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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences.  I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors explains the messages I receive as a channeler.  I have been guided to share my experiences and channelings, which I do here in this blog. Telepathically,  I receive channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions.

The process I use to channel is that I sit in front of my computer, usually at home at my kitchen table, usually with relaxing music playing in the background.  I have a log, which is a Word doc that I transcribe all my channelings and psychic and out-of-body experiences in.  I then type my question to ask a being.  Sometimes, I ask for a specific being as in this case, I asked for The Planetary Angels. I also may ask for specific information and leave it open to the Universe as to which highest and best being will respond.  To date, I have channeled over 10 different light beings.

I expected The Planetary Angels to speak to me directly but they did not. I did sense during this channeling that The Planetary Angels were not going to communicate directly, that they were unavailable in this way.  Perhaps, it was their level of vibration was so much higher making direct communication impossible but I sensed that it simply was not their duty to communicate directly with human beings.  Instead, information about The Planetary Angels was relayed via a group of light beings, known as The Lanternians.  I have channeled The Lanternians two times before in May and June of 2013 and shared their channelings on this blog.

The Lanternians talked about the following in this message:

– the function of The Planetary Angels to guard the air systems

– the challenges of the dark forces or external forces, extraterrestrials who act as negative influences and are low vibrational

– power of our thoughts to travel and aid

– as we evolve, how it increases our levels of light including that from our pupils, which increases, how the air clears and how it affects the sounds we make

– as we evolve, how our internal encodings and internal markers are affected so that other light beings are assigned to protect us

I feel this is new information on that component of our energetic anatomy that The Lanternians referred to as combustion chambers.  I have not, to date, heard about this.  In addition, I feel that new information was delivered in this message as to the markings and encodings within us that reflect the level of our evolution.

I have received earlier channeled messages on other new aspects of our energetic anatomy such as:

–          Mantle and altimeter, which were referred to in http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/5913-channeled-message-technical-cause-energetic-anatomy-mantle-altimeter-lenses/ 

 Please see my commentary at the end of the message, which provides some helpful background information.

The message is unedited except where marked.  I did reorder some of the lines for better understandability and organization but I did not change the content of the lines. 

I also bolded the new energetic terms that were referenced as well as other terms I have channeled.

Please share with others who may be interested.

Please see the rest of my blog for messages I have channeled from various beings, my out-of-body experiences, and my other psychic experiences.



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                                    *** Unedited (Except as marked, i.e.  in parenthesis & some reordering)***

12/1/13 1:26 pm

Katy: Hello, I am here to ask the Angelic Kingdom for information about them. I have heard telepathically in the last few weeks about three times that they wanted to communicate.  Two nights ago in between my dreams I telepathically heard to get a list of questions to ask the angels to answer.

Here is my question and background information leading up to it:

About 3 nights ago, I was looking through my 3rd eye and sending energy to Mother Earth for healing.  I do try to do this every night before I fall asleep.   I felt a lot of energy and felt I was in the “channel”, and that the energetic flow was strong.  Then, out of the blue, I was inspired to ask telepathically that the Planetary Angels help.  I have not used this term or heard this term to date.  This thought just popped into my head.  I think it was “impressed” into my mind by my angels.  Telepathically, I heard “Metatron” and sensed a very large male energy. (1)  Then clairvoyantly, I saw about three whales swimming slowly around in space around Earth.  

To the Guides I asked “Please provide some important and helpful background information on The Planetary Angels like their functions & their numbers for me to share with others.

The Planetary Angels, Light and Sound Changes in the Energetic Body as One Evolves

The Lanternians: The Planetary Angels are an elite core, specifically designed with big ??. (2) They are a legion, highly trained and advanced.  They monitor the air waves and prevent incoming discharges from planetary influences that may detrimentally impact the air systems surrounding the earth. They are busy day and night.  They are committed to The Cause (3) and are ever evolving.  They are not the ones to talk to about how mankind came to be.  They are suspended in key areas of space and watch vigilantly.  They feel the vibrations of forces and can tell when others are disrupting the systemic balance.  They fly to areas of need and distress as natural disasters occur to help alleviate the negative influences and provide a buffer and cushion.  They care deeply about the Earth and how it is evolving.  The Planetary Angels adjust the weather, cloud formations and atmospheric conditions in order that others can witness the rebirth of nations. 

