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Welcome! I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker.  I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently.  Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having out of body experiences (OOBs) about two to three times a week. I wanted to share this amazing out of body experience (OOB).  It was a milestone OOB and not just a dream for the following reasons:

  • I had an escort, who was higher level than in previous OOBs.
  • My level of clarity and lucidity of what I saw and heard in this OOB was very high, close to 100%.
  • It felt like I was being taken to a dimension to observe and learn.

This OOB was precluded by me having reached some recent deeper level of understanding & knowingness of consciousness.  In my day to day life, constantly, I work on diminishing aspects of my ego, releasing low level thought patterns, releasing negative social conditionings, and keeping a state of love and peace.  I must have attained some new innate learning because within the past two weeks, I have heard clairaudiently “You graduated when …“ and “You are in advanced studies”.  Since then, I felt the quality of my OOBs have been accelerated. Also, I share this personal OOB for the following reasons:

  • To inspire you with the knowledge that there are existences beyond our physical state, that we can experience in an OOB
  • To teach how beautifully complex and multi-faceted our spiritual lives are
  • To show that each dimension may have its own unique landscape and operating guidelines
  • To show that there are teams of beings, involved in the planning, design and execution of OOBs.  These beings have varied, specific functions and possess technical expertise in their areas.  It includes the following job functions:
    • Manager, who oversees the overall OOB
    • Analysts, who support and provide additional help to the Manager
    • Technicians, who are involved with the technical aspects of the OOB like audio quality
    • Law Enforcement, who are dispatched by management to ensure adherence to policy
    • Transporters, who take one to another dimension
    • Escorts, who guide one through the dimension, upon arrival
  •  To show how items in your day to day life or from your past or key people can be used to facilitate the OOB experience

Enjoy!  Please share with others who may be interested. Namaste! ********** 11/7/12 Wednesday Last night, I feel asleep on the living room couch.  At about 4:03 a.m. I moved to the bed.  I knew it was this time because I looked at the digital clock on the nightstand.  For some reason, I was struck by the shape of the numbers on the clock’s digital display.  Specifically, I was struck by the intersecting lines that formed the number four and the curves of number 3.  From the past, when I have been struck by something that is mundane, I take it to be a sign for something deeper. A Previous OOB: Seeing Mathematic Functions in the Air I remembered the OOB I had about two nights ago.  In this OOB I looked into the air about 20 feet away and saw the air vibrating.  Then a small opening appeared in the air about a foot long.  In this opening, numbers and mathematical equations were scrolling. Some of the formulas were complex.  In some of the formulas, I saw the mathematical square root symbol. (Note: I felt that this earlier OOB was another milestone OOB.  I was shown that all existence is based on mathematical functions, which is the underlay of creation. Seeing the numbers in the air reminded me of the scene from the 1999 science fiction movie, The Matrix.  In this movie, Neo, the main character, sees columns of numbers scrolling in the air when he realized that his existence was an illusion.) In reality in dim lighting, I can see, with my physical eyes, the air vibrating.  It looks like bad reception on the older TVs that had the cathode ray tubes.  If I focus my eyes on a spot in the air about 2-3 feet away, I can sometimes see eddies and whorls.  The best way for me to describe it is to compare the air to cytoplasm.  It like it’s red cytoplasm with touches of gold, moving very quickly in various directions.) Remembering this earlier OOB of seeing math functions appear in the air while still in bed, reminded me to spend some time staring into the air above my bed.  Maybe, I would be able to see those numbers and formulas with my physical eyes.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  I spent about 10 minutes doing that.  I did not see the numbers but I did saw the eddies and whorls in the air.  Then, I sent love to the earth for healing.   I was awake in bed for 45 minutes doing such activities.  I share this for you to understand the conditions right before experiencing this OOB. Then the following AMAZING OOB transpired: In the OOB, I woke up in an unfamiliar bed.  I looked around the dim bedroom.  The furnishings were unfamiliar.  There were 2 arm chairs in front of the bed.  My spouse was lying in another bed next to me.  I made a comment to him that this was not our bedroom. I stood up.  