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Watch Katy on YouTube talk about out of body experiences & multidimensionality.  Here about her 1/17/15 OOB experience, tips & techniques.
I had two amazing out-of-body (OOB) experiences, one after another, this morning.   In one of them I underwent a psychic procedure.
What Dreams Really Are
As I shared in earlier blog posts, an OOB is different from a dream. I don’t believe dreams are “just dreams”.  All dreams are significant and there is real value in interpreting them if you can recall them.  Our sleep time is the time for our interdimensional travels. We are multi-dimensional beings and experience realities on other levels, concurrent to our human existence. In our dream state, when we are in altered state of consciousness, we are able to experience these parallel realities in “other dimensions of time and space.” (Note, anything in quotes is what I channeled or heard telepathically during this transcription.) Everyone experiences this in their dream state. Some or most, are just not lucid during this time and are unable to recall them upon waking.
I categorize this as an OOB for the following reasons:
–          The lucidity of the experience
–          Having an transporter, who took me to another dimensional reality. A transporter is my definition of a being who takes you to another dimension.  Very often, once you arrive at the dimension, they disappear and another being may appear, which I then call an “escort” .  I have had many transporters in past OOBs.  They have been men, women, children and even extra-terrestrial type beings.  They are always different, and most of the time are unfamiliar to me.  In this OOB, the transport was a person I was familiar with.
–  Experiencing an unusual or extraordinary phenomena.  In this OOB, it was my experience with being in the beautiful white light that was highly unusual.
Psychic Procedures in My Sleep State
This is not the first time I have experienced a psychic procedure in my sleep state in my Third Eye.  See below for another very similar one  in 2012 where I was in a orange-colored mist in my Third Eye.
11/12/12 OOB Procedure in Canteloupe Mist
Also, see below for a dream in which I experienced an eye procedure that I did myself but it was not in my Third Eye scape:
12/24/14 Wednesday Eye Procedure Dream Done by Myself or Spontaneously
Please read the transcription of this OOB below and also the section following to learn about me and my background.
OOB in Sleep State 1/17/15 Saturday ended about 8:55 a.m.
OOB Sequence 1
I became lucid in my sleep state at this point. I was in the front seat of the car with a male friend from college.  We were parked on the street in front of the apartment house I grew up as a teenager.  My male friend was in the driver’s seat. He looked different.  As is the case in dreams or OOBs, there may be distortion.  He had a collared long sleeve professional shirt on which is not the way he dressed in physical life before.
(Commentary: Upon waking up & analyzing this dream, I interpreted the following
My teenage home was again shown as it has been in other dreams because it is a symbol of safeness and security.  This has been the platform many times as take-off point for an OOB.
– The collared shirt  that my male friend was wearing was a symbol.  I have seen that before in other earlier dreams.  To me  it represents someone who is able, adept and responsible, a professional.  I feel that this was shown to me so that I would not be in fear or reluctant & to trust him and where he would be taking me.)
All of a sudden my daughter appeared in the passenger seat behind me.  She appeared as a 10 year old or so. This is was another distortion. In reality she is much older than that.  I was worried. I knew my daughter know I was still married to her father, my husband. What in the world was she going to think of that I was sitting in the front seat of the car with a male friend.  I decided to stay calm.  I invited her along to where we were going though I knew I had to be very careful and aware of my behavior.  She told us to wait one moment because she had to do something in the house first.  She left the car and came back very quickly.  I looked back and noticed that she was not sitting immediately behind us but in a row of car seats behind that.  There was an empty row of seats immediately behind us.  I thought that odd and was slightly surprised. I thought we must be in a vehicle similar to an SUV with more than one row of passenger seats though it looked like a station wagon.  The passenger seats were pure white.
(Commentary: Upon waking up & analyzing this dream, I realized that this was the first clue that this vehicle was unusual.)
There was camcorder on the empty row of seats.  I realized that my daughter had bought this along to record images of our trip.  She started recording me and male driver as we sat there in the front seat. Immediately,  I took it away from her & stopped the recording.  I didn’t want to have any images of me with my male friend that she may show my husband.