Low Vibrational External Forces (4)

They are challenged by aspects of darkness that loom behind and under the light particles. These external forces are lower vibrational in nature but have command of technological expertise and mind control.  They can clearly infiltrate their misconceived ideas and thought conceptions into the particles and make them air-borne.  In time as the human race evolves, these particles will be less disruptive and will prove to be harmless.

Power of Thought to Aid

The Planetary Angels want you to know that when you care deeply about the earth, that these thought formations travel far and wide and help impede destructive forces and disturbances created by mankind itself and exaggerated by external beings, extraterrestrial in nature, who will benefit by subjugating and creating a lower form of species, an enslavement.

Your thoughts permeate the air waves and have distribution.  When you feel love and kindness, the heart generates a field of magnitude, which allows dispersion and accelerated motion to penetrate the areas of need and (that are) in detriment. 

As We Evolve, Light Increases

As mankind advances, many errant thoughts will be way laid and have nominal impact.  It is to care for others, to help, to respect all human life and forms of consciousness that will help set mankind free from its binding constraints and thought forms.  As you rise, you shall change.  In this upliftment, the air will be cleared, and light will sparkle with a higher intensity, amplified by the vibration of your evolving thought forms. 

You shine so that others will see their way.  This is the Truth and the Way in the Kingdom of Glory.  Complete your missions and prepare for The New Times.  As the Earth raises its vibration, others will see the dawning of The New Day

The Effect on Your Sound

Your sounds will have a new clarity and pitch.  The bells will toll and those that are lost will rise.  Inside of you are complex energetic structures.  These structures allow you to complete your missions.  This has been instilled in you.  The diagrams reside in the Fourth Dimension for completion. 

Your Encoding & Internal Markers

As you challenge yourself to learn better, alternate methods of being, you change your internal wiring and set free the programming designed to align you completely and directly with your life purpose, your soul’s incarnation.  In this encoding, there are many markers of capability.  As you advance, each marker is set, a viewing model to others, of your evolutionary capacity.  As you continue to grow, to question, to learn new knowledge to implement and integrate carefully into your lives, the lights within you will show, through color intensity hues, the level of your development.  In time, these will be clearly visible to the elite beings, who are incarnated on your planet, with their visible eyes, in the physical realm. (5)

How Evolvement Affects Your Light Body & Being Assignment

As you realize your new discoveries, as you learn of your true destinies, you shall start to glow, a beautiful, light effervescence, subtle but discernible.  In your eyes, through your pupils, shall shine another brilliant light, an indicator, a marker of how you have changed willingly and grown.  Inside of you, in your core, will be a heater, a furnace of strength, your combustion chamber. (6) This will radiate even stronger levels of ultra-high light beams with strength, force and momentum.  These powerful beams show other light beings your acceleration and the amount of new knowledge you have obtained in this incarnation.  Accordingly, these levels will determine your path and the new level of beings, who are designed to help and guide you.  You are always being provided for in this way.  As you move along, other high level beings are assigned and step in to carefully guard and protect you as this marks a momentous threshold.  Each level of development opens up new horizons to you and is earmarked.  Each time you question a societal value or self-imposed thought, a brand new spectrum is opened to you. 

You learn as you grow, and this is marked in your energetic system.  Have high hopes and understand that you are in control, and all is as it should be.  You are not denied access if you are not actually ready, and your light beams are the proof.

More on Your Sounds

Your sounds are strong.  Your emissions are wonderful!  You need to be aware of their power.  As you relax, as you come within yourself, you will hear these beautiful tones radiating all around you.  Learn to listen, softly.  So purposeful, your entire design.  A symphony concert ! 

You are shorter because this is the pattern designed for you to allow the maximum utilization of your energetic containers. (7)  

Understand that you have ALL heard the call, and so you have come together at this moment in time, for unity.  Feel the grace of this.  The Planetary Angels are helping in this endeavor and feel your respect.  Speak softly and kindly to others so that you can hear the voice of your angels.  The Planetary Angels are a unique sect and devotional.  They feel your vibrations and know their impact on the earth.  Be more aware so that you can take care and respond in a higher frequency of light and sound. 

