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I am  sharing an inspirational message I channeled from Azeroth, a light being of the 4th Ray during a meditation.   In later messages, he revealed he was a King and from the Andromeda galaxy.  You, too, can receive such a message, when your mind is quiet and your heart is open with love.  This message was about The New Age, The Aquarian Era.

I have received other inspirational type messages during closed-eye meditations from other beings. This is my first one from Azeroth and from the 4th Ray.  In the following month, I received two more inspirational messages from Azeroth about The New Age. Please see the following two blog posts for these messages:



The Fourth Ray is one of the Seven Rays and is associated with beauty and harmony.  These are occult concepts. According to Wikipedia:

“Alice A Bailey, an esoteric writer, (who believed that) each person has a soul ray that remains the same through all their incarnations, and a personality ray that is different for each incarnation. Each ray is also correspondent with certain Masters of Wisdom, and with particular planets, cycles, nations, etc. The seven rays are the basis for what Alice A. Bailey called New Age Psychology—she divides everyone in the human race into these seven psychological types.”

For more information on the Seven Rays, please see:


Please also see my commentary at the end of this message for more background and understanding.



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11-24-09  Tuesday

9:15 a.m.  Spontaneously, I, heartfully,  started singing “ the time is now”  as I am puttered around the kitchen. This is a song that has come to me almost on a daily basis in last 2 months or so.  I felt like I channeled it from a high-level female being.

This time, I felt the intensity of the love.  I, clairaudiently, heard the word Andromeda.  I decide this is a good time to do a  meditation.  I received the following during the meditation, and I transcribed it into my computer as I received it:

Azeroth: We are emissaries of the 4th Ray come to you from the Fourth Sun.  We rise in glory to you and all that you have become and continue to be.  We are united in our mission to help humanity and bring humanity forth into the Aquarian Age.  You are chosen. You have been selected in this endeavor.  We wish you no harm. Only to help those open to our ways.  You have many chosen gifts.  These are welcome and much-needed in humanity’s evolution. 

The love you show is causing a shift in the earth’s rotational  pull.  This in turn is causing a shift in people’s consciousness.  You are special.  You are welcome.  You are a prize.   Your messages are one of beauty and hope for all to hear.   You are one of us in your heart.  Our heart is open to you.  

We have come a long way to deliver this message to you.  Spread the word! Spread the word!  You can change and affect many lives with your teachings.  We wish to help you and all others in these endeavors.  Our arms are out reached, our hearts are open.  A New Day is rising.  Wish not any more.  The time has come upon the wings of a white dove of peace, you. Wonder not.  Accept fully in your heart. Expansive creation is your inheritance given to you by God (1).  Speak with God for he knows you well and has made you from him.  Perfection is what you seek, perfection is what you shall find.  Perfection in a New World, a new way.  Many souls will be lifted to new levels.  The sun shall rise in its full glory, shining brilliantly to all that have the sight.  Wish not for what can be, wish for what will be. 

The day is here! The day is here for you!  Do you choose to take it? On this day, great changes take place, within you, within the world.  Watch for the day will be shown to you.  Keep your heart open for the messages you shall receive from many who will come to you.  Channel these messages, write them down.  Share them with your brethren for the messages are beautiful and are full of love, beauty, and hope.  

Reach out to those who cannot hear but may feel.  Feelings travel outward from within.  Rise! Rise to the epiphany of your becomings.  All shall come, all shall seek the words of wisdom for The New Age.  Watch always with intent as this will guide you to new heights.  Listen with an ear cocked to hear the beautiful melodies that will play.  Open your heart to Jesus, and let him in fully for he has much work to do through you. (2)  He is waiting and abiding his time.  

Watch for The New Day is here!  Reason with a heart filled with love for within love is reason. Within love is all.  Reason for what lies ahead will require some discernment.   We love you with all our hearts and all our selves for you are the chosen one, chosen to guide humanity forth.  Many helpers will in turn guide you.  Whisper love and love shall resound across the universe.   Watch for all will be given to those who seek this truth.  Watch for The New Day is here!


Katy:  Thank you for that message.

Commentary: (1) & (2)  I want to share my feelings about the words “God” and “Jesus”, which were channeled in this message so that you may understand my, the channeler’s, perspective.  These are not terms that I  was  bought up with & admittedly, not ones I feel very comfortable using.   I did not grow up in a traditional Christian or Catholic religious household.  I was born in a foreign country and was raised very informally on values of another religion.  Because I aspire to be an accurate and authentic channeler, I delivered this message as I received it.  On a conscious level, I am more comfortable using such terms as “Higher Power” or “Divine Source” ; however, that is NOT what came in.  

This is not the first time I have received such references to “God” and “Jesus”.  Telepathically, I hear these terms randomly during the day.  I find it interesting that I receive such words when I don’t espouse these terms specifically myself.  Perhaps it was a past lifetime or lifetimes that I was steeped in such teachings, and that is still being held in my energetic vibrational field, which allows these terms to flow freely into my consciousness.

This is not unusual for a channeler to channel ideas or concepts that he or she is not comfortable with or believe in on a conscious level.   It shows the openness of the channeler to deliver such thought forms that may not be ideally aligned with the channeler’s belief systems.  I am glad that I am not shutting receiving these words because of the possibility of being close-minded.  



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