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I share this extraordinary psychic experience where I trance channeled a light being, an ascended master, Master Kuthumi on 4/19/15.  This is the first time I have voice channeled in this modality, where the being actually spoke DIRECTLY AND FULLY through me, using my vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm, arms, hands and head. Actually, there were three other beings who came forth to channel right before Master Kuthumi but they were unable to come through me to express.

My Past Experiences with Master Kuthumi

This is not the first time I have channeled Master Kuthumi though it is the first time I have done it in a trance state, where he used my voice box.  Master Kuthumi  was the first being I ever channeled in 2009 during the year of my spiritual awakening.  His first message marked my ability to channel.  I transcribed this first message as I received it at the time. I have not shared this yet on my blog but have shared a message that I received from him in October 2009 at below link:

About Ascended Masters
Master Kuthumi is an ascended master.  Ascended masters are spiritually enlightened beings, who in past incarnations were ordinary humans and walked the earth.  They come to those who can hear their words to spread messages of peace, love and hope to move humanity forth.  Master Kuthumi is one of many different ascended masters, who come from various cultures. Other ascended masters include Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Serapis Bey and Lakshmi.
About Trance Channel

There are different ways to channel.  Trance being one of the most complex and intense ways.  There are different levels of trance channeling as well ranging from a light trance to a deep, full trance.  In a deep trance the medium is unconscious, and the being that incorporates into the medium’s body has full control and use over their body.

In true trance channeling the medium or spirit communicator goes into a deeper state of consciousness to directly channel beings, who exist in other dimensional frequencies.  The being blends with the energetic field of the medium, using the physical system of the medium including their larynx, vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm and possibly their arms and legs as well.

This requires and uses much chi energy, also known as vital energy, of the medium.   There is some misunderstanding when some mediums declare that they are in trance when they are not because it is not a deep enough level. Some trance channels are aware and keep their lucidity during trance. Others become completely unconscious during their trance state. In this Master Kuthumi trance channeling experience that  I shared below, I was 100% lucid during the entire time and never lost consciousness.

Being an authentic, genuine trance channel is a very specialized and specific type of mediumship.  There are only a few mediums in the entire world that have this skill.  Only a small percentage of all mediums have this ability.

Prior to this experience I considered myself a telepathic channel in a very light trance.   I maintained lucidity and full control over my body and voice box and received the information telepathically.

Trance Channeling – A Major Milestone for Me

This enhanced ability to trance channel marks a breakthrough for me and a shift in direction as to what I am supposed to do in the future for my work and service.  I feel now and receive clairvoyant images that I am to trance channel in front of larger groups of people to provide faith, hope and trust that we are immortal, divine beings and eternal consciousnesses and that there are many light beings watching over us and guiding us in all ways. I am also meant to concentrate my efforts and write books about these channelings and my experiences with it.

Contributing Factors to My Trance Channeling – My Past Psychic Procedures, My Kundalini Rising & My Wish

I sense that contributing factors to this new experience was my past frequent psychic procedures and kundalini rising.

It is not unusual for me to have psychic or energetic procedures done. Since my awakening in 2009 I have had many psychic procedures done to me in both my sleep state and during self-healing Reiki sessions that I have blogged about earlier. To read two of my more recent healing experiences, please see:


Just as well, my kundalini energy had risen to higher levels recently in March 2015.  Please see below blog where I shared this and to learn more about kundalini rising:
I also made a special wish a few hours before the Master Kuthumi channeling to be able to trance channel, which I sensed acted as an impetus.

My Channeling Background

I have been a professional psychic since February 2013 when I started  doing this full-time as employment when I left my accounting job as a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA).  I provide readings for people on their life questions as well as other spiritual services including soul evolution coaching and Reiki Plus energy healing sessions.  I offer readings and services through phone/Skype/email and in-office in South Florida at Soul Evolution Center, which I founded in 2013.

I consider myself an advanced channeler.  I receive psychic information through almost all of my psychic senses including telepathy and clairvoyance.  Since my  spiritual awakening in 2009, I  have channeled over twenty-six different beings of light and love, who have delivered technical and inspirational messages, to help humanity.  Some of these include humans, who are in spirit like Mr. Edgar Cayce, Mr. Ben Franklin and Gandhi.   I have channeled Jesus and some Archangels like Ariel, Uriel, Sandalphon and Azrael.  Other beings that I have channeled are the Arcturian Angels and consciousnesses that I believe may be the first time that a channeler has received their messages, cognizantly.  These messages are shared on my Facebook page for Soul Evolution Center in various Facebook albums and also here on my blog.

How I Channeled Prior to 4/19/15 – Telepathic Channel vs Trance Channel

To date, prior to 4/19/15 when I channeled as a reader, I was not in that deep state of trance.  I called it a light trance.  The Guides, Angels, Mr. Edgar Cayce, The Channel of 5-8 or other light being  that I voice channeled did not use any of my physical systems like my voice box, and my arms and hands during the channeling.  I received the information purely telepathically, and I had full control over my voice box.  I would relay their information, word for word, as if they were there talking directly to the client. This method is not as taxing on me as trance channeling is.

Fears About Trance Channeling

There are some people who are fearful of trance channeling.  They feel it is as if the being, that the medium channels, is possessing the medium.  They have fears that the devil, demons or some other dark forces will enter the medium because they become “open” during the trance channel process. This is indeed a real and valid consideration.

