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1/12/10 Channeled Message: Technical: Edgar Cayce on Remote Viewing

by | Jan 29, 2010 | Channeled In Spirit - Edgar Cayce, Channeled Message, Channeled Messages that are Technical, Remote Viewing

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Purpose:  To share an inspirational message I channeled from the prophet Edgar Cayce on remote viewing.    This is my 1st clear channelled message from him. To let you know that you, too, can receive such a message from a master, when your mind is quiet and your heart is open with love, and you have a specific question to ask.    Never forget, all is possible!


 Edgar Cayce was known as the sleeping prophet.  He lived in the late 1800s to the 1940s. Prior to this point, I have rec’d only single sporadic words from him.  

According to Wikipedia, remote viewing (RV) is the purported ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means or extra-sensory perception.

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1-12-10 Tuesday

6:30 p.m. at my desk – I asked my question without going into a meditation.  I typed this into my pc as Edgar Cayce talked.

It was received  part clairaudiently and part claircognizantly.  I have to say it was not rec’d that loudly or clearly. 

Katy: Is that you?

Mr. Edgar Cayce: Yes, you have found me…  At last…

Katy: Can you give me some guidance on remote viewing?  How  to do  it efficiently and accurately and with ease?

Mr. Edgar Cayce: Remote viewing is indeed a serious venture to be contemplated by those who are intuitively skilled.  The process begins by relaxing and listening to the mind.  The sounds you hear around you may distract you.  All physical aspects of one’s being must be relaxed to be a conduit of information flow.  The mental state of the individual is key as agitation and anxiety act as blocks.  The mind must be clear.  The mind must be relaxed.  When the base has been set in this manner, the viewing can be done. 

Look through the 3rd eye for visuals, expand your scope.  See with your eyes what is before you.  Take note of detail as this is important and can help differentiate localities.  In all states, keep a relaxed posture.  Do not process, just deliver.  Due to limited capacities of most individuals performing the viewing, care needs to be taken to receive information as objectively as possible.  Relay the information to a 3rd party or an information storage and retrieval device.  The human mind plays tricks when memory is depended on solely as the source of retrieval.  A quiet room, dimly lit is important.  The environment must be suitable to the individual as a place of meditation as well. 

Time shall pass quickly during the exercise.  You will be amazed at how you lose sense of time and direction.  Precariously, one must proceed for utmost maximum utilization of one’s mental faculties and perceptual limitations will be expounded and magnify.  Hence, the viewer must rely on his or her reasoning capabilities to filter the information rec’d without adding drama or flair.  An independent, objective view is absolutely required to be an efficient and accurate viewer.  The ability to focus, zoom in and narrow in on visual elements and the ability to step back and view the entire perspective are key characteristics for efficiency in remote sight.  

You are gifted but practice is necessary and crucial.  Regular, consistent practice on a daily basis requires commitment of mind, body and spirit.  Those that persist are rewarded accordingly.  Those that don’t will see very little in their results.  A path such as this one is not lightly undertaken by a disciple.  Perseverance and strength of heart is necessary to achieve optimal results.  Faith is a deciding factor also in the success of the results of the remote viewer.  Faith in oneself, in mankind and in one’s religious doctrines.  All these come together in a myriad of combinations, which may or may not result in success depending on the degrees of each.   

Rest of mind and body are also integral aspects of a remote viewer’s life and daily routine.  Good health and nourishment with a plant-based diet is conducive to the flow of energy that is needed through the viewer’s body.  It is an extraordinary amount that is produced when one uses their perceptual abilities.  The energy burn rate is extraordinarily high as in compared to when in their normal day-to-day physical existence.  The nerves are relaying information at such high speeds causing electrical impulses to fire regularly and powerfully within the nervous system.  Some viewers lose weight in the beginning of their practices for that reason.  It is important to keep your energy up but through wholesome grains and legumes.  Protein intake must be adequate to keep the physical mass of one’s muscles intact so that the energy drain does not deplete carbohydrate stores and feed on the muscle instead. 

With these considerations, one may achieve success if karmic debts have been realigned and/or eliminated. For when there is still business at hand to be resolved, the body’s energies are being spent on other tasks at hand.  Remember, these are the ideal conditions for success to ripen and bear fruit as a capable and fully operational remote viewer.


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