A New Technology in This Dimension – An Advanced Car
Next thing I can lucidly recall is that we are travelling. My male friend is driving.  At one point, he stopped the vehicle and shut all the car windows.   I noticed that the interior of the vehicle had changed. It was more square.  It was as if we were all in small room standing together.  However,  I noticed the car was still travelling by itself.  I looked out the front window and saw that we were in traffic. There were many ordinary cars on the side of us and in front of us as well.   My male-friend was standing next to me and not in the drivers seat.   I had the thought that the car was navigating itself! I was very impressed because there was so much traffic around, yet the car was moving adeptly and navigating efficiently along on the narrow road in front of us without a pilot. It was highly intelligent!
Then the car stopped and as I looked out the window, I saw that the car was parking itself in an area, with other parked cars!  It was doing an almost horizontal park, not the usual way car would pull in nose first in a parking space. Next thing I can lucidly recall is that I am with my male friend and daughter and we are standing next to a partition or a kiosk or counter of some sort.  There are a few others standing with us.  My daughter runs to the front.  I run to catch her to scold her not to do that then I realized that she knew before I did that this was a ticket counter.  The line moved quickly. Upon admission, we received an 8 1/2″ by 11″ white piece of paper with writing on it. I believe it was a description of what attractions there were there, however, I was not lucid enough to recall the specifics.
My male friend disappeared.  I did not notice that he did and continued on normally with my daughter.  There were others milling around us as well but they were nondescript. I know they were tourists as well.
(Commentary: Upon waking up & analyzing this dream, I  realized that my male friend acted as a “transporter”.  This is a term I have coined to describe when a being takes you to another dimension. This time, it was someone I knew from my Earthly life. Many times they are unfamiliar to me or complete strangers.)
On my left about 15 feet in front of me, I saw an open space leading to the outside.   For close to that opening outside, there was a white, long haired cat laying calming on wood bench of some sort with its long tail wrapped around its feet. I told my daughter that we should go there because I knew the cat attraction was special.
(Commentary: Upon waking up & analyzing this dream, I thought that perhaps I had read about the cat attraction on the white paper we received at the entrance but I am not sure. Also, just a synchronicity to real life, just the evening before at dinner, I was telling my husband how happy I was that I had taken our daughter to various places and attractions when she was younger.  I was so pleased that we both had the opportunities to experience this together and that I was able to do that for her as her parent. Little did I know that just a few hours later in my sleep state, I would again be taking her to another adventure during this OOB.)
Turtles with Halos
I went outside to get closer to the cat.  I saw that next to the cat were two small turtles.  They both had noticeable thin golden white halos that glowed around their head.  I was so surprised. I told my daughter to look at that.  In reality, my daughter as a young girl loved turtles and had all sorts of turtle paraphernalia.
(Commentary: Upon waking up & analyzing this dream, I felt that the turtles with halos represented symbolically that animals are also divine beings.  As our consciousness rises and expands, we will experience and know this more readily.)
The Beautiful Light Experience
I moved closer to the turtles. I felt something was going to happen.  A halo from one of the turtles slowly moved off the turtle’s head and moved toward my lower legs.  Next thing  I knew I was engulfed in a beautiful light cocoon! It felt so good, so soothing. I was amazed.  The light cocoon spread around further around me.  It lifted me up with me in it and I started to slowly float into the air in it.  As this was happening, I heard an unknown’s man’s voice on the ground say ” I have never seen that happen before! ”  I knew in the moment that it was happening that it was an extraordinary experience!
I was floating in the light and it was carrying me so gently and softly in the air. I felt so safe and secure in it.  Words cannot describe the well beingness  that I felt.  The light now covered a very, very large area around me, perhaps in a 30 feet radius from me.  The light at some time changed to a beautiful pink,  a shade somewhere between a carnation pink and bubble gum pink.   The air in it was viscous.  I was almost going to worry that I couldn’t breath. But I reassured myself and said “See, Katy, just relax.  You are breathing just fine.  Enjoy this amazing experience. ” Then I slowly rested back, not afraid of falling back,  because I knew the light was there, supporting me
(Commentary: Upon waking up & analyzing this experience with the light and in transcribing this dream, I realized that there was, indeed, a direct and powerful connection to the special guided white light channeled meditation that I had recently shared.   I knew in the OOB that was indeed some special divine light because it came from the turtle’s halo. Just this past week on  1/15/15 Tuesday I was a guest on the online Inner Empowerment Radio show.   On that I narrated a special meditation  from the Angelic Realm of white light for the aura for purification and protection.  In the meditation, I channeled specifically that the white light was so soothing, so comforting. What I had felt in this OOB was all that  I had channeled about it !  This was EXACTLY what I felt in this OOB!  Perhaps this OOB experience was some sort of karma payback or blessing for channeling that meditation? I realized I needed to thank the Angelic Realm for this experience.
