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12/8/12 Messages:Contact with the Arcturian Angels

by | Dec 8, 2012 | Channeled Light Being - Arcturian Angels, Messages


I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out-of-body experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, and other psychic phenomena.

I started this blog as I was guided to teach what I know and to record my experiences in an expository fashion with detail and dates.

I am sharing the following experience I had recently of receiving images and messages about the Arcturian Angels. I wanted to show the following:
-how communications can be received from other beings, clairaudiently and clairvoyantly
-how information by other beings are relayed to as guidance to prepare you for event(s) to follow

I also wanted to write about the challenges one may face in receiving information such as:
– incomplete messages in phrases or words
– uncertainty about the images or messages or timing of them
– the importance of one keeping their balance and having patience in the light of these challenges

I will keep you posted on any transpiring events.

Enjoy! Please share with others who may be interested.



While in bed about 11:30 p.m. last night on 12/7/12 I heard “Arcturian Angels” &“overlord”. I saw a clairvoyant image of three tall beings, two in front, one behind, all turned slightly and facing my right. They were wearing long royal blue robes down to their feet. The robes flowed out from the waist out in the shape of almost a triangle. Possibly, they had some feminine energy. Perhaps, this was supposition on my part, only, based on the knowledge that they were wearing long feminine looking robes. They had blue skin and some sort of blue headdress. I sensed they were over 8 feet tall. Maybe they were even as tall as 12 or 14 feet. In addition they had a darker royal blue color around them. Their auras were this color. There were definitely two different shades of blue, with one darker than the other. When I think about the Arcturian Angels, automatically this same image pops into my mind. This has happened about five times so far. This is reinforcement to me that this is how they look like or how my consciousness is interpreting this image.

This is the second time I heard “Arcturian Angels” in the past two days.
Telepathically, I asked “Do they have a message? Do they want me to channel something for them?”

I heard “Special permissions are being sought. …They are highly advanced…Extraterrestials…You will be learning about the different levels of the universe… dimensions… You will be experiencing your parallel lives…

(Note: I have heard “Arcturian Angels” sporadically in the past. To date, I have not received a channeled message from them. When I googled“Arcturian Angels” after receiving these messages, I did find them being referred to as “Angels of light” and extraterrestrials.)
I asked “When will this information be coming in?”

I heard “Pen and paper…clipboard… tape recorder.”

I requested “Please have the messages come in easily, clearly and accurately.”
(Note: In the past few months, I have felt like some of the messages I channeled from light beings did not come in this way. The words would come in one word at a time or a phrase at a time, as I typed them into the computer. To me, this was very laborious and tedious. As the channeler, I did not like this. I remember in the past when I have had a few messages just flow like water. That was very nice!! This way is so much easier to channel. In addition, I have more confidence in the quality of the message when it comes in full force like this, instead of in sporadic words.)

    Being Prepared

From the above words I received, I am surmising that I need to be prepared by having a recording device and writing implements ready for information that may come in any time. That is fine. I appreciated that the beings shared this with me. I prepared a special three-ring flexible binder with blank sheets or lined paper that I will have in my car and my office. I also put a small notebook in my purse. I have a voice recorder on my iPhone also. I am going to look into carrying a small portable, digital recorder in my purse as well. I have already purchased one months ago and just need to familiarize myself with its workings in case a transmission comes for me to channel.

In the past month, I do feel I have made myself available to receive messages. For at least three times a week for periods of one to two hours, I have been at my computer, where I telepathically ask for channeled messages from beings of light and love. More often than not, I received messages of inspiration and encouragement for myself, which I don’t post on this blog. To share an example, This past Thursday evening on 12/6/12, I received a lengthy message on my past lives of being a poet laureate and other things.

    Challenges for the Channeler

I am telling myself to “relax” and “be patient”. When the messages come in, they come in. I would rather have the words flow in continuously and fluidly into my head then labor for them. If I miss the message, hopefully another opportunity will come up where I will be able to receive it and transcribe it as it comes in. I want to be able to enjoy my day-to-day life & also embrace this opportunity and yet not feel expectant. I am practicing my spiritual learnings by being detached and yet at the same time, being prepared. Only time will tell what happens from this. Until then I need to release and not create any lower vibrational feelings like frustration and impatience in regards to this information, which may hinder my receptiveness.


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