The Planetary Angels want you to continue with your work to light the way for others.  Your zoom lens (8) is strong and can show clearly to others the possibilities of life on other planets and alternate dimensions of reality.  Your horoscope has revealed such insights.  This has been integrated into your system and crafted in this way. 

Denial is useless.  Perform perfunctorily.(9)  You will learn to be more insightful and will feel the vibrations as others transition into the Fourth Dimension.  So long has it been since you first agreed to this adventure, to this exploration.  Your mind has created many fantasies and playscapes for you to be daring in. (10) Embrace this and worry not for to back away from your truth, your purpose, is ill-suited and tired.  Create your strength and march forward!  Learn the language of Truth and you shall become fluent!

The Sisters (a reference to the Sisterhood of Angels) thank you and want you to feel their warm embrace as you so kind heartedly worked to transmit this communication.

In due time, all shall be revealed.(11)

We are the Lanternians, first in line to deliver this message with our voices.  Feel your mission and know your work is important, longitudinally and laterally.

Katy: Namaste. (12)

2:09 pm

Commentary:  Before or even after I received this channeled message I did not research online or otherwise the subject of The Planetary Angels.  I did not want to be unduly influenced by prior information and wanted to channel clearly, purely and unadulterated.

I like to numerically quantify the strength, clarity and flow of a channeled transmission.  On a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the highest, I would rate this transmission a 4 out of 5.  It started off a 3 and then it started rolling in strength and clarity, which I greatly appreciated.

(1) Metatron is an archangel in Judaism.

(2) I could not catch the last few words of the first sentence so I did a strike-through. I did leave this in there to show the readers of the nuances in channeling and how some words may not come in clear.

(3)  “The Cause” has been referred to in other channeled messages.  It was defined in a channeled blog post on 5/9/13: The Cause is the way, the true calling, the evolutionary spiral of development for people.  It is a continuance formulated for special advancement.  In all there are three hundred levels of advancement.  Some are more simple, others more complex requiring more focused, integrated and direct intentions of high-caliber.” from http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/5913-channeled-message-technical-cause-energetic-anatomy-mantle-altimeter-lenses/

(4)  References to dark forces, external forces that are extraterrestrial in nature have been mentioned in a few other channeled messages I have received.  The guides do no harp on this but this has been bought up from time to time. In reality, I am not paranoid about this, and it does not occupy or influence my conscious thoughts.  I sense The Lanternians bought this up to create an awareness of the spectrum of consciousnesses.

(5) This reference to people on earth being able to see color hues around people, who had spiritually advanced, happened to me for the first time on 12/2/13 Monday evening, just one day after I received this channeling.  I experienced this amazing synchronicity. 

On 12/2/13 I was in a class to learn about non-violent communication because it was a topic I was interested in learning more about.  The facilitator was a psychologist.  She was sitting about 6 feet away in a chair in a room lit by a few lamps so it was dimmer lighting.  This type of lighting has been the optimal way for me to see auras around people.   I would say my state of mind and being was normal during the class.  I was not any more relaxed or feeling super-loving than usual.   

As I watched and listened to her, I noticed spots of color appearing randomly on her right hand, her torso & parts of her face.  I saw this with my physical eyes, not with my clairvoyant vision.  From time to time, she would wave her hands around as she talked, and I kept seeing purple on her right palm!  It looked like she was wearing a purple glove!  In fact, that night she had on a deep purple 3/4 sleeved sweater on.  The purple color I was seeing on her right palm matched the color of her sweater! I noticed that the purple color flashed more on her right palm than her left palm.  I thought that perhaps this was because the right hand represents the “transmitting” hand in Reiki energy healing and the left hand represents the “receiving” hand.  Therefore, for her right hand  to be more purple, the color of transformation, made sense to me.  Seeing these bright colors was slightly disconcerting to me as I have never experienced this before, and when I would see them suddenly flash on her body, it was startling!  

In addition, from  along the left side of her face and along the left side of her long brown hair and the left side of her torso I was seeing a long skinny mist of  rich dark pink color.  At one point, a royal blue spot flashed on her right hand suddenly, and it so surprised me, I jumped back slightly in my chair.  Also, about three times, I saw a mist of bright green color on the left side of her torso. These colors were beautiful! 