You can hear this channeled aura meditation and the entire show on how to communicate with the Angelic Realm here.)
My Second Awakening:  Mid December 2012 – Jan 16 2015: My Complete Release & Surrender to My Life Purpose & Understanding of Myself
To share another synchronicity from real life, it was that just the evening before as my spouse and I were driving to our Friday night  dinner at our favorite restaurant, I shared with him that I felt I crossed a threshold, a barrier. Something broke, and now I was set free.  I am in new place of release and contentment of my life purpose.  I told him that I felt like I can just fall back into well-beings, &safety and there would be a huge soft pillow there to support me.  WOW! That is exactly what I did during this beautiful light experience.  Perhaps I had a premonition of some sort of this OOB when I expressed that to my spouse.
I hadn’t realized how much I was resisting from 2009-2014  until I transcended to this new place of contentment.  It is absolutely the most wondrous feeling.  I realized I had been in conflict and inner turmoil with myself adjusting to my new place in the world as a channeler and messenger.  I had to overcome my conditioned beliefs and patterned responses to what is considered success in this materialist and power driven world. 
What My Oracle & Tarot Cards Have Shown
The oracle cards and Tarot cards have shown and confirmed this for me.  The past two weeks, I have gotten the following cards:
– The Tarot card of Death number 13  about three to four times for the end of a major life circle. 
– The Tarot card of Death equivalent in the Doreen Virtue Tarot deck, the “Release” card  number 13 two times. 
– The Completion card & the Rebirth Cards in my numerology deck.
– The Freedom card from my Ascended Master deck signifying a freedom from my turmoil.)
 The light took me high over a stadium where hundreds of spectators were gathered for a sporting event.  We were travelling over the country side.  I did not recall much of the landscape because I was just enjoying so thoroughly  how good it felt to be in this light.
The Need to Decompress After the White Light
The light took me to a large building.  I was now travelling in the hallway.  It looked like a facility of some sort.  There was a large window to my right. I looked out of it. I could see the back alleyway of the building where they had their garbage and dumpster. I didn’t want to go there. Luckily, I didn’t.  I was still travelling down the hallway to some darkened rooms.  I did not feel comfortable with that.  I have learned in past OOBs to be suspicious of dark spaces.  I felt like it was still the light travelling with me.   I heard an unknown female voice say to me ” You need to go there else you will vomit.”  I realized that after my incredulous experience of some duration in this magnificent light that I needed to decompress or something. I asked her “Oh, is it like a decompression chamber?”  I did not hear her respond.  All of a sudden a window appeared to my right. Gently and softly, I think someone pushed my head through the window. I  could feel the sunny, warm air as a soft breeze around my face.  My head,  I think was gently pulled back into the hallway.  Then it was gently pushed out the window again, and I felt the warm breeze. I realized in that moment that I was undergoing a more natural method of compression, one that was much preferable for me!
OOB Sequence 2 Psychic Procedure: Dipped into Light Bath
This sequenced halted suddenly.  I found myself in the complete darkness of my Third Eye.  That is the space between your mid-eyebrow.  Your Third Eye is the portal to other dimensional realities.  It is a gateway . I become nervous.  In the past when I have been in complete darkness, and I wasn’t moving or travelling, I had been attacked by ectoplasmic beings of the astral realm.
