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2/2/16 OBE: Psychic Procedure: Etheric Acupuncture

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Out of Body - with Portal, Out of Body Experiences, Outerworld, Psychic Procedures

“Yowza! I just woke up from a psychic procedure that occurred during an out-of-body experience (OBE) in a mid afternoon nap. It felt like it was a acupuncture treatment on the top of my head. I experienced it lucidly.  I know this sounds really out there but this has been my new reality since my spiritual awakening in 2009. One of my life functions is to share my psychic experiences so that others can learn from them, not to be overwhelmed and have some level of understanding and preparedness. As more and more people spiritually awaken in this Age of Aquarius, out of body experiences (OBEs) and these type of conscious psychic procedures will become more common.”
I am going to share in detail what happened this afternoon during an OBE  so that you can understand how such happenings can take place. It is so important to chronicle your psychic experiences as soon as possible after they occur when you can still retain the vivid details.
I have become a lucid dreamer at times since my spiritual awakening in 2009.  In this experience I became lucid during a nap to experience a psychic procedure.  This is a type of out-of-body experience (OBE). I have blogged about many of my OBEs here on this blog and shared them as well on my online radio show The Soul Evolution Center Show.
I also have had other psychic procedures that I have shared here on this blog as well.
How My Day Began
I will detail how my day began so you understand the events leading up to this extraordinary OBE.
On 2/2/16 Tuesday I woke up early and worked on my computer for my spiritual practice.  At about 12:30pm  I felt guided to do a card spread for myself.  I pulled 18 cards, three cards each from 6 different Angel oracle decks that I have.  From my Archangel Raphael healing deck I received the card “Health & Healing.”  In the past three years or so since I had this deck,  this usually represented some sort of energy healing I was going through or about to receive from my etheric healing guides of “Doctors.”
My Nap and OBE
At about 1:00pm I decided to take a nap. I had travelled from South Florida to Seattle, WA the night before and was feeling tired probably because of the three-hour time change.  My spouse and I arrived in Seattle the night before at about 9:00pm after travelling across the country.
I felt a strong wave of tiredness come over me and decided to take care of myself by resting. I have found in the past when I felt this strong wave, it was a sign from the Universe to rest and meditate because there was some work that was to be done on me energetically.  I decided to take a nap on the living room sofa.
During the beginning of the nap I did not specifically telepathically ask for healing. Many times I do that. In fact the past two months when I was staying in South Florida I would take three meditations or more a week about 15 minutes to an hour and a half in length and specifically ask for energy healing for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  I would invite Archangel Raphael, who is the Archangel of Healing, and/or my healing team who are known as the “Doctors.”  That is the name I heard telepathically to refer to them.
Most of the times during these healing meditation sessions I felt only subtle changes within my body.  These included tingles, waves of tingles, random minor muscle spasms or kriyas in part of my body.  I did not consciously communicate telepathically with Archangel Raphael or the “The Doctors”; however, I had faith that my requests for healing were being heard.
This time on 2/2/16 I did not consciously have this intention for healing at the beginning of this nap and guess what?  It happened anyway.  It is a challenge to figure such things out and how the Universe works.  But that I received that Angel oracle card for “Health and Healing”  was an “omen” (I heard the word “omen” telepathically as I typed this) as to what I was to experience shortly after.
In fact, as I settled into sleep for my nap I repeated the mantra “I am peace”  and “Peace” to myself with no references to healing.  I wanted to shut out the indistinguishable, single words,  telepathic murmur I always hear in my mind when I quiet my mind.
I noticed that as soon as I closed my eyes for my nap I could see a texture in my Third Eye space. This is the space between your eyebrows. Your Third Eye is an important energy center and gateway to other dimensions,  your intuition and your clairvoyance.
It was unusual for me to see textures right away in my Third Eye upon closing my eyes.  Therefore, I sensed that my Third Eye was stimulated.  The texture occurred in only about 1/7th of my Third Eye scape, more on the right side of it.  It appeared as an ambiguous vertical cone type shape that was orange-colored waves of folds.  It was similar to the texture of sand on sand dunes in a wave formation.
The Lime-Colored Third Eye Scape Screen Saver
I became lucid during my nap to find myself  looking through my Third Eye space with my eyes closed.  I use the tem “lucid” in OBEs to refer to when I start remembering details of the OBE.  Looking through my Third Eye space is a common is a common experience in some of my OBEs.  My Third Eye was completely a dark lime color and around it was a lighter lime color.  There were squiggle line drawings that were rust colored of what looked like flowers scattered throughout my entire Third Eye scape with a lot of space in between each one.  I had never seen this type of Third Eye scape before.
Then I felt a presence of beings to my left side.  I was slightly nervous. I sent the thought to Archangel Michael to protect me.
