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12/9/13 Energetic Anatomy: Chakras: My Experiences with the GDV Camera

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Energetic Anatomy - Chakras, Psychic Developments & Experiences


I have this blog to share my psychic experiences, channelings from light and love beings and share my spiritual learnings.  In 2013 I founded Soul Evolution Center LLC in South Florida, which teaches how to live your life inside out

On 11/30/13 I received a scan from the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera that Soul Evolution Center owns.  This camera, based on Kirlian photography, shows your energetic health in regards to your energetic field and seven major chakras by scans of your fingertips.  The GDV could show conscious, subconscious or repressed thoughts that a person has related to the attributes that each chakra governs. 

We offer GDV scans to the public at different venues and in private sessions at the Center for various fees depending on how many reports and images you would like to receive.  To learn more, please see: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/gdv-camera/

Good energetic health correlates to good physical health so it is crucial to be aware and maintain good energetic health.    

My GDV scan showed that my lower three chakras were slightly off alignment and somewhat weakened, as evidenced by their smaller sizes.  The alignment and chakra sizes were still in the normal range for my age and sex, but they were not at their optimal levels.  The GDV scan shows how your energetic anatomy compares to others, who are the same sex and age, in a moment of time.  It is a snapshot of your energetic anatomy at the time of the scan. 

The color computer-generated images of my chakras that I received from the GDV scan helped me to realize that yes, I do have some thought patterns that are contracting some of my chakras.  This was an important observation to be made.  Consciously, if you asked me, I would have said that everything was hunky dory.  Nevertheless, the GDV scans pointed out otherwise, that there in deed were some underlying influences that I had not fully consciously acknowledged.  I made a commitment to myself after receiving this recent GDV scan to vitalize and align these chakras regularly.  I started doing this through various techniques, as follows:

(1)  Color visualization exercises – Visualizing strong red, orange and yellow colors in the front of my body, on my body and in the back of me.

(2)  Crystal work – Having the corresponding crystals associated with these chakras, like the dark-colored, orange and yellow crystals around me.  I place them next to my computer, wear them or put them in my purse.  The photo I posted here shows the crystals I have been working with the past few days for the three lower chakras.  

(3)  Positive affirmations associated with each chakra – I repeat positive affirmations regularly during the day with intention and conviction.  I try to do it as many times as possible.  If I am driving, I will repeat them then.

Base Chakra Affirmations

The base chakra is associated with thoughts of all forms of security: housing, food, career, financial, etc…  For example for the base chakra, I will repeat the following:

– I am physically secure.

– I am physically safe.

– All is provided for me.

– I am financially safe and secure.

– My new career in spirituality is secure.

– I have abundance on all levels.

Solar Plexus Affirmations

The solar plexus chakra is associated with such attributes as self-esteem, self-identity, and sense of control.

For the solar plexus chakra, I repeat the follow affirmations, with intention and conviction:

–          I am self-confident.

–          I have healthy self-esteem.

–          I am in control of my life.

–          I believe in myself.

I used my intuition to develop these affirmations.   There are many, many affirmations when can say to oneself so it is important to be use your intuition to determine, which ones you especially need now.   Sometimes, I start to say an affirmation to myself, and I receive words telepathically from my Guides to complete the affirmation.

(4)  Healing from the sun – As I am driving, I imagine the sun’s energy vitalizing and stimulating my lower chakras perfectly.  

I will get rescanned with the GDV camera in 2 weeks and hope there is a marked difference in the alignment of my chakras and increase in size of my chakras.

Please share with others who may be interested.

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