Ectoplasmic Invaders in My Third Eye Blackness 
(Commentary: I have shared in other OOB experiences on this blog that at times, I find myself IN my Third Eye, rather than just viewing it.  And that’s where I was IN my Third Eye.  In the past I have gotten in tricky situation in this type of scenario with, what I am telepathically hearing being called “invaders” and “intruders”.  These are ectoplasmic type beings with deformed skeletal structures that have stick  to my body in the complete darkness when I am not moving.  They are incredibly tenacious.  It is very difficult to get them off myself because they cling and stick to my physical form.  I often have to fight with them and pull pieces of them off me, which I don’t like doing, because I feel I am using violence against them & physically tearing them to bits.  Every time I fight them in complete darkness.  Maybe it is because I am afraid of seeing what they look like.  As I fight, I can feel teeth like structures located in odd parts of their body and feel bones and strange bony spines. One time I pulled a piece of one off me and threw it as far as I could but other parts of his ectoplasmic body were still attacking me.   Till I find another way to effectively handle these type of invasions, this is what I have been doing.
Beings I Have Called For Help
Many times I have invoked Jesus Christ & Archangel Michael during these altercations to rescue me but they don’t seem to arrive.  Then a few times I have even tried sending the dark being love from my heart chakra and at the same time, wrestling with him, but this has not proven to be a successful method of removing them either.
I am happy to report that I used to experience these type of attacks in the blackness of my Third Eye from 2009-2013 but in 2014 they seemed to stop.)
All of a sudden it went from being completely dark to a dark blue color with webbing or netting.  It felt like I was actually in this color.  There was a pattern in the color that looked like netting, small oval shapes all connected.  I said out loud “What is happening to me.”  It like to initiate communication.  After having these type of OOB experiences in the past,  I realized I should attempt to start dialogue.  There was no response. I knew that there were some type of beings listening or there. There always is.  I said out loud ” Who are you? What species are you?”  No response.  At some point the blue light changed to I believe a tan-orange color.
Calling Whales, Dolphins & Dragons for Help
I decided to call for help.  For some unknown reason, for the first time in being in a precarious situation,  I called for the whales and dolphins.  I recently channeled a message from the Orcas and shared it on this blog in Jan 2015.  They did not appear.  Then, again, for some unknown reason, for the first time I called the dragons for help. My spouse and I  had finished watching the fictional TV series “The Game of Thrones” where a queen was the mother of Dragons and had three dragons.  Maybe this was on my mind.  The dragons did not appear to save me. Telepathically, I have heard the dragons being referred to as “serpents of fire”.
Seeing Sound as Light Rings
I decided to try another tactic since my polite dialogue and my calls for help were not working. I yelled out loud “Who are you??!!”  The lights around me changed in response to my voice volume. I saw the color yellow inside of pink flow flowing from me out in rings or waves.  I realized my sound vibration had disturbed the light bath I was in. I had cause an energetic disruption.   I knew this because about two years ago during a meditation, I was looking through my Third Eye with my eyes closed, I sneezed.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw ripples of light rings emanating from me out into my Third Eye.  I was actually seeing in color the sound vibration of my sneeze in my Third Eye!
What Happens When You Talk Too Loud
The scene changed suddenly. I was travelling in a hallway. In front of me the hallway opened to a larger space.  There were 4 flat rectangular TV screens on the upper walls.  Each one was playing something different. One of them showed a young girl, perhaps 12 years old, laying in a cell.  I heard an unfamiliar voice behind me say “You see she talked too loud. ” In that moment I interpreted that to mean because she had vocalized too loudly, like I had just done, they had to contain her and put her in confined quarters.  Again, I was moving quickly down another hallway. I knew there were others with me.  I wanted to say something out loud. As I tried to do that, I found out I couldn’t. They had muted my voice box! I was shocked. Instead, I switched to telepathic mode.  I don’t recall what I asked but there was no response.
Being Dipped Into A Light Bath
The next scene I was back in the color bath in my Third Eye.  I could not see anything except a solid color. Though it didn’t feel like I was upside down, I felt the pressure of two hands holding both my ankles, and I felt like I was being slowly dipped in to the light bath.  I was dipped very gently up and down. It was done very deliberately.  As I was dipped the colors around me changed.   It was always a solid color, that I remember, though I cannot recall the specific colors. Then I felt the hands move from my ankles to my lower leg. Again,  I was still being dipped slowly.  I worried that the hands would move up further to my knees, then my thighs. They weren’t.  They stayed at my lower legs. The scene abruptly ended.
