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1/25/15 Channeled Message: Altun Hans: The New Age

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Channeled Light Being - Altun Hans, The New Age

Katy: Dear Ones, I am here for a channeled message from a being of light & love that I can share with humanity.  I ask for the highest guidance.  Thank-you, Namaste.
Altun Hans: We are the ones that you know.  We are the Altun Hans and have come on behalf of your request.  We are an ancient race, wise and secular.  You can feel us.  We are familiar to you now as we have come to you before.  Know our notes and be familiar with our sounds, our notes as they rise and fall in pitch.
Earlier we had shared a message from the Orcas that was important to deliver to you in a timely way.  Now, we shall speak on other matters, just as important, that will be beneficial to your spiritual development.  Your Angels acknowledge us and are willing to allow these type of communications in thought-speak.
You are developing rapidly in this New Age.  Be careful to share what you know with grace and balance as others are advancing as well.  We send you our very best.  Your sounds will increase in their vibrancy, clarity and pristineness.  It is this which allows you to hear us as you evolve into more higher developed consciousness levels of advancement.  Your brain is firing new signals at a rapid pace.  You are being heard! (Telepathically, I asked for the message to share with others.  I didn’t want this message to be all about me.)
In your good graces, we have gained favor.  We have come to share to you and others that the tide is turning, and new ways of learning are being prepared for those, who are successful in being devout in their commitment to develop themselves.  These new ways of learning are highly advanced and will be felt by many who care about the Planet Earth and desire peace, justice and harmony for all, across all species.
You shall feel this new vibration, this shift with your higher vibration.  You already know it in the wind as it blows against your skin.  These are new vibrations, preparatory, for those who can make these shifts.  The time is coming, the tide is turning.  With your new thought waves you can formulate and make corrections of errantness.  These are powerful times of change.  Learn to be in this flow.  It is your devoutness to your growth which clearly distinguishes you from many others.  When you emit these tones, new helpers, advanced, arrive to share their teachings.
People should prepare for this new rapid advancement.  Many will shift their lives dramatically in terms of purpose.  That which they desired earlier shall fall away quickly to make room for their new desires that are more aligned with their true purpose and nature.  There will be recollections of past lifetimes, new memories from times they have experienced in earlier ages in past lifetimes.  All these are signs of the Coming of the Age.  The rapid advancers shall take the lead to herald in this New Age of Promise & Opportunity.  All shall benefit from these changes.
You made your changes in a more monumental way.  Others may shift more gradually over time and in increments.  This has been steadily planned.  Learn to like the unknowingness, to be open to what your Destiny shall reveal to you.  Be patient with others as they are learning along side you.  Be prepared to observe radical behavior changes in others as they adjust to the New World Order.  You have come along way and now your destiny has arrived. It is upon you.  Many others will be taking their journeys along side you.
In harmony, like this, you will also be able to develop at your own speed and pace.There are many preparations and initiatives underway.  The year 2015 shall be a grand year, a year of unexpected surprises and abrupt changes!  These times will test many and the quality of their relationships as people learn more about themselves and their true calling of divinity and purpose.  These are the Times of Rising!
It is important to reassure and counsel others so that they understand their fate.  It is not to be fearful but cognizant of these Earth changes as the Earth raises her vibration to even higher velocities of vibration.   This is all part of the unfolding and birthing of the New Age.  Expansion is taking place on many levels including the cellular consciousness level.  Animals and plants will be changing as well.  They are being prepared.
We want you to feel this as a positive change, a welcome step in a new direction of light and everlasting love for all of mankind, all of humanity.  Feel this change and learn to be of ease in it.  When you relax and feel the sound of this harmonic, new opportunities for you will abound.
Be aware that now is the time for proper care of yourselves and your physical bodies as you learn to adjust to these new changing higher vibrations.  Take care not to overtax yourself.  Proper rest, care and sustenance are priorities now.  Know that as you are being recalibrated, enormous amounts of energy are necessary to be expended.  These can cause sleep deprivation and feelings of anxiety.  Take the time to escape into the sanctuary of nature and the peace of the outdoors.  In this setting you can replenish and nourish yourselves for the air quality here is of higher level and more conducive to your energetic health and balance.
Be gentle with yourselves and know that you are all being guided by those who care greatly about you, your health, your well-being and development.  Nothing is left to chance.  Watch for those coincidences in your daily life that are almost too unbelievable to be true.  You are being led.  The Universe and divine providence is working at full throttle now to ensure success for many.  You will feel these changes and benefit from them.
This is time for the growth of mankind for new industries to emerge and new technologies to develop.  This will occur in your generation.  Many fundamental changes will take place.  It is important to embrace change and new opportunities’ that technology brings.  Don’t shy from it, and know that these are the tools for your growth and understanding.  Time moves on in your continuum.  It is the manner in which technology is embraced and to what higher levels of altruism that it is used that will become major factors.
You shall see and remember our words delivered to you today.  We respect you and want you to know that many are working on behalf of mankind to usher in this New Age.  You are a herald whose prominent function is to disseminate this information so that others can understand and feel comforted by these changes rather than overwhelmed so that stability is kept.
We have spoken. You have heard us.  Learn to live in the power of the moment, and you shall achieve many breakthroughs.
Integrate our words into your daily practices for your health and well-being for we care greatly for you and in the Grand Plan of Design.
We bow to you in honor and respect.  Until our next communication, we bid you farewell.
The Altun Hans ( Your language is now becoming quite familiar to us.)
1/25/15 Sunday Start 9:02 pm Kitchen Table End 9:38 pm
Transmission Scale
I developed a transmission scale so that I could assess and rate the quality of the channeled transmissions I received.  The numeric scale goes from 0 to 5 with 5 being a perfect transmission.  I would rate this message as a 4.0 on a scale of 0-5 on my transmission scale in the areas of fluidity, clarity, and audible volume.
Katy Simmone, Psychic Life Adviser, Life Wisdom from Beyond
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I shared my second channeled message from the Altun Hans. I have telepathically heard to channel on Saturdays.  I was unable to do that this past Saturday due to commitments so I sat down behind my computer to transcribe a channeled message on Sunday instead.
I received and shared my first channeled message from the the Altun Hans below on this blog just recently on 1/10/15:
Above is the transcript that I typed into my computer as I received it & telepathically heard it. This transmission came in very clear and fluid, for which I am very thankful for.

Katy’s Background

Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including weekly lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs), participating in spirit cross-overs and channeling messages from beings that exist an other dimensions.  A spiritual awakening occurs when you start to raise you consciousness.  You begin to look at the world around you and your own life differently.  You realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.
Also, since my spiritual awakening, I found that I could receive information telepathically from beings of light and love. I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.  I also heard that I was in the third level of the 16th level of the fifth dimension up until mid January 2015.  Then starting in mid-January 2015 I telepathically heard numerous times that I was on the 16th level after making some extraordinary shifts in accepting my life purpose from mid December 2014 to mid-January 2015. I also have heard that I am a star seed, an Arcturian, a “hybrid”,  “genetically modified” and a transient.  I heard that I had been “rescued” and “restored”, and that I am in the “witness protection program.”  In 2014 I  received about four clairvoyant images of the fictional character Frankenstein, where he was laying on the treatment table while the eccentric scientist was rebuilding him.  It was my guides way of providing me this literary allusion,  showing me that I had been rebuilt like Frankenstein.  I heard telepathically  that I operate on multiple frequencies.”   This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day–to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser, providing life wisdom from beyond.  I do this through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings.  I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
To learn more about my background, please see:
My Background
Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar experiences or communications.
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