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10/29/12 Healing Energy for the Giant Squids and Eels

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker.  Often, I send energy for healing to people, places or areas of the world as I am guided to do so.  I wanted to share an amazing experience of how the power of healing with intention works and the beautiful validation I received after.
Please know that this healing power is innate within each and every one of you.  With your pure intention you can beam and send your loving energy to those in needs and also to those stricken areas of the worlds.  By doing this, we can alter our frequencies and seed change for the world in a positive, evolutionary direction
I, myself, am incredulous as to the psychic phenomena, like the one I shared below, that  I have been experiencing since my spiritual awakening in 2009.   They have been surreal and fantasylike.   It is still amazing to me.   
I realize what an adventure I am experiencing.  After reading some of my entries, I often say to myself  “This is unbelievable!  Is anyone going to believe this?  I, barely believe it, and I am the one experiencing it!”.  How can I, someone who has graduated college, received my masters in accounting, worked in corporate, is happily married with one child, and led an overall grounded, normal & mundane  life, be experiencing such wondrous, fantastical moments?
Enjoy!  Please share with others who may be interested.
10/29/12 Monday
I lay in bed about 11:00 p.m.  I did my usual nightly routine.  I said my affirmation “I sleep in peace and wake up in joy. “  Following that, I imagined the earth, as seen from outer space, and sent pink light to it for love.  I visualized the earth surrounded by a beautiful pink aura.  I sent pink light for about a minute.  In my mind, I asked “Was there anyone or any area that I should send energy to?”  I didn’t pose this question to any guide or being in particular.  Immediately, I heard “giant squid and eel”.   
This was not the first time I have heard this.  Over the past 2-3 months, I have heard “giant squid and eel” on and off.  
Telepathically, I started to the giant squids and eels energy.  I used my imagination to envision them.  Then, I stopped myself.  It probably would be a good idea to get more specific information to help them.  I asked “In what body of water should I focus on?”  I heard “Atlantic.”  Then I asked “Any specific type of squid or eels?”  I heard “Moray eels”.  This is a type of eel.
Using my intention, I resumed sending them loving energy in the Atlantic Ocean.  I opened up my heart chakra and sent the love to them for this area.  I do this by focusing on my chest.  Because I have done this a few times, I can actually feel my heart chakra opening up.  Usually, upon doing this, I hear celestial music in the far distance of my thoughts.  It took some practice for me to feel this but now I am comfortable and confident sending energy this way. 

As I was sending energy, I received a quick clairvoyant image of the ocean floor.  There was some vegetation, large brown rocks and a large squid next to the rocks.  I interpreted this as validation of my efforts.  I continued sending energy like this for about a minute or two.  In all honesty, during the time I was sending energy, my thoughts would drift off and then I would gently bring them back to the healing process.
Throughout this experience, I was lucid and awake.  As I typed this entry, I clairaudiently heard “It (referring to the healing energy) was well received”.
Please read the following entry for what I received a few days later as validation of my healing efforts.
11/1/12 Thursday Message from the Giant Squids
Over the past few months, I used my time in the car to reflect, do active meditations, self-healings & send love.  I am very relaxed and open in the car.  Therefore, it is common for me to receive messages and images during this time.
At about 8:30 a.m. as I was driving to work in Fort Lauderdale, I was in my usual state of relaxation in the car.  All of a sudden, I received a clairvoyant video of an underwater scene, and a giant squid swimming slowly in the water.  I actually saw the tentacles moving gracefully and rhythmically in the water.  They were undulating.  It was almost hypnotic to watch these movements.  It was very peaceful. 
Then I heard “They are grateful to you…”  I was touched and moved.  That was beautiful.  It is always gratifying to receive confirmation of my efforts as I often question myself.
Connecting with the Ancient Octupus
Then the clairvoyant video of the squid I was receiving changed.  Now, I saw this huge octopus.  I say huge because its head was so large and because of the thickness of its tentacles.  Though I am not a marine expert, I thought it was an octopus and not a giant squid.  I researched images of what a giant squid looked like on the Internet, and this did not look like a giant squid.
The octopus was upright. I saw its giant head and parts of its many tentacles in my vision.  There was a swirly lime green with pink streaked, iridescent background behind it.  There was some viscosity, thickness & slow movement to this background.  
It reminded me of the same backdrop that I had seen this extraterrestrial in front of when I participated in a group guided meditation to connect with extraterrestrials of love and light.  This was back in July 2011 at a dolphin symposium in Hawaii.
I sensed that the octopus was very close to me, like its presence was right there.  
The notable attribute of this octopus was its big, black, watery eyes.  They looked like they were ancient and contained the history of the world.  This octopus was very old and very wise.  I sensed it was an “elder”. 
(Note: I wondered if this was the same eye that I saw one time in my third eye about a year ago.  One night I was just about to fall asleep and my eyes were closed.  Often, I look into my third eye with my eyes closed as I see images and forms appear.  When I say “third eye”, I am referring to the area between my eyebrows.
All of a sudden, this huge single black eye appeared smack dab in the center of the mist of my third eye.  It was looking right at me but slightly sidewise.  There were wrinkles and some baggy skin around the eye.  The eye itself looked watery.  I thought it looked like a whale eye at the time.  I sensed this eye held all the ancient knowledge of the cosmos. )
Perhaps, in the near future, I shall reconnect with this octopus in a channeling session, and he will share some information to me.  I will keep you posted.


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