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Purpose:  To share an inspirational message I channeled from a light being from the 4th ray during a meditation.   To let you know that you, too, can receive such a message, when your mind is quiet and your heart is open with love. To let you know that there are so many beings of light and love who help in moving humanity forth.

In between dreams as I was lying in bed, I heard clairaudiently that Azeroth is a king and he is from the Andromeda galaxy, which is above the North Star.

The Fourth Ray is one of the Seven Rays and is associated with beauty and harmony.  These are occult concepts. According to Wikipedia:

“Alice A Bailey, an esoteric writer, each person has a soul ray that remains the same through all their incarnations, and a personality ray that is different for each incarnation. Each ray is also correspondent with certain Masters of Wisdom, and with particular planets, cycles, nations, etc. The seven rays are the basis for what Alice A. Bailey called New Age Psychology—she divides everyone in the human race into these seven psychological types.”

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I have received other inspirational type messages during closed eye meditations. This is my 3rd one from Azeroth and from the 4th ray.  The first message was posted on 11/24/09.

Please see the Intro post of this blog to learn more about my psychic  & spiritual developments & spirit interactions to further understand the purpose of this blog.

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Azeroth: Greetings, my old friend.  We are glad you joined us today and are delighted with your company.  For it has been a while.  Know we are always there for you to guide and lead you on your path.  For now, we are happy that you are here with us, conversing telepathically with us.  We are honored to have this visit and to share our words with you.  

 Tomorrow is another day and another beginning.  Each moment in time makes the possibility of renewal.  In every moment, in every pause, you can change your destinies.  Free will of mankind has given you endless possibilities.  Know this and use this wisely.

 Many are lost, many have risen, many more to come.  The time is right now.  The moment is here for you to change, for you to realize and seize the opportunity.  It waits like a lion in the brush, on its haunches, waiting to pounce to take full command of its lands, it legacies.  Wise men throughout the ages have known this.  The masses were not as knowledgeable as to the potentiality, right before them, lying at their feet.  

Remember always, the power is within.  From within, all is created.  In this quiet stillness, a wondrous power ebbs and flows waiting for its master to take the reins.  Realize this and you shall be set free from your past longings, yearnings and woes.  Don’t succumb to your past habits, your past and tired emotions of old.  Free yourself.  Only you can free yourself.  Your destiny is at hand, always.  You have the power.  Know it is within you.  Your parents, your spouses and your children have their own power.  You have yours.  To each their own but together it will be mighty if used properly.  Great changes to take place.  The horizon looms large and wide under the blue sky.  The vista is unlimited. 

Watch with a quiet mind and open heart.  Inside the heart are the greatest of the greatest of powers.  Reason when used properly and appropriately is a gift but when used in the mind’s creation of justification is folly. Reach high and even higher.  Your fingers cannot even grasp your capabilities, unlimited in scope. Remember always these basic truths, and they shall lead you on the righteous path. Together, all is one, the beauty of the oneness.  In its entirely, it is whole, in its separateness it is weak and dissipating.  We are all the same, created as one in eternal truth.  There are no differences, just likenesses, just the same.  

We know you understand this.  Your souls understand this.  In the infinitesimal differences that you perceive are chasms of faith to overcome.  The way is before you as it has always been since the beginning of the time and then even before time.  Entanglements of your minds’ creations do not serve you well and only lead to perceived isolation, when we are all one.  The waves breaking on the sandy shores, reminding us always that the tide is changing in perpetuity.  It is when one realizes that change is inevitable and part of life’s growing can one be set free from imagined suffering. 

It is all perception of one’s minds that can color and shape one’s emotional beings, leading one to despair or to heightened states of exaltation. That one simple, solitary shift can shape man’s destiny. Powerful, is it not? (Note: He is laughing here). Seemingly so small but absolutely magnificent in its singular strength.  Teach these words to your friends, to those that need to hear, those lonely strangers you meet, who are you themselves.  There are no strangers in this world. We simply meet ourselves again and again. 

You have forgotten who you are and how you came to be. For it was together you were born and together you shall die and live in immortality beyond the grave.  Big concepts, big concepts for small minds? Or big minds? Or big hearts? A puzzle for you to ponder.  You are never alone for many, many are here for you.  Take the step, open your arms and with an embrace you can feel us around you, guiding you.  Share our words.  Don’t enshroud them in the thin veils of your mind.  With attentiveness, we await our next communications.  As always, it has been our divine pleasure to share this time with you. 

Go in love and peace, always,

Azeroth of the 4th Ray  


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