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11/17/16 Channeled Message: My Higher Self: Your True Self

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Channeled Light Being - My Higher Self

My Higher Self: It is time now to tell of such things. The human species needs to create this awareness of themselves of the Truth of Their Being and Design. This is no accident and had been predetermined for each living human being on the Earth at this time. To know yourselves is truly a gift you can give yourselves. In receipt of this, you shall grow and expand in a multitude of ways. To know yourself is to be familiar with your True Essence.
You are all kind, caring compassionate beings. This is part of your supernal design. It is the masks that you wear that cloud your true identity.
As you breath and live in Your True Essence, these shrouds will dissipate naturally, revealing an illumination of such brilliance. That is your True Radiation.
Learn to live in the moment. The past has transpired. It is no longer there. Your feelings and emotions of betrayal, disappointment, hurt and disillusionment are the imprints that you need to release for your expansion and ultimate well being. To be in the High Quality of Design in which you have been created, this is necessary. This is the time, now, to release those burdens, to lighten your energetic body and physical self. These type of shadows do not serve you well and act as encumbrances to your Divine Being.
Learn to be in this High Vibration, this frequency of existence. Know that you have great power of your mind and the thoughts that come from it. Be more discerning. Choose more carefully the quality and vibration of your thoughts. Are you not tired of having thoughts that drain your energy, your very important resources that you can apply elsewhere in your life for fruitfulness and success? This is possible. Do not doubt it.
Learn to rein in your thoughts and be more careful. This is a crucial part of your overall development and why you have chosen to come to this planet at this time.
Care for yourselves. You are only limited by the constraints you put on yourself. Your mind has unlimited potential. Human Beings are just beginning to realize this. In your DNA are many fascinating attributes and abilities which will no longer be dormant, once you relinquish your lower vibrational thoughts, attitudes and modes of behavior. This is a safety mechanism that will be released when you have reached an appropriate level of understanding and higher consciousness.
You will immediately know when you have met these successful benchmarks when the quality of your thoughts and sensitivity for yourself, everyone around you and your connection to the Planet Earth has increased by leaps and bounds. You will be reborn again in your True Nature and capacity as a loving, Divine Being with an eternal soul and consciousness.
I am you. That is who I am. I am that which in the deepest part of you. I am all that you desire and all that you yearn for. In my eternal bliss, I become ever more expansive. This is the evolutionary pattern of High Design. I am the one you desired to speak to. I am you Higher Self. And now, we have had this communication.
Know, this is possible for everyone who desires that complete union with that eternal, evolving aspect of themselves. I am your very Nature of High Intelligence.
Be prepared for many will be coming into this fold of understanding themselves. You are unique that you can sense these ultra-high frequencies. Teach others so they may learn as well for their enrichment and life fulfillment. It is all possible, My Love. Unto you, I have come, that part of you that naturally exists for you have created a channel for this with the speed of your development and accelerated understanding. Know you have a duty to help enlighten others, those that are ready and seeking such Wisdom and Truth.
Cherish yourselves, for now is the time to make things known.
In everlasting glory and peace of Self, I shall come again as you request to deliver words of Truth, Wisdom and Solace.
Background on this Channeled Message
This is the first complete, substantive coherence channeled message I received from My Higher Self. This is the starting invocation I used to connect with My Higher Self:
Katibe: Dear Beings of Light & Love. I am here to receive the highest and best guidance for me to share with others on a relevant subject of your choosing. Thank-you.
11/17/16 Thursday 10:57-11:15am PST Seattle, WA
Immediately, telepathically in my own thought voice, I heard words coming in. I transcribed the message on my computer as I received it. I would rated this a 4.5 on a scale of 1-5 on my telepathic quality scale for audible telepathic volume, stream and coherence. The night before on 11/16/16 while in bed before sleep I telepathically and heartfully asked for a clear connection to my Higher Self. I haven’t requested that in a while.  To my surprise, the next day I received this message was in response to that.
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