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I am sharing an inspirational message I channeled from Azeroth, a light being of the 4th Ray,  that I received during a meditation about the New Age.   To let you know that you, too, can receive such a message, when your mind is quiet and your heart is open with love. To let you know that there are so many beings of light and love, who help in moving humanity forth.

I have received three messages from Azeroth, that I have shared on this blog.  In a later channeled message of this month, Azeroth shared that he is a king.

The Fourth Ray is one of the Seven Rays and is associated with beauty and harmony.  These are occult concepts. According to Wikipedia:

“Alice A Bailey, an esoteric writer, each person has a soul ray that remains the same through all their incarnations, and a personality ray that is different for each incarnation. Each ray is also correspondent with certain Masters of Wisdom, and with particular planets, cycles, nations, etc. The seven rays are the basis for what Alice A. Bailey called New Age Psychology—she divides everyone in the human race into these seven psychological types.”

For more information on the Seven Rays, please see:



I have received other inspirational type messages during closed eye meditations. This is my second one from Azeroth and from the 4th ray.  The first message was posted on 11/24/09.

Please see the Intro blog post to learn more about my psychic  & spiritual developments & spirit interactions to further understand the purpose of this blog, 



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12-6-09 Sunday 11:10 a.m

Azeroth: The time is here. The time has come for you, young lady.  We have come to you many times in your dream state, in your sleep state.  Your work is beginning.  We have given you much information and tools to start.  Delay no longer.  We wish you the best in this endeavor.  Know we are always with you and guiding you along the way.  Wait not any longer.  Time is a wasting!  You are capable.  Have no fear.  You have many skills and gifts, some given to you by us.  Accelerated learning and knowledge tools from heaven and afar.  All are awaiting for this moment to arrive, for you to join us in our work. You are being led from the stars above.  Watch and you shall receive much information along the way.  Wait not any longer.  Receive the information with grace and open arms.  You are capable and well qualified. 

Remember the way of light and love. Forever, it will light your path.  Have no consternation.  You are us.  We are you.  We are all one.  Receive with an open heart, open arms.  All shall flow seamlessly from us to you and to all those open to receive our messages of love and healing for the planet.  For a New Day has arrived!  We celebrate this moment with you.  Wonder not anymore.  You shall find the truth.  

Remember the way.  The way of love & gratitude for all those beings that desire it.  Ask and it shall be given.  Know that the path is not lightly undertaken but undertaken with the light. Like a beacon it shines on humanity to bring them forward to the New Age. Waste not any energies on other tasks that don’t serve the purpose.  Through these intentions, much change, positive change, will arise.  Bringing light to darkness in this new era. 

You are a helper in this task, not well understand by many, but understood and accepted by you and your Higher Self.  Healing is an integral part for you.  Use all that you know and learned and continue to learn on this topic.  In addition, other information will be given to you to help change the world.  Continue on in this regard.  We know you  have already started, and we applaud you on this. Bravo! Young girl, Bravo!  You will save and help many lives on earth and other planes with this knowledge. Use it well and discerningly as we know you will.  We have trust and faith in you for you are a special one.  As you find us special, we find you special.  As you find us extraordinary, we find you and all humans extraordinary.  Our love is far and outreaching and ready to share with all.  We pray for you and your kind to the Almighty God, and he has listened.  Our prayers along with all human prayers combine to create a powerful force, capable of much manifestation.  You (all humanity) will rise to meet your true glory.  Awesome events and transformations will be taking place.  Remember always our words and hold them dear in your (humanity’s) hearts for a New Day is here.  A New Day has dawned and will stretch to eternity, a flower in bloom in perpetuity.  You do make a difference, in all that you do, your thoughts, your words, your actions, your work.  All these are important to the cause.  All these are crucial for the tide to turn.  Remember always this and much fruit will be born.   We know you are capable of these ever-changing infinite achievements.  We work with you in eternity on this. 

Rejoice, for a New Day is here!  Rejoice & celebrate! Remember always our prayers are with you.  Rise, rise and join us!  All are welcome, and none are turned away.  For it is through the power of the many of the collective conscious that the earth shall shine like a brilliant star and be an example to many other planets of the possibility of change and evolution.  Remember always, how special you are in your divineness.  For in the divineness you are called back home to realize the uniqueness of your infinite potentiality.  Your light shines forever bright and eternal.  Let your light shine! Let your light shine!

We are so proud of you and how far you have come. Continue on our child.  Be the example that so many seek.  Walk the walk and talk the talk! Through your light much will be transmuted into goodness and positive change.  Remember the divineness that shines forever bright within you! 

We love you and again, are always with you.  We bid farewell. I speak for my brethren with these words.

 With love always and forever,

Azeroth, spokesperson for the 4th Ray of the 4th Sun

Go in peace, my child!


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