I realized I had my iPhone earphone in my left ear.  A man and a woman were talking through the earphone.  To my surprise, I heard them clearly.  Their voices sounded like they were having a conversation right in front of me.  That’s how audible it was. (Note:  It is common during OOBs for items or clothing to appear from my current day to day life or my childhood or years earlier.  It is interesting my subconscious is used in these OOB sequences.). I knew what they were saying to me was important.  In the OOB, I recognized this, what I call, a Message OOB.  When, you get such audio clarity in an out of body and you have a special earpiece, I knew I was getting special communications.   Then out of the blue, the speakers in the room and the TV volume went on. I attempted to turn them off.  I could not find the remote for the TV volume.  Instead I found another remote.  I turned off one speaker and the other speaker sound was still on.  Then I shut off that speaker and the one I had just turned off, that speaker sound came back on.  I started to panic.  I had the thought that I was going to miss this very important conversation because I could not hear what was being said to my in the earphone.  As I am frantically trying to turn things off, I said out loud to the man and woman “Please, I am trying to shut off all these noises so I can hear you, and it’s not working.  I give up!”  When I said “I give up” I knew I shouldn’t have said that because it sounded so negative.  I practice Neuro-linguistic programming in my day to day life in which I am careful about my choice of words to create a positive energy. The man says “So, you are giving up” with a slight laugh.  I knew I shouldn’t have used that word.  He picked up on that right away!  His voice sounded Asian. OOB: Clairaudiency Testing (Note:  I had an OOB experience about two years ago, when an Asian man was doing some sort of testing on me on the strength of my clairaudiency.  I was sitting in a chair, and he was behind me.   He had a solid, medium build and was average male height.  He appeared to be in his late twenties.  He was tilting my heard in various positions.  As my head was moved, I would hear the volume of an old song from the 1950s that was playing, change.  It either waned or became stronger.  In the OOB I understood that he was finding the head tilt position, which was the most audible.  I gave him, like a thumb’s up sign, when he tilted my head and the song was crystal clear and a good volume. I wondered if the man on the other end of the air piece was the same Asian man.)  Back to the OOB: Somehow, it got quiet. The background sounds just stopped. I said “Are you still there?” I heard a “Yes”.  I was so relieved that I had not lost them. I asked “How come the sound is so clear?”  Usually, in many of my past OOBs there is sound distortion, making recall after difficult. Male: In a voice full of laughter said “You are in the groove”.  He used this expression because that’s how I refer to it, when I channel information from beings, and I feel it comes in crystal clear and flowing.  He is totally accessing my thoughts! Then the female said “Look, though I am here I am not actually supposed to be at work yet.”  She sounded like she was management in corporate.  She was the one with most authority here.  She sounded like she was slightly impatient. I sensed that she had a lot of responsibility and did a lot of work. Female: ”Did you get approval for this?”  She was talking to the male. I decided to interject.  I told her “When I ask for things for myself or make requests, I usually ask that it be done for the highest good.”  This is true in reality for what I say when I ask for requests. There was a short silence on the other end of the earpiece.  I don’t know whether what I said surprised them or not.  Then I heard movements and a sort of scuttling. It reminded me of the kind of scuttling you get in a corporate meeting, when the boss asks the department, if something that should have been done, was done. I sensed that there were others there with them.  They were some technical analysts who were on the team, that were involved in this meeting.  Though they were an integral part of what was happening, they were there to learn and observe as well. Then this unfamiliar man appears in the doorway of the room I was in.  He had professional clothes on, a light collared shirt, blazer, and dark dress pants.  His blonde hair was parted on the side.  He started to come toward me.  About a two foot long metal chain encased within an aqua blue colored plastic colored tubing materialized in my hand.  It looked exactly like the same colored bike chain I had when I was a teenager to lock up my bike.  This must have appeared because I was scared of him, and I thought I needed a weapon.  This is rare that this weapon appeared.  I have had past OOBs, where I have been in scary situations, and no weapons ever appeared. I am ashamed to admit that I thought I took some swings at him with this chain.  I like to think of myself as a pacifist but in this OOB I wasn’t. 
