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1/24/13 Channeled Message:Inspirational & Technical:The Scientists:Energy Work

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been receiving information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Also, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out of body (OOB) experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, interacting with extraterrestials and other psychic phenomena.
I started this blog as I was guided to teach what I know and to record my experiences in an expository fashion with detail and dates. Some of what I share is very fantastical and hard to believe, I know. Yet, this is what I have been experiencing. Since my spiritual awakening, this has been my new reality for the past three years.
I am sharing a channeled message for a monthly Metaphysical Book club meeting that I am a co-facilitator of. We were studying the book “Energy Work” by Robert Bruce. In this book he presented information on energy work through various exercises and techniques that one can do on themselves for increased health and spiritual growth.
I was a little surprised by what came in for this channeling. I was expecting the guides to perhaps, give some details, on specific energetic techniques like running energy through the body. Instead, they talked about the bigger concept of evolving spiritually as a way to easily release blockages, “cleanse” yourself and as they put it “recalibrate” yourself.
I have been guided to share my channeled messages and shared other channeled messages on this blog. Some are inspirational and some are technical.
Enjoy! Thank you for reading. Please share with others who may be interested.
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1/24/13 Channeled Message on Energy Work from the Scientists

    1/24/13 Thurs 11:40 p.m. at home

Katy: Good evening, I am here to channel information in regards to energy work for one’s self for the Metaphysical Book Club meeting’s tomorrow on the book Energy Work by Robert Bruce. Please provide additional insightful information to share with others. Please be specific. I ask for the highest and best guides to answer this information. Thank you.
The Scientists: In order to ascertain an understanding of energetic work, one must first understand basic, key concepts on energy in regards to frequency and vibration. So much attention has been placed on intention. This is important but not nearly as important as understanding the programming involved in the nature of such endeavors. To be an energy worker is to be aware of other levels of intuitive knowledge.
Be clear about your intentions. Hold your attention on sending only the most powerful, pure frequencies of light to be advantageous to you. Don’t let other misinformation to flow into your field of thought. Thought concentration is very effective and dynamic. The intensity of your level of vibration on an internal level is noteworthy. Not withstanding accelerated levels of predestination available to some, others have to be more aware of their level intensity and thought programming. The purest of energies must flow from one’s mind center, aligned with the power of the energetic field surrounding the heart region. Use this with the best intentions in mind. Be clear to yourself of the dynamic fluidity of thought control. You can be a healer if you acknowledge that you are not alone and others may aid in your efforts. In tandem one can work with other high level evolutionary beings, including those of alien nature.
Complement yourself through training. You can be a fifth dimensional being and allow the natural healing agents to promulgate themselves. In time, some will become very adept with these techniques. Others will require more time and additional levels of effort. Concentration, clarity of thought and focus are of prime importance. It cannot be done by intention or reason alone. A heart felt attitude is of value and certain to be an accelerator.
You can find ways to advance yourself through higher understandings, many of them intuitive and built into your systems. Energy work should not be the major task but the underlying support in evolving spiritually. You cannot attempt to heal oneself through energetic power without understanding and removing lower layers of emotional blocks and depressions. You can be a higher vibrational being by changing your conditioned nature to correspond with your internal guidance systems and lamp posts. You can clear yourself by letting go of past worries, concerns and fears. Create a new reality for yourself. Change is eternal. Within each moment in time you can be the wind of change for yourself. You are not alone. Many are practicing this and achieving great success.
You can care for yourself by cherishing your many fine gifts and allowing yourself great freedom of movement and expansiveness. You need not worry about tiresome events and trivialities blown out of proportion. Bow down to your eternal nature and respect yourself. Henceforth, acknowledge to yourself that you are a supreme being and continue to go forth on a daily basis with this truth within yourself consciously. In your journey you have achieved many accomplishments and overcome many travails. Find ways to complete your mission and feel comfortable within yourself.
Fear can be devastating and has a lasting quality, equated with high discomfort and anxiety. It puts a strain on your nervous system and does not allow fluidity. In believing and embracing other standards of living you can create tremendous amounts of energies within yourself. This is turn will allow releases almost immediately.
We have gone on at some length and explained other very crucial, interrelated topics to clarify to you where the truth of energy work lies and how you can integrate other preventative type actions to enable you ample opportunities for self-clearing and recalibration with ease. Changing your mind from unproductive thoughts to high frequency spiritual learnings will enable one to clear oneself of unwanted energy and debris, easily and almost automatically. Do you not want a self-cleansing system?
Surround yourself with others who have a high vibration. Include them in your inner circle and interact frequently with them for they have a washing quality to those around them. Manual techniques that target specific areas are not as effective and larger scope energy gyrations.
Spend time with yourself daily to understand yourself. Within this incubation, much can be ascertained. It is very powerful the power of genuflection. Finding time to turn inward is a recalibration. Give yourself this gift and allow yourself the tranquility and peace of these moments.
Be reasonable and not over demanding of yourself. Let go of self-punishment. You can create. Be willing to change. All of these are energetic exchanges and have ramifications on your energetic layers. Concern yourself not with world matters but with your own development.
We applaud all your efforts. In time you shall understand more. Until our next communication… We continue to guide you with love in our hearts.
We are the ones you would call scientists. We are a cooperative from various lands and intelligences.
Katy: Thank-you.
12:20 a.m.


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