Why are they pretending?  So I took the initiative and said to the man “I know you knew who I am and that you are meeting me here.”  He did not respond.  Slightly perturbed, I said to him “Look, why don’t we start by introducing ourselves?”  He said his name was Michael and I shook his hand. I repeated his name to myself. That when was easy to remember because it reminded me of Archangel Michael.  I make it a point to repeat the names I hear in an OOB because sometimes I cannot recall them upon waking up.
Veralah’s Name Selection
Then Michael and the woman had a conversation in front of me as to what her name should be! I was surprised.  I should have said to them ” You know, I can hear you. I am standing in front of you.” Maybe, they didn’t think that I was that lucid.  Anyway I heard her say to Michael that  her name was Vera. Then she said “Or Hannah.”  Than I heard the name “Veralah”. I noted to myself that this was a combination of Vera and Hannah. I had the knowingness that Veralah had to be very careful what names she shared with what visitors to keep them straight as she shared different names to her charges.
I sensed that Michael was more the dominant one and in charge of this situation rather than Veralah.
A TV screen appeared about 1 foot by 1 foot a few feet away from my to my left. Something was showing on the screen but I don’t recall what it was, and it did not appear to make sense to me.  This probably confused me so I could not recall it. An unknown man appeared and asked me if I was the one that was going to do something with the “rig” or “trailer.” I cockily replied back “Of course!”  I had no idea what he was talking about because I could not hear him clearly but I did know that it was an important job. Ha!  Ego surfaces even in an OOB!
Other Groups at the Training Facility
We are in a hallway. I sense that we are in a high school.  Upon analyzing it upon waking up, I sense that it was some sort of training facility.  A group of about five men approach us.  One of them is almost bald and well-built. They appear slightly intimidating to me and now that I am typing this, telepathically, I hear that they are part of a “core” or “regimen”.  I sensed that they stuck together.
Uniting with My High School Friend
In front of me down the hall about fifteen feet was my high school friend! I was so excited. I ran up to her and gave her a hug.  She looked slightly different but her facial features were the same.  She had dark brown hair instead of light brown hair.  She started walking away. It was then that I noticed that she looked even taller now than in real life.  I thought that she grew.  She also looked like she had gained some weight. Naturally, she is slender.  She was also wearing a matronly looking dress that went to her ankles, which I knew as being uncharacteristic of her.
I asked Michael if she was lucid.  He said “Let me worry about that.”
I caught up to her. I wanted to talk to her more.  Plus the above referenced “regimen” was approaching us and I wanted to be physically close to her for safety.  We leaned against the hallway wall as they marched past us.  I looked deep into my friend’s eyes. I asked her  “Are you lucid? Are you going to remember this when you wake up?  I wanted her to remember.
She looked back at me. I can tell there was some startled confusion in her eyes.  Then she walked away to stand across the hall from me.  I knew that I had intimidated her with my direct question.
The scene broke.
Being Able to Renter the Same OOB
I was looking into my Third-Eye scape. I was disappointed that I had come out of that OOB. I wanted to go back as I felt I had to learn more and that “they” were ready to show or possibly explain things to me.  As I lay in bed, I thought to hold the intention of going back to the same exact place where I had just been.
Next thing I know I became lucid and I am in the hallway of a building. It looks like the high school I was just in. I was relieved.  A man in his fifties was there. He had a receding, hairline and was slender, narrow shoulders, average height, and slightly olive-skinned.  He had baggy dark pants and a nondescript short sleeved polo type shirt. He reminded me of a school custodian, one who watches over things.  I will refer to him as “The Custodian”.  Usually, I like to introduce myself to people in OOBs and hear their names. In this situation, I did not think to do so.
I knew I had to find my group.  I asked him if he knew where Michael was.  Then I asked him if he knew where Veralah was.
We were walking together now down the hall.  The Custodian said ” The married ones do better.”  I knew, intuitively, what he was talking about.  The married astral travelers do better than the single ones. This made sense to me during the OOB. Usually when you are married, you are more emotionally stable and balanced and don’t have those worries or concerns of finding a mate, your soul mate, etc… All those type of issues are nonissues when you are happily married.  I am happily married.  The Custodian said “Veralah also has another man on the third floor.”  I knew that this was another one of her charges, like I was.
We approached an open space of the hallway. To our right were 3 very large open double walnut colored wood.  It looked like the doors to a gymnasium.  Flanking the doors was a big poster with some female figure on it.  It looked like a poster that was advertising an event of some sort.  I thought that I should read it and more observing but I didn’t.
I walked into the gymnasium.It was a large room with some shelving units with some miscellaneous items on them. In the middle were two rows 20  simple chairs.  There were unfamiliar men and women sitting in each of the chairs.  It looked like they were ready for some sort of instruction.