This man started walking toward me and holding out his arms and making motions for me to stop.  He said something like he was FBI or CIA or something.  The thought of asking him for his badge crossed my mind but I didn’t want to take the time to do this, in case he attacked me. He got within a foot of me and leaned over to me and almost whispered the following. “Look, we need your card with the numbers on it.”  I sensed he wanted some identification card I had.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I wondered if this had something to do with getting the approval that the Female had asked for. Then the door from the outside opens.  In stride 3 men, dressed in professional, dark clothing, who walked briskly past me.  The first guy who strode in was very chesty and looked like he had some sort of ego.  The words “Detachment team” came in.  They reminded me of undercover law enforcement agents at a scene. In the next scene I was moving in the air a few feet from the bed.  My spouse was still in another bed next to mine.  I was surprised about this because my spouse was not supposed to be there.  In reality, he does a lot of business travel during the week and is not home most week nights.  In the OOB, I was slightly confused as to how he was there, when he should have been away.  I could not see him clearly.  The lighting was very dim, and he seemed to be covered under the blankets. My spouse called to me as I am floating up toward the ceiling of the room “Have a good time!”  In the OOB, this also surprised me.  He has never said anything like that to me before in an OOB. (Note:  I felt like my spouse was placed in the room to create comfort and security for me to experience this OOB.  I surmised that the OOB designers wanted to ensure that I would actually depart as they wanted and not be fearful.  In the past, I have had OOBs where I was reluctant to go with a transporter, a being that I have defined as one whose sole purpose is to take you to another dimension.  By placing my spouse in the OOB and having him telling me to have a good time, the OOB designers set up ideal conditions conducive for me to have this OOB.  Very smart !!!). Transporter The next recall I have is being on the ledge of Spanish style tile roof in an urban area.  I felt my body being moved, bumped and jarred. I knew I had an invisible transporter.  I wondered if the transporter was inexperienced and was having difficulty in transporting me, which is why I felt the jounciness of the ride.  Did they send a transporter-in- training to me? (Note: This would not be the first time that a transporter had difficulty in transporting me.  In an earlier OOB in 2011, a female transporter had trouble lifting me, and we couldn’t make it through a wall.  She had to back up and make a second attempt.  I could tell I was heavy for her.  God bless her!! Transporting is not as easy as one may think it it is.) Then I realized I was being physical carried by an invisible transporter in his arms, as he walked.  This was the first time I have been transported in this way.  In my previous OOBs, the transporters fly me, and not carry me, to my destination. Transporter Using Reiki Hand Position Because I was uncomfortable with all the bumpiness, I told the invisible transporter that I would rather fly.  Then we flew together.  I felt and saw the male transporter’s right hand being placed palm down on my abdomen.  Then I felt the transporter’s left hand being placed palm down on my forehead.  I said to the man “Your hands are like being in a Reiki position.”  The man responded “You’re right”.  I didn’t feel like it was a Reiki healing taking place.  It was simply the unusual hand placements that the transporter used on my body and head that struck my attention.  . (Note: I am a Reiki Master.  When channeling Reiki energy to a human subject, the Reiki practitioner can use various hand positions, one being what the transporter used on me during transport.) The transporter’s upper body materialized, and he appeared to an older man with thick, white hair.  Then the transporter morphed into a young man, who appeared to be oriental. When we landed at our destination, the young man said to me that he had a problem with his date. (Note: This is not unusual in OOB for me to have a transporter. I would estimate up to 75% of the time, I have a transporter, who takes me to another dimension.  Also, it is not unusual in an OOB for the transporter or others talk to me about their emotional life situations.  In this past, this has happened a few times.  They seem to be seeking guidance from me). Since the transporter bought up the subject about problems with his date, I wanted to be polite and ask him for further detail, when he said the following: Transporter:  “We like transporting you.  You are grateful.”   (Note: I sensed the “We” to mean other transporters.) I was surprised to hear this comment from him.  This meant that the transporters talked about such things to themselves. (Note: I wondered if the transporters compared notes on the beings they transport in their break room and over the water cooler.  It’s like transport gossip.) (Note: Honestly, I only recall thanking a transporter one time in my 3 years of OOB experiences.  