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12/9/12 OOB: Meeting My Alien Aunt

by | Dec 10, 2012 | Aliens, Out of Body Experiences


I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been receiving information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Also, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out of body (OOB) experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, and other psychic phenomena.

I started this blog as I was guided to teach what I know and to record my experiences in an expository fashion with detail and dates. Some of what I share is very fantastical and hard to believe, I know. Yet, this is what I have been experiencing. Since my spiritual awakening, this has been my new reality for the past three years.

I am sharing the following OOB experience I had recently of meeting my alien aunt in a visitation. This was not a dream. I don’t feel any dreams “are just a dream.”

I defined this as an OOB for the following reasons:
– I had very high lucidity
– There was a definite purpose and intentionality of this experience from the other beings to impart or show me something or someone (my alien aunt)
– The OOB occured in my bedroom. I also call that a visitation
– Also, I received premonitions or messages BEFORE this OOB experience in my day to day life as to what was coming down the pike

This was a milestone OOB as this is the first time I met an alien relative in an OOB. I had three other OOBs with aliens in it to date, over the past three years. About 2-3 years ago, three alien female healers came into my bedroom. They were also introduced as special visitors by human escorts. I also had another OOB where I heard a computer modulated male voice and knew a being was coming out of a spacecraft, as I heard the spacecraft doors sliding open and shut. In another OOB I became lucid to find three male aliens, who looked like Mr. Clean, doing a procedure on me as I lay in bed.

I wanted to show the following:
-how communications can be received from other beings in an altered state of consciousness, such as an OOB
-how information by other beings are relayed to as guidance to prepare you for event(s) to follow in your altered state of consciousness, such as an OOB
-how even in an OOB, you may be shown symbols to represent things to you in reality
-how openness allows you to experience some amazing OOBs. I feel and have heard telepathically that I am open minded. I think this is a necessity to experience with lucidity encounters with alien beings and other types of beings.

I will keep you posted on any transpiring events like will I meet my alien mother? Or my godmother?

Enjoy! Thank you for reading. Please share with others who may be interested.



Last night on 12/9/12 I had an amazing OOB. I was sitting in the left corner of my bedroom. There were about six people, male and female, in the room also. A few were along each side of the bedroom walls. I became fearful. In the past, having beings, who were not doing much, in the bedroom usually was a sign of some sort of negative encounter.

Out loud, I said “I call in my angels for protection. I call in Archangel Michael to protect me in every way.”

More and more people came into my bedroom. I noticed a couple wearing pilgrim clothes. There was a 17 year old lanky teenager in an elf’s custome. Two small Christmas trees appeared that were lit and decorated. I think I glimpsed a few presents wrapped beautifully.

(Note: This is the second time the pilgrim theme has appeared in an OOB for me. In a prior OOB about two years ago, I saw the silhouettes of pilgrim hats behind a window. I have heard “Plymouth Rock” telepathically and sporadically during the day these past six months. Perhaps, this was a reference to a past life?)

By now, I estimated there could have been twenty people in the bedroom. Having experienced this in other OOBs, I recognized that the Christmas trees and all the people in attendance as positive signs that this was some sort of gala.

My Alien Aunt
Two older women walked toward me. They said “We have a surprise for you.” These women had good female energy, similar to the energy of kind, loving aunts. Then they parted. In between them appeared a female figure in a light blue robe. Her head and figure reminded me of a shape of bullet. (Note: I later sketched her form in my sketch pad as best as I could remember it). She had human features like eyes, nose and mouth, but her face, including the shape of her head was unusual. It was extra round. The skin around her cheeks droops down, like exaggerated jowels. She was bald. She wasn’t that tall, perhaps 5 feet 3 inches.

I know she was an alien. I asked her “Are you my mother?” She smiled and said “Close. I am your aunt.” We gave each other a hug. (Note: In reality over the past three weeks, I sporadically heard telepathically “Your alien mother….” For those who may think I am subconsciously yearning for a maternal figure, my human mother is alive, and I get along very well with her. I also vaguely remember seeing a clairvoyant image of my alien aunt’s face only about two weeks ago during the day. It appeared very quickly and looked like a simple sketch of her face. In addition, over the past year I have heard “Your alien nature…” Therefore, it was not a surprise to me in this OOB that I had an alien aunt. Those beings that guide me were probably preparing me months in advance for this encounter. I also have heard “your godmother…” telepathically during the day. In reality, I don’t have a godmother. Who could this godmother be I wonder? Another alien being? I have telepathically asked for clarification but to date, I have not received a response. This is not unusual. I guess I am on a need to know basis!)