Getting Telepathic Answers Upon Waking
Immediately upon waking up, I knew I had the most extraordinary OOBs.  I wanted to find out more about the procedure I had in the light bath. Telepathically I asked what was done during the psychic procedure.  Then I had the thought that perhaps it wasn’t even a procedure. Maybe information was downloaded from my energetic fields to some beings.  Dolores Cannon, a famous hypnotherapist and author, has written many books on these type of experiences that her clients shared when under hypnosis. I heard the following telepathically in my own thought voice  in response to my questions:
“Psychology…. younger…. younger… psychology….advanced race… Enids…your spirit….because you are a herald…you will see more clearly… you will hear better…you will learn more when you record.”
About two hours after waking, I pulled the following card from my Archangel Raphael Oracle Card Deck “Change Physicians”.
My Request for Healing for Rejuvenation
From all of the above words,  I believe, what was being imparted to me was that it was an advanced race known as Enids, that performed a healing procedure on me that my spirit had requested to rejuvenate me.   The night before as I lay in bed before sleep I asked Archangel Raphael to help me and with healing so that I stay young, energetically and physically.  Then I also called in my team of healers, who refer to themselves, as the “Doctors”.  I was wondering to myself if I should call in any other healing entity. I heard telepathically “plastic surgeons”.  Almost nightly, I pray and do a short meditation for the planet Earth.  The last two days I have been thinking I should not forget to ask for help for myself as well. Therefore, weaving all this together including the validating oracle card inferring the Enids were a type of physician and a change from the type of physician we find on the Earthly plane.  So you see, I asked for this procedure! And it was answered for one of the reasons being I am a herald, one who deliver messages.  Incredible!
The term “Enids” came in very softly. When a word comes in softly, I do like to receive it again for validation. I, again, heard it randomly and telepathically, the two days after.
About the Enids
I have heard the term Enids, telepathically,  in the past few years, perhaps a handful of times.  However, that is all I received with no other clarifying information about them. In addition, I have channeled messages from over 26 different beings of light and love that I have shared on this blog but not from the Enids to date.
What I Wish For – Clear Explanatory Communication During These Procedures
I do wish and hope for a dialogue and communication from these beings when they are working on me.  It would be nice and thoughtful.  Clearly, I can communicate with them and am lucid enough to remember what they would share.  The Enids do not that bedside manner thought I am thankful for all their help.  This has happened before in other etheric procedures where there is no communication despite my efforts to engage them.
Receiving Epiphanies As I Transcribed These OOB Occurrences
The telepathic message that I received informing me that I will  learn more when I recorded it was right on.  During this transcription of my OOB experiences, I did receive many new realizations!
Behind the Heart Sensations the Day of & Day After This OOB
That evening of the OOB when I watching TV with my spouse on our living room coach,  I noticed an unusual sensation in my mid-chest area that I had not felt before.  I actually felt aware of it.  It felt like I could feel the back of my heart area.  I sensed that maybe some work was done on this area when I was being dipped during that procedure.
Katy Simmone, Psychic Life Adviser, Life Wisdom from Beyond
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Katy’s Background

Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including weekly lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs), participating in spirit cross-overs and channeling messages from beings that exist an other dimensions.  A spiritual awakening occurs when you start to raise you consciousness.  You begin to look at the world around you and your own life differently.  You realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.
I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.  I also heard that I was in the third level of the 16th level of the fifth dimension up until mid January 2015.  Then starting in mid-January 2015 I telepathically heard numerous times that I was on the 16th level after making some extraordinary shifts in accepting my life purpose from mid December 2014 to mid-January 2015. I also have heard that I am a star seed, an Arcturian, a “hybrid”,  “genetically modified” and a transient.  I heard that I had been “rescued” and “restored”, and that I am in the “witness protection program.”  In 2014 I  received about four clairvoyant images of the fictional character Frankenstein, where he was laying on the treatment table while the eccentric scientist was rebuilding him.  It was my guides way of providing me this literary allusion,  showing me that I had been rebuilt like Frankenstein.  I heard telepathically  that I operate on multiple frequencies.”   This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser, providing life wisdom from beyond.  I do this through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings.  I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
To learn more about my background, please see:
My Background
Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar experiences or communications.
Copyright © Katy Simmone.  All Rights Reserved.  You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .


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