Usually, when I attempted to make communication during transport, they were non-responsive.  Or, I sensed them rolling their eyes at me, like I was an annoyance to them.  Then, when I get dropped off at the scene, they immediately disappear so I don’t get an opportunity to talk to them then either.  So, I really don’t know why I have this reputation amongst some transporters of being grateful.  Maybe that was a message to me to be grateful for them.  In fact, I have often complained to my spouse, that the transporters needed to be more loving and kind to me.  Often, I felt that they were just doing their job, perfunctorily, and at times tired and bored with their duties.)   The transporter dropped me off in front of a white van.  A man was unloading potted plants and greenery from the back.  We were on a city street.  There was a lot of  activity, common to a city, around us.  Then the transporter disappeared.  You see, we didn’t even say “bye” to each other. My Escort Then this man appeared in front of me. He appeared to be in his early 50s.  He has a collared shirt on and professional looking pants.  He felt very comforting to me, like he was a good guy, nice and easy going.  I liked his energy.  We walked together.  He told me that he had been a medium in the 1950s.  He referred to a good spiritual book he had read.   I asked him to repeat the name of the book and the author because I liked to read spiritual books.  Here, his voice became muffled, and I lost some lucidity.  I remembered only the name “Lindsay” or “Lindsey”. We appeared at a city scene.  There were people milling about.  Everything looked crystal clear to me.  One or 2 other people were next to us. I asked my escort “Is this a spirit village?”  He said “Yes.” (Note:  I don’t know why I used that specific term “spirit village”.  I presume, I was thinking about the book Nosso Lar, which I had read a few months ago.  It was a book about a spirit colony in the afterlife, where some spirits go after physical death.) After my escort said “Yes” to my question on whether it was a spirit village, I was so thankful. I told him with heartfelt emotion “I have been waiting to visit a city where spirits live for the past 3 years!” (Note: This is very true.  I have been waiting for this! In some past OOBs and spirit crossovers, I would ask the spirits questions about what their life was like on the other side.) I wanted to show my deep gratitude for this opportunity. I kneeled down and kissed the ground.  I didn
’t know how else to show what I was feeling.  My escort and the people next to him looked at me in surprise.  They weren’t expecting me to do that. Channeling of Song My escort and I walked in another direction for a way.  Spontaneously, I started to sing.  Doing this did not strike me as odd or weird.  I did not have embarrassment of doing this in front of my escort. I knew the words of this song for the first few lines.  Then, I seemed to have forgotten the remaining words. (Note: Breaking out in spontaneous song has been happening more and more in my OOBs in the past 3 months.  I sing much better in my OOBs than in reality! In reality, I am tone deaf and not much of a singer.  I don’t have musical talents in this way.  During the week as I am putzing around the house, often spontaneously I hum various tunes and sing songs.  Sometimes, it is a familiar song to me.  Other times, it is an unknown tune.  Sometimes, angels will communicate to me through songs that I channel.  These songs are simple words of inspiration and encouragement.  I feel I am a channeler of sound and tones.  Please see my earlier blog post titled “10/29/09 (updated 11-16-09) Channeling: Song from Angel & Others” where I share my experiences with other sound channelings.) Block Party With me singing, we walked down a side street.  We came upon much activity in front of us.  There were various groups of people, who were milling about.  There was a woman sitting, with her back toward us in a low beach chair by the side of a swimming pool.  She was singing the song I was just singing!  It sounded like blue grass music that you would strum a banjo to.  It wasn’t my favorite style of music, but she had a good, strong voice. (Note: Maybe, I was channeling her song when I started to sing spontaneously.) There were many groups of people standing, sitting on folding chairs, or lounging around the pool.  They were all having a wonderful time.  They were talking & smiling.  It reminded me of a block party.  I was very lucid.  I knew that being shown this was very special.  I knew my escort had walked me here for a particular reason.  I observed and absorbed as much as I could.  Inside, I was very thankful. (Note: Usually, in past OOBs, I just got dropped off in a dimension by a transporter and I need to figure out what to do next, in which direction to head to.  This was the first time, that I could recall, where I had such a kind escort walk me around.  Truly, I appreciated this and recognized this as a milestone OOB.) Parachutist I was standing on the right side of the pool deck, when I looked up into the air.  I saw a man parachuting onto the flat rooftop of an adjacent building.  His parachute was rectangular.  When he landed, he joined a fun party of other people on the rooftop.  