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11/1/09 Message: From Nina's Consciousness to Me

by | Nov 2, 2009 | My Friend - Nina, Pam, Psychic Developments & Experiences

Welcome!! Love & Light to You All!!

Purpose:  To share the amazing revelation that even living people’s consciousness can come to you and communicate.  I share my personal experience of last night of a  message of apology delivered by my friend, Nina, on behalf of someone else to me.


I was in between dreams last night and laying in bed.   Clairaudiently, I kept hearing my friend’s Nina voice.  It was her inflections and tones.  Then it came in very clear.    I took my white line notepad from my night stand and directly transcribed it below.  I have heard Nina’s voice before in my sleepy/wakey state but never this clearly that I was able to make out the words. 

Another friend just informed me that on Halloween night, the borders  were the thinnest between worlds.  This explains all the crystal clear messages I got that night, clairaudiently.  Late Halloween night is also when I got the 1st message from my father, who passed away 17 years ago.  See my post on this message from him.

Nina’s message to me below talked to some jealousy that one of my spiritual teachers, Pam,  felt about me.  In reality,  I did not pick up on this jealousy at all.  Nina, did tell me more than once, in reality, that she thought that Pam was jealous of me.  I really couldn’t believe that Pam was jealous  as Pam is a very self accomplished, experienced  intuitive herself.  I was like “Huh??” I was clueless as to all this jealousy stuff.  

Please see the Intro post to learn more about my psychic  & spiritual developments & spirit interactions to further understand the purpose of this blog, 

 PLEASE NOTE:  You may want to revisit this post at future dates as I may update it with additional info as I get it.




11-1- 09 Channeled Message from My Friend Nina to Me

Nina: … Kay, who channels the beings from heaven… Pam (who was one of our spiritual teachers) said she ( this is referring to me-Kay)  would do that.  She (Pam)  knew  what she (Kay) was capable of.  That’s why she was jealous.  She (Pam) couldn’t do that.  She(Pam) wanted to hide it from her (Kay).  She (Pam) knew her (Kay’s) powers.  She (Pam) explained that to me before. 

Here Nina switches from calling me “she” to talking to me directly.

She (Pam) didn’t realize that you would be so great.  She (Pam) knew how to make you understand that you had the information to work this way.   She (Pam) pretended she didn’t know but she did.  She (Pam) pretended that you didn’t see it coming but you knew.  You knew what you were capable of  (I did???).  She (Pam) wants you to know that she is very sorry.  That she (Pam) didn’t realize you would forgive her so fast.  She is happy about that.  Well, I gotta go.  I am glad you got this message.  I was worried something would happen, and I couldn’t do it.  But I did.  It must have been the healing you gave me the other night.  You know I love you and value our friendship.  Ok, gotta go. Love you. Good night.

Me:  Good night, Nina. Thank you.

Nina:  You welcome.  I know I will be talking to you soon. Bye  (Nina laughs).

Then in bed, in reality, I wonder to myself, what aspect of Nina is this?  Is it her higher self???

Nina then comes back and says ” It’s my higher self.  I get to travel. ” But then there was something about a lower level of her higher self but I didn’t catch it all.


More Comments:  The healing that Nina was referring to above was when a part of  higher self (for lack of a better word) came to me  during my sleepy/wakey state one night about 2 weeks ago or so.   pre=””>Clairaudiently I heard Nina’s voice.  She was getting down on herself and being self-critical.   Clairvoyantly, I put a pink bubble of light around her for self-love and climbed in there with her to hold her.  We must have bent in there for about 5 minutes. , 

All I can say is Nina came to me to deliver an apology on behalf of Pam.  Both Pam and Nancy are alive.  Ok, this is just amazing.  Parts of ourselves are communicating with each other in the dream states and our physical selves don’t even know anything about it!!!

Nina said above that I forgave Pam so quickly.  I must have had some conversation with Pam in a dream state that I don’t  even realize!!!

I am definitely asking how this happens to those Highly Evolved Light Beings that this woman channels at one of her next sessions.  I am also going to ask myself, my higher self, my wise spirit guides, my angels and those beings of light and love that guide me this question.   I got a clairaudient message on Halloween night also that “spirits answer questions“.   I hope they answer this one.  I will keep you posted.

Ok, something is going on here.   I left the words highlighted in red  in the paragraph up there to show you how spirit communicates with me.  That just appeared in my post.  Then I  did a cut and paste into my dream log which is another document of this phrase , and I got the following:  pre=””>Clairaudientlypre=””>Clairaudiently       

Also, when then I came back to this post from my dream log,  I saw a red flash of light that highlighted “spirits answer questions” above.

Are they showing me, I should be using the term “preclaudient” and not “clairaudient” in that instance?  Ok , now they are organizing my text in the post.  They just moved a phrase over but actually it flows better to where they moved it to.  Thanks!!




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