Guidance on my OOB Blackouts
I apologized when I walked in.  I said ” I am sorry. I blanked out.”  I walked to the front of the room. As I did, I decided I wanted to find out if they could help me understand why I blanked out. I knew that there was some sort of presentation to be held but I needed guidance.  This blacking out has happened many times in other OOBs.   There was a man, in his thirties, not clean shaven, burly looking but not that tall, who responded.  He started talking about how that happens to young two or three year old son. He mentioned the term “chakras”.  He mentioned his pregnant wife. For whatever reason, I could not hear him so clearly.  Maybe it was because  felt myself blacking out again as I started to tip backwards.
I turned to my right and said to those that were there ” I think I black out because I get bored.”   I knew this wasn’t the nicest thing to say, especially since the man was still talking. Physically, I felt almost like the scene was getting blurry around me, and time had stood still.  Because I was feeling odd, I asked to no one in particular  ” Can you hear me?”  A unknown woman who I could not see, only hear,  next to me said very clearly  “I can hear you.”  She was probably one of my guides.  Her voice was reassuring.
I realized what was happening to me and about to occur. I was going to black out again.  I told myself repeatedly and firmly “Focus! Keep your focus here.” I concentrated on looking at a few people, who were sitting in their chairs.  This seemed to do the trick because I was able to stay in the scene. This was the first time that I intentionally averted a blackout.  Progress!
When I had fully recovered to more lucidity, the last two words I heard from the man seated in the chair who was answering my question on why I black out were “your energy”.  Therefore, now I know I must work on increasing my chi, my life force energy to sustain my OOBs.
I stood in the room along the perimeter. I felt uncomfortable.  I sensed something was going to happen, and it wasn’t going to be good. I said out loud to the class “Something is going to happen.” Another woman with dark hair that was also standing by a wall to my right about fifteen feet away said “I feel it, too.”
Finding a Weapon
I got restless with my unease.  I noticed a door to my left. I opened it up. It lead to another room of the gymnasium. In it were barbells/dumbbell looking weights and long weighted bars for waist exercises. I wondered if I should grab a waist bar to use it as a weapon.  I decided against it.  I wasn’t that type of person to have hand-to-hand mortal combat.  I thought of the TV series “The Game of Thrones” where the knights often used large sticks like this waist bar to fend off their attackers.
The barbells/dumbless were standing on their sides upright on the floor. There were about five of them. I picked up one of them. It was too heavy for me to swing at someone.  I picked up another one. It was lighter. It wasn’t that long but at least I could club someone with it. Ha!
It was after that that I noticed another room past this one on the far side of the wall.  There was a large rectangular window.  I knew that the attack was going to come from there.  I go back into the classroom and tell everyone to prepare and that the attack is going to come from there.  I have lost lucidity of the other people in the room. I don’t remember their reactions or even seeing them.  All I am concerned with is this attack.
The Pseudo-Attack
I see what looks like a troop of miniature men entering through the window that I thought they would come from.  There were about twelve of them in perfect formation and synchronization.  They appeared to be carrying banners.  They almost looked like cartoon characters.  They appeared to be only a foot or two in height. I ran out of the room to make a get away. I have no idea what the others were doing if anything.  As I was in a hallway further from the room, I saw another student running away about ten feet in front of me. In between us both appeared to be a two or three year old baby sitting on the floor. I was confused.  I looked behind me. I saw that that the troop that had come in through the window were all morphing into babies! I was perplexed.
Then behind them was unknown man was rushing toward us.  He said “You guys are not ready for this.”  Then the scene broke.
Was it a Battle Simulation?
In analyzing this upon waking, I feel that the attack was all a simulation, a test. I sensed that I did not do so well.  I was able to foretell the attack and warned everyone of its imminence & for them to prepare. However, I feel perhaps, I should have stayed behind and helped protect people instead of running away and thinking of my own safety.  Probably the higher attributes of valor, courage, and heroism were to be exhibited.
This would not be the first time I was in a simulation in an OOB.  I am not going to be too hard on myself. These situations are hard to ascertain. I hope to act more appropriately, correct  and valiantly next time.
Katy’s Background
Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including weekly lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs), participating in spirit cross-overs and channeling messages from beings that exist an other dimensions.  A spiritual awakening occurs when you start to raise you consciousness.  You begin to look at the world around you and your own life differently.  You realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.
I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.  I am in the third level of the 16th levels of the fifth dimension.  I also have heard that I am a star seed, an Arcturian, a “hybrid”,  “genetically modified” and a transient.  I heard that I had been “rescued” and “restored”, and that I am in the “witness protection program.”  In 2014 I  received about four clairvoyant images of the fictional character Frankenstein, where he was laying on the treatment table while the eccentric scientist was rebuilding him.  It was my guides way of providing me this literary allusion,  showing me that I had been rebuilt like Frankenstein.  I heard telepathically  that I operate on multiple frequencies.”   This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser, providing life wisdom from beyond.  I do this through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings.  I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
To learn more about my background, please see:
My Background
Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar experiences or communications.
Copyright © Katy Simmone.  All Rights Reserved.  You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .


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