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1/19/14 Healing: Remotely: Sending Energy to Cambodia-Agent Orange-Monsanto-Triangulation Healing Technique

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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs).   I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day –to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.  I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I also am a channeler, and I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.  To learn more about my background, please see:


I share this experience in which  I received telepathic information to send healing energy to Cambodia in South East Asia because of the toxic effects of Agent Orange, which was developed by Monsanto company, a large biotechnology company, and sprayed by the U.S. military into the air of Cambodia between 1961-1971. 

I ask for your help in sending healing energy to this area and to the citizens there.


I receive information from various beings of light and love mainly by telepathic transmission.  I hear words or phrases in my head in my own thought voice that were not created by me.   I often hear telepathic words randomly during the day as I am going about my business.   Because this information comes in frequently, I do not ask which being is sending it to me.  I am content and confident to know that it must be some high level guide that is transmitting it to me.


I also receive pictures or visions telepathically through clairvoyance.  In this experience, I received images of a healing technique to send energy.

I share this specific psychic experience for the following reasons:

– how you may receive information from those beings of light and love to assist in healing of Mother Earth and its citizens.  I also received a unique healing technique, which involved hand positions and the sending of directional energy from the heart and Third-Eye space. I termed this the “Triangular Healing Technique”.  Sending energy through thought is very powerful and not be underestimated. 

– how you may receive psychic information in words or phrases, and it may not be in a streaming flow of communication. This is how I received it in this situation but because of the four key words given to me, I was able to decipher the meaning and actions to take.

– how mankind’s actions, in this case, the U.S. military’s and Monsanto company’s, can detrimentally affect parts of the world and human health.   

I ask for your assistance in sending your prayers and healing energy of white light and love from your heart-space and Third-Eye to Cambodia.  Thank -you.

Please share if you have any experiences with receiving psychic information for healings.  I would love to read about it.

Please see the rest of my blog for messages I have channeled from various beings of light and love, my other OOBs and other psychic experiences.

Please share with others who may be interested.




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On 1/19/14 I received a telepathic communication from beings of light and love when I was sending healing energy to Africa and Mother Earth from my heart space.  I do this as practice a few evenings out of the week just before going to sleep at night while in bed.  I find this to be a good time to do this as I am very relaxed and therefore more open, psychically.  I received the following words: 

“Southeast Asia….Cambodia…Agent Orange…Monsanto….” 

I knew this was a message to send healing energy to this specific geographical area at this time.   There have been other times in the evenings when I was sending energy to people I knew or areas of the world that I sensed needed attention, that I would be redirected to send energy to other people or other locales.   Please see below blog posts for instances in which I have been directed to send healing energy:



Healing Color to Send

After receiving this message, I telepathically asked the guides how I can effectively send energy to this area.  I asked what color should be sent as sometimes they give me certain colors to send.  Usually it has been pink and purple.  This time I heard to send “white light”.

Channeled Healing Technique – Triangulation

What could I do to be more of more assistance? I received a clairvoyant image of me and I was standing with my arms in front of me and making the shape of a triangle with both hands.  Then I was shown that there was line of energetic movement from my heart space to my Third-Eye, the space between my eyes.  I knew this to mean that I needed to establish an energetic connection between these two key areas.  I was shown to direct energy from my Third-Eye to go through the triangle that I had formed with my hands in front of me while holding the intention of sending it to Cambodia.  I was also shown to direct energy from my heart-center to go through the triangle that I had formed with my hands in front of me. It was a triangulation of directional and  simultaneous energy delivery from both my heart and Third-Eye, to a focal point in the triangle of my hands and then to the point of destination, Cambodia.  I telepathically heard “vortex”.  I interpreted this to mean this type of energy delivery would create a powerful healing vortex.

Symbolism of the Triangle

Since my spiritual awakening, the symbol of the triangle is a form I have seen often in my Third-Eye.  I see it as a simple line drawing of a triangle and not a 3-d shape.  I have seen it in mediations or in-between my dreams in my Third-Eye, with my eyes closed.  In the past when I participated in psychic readings exercises and was partnered up with other people on three separate occasions, my partners always shared that they see a triangle around me.  I sense it is a strong symbol in my energetic field.   

Researching the Meaning of the Message

When I received this telepathic message of four words, I did not consciously know where Cambodia was located.   I had to research  it online to verify that it was located in South East Asia.  Also, I researched Agent Orange and Monsanto company  and found out the following, which I had not previously known:

Between 1961-1971 Agent Orange, a toxic defoliant, was sprayed by air by the U.S. military  during the Vietnam war.   The human deformities caused by this toxin were atrocious.  The images were too graphic for me to share here on this blog.  As I viewed the photos of deformed children and humans, I sent them healing energy from my heart and blessings to help alleviate in some way.  I was absolutely horrified that mankind could do this to each other and especially after less than 15 years after the Holocaust.  Had we not learning anything? 

Asking for Help from Others in Sending Healing Energy

I decided to take a proactive approach and one of empowerment instead of being in despair.  I shared this experience on Soul Evolution Center Facebook page and asked people to  join with me in sending prayers and energy of white light and love to this area and to its citizens  from their heart space & their Third Eye space, even if it’s only for a few seconds.   Thoughts have power, form called a thought form, and can travel to areas of need, and are especially amplified  when coming from your heart area.  PLEASE SHARE AND PARTICIPATE IN SENDING HEALING  FOR THE POWER OF THE COLLECTIVE IS GREAT !!

Thank-you.  Namaste.


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