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2/6/16 An Expression on Professional Physical Contact Sports

by | Feb 7, 2016 | Contact Sports

Hmmm… The words shared here on this image are not my own but there is something for us to contemplate as citizens of the World. Some sports fans may not agree with my views but I want to take this opportunity to express myself on the eve of the 50th Super Bowl the skewed perception and misplaced emphasis and value in American culture on some professional sports. Some professional sports have turned into a money circus.
We all have the right to express ourselves, and I am choosing to do so on my blog. I know this is a potentially controversial subject & there are differences of opinion. Everyone has the right to their opinion.
Please be tactful in your comments. No need for vitriol or crassness. Any such comments will be deleted as I promote only civil, diplomatic discourse on my blog. Thank-you.
This unbalanced focus on some professional sports is an example of distortion, false belief systems, societal indoctrination, materiality focus and being in the illusion. As a channeler of Light Beings and based on the messages I have received to date on the evolution of this planet, I believe as the Earth’s vibration is raised, this will shift over time. As we move deeper into the astrological age of Aquarius, human energy and dollars will naturally shift into more humanitarian causes instead and those that serve the community as a whole for betterment.
I share upfront that my below words may be unpopular to some and not readily embraced by the masses but I feel compelled to share them at this time. I am talking in the Truth of who I am and expressing authentically. I understand that the sports arena is a paradigm for some human beings to learn, to grow and to experience just as business, family relationships, intimate relationships and work realms are as well to cite other learning paradigms.
Objectification of Players 
Because I don’t watch TV sports commentaries much, the few times I do, I am always so surprised as how I feel the players are objectified purely for the sports ability. They are not humanized. They are referred to almost as chattel and how they are traded from one team to another, their sport statistics, etc.. I am like “These are human beings!! Not sport machines!!!” I may be somewhat unique in that I find these type of objectifying dialogues shocking & disturbing. Because I don’t immerse myself in that world, I can see it with new, fresh objective eyes.
The Big Money Aspect of Sports
Because of unbalanced money motives, some professional sports have totally crossed the line and gone far past the wholesomeness, creation of team spirit, discipline & all those high vibrational traits that sports is supposed to develop and enhance.
On the Kelly & Michael morning show this past week, Michael said the Super Bowl tickets are going for $4,000 plus a piece!! How can that be? Big money. What happened to the good American fun and families bringing their children to sporting events for bonding & kinship, like the beautiful moments some have had with their families? Most families cannot afford these Super Bowl prices at those insane prices.
Many in professional sports have lost sight as to what is really important. Professional sports have turned into big business and the wholesome spirit of it has been lost.  I feel the players are just pawns to the team owners & other business moguls and manipulators, who use them in such a way for their own capricious, money-making. I feel the players are deceived, hooded & artificially placated in a way because they are earning their big salaries and media attention. Consciously, many of these players would not admit being “used” like this.
This money motivation and overriding desire to win has resulted in horrible consequences like the use of performance enhancing drugs such as steroids by some players, which detrimentally affect their health,  and some coaches encouraging their players to use unethical tactics on other team. For example in the news, there was a professional football coach who was telling his players to go for the leg of a certain opponent player because the opponent broke it or had a vulnerability there. That is inhumane!!
If big sports with outrageous salaries were not available or not an option I feel many young men & women would go into other viable career choices like teaching. Or these young people would discover their other innate talents they have in the technical, human service or science fields, careers that actually contribute to the world. The crux is that some young people and their families are so scintillated by the big $$$ potential of sport player’s income, they forgo other worthwhile, though less financially lucrative career options. They are seeing dollar bills in their eyes ! Going into sports is not their only way out if you have the eyes to see it.
Dangers to the Physical Body
Also, to bring up the very important, relevant fact that these sports are DANGEROUS and VIOLENT.  How is a bunch of men suited up in football with the purpose of physically tackling and bringing someone down to the ground any different from the gladiator games in world history? When you have to wear all that protective gear, for example in football, knee pads, shoulder pads, helmets and mouth guards, to engage in a “sport,” isn’t that a strong sign that this is an extremely violent, physical activity with the potential to seriously hurt or maim someone??
Perhaps, one of the most well-known examples of physical harm to the body from contact sports is Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer and his current health condition he is in due to his boxing years. “Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome in 1984, a disease that commonly results from head trauma from activities such as boxing.” (from Wikipedia).  A travesty. Was this worth it for the fame and fortune of being a heavyweight champion??
Just because these sports are not illegal does not make it sanctioned in the eyes of the Universe, ethical or humane.
Our bodies are a gift and a temple, to be honored and respected not be tackled in brutal sports like football or pummeled as in boxing. As a mother I would have never allowed my son, if I had one, to participate in dangerous physical contacts sports like football, boxing or any such sport. I value my child’s life & physical well-being too much to do so. As a parent, my main role is to be a PROTECTORATE to my child(ren).  There are other wholesome non-contact sports available for young people to engage in. Unfortunately, society indoctrinations have hoodwinked many people and made these physical contact sports falsely acceptable.
There are other non-contact sports available for young people to engage in.
Squandering of Mother Earth’s Resources
In addition, it breaks my heart when the sports industry uses all these $$s and the Earth’s precious resources to build these monster stadiums & then when they are no longer useful, these stadiums are demolished!! Literally blown up!! The air pollution & the sound pollution this causes!! The impact to the atmosphere!! All those physical, precious materials wasted!! So not good for Mother Earth, humans and everything in its vicinity. It just isn’t right from a heart level.
When I see this, I get so sad because I, like many empaths and sensitive people in this Age,  can almost feel the detrimental effects to Mother Earth. These type of low forms of human thought are just not sustainable & plain just does not make any sense on any level. It shows extreme short-sighted thinking at its worse with profit motives overriding all other needs.
How I Contribute to Positive Change
I have personally made the decision not to spend my dollars on supporting these sport industries or giving them any supportive energy by viewing their sporting events because of my views. It helps me to feel like I am doing my part and making a positive contribution for change in this way. I encourage you to do the same if you feel like I do.
I hope I have at least planted a seed for you to look at these specific aspects of human behavior differently and to question that which has been readily accepted over American history for herein lies the growth of humanity and the key to its evolution. Thank-you for reading this!
~ Katy Simmone
*Advanced channeler of Light Beings

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