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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences.  I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.  This combination of factors explains the messages I receive as a channeler.  I have been guided to share my experiences and channelings, which I do here in this blog. Telepathically, I receive channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions.

Today, I received my first channeled message from Mahatma Gandhi, who has been in spirit since January 30, 1948.  I have received channeled messages from other well-known people in spirit, including Mr. Edgar Cayce, which I have shared in this blog.  I have heard the word “Gandhi” telepathically and randomly during the past year but I had not received anything concrete till now.

I was doing work on my computer in the kitchen with New Age music playing from the TV in the living room.  This always lifts my vibration.  I felt feeling slightly sad, melancholy and touched.  It was as if I could feel humankind’s evolutionary journey on this planet, their trials and tribulations, their hopes and dreams.  I could feel the slow, steady movement forward of human evolution.  I have felt like this before but today it was especially strong.  I began to receive images of Gandhi clairvoyantly.  I saw him smiling and talking to crowds.  He was dressed in traditional Indian garb that was dark blue, almost indigo colored, with his lower legs revealed, which were bare-skinned.  He had a tall wooden staff in his hand.

I thought this would be a good time to ask him if he wanted to share any words with me to share with others.  Clairvoyantly, I saw him smile and nod his head as if he was in agreement with this idea.

Then I received, telepathically, the following inspirational message from him about the New Age, and how we can rise and overcome with the power of our thoughts and hearts.  As it came in, I typed it directly into the computer.  I found it very interesting that he stated at the end of the message how he had been “specifically assigned to inspire and release” those humans  who “seek a better way, those who desire a higher ground yet question what they see around them in their illusionary world of conflict, despair & shame.” Wow!

I hope you find the message as uplifting and full of hope and promise as I have.

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                                                                                                      *** Unedited ***

12/12/13 Thursday 11:27 a.m.

Gandhi:  Mankind has suffered greatly, this is true.  It is not yet the time to make all things known.  However, believe in the power of the soul, to learn, to grow, to touch lives, to uplift others.  To show others the way, this is the true calling of many.  These are the times for many to appear and to succeed with their hopes and dreams for a better day, A New Tomorrow, of ripeness and blessings.  It is not easy to believe in this truth. Your thoughts can blind you. The persuasiveness of this attitude is a detriment to your growth and development. 

Believe in yourself and know you have the power.  It has been eternally written.  Feel the breath and know all has been given to those who are ready to receive.  Know you can make a difference.  The tide is turning, and it is the time for change.  Inspire those who can hear, who are willing to receive these messages of A New Day dawning.  Learn to listen to your internal rhythms.  In your hearts (Clairvoyantly, I see him placing his left hand over his heart) is an awesome space of great magnitude, of perfect completeness.   The rhythm of your breaths when coordinated with your heart beat has great amplitude and is available for you to develop, to ascertain and to be with the divine unity of the all-knowing, the Truth, the Greatest of All Powers.  

Complete yourselves by reaching and instilling within your quiet minds new thoughts of higher quality, pureness and bliss.  Into this, you shall come full circle and totally relax in this new creation of space, eternity and forgiveness, the ephemeral.  Learn to listen to your thoughts.  Understand and acknowledge them.  Then release them to be cleansed and purified. 

Understand that in this New Day you are being prepared for your Higher Power, your Purpose, your Design.  Feel this.  Touch this with your thoughts and sound.  You will know your Truth, your comprehensiveness, your complete fulfillment.  Spend time in quietness with gratitude.  Feel the softness of the air around you.  Do not let your mind overpower you.  Remember your heart! Oh, the sweetness of the heart – such a warm, nurturing space.  The Truth resides here, in this space. 

Be specific. Don’t allow yourself to tire.  Feel the strength, the reverberation of your inner essence, the True Commander of your destiny.  You will witness great changes in your world, across all countries for tis the season of A New Birth.  Many blessings will be bestowed upon those that heed their call to duty and perform willingly, with humility and with great care to see humanity succeed.  Cherish yourselves and know that you have decided to witness and participate in this at this time.  Be clear and relax into the easiness. Succor will be yours.