I felt someone walk past me on my left side of the couch I was laying in. Then this person was directly behind me by my head. I sensed it was a male though I couldn’t see anything except the lime green Third Eye Scape with the squiggly flowers on it. It was almost like this was the screen saver for my Third Eye!
The man behind me touched the top of my head and moved my hair around.  Then I sensed an acupuncture needle enter my skin on the top of my head!  I sensed  he was all business and professional in his craft, like he just came to do his duty. I also sensed that he was older, in his fifties.  Again, I still could not see  him but clairvoyantly I saw that he had a medium build with dark hair that was short and swarthy skin.
Additional Background on My Recent Real Life Acupuncture Experiences
To give you some additional background which may correlate to this etheric procedure, five days prior on 1/28/16 Thursday I had a 3-D or real life acupuncture session in South Florida for personal  health reasons.  This was my fourth real life acupuncture session.  The other three sessions took place months ago in 2015 with two other acupuncturists.
To my surprise during this real life session, the acupuncturist placed a needle into my scalp! This was the first time I ever had such an experience.  The acupuncturist didn’t explain why he did this; however,  I sensed from my knowledge about the crown chakra, which is located at the top of one’s head, that he was vitalizing or expanding my crown chakra.   The crown chakra is a major energy center which is your connection to the Divine.
Attempted Communications with the Etheric Acupuncturist
Back to the OBE.
I asked the male acupuncturist who was standing behind me while I was on the couch at my head telepathically “What are you doing?”  He did not respond to me.  So I asked again telepathically the same thing but a little louder. I thought perhaps he wasn’t telepathic so he couldn’t hear me.  Still no verbal response from him. I think he was inserting another needle into the top of my scalp.
I decided to verbalize out loud my question to the acupuncturist, rather than through telepathic means.  I attempted to add my verbal sound to my question.  Still no response.  Then I did this thing where I took my right arm and reached behind me, and I grabbed his hand!  I was attempting to get his attention. To my slight surprise, he let me hold his hand but he was still unresponsive to my verbal communications.
Additional Background on Etheric Doctors’ Lack of Bedside Manners
Let me just give you some additional background on this hand-holding thing. I have had quite a few psychic procedures in the past since 2009. Some of them have been frightening to me because I had no idea what was going on, and I was 100% lucid! It can be quite scary in the beginning when you are experiencing OBEs in this way. This is why I share my OBEs so people could understand theirs and not be fearful.
In ALL of these past experiences I was not provided with any bedside manners from the etheric medical practitioners or any verbal explanations at all as to what I was experiencing.  In the beginning in 2009 and 2010 of these psychic procedure occurrences, I would often wake up from these OBEs overwhelmed and still feeling distraught.  I sensed that at some times there were extraterrestrials performing energetic procedures  on me and they were totally clueless on how to treat human beings during these.
Since then on many occasions I have telepathically requested “gentle care” and a level of humaneness to be demonstrated during these psychic procedures toward me. I explained that it is very scary for a human being to experience these procedures lucidly without knowing what was going on. I telepathically said “Human beings would appreciate some explanatory understandable information as to what they are experiencing.”  I feel that I am meant to educate and teach some of these beings or extraterrestrials on how to better interact and communicate with human beings under these conditions.  As I am typing this, I telepathically heard “You are the guinea pig.” Now, that’s reassuring ! (I say that sarcastically!)
My Personal Spiritual Woes & Lamentations
It is during these times when I am feeling confusion, fear or even panic during these OBEs that I ask myself “How did I ever sign up for this in this earthly incarnation?!” Your Higher Self decided what you want to experience and learn in each incarnation, human and otherwise.  My Higher Self must have had a deep sense of adventure and is giving my conscious self a lot more credit than it is due!  Ha!
I know I am not the only human being who is experiencing such doubts as to their life experiences.  Sometimes, I think the Earthly paradigm is a CRAZY setup! And we all volunteer for this!
My woes are  expounded because many people I know in the spiritual community cannot relate to my experiences to help me or provide guidance. Often, I feel like I am just winging it in these OBEs especially when some of them get “hairy” or take very unexpected turns. I have heard telepathically I am a “pioneer” and “visionary” in 2009  & 2010.  Even now as I am typing this, I am telepathically hearing this as well. In addition as I type my thoughts here, I received a clairvoyant image of Christopher Columbus. The analogy is that I am an explorer as he was but my explorations are into the astral and interdimensional realms.  I have received this analogy clairvoyantly once before.  But to be honest with you despite these psychic messages to me, I feel like I am a “winger” and an “astral bumbler”, just learning  by the seat of my pants.
For whatever reasons and despite my numerous efforts toward such, detailed explanatory information about these procedures has not be given to me either during them or after them.  I continue to ask for a level of care on behalf of all human beings who may be experiencing such things  but I have learned to detach and no longer get frustrated and angry as I did in my earlier days of these occurrences at the lack of response.  These type of lower vibrational emotions did not serve me well so I have learned to relinquish them.
