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11/18/16 Channeled Message: Thought Providers: The New Age We Are In

by | Nov 27, 2016 | Channeled Light Being - Thought Provider, Channeled Terms - New Age - New Times - New Day

The Thought Providers: More change is on the way. It is everywhere. Feel it. It is in your breath, the air around you, in the wind as it gently passes through you. This is change for the glory of humankind. You are all part of this necessary wave of improvement and betterment for the masses. Many have decided to incarnate, to fulfill their pledges to be of assistance during this New Era, to be of help and of support to others for their attainment.
There are many disruptive changes in patterns. Know this is part of the rebalancing of the equilibrium and the furtherment of the Grand Design. Understand and embrace this so you can better navigate through this tumult with informedness and awareness. The tides are changing, and the bodings have arrived. These times mark a new shift for human civilization. Old paradigms are releasing and new ones of higher frequency are being instilled.
Be centered and grounded. Get to know yourself well and thoroughly. This will help you to flow seamlessly through these changing times. Do not lament your past! Embrace the change! With this type of enthusiasm and exuberance, with this high level of motivation, one can reach high heights for their Life Plan.
See it as a metamorphosis, not only necessary for your growth but essential for your Primary Being and part of the natural cycle.
You have arrived here, on this specific planet, in preparation for this. Your Soul knows and has guided you here to this destination. Surrender. Do not resist when you experience abrupt and volatile changes in your life. Find comfort in the realization that your Soul is very aware and guiding you through. There is an intentioned direction! Find comfort in the sublime, that which is untouchable.
By their good graces, many others shall rise and reach the Truth of Their True Selves, their divine destinies.
Be smart, adaptable and flexible for some of your earlier coping mechanisms will not serve you well now. It is time now for a New Way of Thought and Being. Capricious and superficial motivations will no longer be able to perpetuate in the changing energies being delivered to the Earth’s atmospheres. They simply will not be able to survive. It will be a process, ongoing, and not readily evident to those without the True Vision.
Deep secrets kept hidden for centuries will be revealed. That which you have suppressed and repressed will be rising to the surface for addressment and for clearing, to provide space for that which is more advantageous to you and serves a Higher Purpose. Certainly this will be uncomfortable for some but in the long run it will serve one’s best interests and Soul Plan.
The changes are swift. Be prepared. In your fortitude, strength and perseverance you shall overcome and achieve a level of success. Be patient with yourselves and others for everyone has a unique rate of development. Ultimately, all shall abound and transcend their lower aspects of their Nature.
Your Soul knows and understands you and has willingly come here now as a testament to its desire and yearning for continued expansion. Through your eyes, it experiences on many levels.
Know this. Feel the vibration of this.
In your quiet moments you can become more distinctly aware. Take time to create moments of silence and stillness throughout the day to stabilize you during the day. This simple technique shall help you tremendously and help keep your set points at appropriate levels so extreme levels of emotional fluctuation are not reached.
Be firm with yourself as well as gentle. This specific time is especially conducive for releasement of trapped energies that hinder your consciousness development. Work on yourselves for the love of yourself.
You will be rewarded for your efforts and experience abundance and fulfillment like you have never known. The Truth of the Way and Wisdom of the Ages will be revealed to you. Your insights shall increase. The quality of your relationships will improve with deeper levels of unity, bonding and Knowingness. You will feel freedom and know liberation.
Finally, the layers of you that have masked your Divine Self shall be sloughed. Your Inner Being will rise and radiate. You will now have attained the levels that allow True Exploration and Harmonization. Creativity will explode into a burst of amazing new inventions and high technological advancements to bring humankind together for inclusiveness.
These are The New Times. You are part of this new generation. Some of you have agreed to come back to serve again and again as part of your commitment and for your own development. In this way, the cycles become balanced and work on optimal levels. Hard-earned life experiences and vibrations increased as a result will continue to thrive in ongoing incarnations.
We hope we have succeeded in creating within you a level of awareness to instill hope and faith with all that you are experiencing or observing around you. For this was our purpose, our mandate. In your success, we achieve.
For we know, on the behalf of many, the challenges that are very evident on the Planet Earth. We come from time to time, to those with developed auditory responses and heightened levels of acuity, to communicate, to share and to do our work in stabilizing your societies and environments. We respect your free will and know our words are advisory.
We are the ones known as the Thought Providers, an elite group of highly developed intelligences from throughout the Universes who have reached a level of awareness that allows us to serve in this way on your behalf. Praise yourself for we know these times are not easy. We have faith in your capabilities to succeed.
Background on this Channeled Message
This is the starting invocation I used to connect with My Higher Self:
Katibe: Dear Beings of Light & Love. I am here to receive the highest and best guidance for me to share with others on a relevant subject of your choosing. Thank-you.
11/18/16 Friday 11:20- 11:48pm PST Seattle, WA
Immediately, telepathically in my own thought voice, I heard words coming in. I transcribed the message on my computer as I received it. I would rated this a 4.5 on a scale of 1-5 on my telepathic quality scale for audible telepathic volume, stream and coherence.
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