You all have A Grand Destiny.  Remember to be fruitful, and do not deny yourselves the pleasures of remembering the great gifts you have been bestowed and the beauty of your land.  Connect to feel and remember the job of these New Times, to help and inspire the downtrodden, to teach those who already realize that it is in their destinies to complete their life plans and to rise to their stations of helping mankind forth.  In this glory, the work of the Divine shall be done, and many, many beings will rise, transcend and succeed in their journey of life.

Learn to love completely, laugh with utmost joy and release yourself from pain and emotional conflict.  This is the Truth. This is the way.  Remember and walk forward with straightness, dignity and grace to feel the fulfillment of your life’s destiny.  Hear these words and feel them deep within the wells of your heart.  You will succeed! And in your success you shall teach others the fine way. 

Fortunately, many have been blessed as caretakers of this new type of reasoning.  The Plan has been laid out in this way, to allow many this opportunity of receiving grace and gratitude.  You shall all see, clearly enough, the pureness, the stillness of the Moment.  The Eternal Flame burns brightly, allowing many to come into the warmth of its fires.  Feel this power and understand that you are a Creator, a fine maker of your destiny, The True Plan

It is important to realize the true test; the real marker of a new civilization is when entire nations are rebirthed, when many denizens come into the fold, not just a few.  When the numbers reach a certain point, a culmination, new advancements, spiritual and technological, will take place.  This allowance is made for this reason.  Care is necessary for the advancement.  New opportunities will be made to the masses. New ideas and projects will come into realization.  They will manifest successfully into the physical realm, into your living spaces.  In this time, new dreams will be created as well.  New gifts will be realized by those who have entirely achieved.  (Note: Clairvoyantly, I still saw Gandhi from his neck up, talking to me, and I still feel this very close connection with him).  There will be new ways to communicate with each other and to plan with holographic images.  You will all be able to feel and sense each other’s vibrations, which will allow you to retune, readjust and understand each other more.  There will be no more conflict as you will readily feel each other’s thoughts and understand the direct impact of your associations.  You will be clear.  In this clearness, much will be available, and the fog shall be lifted to reveal the pristine makeup of the universe and its pure design.  So to see in this way is to truly understand and feel the Primary Purpose of All Design

Continue on and know that you all have come a long way at this point to be here, to learn and to touch.  Feel these new energies and remember A New Day has dawned for all humanity.

In love, I depart.  I hope I have better prepared those who question, yet seek a better way; those who desire a higher ground yet question what they see around them in their illusionary world of conflict, despair & shame.  To those, I have been specifically assigned to inspire and release.  You are not alone, and there are many benevolent beings of many species, who care greatly about humankind and its development, and who have promised to aid and uplift.  Last but not least, the Eternal Flame of Life, never extinguishable, burns brightly for you to learn, to grow, to experience and to share.

La so mi la ha (1)

(Note: Clairvoyantly, I saw Gandhi bow and turn and walk away with his staff into what looks like a flat, barren rural terrain with some rock outcroppings)

Katy: Namaste, Gandhi.  Thank you for this message. (Note: He looked happy to receive this thanks.)

12:11 pm.

Commentary:  Channeling Transmission Scale

I like to rate the strength of the transmission for clarity, flow and volume for my own reference.  On a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the highest strength transmission, I would rate this transmission a 4.  During the entire transmission I could see him, clairvoyantly, talking to me. Therefore, I felt confident that this was his consciousness communicating to me the entire time and that indeed, I was connecting with him.

(1)    This seems to be some sort of foreign phrase that is not familiar to me that I transcribed phonetically.  At times over the past four years since my spiritual awakening, I have randomly received these types of monosyllables.  They may be Sanskrit in nature.


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