In the OOB I told myself to be aware of the details of my aunt’s appearance so that I can transcribe it later in my log. Under her robe, it appeared she was wearing three different thinn cotton pants, each one layered within the other. I thought they were pajama bottoms. The cotton was of the highest quality and had an iridescent sheen. Each pant was a different jewel tone. One was a vivid pink, another was a beautiful green.

Her hands were shown to me. They were in white material, soft booties. I thought that they were hidden because her appendages may not be humanlike and could appear scary to me. (Note: Recently, I read Dolores Cannon’s book “The Convoluted Universe.” In it, an alien race that was living among humankind to help them with their evolution, many thousands of years ago was described. These aliens wore gloves because humans would perceive their hands as scary.)

The hand booties were removed. One of her hands was shown to me. It was small, white and soft. It looked like the hand of a five year old girl. Each one of her very short fingernails was painted a beautiful, iridescent pastel color.

I said something to her about her not being that tall. I thought that explained my own short stature. (Note: In reality, I barely am five feet tall.). She laughed and said “Wait till you see your mother!”

I asked where she was from. She said something unintelligible. One of the matronly women, who escorted her said “It is French. She is from Crick xx?x. Next, I did what I usually do when I want to remember something in an OOB, I looked for something so that I could write it down. I went to the back of the room where there was a table. There were about three different notepads on the table. Each one was a different size. I picked up one of them and searched for a blank page so that I could write the name of where she was from in it. All the pages had writing on it in pencil. I picked up another pad and quickly flipped through it. That one, too, had no blank pages, for me to write in.

(Note: I wonder if the pads with the hand written pages was symbolic to me to keep and write in pads during the day as I received channeled messages.)

I was not surprised. This searching for something to write what I wanted to remember and not finding it was a common theme in some of my OOBs. I thought that the OOB was going to dissipate, as I was spending too much time on this task. It didn’t.

Partaking in the Dessert Buffet
I had a fleeting thought that I should be talking to my aunt. She was somewhere in the crowd. For whatever reason, I didn’t do this. There was food and treats on some of the tables. Instead, I helped myself to some sort of Danish or doughnut with some sort of soft, dark filling inside. One middle-aged man made a comment that I was eating a lot. I wasn’t though. I knew I only had two sweets. (Note: In other OOBs when there were food and dessert buffets, sometimes I overindulged because I know I would not gain weight from it.)

My plate was empty. I decided to put it in the sink. I didn’t just want to leave it on a table. I considered that would be disrespectful to those who so thoughtfully planned this event. I wanted to clean up after myself.

Sink Scene with Garbage Disposal
I walked over to the sink. To my surprise, the sink was full of water. The drain had somehow got clogged. I lifted up the drain stopper and the water flowed down. Then vegetables and pieces of pasta materialized around the sink. I could not believe that I had left the sink in this condition. Quickly, with my hands I scooped this food into the garbage disposal. I turned on the garbage disposal. I used my hands to push the pasta into the garbage disposal, as it was running. My hand almost got chewed up by the disposal. I had a small graze on my hand. I asked myself “Why did you just do that?”. I knew better than that to put my hands anywhere near the disposal when it was running. No one at the party seemed to be aware of what I was doing. I could hear and see them in the background having a good time at the party. I thought “Now, what would happen to the party if my hand was chewed up by the disposal? That would really put a damper on things. I walked away from the sink.

(Note: The sink and location of the sink was a distortion and unlike the sink and kitchen I have in reality in my house. I think this sink scene was symbology for me of actively getting rid of the “garbage” in my life. In reality, the past week I have heard telepathically to remove my stumbling blocks and clear energetic blockages within me.)

Thanking Them
I approached a group of about fifteen people in front of me. I said to them “I want to thank you all for this. I also want to thank the others who made this possible. If there is anything anyone here needs, please ask me.” They all seemed to be looking at me with small smiles on their face.

I asked if we could have another party. No one seemed to respond.

To the young man in the elf costume I asked “Can I go to the North Pole?” He replied with something discernible. (Note: Sometimes in OOBs, I ask what may seem like silly questions but I am very aware that I am in OOB. I am actually trying to take advantage of it. Consciously, I was thinking what fun it would be to see the North Pole from this “elf”.

I woke up from this OOB and glanced at the digital clock on the nightstand. It was 2:25 p.m. I knew this was an amazing OOB. I wished I had spent more time with my alien aunt, though. I guess, it was meant to be this way.


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