Back to this OBE
I told the etheric acupuncturist that he could communicate with me during his work.  I told him I could tell him the effects of his treatment and how they changed my Third Eye scape. I was attempting to be a cooperative patient.   I told him that right now I was seeing a lime green Third Eye scape.  I thought receiving feedback from me would be helpful to him and his medical administrations.
Additional Background: A Prior OBE where I Provided Feedback to the Etheric Doctor
The reason I wanted to be cooperative was because I had a similar experience in a prior OBE.  It was about three years ago an Asian acupuncturist was working on my clairaudience, also known as psychic hearing. The setting for this OBE was my bedroom of my teenage home in the North East.
Whenever this Asian acupuncturist tilted my head, the volume and clarity of sound I was hearing inside of my head would change. Sometimes it would be crystal clear, and at some head tilts there would be static.   I would then let him know verbally at which angle he tilted my head provided the best sound quality.
Back to this OBE
The etheric acupuncturist then said he was going to insert something into my head, and it may hurt! I felt the needle sliding in to the side of the top of my head but no sensations. I told him that I did not feel a thing.
Changes in My Third Eye Scape
Simultaneously as this is going on, I was experiencing changes in my Third Eye scape. My Third Eye scape changed to a night sky with about a hundred pinpoint lights that took up the entire expanse of my Third Eye scape.  Then it went to a bright solid yellow, which I have never seen in my Third Eye scape. Then it went back to exactly the same dark lime, light lime background with the flower shaped squiggles.   Then it went back to the night sky with about a hundred pinpoint lights that took up the entire expanse of my Third Eye scape.  Then back to the lime background with the flower shaped squiggles.
When the acupuncturist was finished with his work, I asked him again what was the purpose of this procedure. No response.  Then, as a tactic to get attention to my cause, I started singing a song about how I never receive information about what is going on during these psychic procedures.   This is entirely true and has been a lament of mine since my spiritual awakening in 2009. Now, I have learned to detach emotionally from this expectation for information about what is going during this etheric procedures but I still ask for it but now from a more emotionally balanced frame of mind.
Conversation with Another Male Being
I heard the voice of an unknown younger sounding male being to the side of me. I still could not see anything. I still had the Third Eye Scape screensaver I detailed above.  He asked me “What is it that you would like to know?”.  I told him very articulately, which I paraphrased from memory “I would like to know the purpose of this procedure. What is its function? What are the long-term effects?” He did not answer me. Then I asked him (paraphrased)  “Why doesn’t anyone explain to me what it is I am experiencing?  Is it because people are not usually lucid during this procedures?”  He told me (paraphrased) “I have seven cases.  One was from a man on July 4th… the doctors are from Outerworld.”
Immediately, after he shared this with me, I thought that it made sense that he had “cases.”  I thought that it worked like that in the Spirit Realms, where certain guides had so many human beings to “oversee.”  The term “outerworld” was new to me. It was the first time I had ever heard it.  I found it very intriguing.  It was reminder to me that these Beings have their own terminology and references as we do here on the planet Earth.
The male being shifted his position so that he was almost laying on top of me, specifically my chest. He was very close as he spoke to me.  Then he shifted his position so that he was whispering in my right ear in a seductive manner.  I told him “That is unprofessional.”  I don’t recall if he responded to my comment or if he replied “I know.”
Then the OBE broke or dissipated.
Additional Telepathic Information Upon Waking
Wanting to figure out what transpired, I lay awake in bed.  I attempted telepathic conversation with my Guides to understand what I had just experienced.  Then I changed it to communicate with my Guardian Angels.  About two weeks ago, I heard telepathically that one of my Guardian Angels’ name was “Andrea” with the accent on the second syllable.
I telepathically called her by name.  These are the single words I heard in response to my query for illumination:
“cross dimensional (this was the first time I had heard this term)… Your memory stores ( I sensed this had something to do with being able to access my past lives)…”
I know it’s not much I received for explanatory information on this acupuncture psychic procedure.  I realize and now fully accept I am on a “need to know” basis.  If I was meant to know it consciously, I would have received further clarifying information. As I shared earlier in this blog post, I have learned to detach from these human egoic expectations for answers for my own well-being.
Feedback on Etheric Acupuncture Days Following
As of 2/7/16 five days after this procedure, I have not received any overwhelming revelations or visions about my past lives.   I will share, however, that I have had increased feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia as things come into my life which feel like my experiences from times long past.  For example, when I watched “Downton Abbey” a TV series about an aristocratic family’s life in England in the early 1900s, I could almost feel that I was in that time area.  Feelings of  deja vu like this have been ramped up a notch for me since this procedure. It is still on subtle levels though.
I would  love to hear about any of your similar experiences with psychic procedures.  Please comment below.
~Katy Simmone

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