There was a young man in a white t-shirt on the rooftop that I noticed because he looked physically fit, and it looked like he was enjoying himself, immensely. (Note: In the OOB, I knew that a parachutist landing on a rooftop was odd but it all seemed to fit and work in this dimension.)  It appeared everyone here in this dimension was enjoying themselves, and there was a sense of strong camaraderie.  Good humoredly, a young man in a striped shirt with a great smile teased a young woman that her shirt was unbuttoned too much from the top.  She responded back in a good hearted way. (Note: For this reason also, this was a milestone OOB.  It was the first time I was shown a dimension that was carefree, relaxed and that every person was so nice.  Perhaps, I was shown this dimension to illustrate that higher level dimensions do exist.  In past OOBs I have been to places, where there was not this kinship.  That’s when I started having fears that most dimensions were darker.  I sensed that I experienced this OOB to alleviate my concerns.)  Rainbows in the Sky Again, I looked up into the sky.  This time I saw a rainbow.  It wasn’t a typical rainbow that was in arc.  It was running vertically done the sky.  It had only about three bands of color.  It wasn’t the entire spectrum of colors that a rainbow usually has. I thought it was beautiful.  I turned around to say something about this to my escort.  He was behind me a few feet and seemed to be talking to some others. I looked back into the sky at the clouds, since it was drawing my attention.  There were splotches of rainbows right on parts of the clouds!! There were about four bands of colors and mostly a red color.  It was beautiful.  From this, I realized that in this dimension, this is how some of the clouds look.  It was natural here. I drew my attention back to the pool area.  There was a group of people who were having their photo taken.  I realized I may be in their photo so I stepped away a few feet.  I thought they probably did not want me, a stranger, in their photo. Then my escort asked one of them, if they wanted him to take a photo of all of them, so that the picture taker could be in the photo too.  I thought this was so thoughtful of him to think of doing this.  In my mind, I scolded myself that I should have offered to do that. As I watched this picture taking, I accidentally bumped my left leg against someone.  I turned to my left.  I had bumped a young woman, who was lounging on the ground by the pool.  She had long, black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail.  Her skin was very fair, and she was slightly overweight.  I said “I am sorry.”  With some curiosity, she looked at me and gave me such a sweet, kind smile and said “That’s okay.”  I wondered if I looked different to her because of her way she looked at me with curiosity.  I was going to ask my escort if I appeared different to these people, and if it was obvious I was a visitor. Power of Prayer I went to walk, and all of a sudden, I could not move.  I was frozen.  I said to myself “Oh no! Is this dream going to break up now?”  I looked around.  Everyone else was frozen, too!  It wasn’t just me.  The only person that could move was my escort.   He was in a small circle of about four others and leading them in prayer.  I could hear him say “God”.  Then I heard celestial music. I realized what was happening.  In this dimension, when someone was holding a prayer, everyone freezes and celestial music was played.  I remembered something similar to this occurrence was mentioned in the book “Nosso Lar”, that I referred to earlier. When the prayer was finished, we could move again.  I had so many questions for my escort like if I looked different to people here and about the rainbows in the clouds.  I wanted to ask him why everyone was not in school.  I thought that spirits attended school for a good part of the day for further learning. My escort walked toward me.  I asked him if he had a chance to answer some questions I had.  He said “Sure”.  Then, I changed my mind.  I didn’t want to bombard him with questions as a child would.  I wanted to be mature and balanced.  I felt it was important to exhibit these qualities and to know how to carry myself in these situations so that other opportunities like this would be presented to me again. Trouble Ahead ? We walked away from the block party and turned into another side street.  My escort paused and asked me “Do you sense anything bad?”  Since he asked me, I put my focus on sensing.  I said “I feel like that everything is good on one level, but there is something dark simmering in the background.”  I hadn’t noticed this darkness, until I put my attention on it. We stood in the street and were not walking anymore.  My escort said “Umm. I am not going to worry about that.”  He said th
ese words but by the tone of his voice, I knew he was very concerned with this darkness. Then the OOB stopped.  Upon Waking In bed, I awoke. I wondered if the OOB stopped because of the looming darkness.  I was so thankful for this OOB.  It was truly spectacular.  I thanked everyone, including those that worked diligently behind the scenes, to make this happen.


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