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11/26/12: Spirits: Grandma Z Comes to Visit

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Mediumship, Psychic Developments & Experiences


I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker.  I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently.  Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out of body experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, and other psychic phenomena.

I started this blog as I was guided to teach what I know and to record my experiences in an expository fashion with detail and dates.

I wanted to share the following beautiful experience I had recently of a wonderful and generous family friend in spirit coming to visit.  This shows that we are spiritual beings having a physical existence, that our spirits continue on even after physical death.

Enjoy! Please share with others who may be interested.



Grandma Z Comes to Visit

When I was driving home from work in my car, I received a quick clairvoyant image of Grandma Z out of the blue.  She was a wonderful family friend, who has been in spirit now for over 10 years.  Immediately, I focused on her.  In the past week I have been receiving very quick images of her at random times.  This was probably a foreshadowing of her visit now.

She was smiling very broadly.  She was so happy to see me as I was her.  We embraced deeply.  I could smell mothballs. In reality, her clothes often smelled like mothballs.   Our hug was so beautiful and heartfelt.  It was as if we were both making conscious attempts to hug with our hearts touching, heart to heart.  I truly felt our heart energies connect in this way.  Tears came to my eyes.  Grandma Z had a white handkerchief in her right hand, which she used to wipe the tears from her eyes after the embrace.  I thanked her for coming.  She got into the cute green mustang she used to have and drove away.  This was the first time we connected in this way since her passing.

It was an amazing moment for me. So beautiful.  Truly this is evidence for me that life continues on after death.  I am so thankful we were able to connect again.  I have a feeling I may be seeing more of her after this visit.  That is fine! I don’t like to interfere with people in spirit, unless I am asked to,  as I feel they have stuff to tend to on the other side.  However, if they want to come in just to say hello or share some information, that would be fine with me. I welcome it.

This is not the first time I have had such a joyous reunion with loved ones in spirit.  A few months ago I had a dream where I reunited with my grandfather and grandmother, who are both in spirit.  This was a very intentional and planned event by those beings who make such things happen.  I was meeting them in an airport terminal.  When we hugged, it was heart-to-heart, also.  It was very special. 

This past week, I have been getting an unusually high number of clairvoyant images of people I know in spirit.  One morning upon waking up from sleep but still in bed, I received consecutive, quick images in rapid succession of three people in spirit.  One was of a young man I went to high school with, who passed when he was eighteen in a tragic, motorcycle accident.  Another image was that of another sweet young man I went to high school with, who died a few years after graduating high school.  The third one was of Grandma Z.  May they rest in peace and many blessing to them all.

About two weeks ago, I received an image of an old client of mine from about ten years ago.  She just popped into my mind as I was waking up in the morning.  She had such a big smile on her face, and then she disappeared.  I think she just stopped by for a quick hello.  By the size of her smile, I would say she was doing okay.  I don’t know if she is in spirit as I have forgotten her last name but she was elderly when I knew her last. 

I thank now, all the beings that made these encounters possible so that I may share them with others for hope and upliftment.


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