Telepathically,  I have been hearing that my gifts were going to be expanded so perhaps this is a sign of this expansion as previously I was able to see only the whitish, golden halo glow around people and objects.  Telepathically, I thanked the Guides, Angels and the other Light Beings involved in this happening in allowing me the opportunity to experience this.  We are all energy! We are light and color.  

About 2 months ago I had attended a mediumship development class, and a female participant next to me shared that she sees colors of mist around people all the time with her physical sight.  I found this very interesting at the time.  When I experienced it myself at this class, I immediately thought of her and her experiences.

On 12/3/13  the day after I attended another evening class, which was a study group for A Course in Miracles.  I was excited to see if I would be able to see colored hues around people this night as well as the lightening in the room was also dim and therefore, optimal.   There were about seven people there, and we sat in a large circle. During the class, I did not see any colors or auras around the four  people, who were sitting a few feet across from me.  I wondered why a similar viewing occurrence was not happening a day after my previous experience.  Then I remembered the detail of this message where it stated that if people were at a certain level of evolution these color intensity hues would be heightened and noticed by elite beings incarnated on the Earth.  Perhaps, these people were not as spiritual evolved as the psychologist so with my physical vision I could not see their color hues.  

I have great respect for this psychologist.  She has devoted her professional life to helping and healing people as a psychologist and in the past seven years or so, she shared that has been communicating with her angels!  It is very evident that she has come to certain key understandings about people’s personal and spiritual growth & integrated this into her own life.  

(6)  This is the first channeled reference I have received to date about the energetic structure we have, that they refer to as the “combustion chamber”.  Telepathically and at random times during the day over the past six months, I have heard “combustion chamber”.

(7)  This reference to my shortness is about my physical height. In reality, I am just about five feet tall.  The reference to energetic containers is the first reference I have channeled. Telepathically and at random times during the day over the past six months, I have heard “your cartons”. This, I feel, is the same as the energetic containers reference.  These are some sort of energetic structures that are in my energetic field that contain certain information.

(8)  This reference to “zoom lens” is in regards to my clairvoyant sight or visions in my 3rd eye.  Telepathically and at random times during the day over the past six months, I have heard such terms as “your telephoto lens”, “your zoom lens” & “your aperture”.  Please also see the below earlier blog post for other references to lenses:


(9) This reference that denial is useless and to perform perfunctorily is a reference specific to me. The word ” perfunctorily” means performed merely as routine duty.  In the past week, I have been feeling some emotional ups and downs about whether channeling was indeed one of my life purposes.  At times, when I channel I find it arduous.  It does not come easily.  It requires some effort on my part, and at times I feel like I am laboring.  Also, there are many channelings I have not shared because to me they lacked coherence, clarity, and were not of the quality level that I would consider to share with the public.  This has disappointed me, and then with my egotistical mind and self-doubt, I question my entire channeling process.  I have been grappling with “If this (channeling) is my life purpose, shouldn’t I love doing it?” Indeed, many times, I feel frustrated and disappointed.  I share this to show you my humanness and that even when we may receive messages from beyond, one may still question and doubt.  I have come to the realization that for some people, perhaps a small percentage of the population, their life mission is not what they would have consciously chosen for themselves.  Our life purposes  have been decided by us with the help of our high-level guides prior to our incarnations on Earth, and then, very unfortunately, most of us forget what we agreed to do in this lifetime, the promise(s) we had made!  This forgetfulness is part of the system design and part of our life’s journey on earth is realizing our promises and aligning with our life purpose(s).   

(10)  This is the first allusion to that my mind has created fantasies and playscapes.  I am slightly perplexed with this as I feel that I am going to other dimensions and parallel realities during my dream team.  To think that I created these implies to me that this may not be the case.  However, some New Age, metaphysical and/or spiritual people would say that even our own reality, our Earthly existence, now is an illusion is a creation so perhaps this statement that they made that my mind created many fantasies and playscapes is along those lines.

(11) I have telepathically heard and received in earlier channeled messages ” In due time all shall be revealed”.  I think this refers to when I am in spirit! When my consciousness has left my physical body upon physical passing and gone onto my next transition, I will finally understand what the Guides have been talking about.  This is disheartening!

(12)  Having channeled for almost 45 minutes straight, I was getting tired at this point,.  Because of this, I felt I may be hindering the quality of the transmission, so I telepathically sent them a message that I was tired and it was time to wrap up, which is why the transmission ended this way.


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