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I have been guided to chronicle my out of body experiences (OBEs) since 12/17 in my personal log to understand what was going on subconsciously within me and to provide me guidance to empower me in my daily life and to understand what I need to energetically heal. But I have not been taking the time to post them as blog posts because that requires additional time for editing, etc.. I have been focusing instead on writing my second e-book on Spiritual Awakening: However, today I felt guided to not only chronicle this OBE but share it in my blog.
See the below blog post for important OBE definitions, principals and conceptual framework I developed. I highly recommend you read this for context.
To learn more about me, please see the end of the post.
Out of Body (OBE)  Sequence-Dimensional Antics: Unusual Air Acrobatics & High Dive into Water: This occurred sometime after 4:00 a.m. this morning when I was sleeping. I became lucid to find myself outside in an unfamiliar space. I was watching a young woman in her twenties with fair skin, medium build and shoulder length brown hair practicing and doing some stretching type exercises. (Note: I like to provide as much detail as I can about people’s physical descriptions, etc… in OBEs so you know what level of lucidity I have.)  I knew she was warming up and she was going to do some air acrobatics following.
Now, I am viewing her from about fifteen feet way in the air. It is common in OBEs for your perspective to shift suddenly. This same young woman is laying vertically and attached to the underbody of a small airplane that only seats about two passengers. She is going to do some turns like a gymnast would do on a single parallel bar when the plane is at flying attitude at over twenty thousand feet! This exercise bar is about two feet long and six inches or so in diameter. It is attached to the under body of the plane. I see she is in horizontal position and this bar  is under her abdomen.
I am mortified that she is going to swing around this bar high up in the air. I am deeply concerned about her safety. Why would she do this? What if she loses her grip on the bar and plunges down? I almost avert my eyes. I do not want to watch these dangerous air aerobics. I think she is crazy and taking her life in peril.
Then to my surprise, she stands up. I think on the airplane. She is wearing what looks like a bathing suit now. I see her bare legs and bare shoulders. She jumps off the plane! My view of the scene changes from a further distance away, like from thirty feet away now. This allows me take in the entire landscape this is taking place in.
I see her dive into a large body water below the plane. I sensed she had great intentionality in doing this. She must have dove from a height of like half a mile or so from the plane. She hits the water about ten or fifteen feet from the shore. I worry if it is deep enough there for her to dive because it is so close to shore. She surfaces. She is safe!
2/8/18 A few days after I posted this, I received telepathically twice in my own thought voice as I was going about my day “She dove with precision.” The Universe wanted me to add this so I did.
The OBE dissipates.
OBE Significance: This OBE is significant because once again it shows the range of very unusual behaviors that can occur and extraordinary physical capabilities dimensional beings can exhibit who exist in other dimensional landscapes, which are not possible in the 3-D Earthly plane. This is a distinct type of OBE I have commonly experienced where I am the viewer and do not participant in the OBE activities. I do not know if this woman even knew I was there watching her.
Your Vibrational Level is the Key for Access to Dimensions: It is your vibrational level that unlocks the door to many alternate dimensions.  
Viewing Perspectives in an OBE: This observation of dimensional human recreation or activity was very intentional in the way my perspective changed and adjusted so I can view properly the goings on. First, I was outside the plane a few feet than I was much further back to view the entire landscape to see the woman diving into a large body close to shore.
My OBE Goal: I feel I need to work on increasing my lucidity to a higher level so when I experience these sort of out of the ordinary activities lucidly in an OBE, I can repeat a sort of mantra to myself like “Do not freak out. Enjoy the show. Your spirit took you here to have this experience.”
I hope just by writing it here in this post, it will create an increased awareness within me for future similar OBE experiences. But I know and accept, I may need to practice this. Like so many things in life when you want to improve your state of being, you need to be vigilant, committed and set forth effort.
It may take be ten or fifteen more lucid OBEs before I can get to this lucidity level. I want to work at it because I am tired of experiencing anxiety and low vibrational feelings in my OBEs caused by confusion of clashing rules of behavior. Sometimes, it is not fun and very, very unpleasant. And because I am lucid enough to remember the details upon waking, I wake up emotional destabilized and distraught. Ugh! I know this is all a part of my soul plan for this lifetime so I accept this. I am just looking for a manageable work-around! 
A Psychological OBE Interpretation: It is always a good exercise to analyze your OBEs from a psychological perspective. At first, I thought this OBE was strictly one of viewing an unusual dimension. But then when I started writing about it from the angle of how a traditional psychologist would analyze this OBE and my feelings changed. Of all the infinite dimensions to visit, why did my Spirit pick this one for me at this time? I feel there could be a deeper meaning.
The first thing that came to me was that it was message from my subconscious through my Spirit as played out on this dimensional learning platform to be extremely daring, adventurous, to venture forth fearlessly, with intention and concerted precision and be not afraid in my 3-D Earthly life, especially when I know what I am doing and I am capable.
I have gotten such subtle references recently before in January and February 2018 in other ways. For example, I have psychically felt to be a “fierce female” the past few weeks.
In addition on 1/16/18 recently in the backyard of my home recently, I saw a lynx. This is a highly unusual animal to see in this part of South Florida where it was residential and suburban. This is only my second time seeing a lynx in my background in the 10 years or so I lived here. It was amazing how the lynx stood so still and let me video it from the security of being in my house. It was like it knew!  I knew it was a special animal totem. When I Googled the meaning of this animal totem, I found out that a lynx, of course, is fierce when it needs to be and can wield its power and strength. That is the photo I took of it that day and I used it as the image for this blog.
I will admit to act fierce or aggressive is really stretching my astrological water nature of Cancer. It is so unlike me! I am not a fire sign. But from all I have learned since my awakening, the Universe, including your Higher Self, likes you to stretch yourself from time to time. Sometimes this is consciously uncomfortable and even abhorrent to the person experiencing it (that would be me!).
Hmmm. I will keep an open mind and ponder this possible insight into my life some more. I will also keep my awareness up for any life synchronicities in the upcoming days to support that the Universe is sending me messages to be fierce, courageous, bold, daring and without fear.
Please know I am the only editor of this post so excuse any grammatical errors. Because I gift this, I do not pay anyone to help me with the editing. Also, most of the time I just want to get this knowledge posted and out to the public so I only do a few edits.  I know this is important and my etheric Guides do not want me to spend excessive time being a perfectionist. Thank-you for your understanding in this!
Copyright © Katibe Simmone. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, is distributed freely, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .
I am an advanced channeler of Light Beings.  I provide guidance from many different Light Beings and shares their wisdom on my Facebook, blog, videos and in my free eBook.  I am unique in that I channel these Beings word for word through telepathic means.  They act as high level guides and teachers to help you on your life journey. I had a spiritual awakening in 2009.  I realized I was a spiritual being in a physical body for my highest spiritual evolution.  Because of this increased level of consciousness,  my psychic centers and specific chakras like my Third Eye and Crown Chakra were activated.  I developed heightened extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and the ability to receive some information telepathically. Telepathy is a form of clairaudience.
My dream time also changed dramatically.  I  became a lucid dreamer as a result and have blogged about and shared videos of some of my more extraordinary OBEs.
I heard telepathically to teach what I know. I founded Soul Evolution Center in February 2013 to help you evolve into your best life.  I am a published author, speaker and workshop facilitator in various spiritual and metaphysical topics.  I offers many developmental workshops and certifications that can be customized in private, small or large groups by webinar, Skype and teleconference. Learn more about me here.
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