My Trance & Mediumship Training

It is important not to approach trance channeling with naivety and to be educated on the process. Over the past six years,  I have taken two workshops on training for trance mediumship and two workshops on  trance healing as well as at least four mediumship workshops.   I have also participated in two different mediumship development circles that met biweekly or so for a period of time. Different professional mediums taught these classes so I had a wide exposure to different teachings in this field. All these classes were in South Florida.

Protective Archangels

On 4/17/15 Friday I heard telepathically “Archangel Uriel and Archangel Azrael are in your energetic field.”  I also sensed them being much closer as well.  It was a type of reassurance for me of angelic protection.  Also, in hindsight later, I feel that this was done, in preparation for my first trance channeling experience to occur just a day later and also to let me know that they are being cued up to trance channel through me at some future time.

We Are All Intuitive & Channel in Our Own Ways

I want to stress and remind everyone that we are all  sentient beings with psychic abilities.  The more aware we become of them, the more we can recognize and use it in our life to help and understand ourselves. I share my psychic experiences, including my channelings  and out-of-body experiences (OBEs) from time to time, here on my blog, to let people know that, indeed, there are these possibilities for our life and for us to think outside of the box and that we which we have been socially indoctrinated with.

Please also read  the section ending this blog post on Important Information About the Trance Channeling Process.  I have compiled this based on my own trance experiences.

Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with receiving telepathic information or trance channeling.

You can read more my background by clicking here.



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About My Master Kuthumi Trance Channeling Experience

4/19/15 Sunday New Moon Manifestation – 4.5 hours before Master Kuthumi Trance Channeling

In my Facebook feed, I read a post by one of my friends, who has a crystal Facebook page. She shared that it was the New Moon  on 4/19/15 and that it was a fertile time for manifestation.  She shared a technique of taking a crystal and programming it with your manifestation.  On 4/19/15 about 7:30 pm as my spouse and I were watching TV, I programmed the clear quartz crystal necklace that I was wearing with the intention and wish of becoming a clear, trance channel of high level beings of light and love to help humanity for my highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  I thought this was a beautiful service and gift I could give to others.   I kept my fingers on the crystal the entire time during this heartfelt intention.  This is the first time I had made a wish like this through one of my crystals. I rarely use the word “wish” and have not “wished” for anything since I was a little girl.  Instead, I may use the word “manifest”.

4/19/15 Trance Channeling of Master Kuthumi, Early a.m.  11:35 pm – 12:45 am,  My Bedroom, Laying in Bed, South Florida

A few hours later at about 11:10 p.m. my husband and I went to bed after watching two episodes of the TV series “Mad Men”.  Within a few minutes as I lay in bed, I felt the welling up in my throat area like some being wanted to express themselves through my voice box.  I experienced two small kriyas or muscle spasms in my left elbow and a stronger one in my abdomen area.   I felt two strange sensations in my perineum area.  My mouth opened in agape naturally  in anticipation of what was to come.

Immersion in Indigo Color

Using my imagination and visualization skills,I felt guided to immerse my physical body in indigo color, the color of the Third-Eye chakra for intuition and insight.  I looked through my Third Eye with my eyes closed.  I could see pinpoint white lights in an indigo blue background.  I wondered if an image of a being would pop out and appear in this landscape. This did not happen.

Channeled Message Rising Within Me

This being was so close to expressing themselves through me.  I felt my energetic body get swollen. I felt my energetic arms rise simultaneously above my physical body about six inches and hover there.  I knew something was up.

I uttered a garbled, indiscernible word out loud.  My husband laying next to me awoke and asked “What?”  I didn’t answer him. Something was going to express itself, and I wanted to focus on that.  About a minute later I spontaneously channeled ” I am…”   My entire solar plexus area tightened up during this.   I felt my spouse shift slightly and turn toward me.  I still did not want to be distracted and wanted to focus on getting this being to express himself through me. I was so glad something came through out loud. It was a step forward!

There was a pause about a minute or so.  Then I channeled out loud spontaneously  “Hi.”  It had waken spouse up.  He had heard it clearly.  My spouse said “At least they are friendly!”  My spouse has a great sense of humour.  Then he fell promptly back to sleep.

First Trance Channel Attempt: Nikola Tesla (7/10/1856-1/7/1943),  The Famous Inventor & Scientist in Spirit

Next, I received a clairvoyant image of Nikola Tesla. He was a prolific Serbian inventor and came up with alternating electric current.  His image was the same as found in the common photo of him on the internet.  This clairvoyant photo of him appeared as a thumbprint photo in the upper left hand corner of my mind’s eye.

Great, I thought he was stepping forth to be channeled.  I would love to have him use my voice box for channeling.  I focused on this image of him in my mind’s eyes, trying to create a strong connection so that he could come through. A force was welling up in the base of my throat. I felt he was so close to expressing himself, like 90% there.  My heart was pounding.   I noticed an increase in my heart rate.

I heard telepathically “your zoom lens…”

My Background with Channeling Tesla

I have tried to channel him, but not trance channel, him before but not successfully.  Please see below blog where I shared this experience:

I have had the thought in the past few weeks that I should try to channel him again. In fact, one of my meetup members, who has an engineering background,  wanted to get a circle of people together in March 2015 to hold the energy for me so that I could try to channel him again.  This did not transpire due to scheduling issues and us living in different parts of the country.

Second Trance Channel Attempt: Serapis Bey-Ascended Master

Then, telepathically,  I heard “Serapis Bey”, a name of an ascended master.  I have been hearing, just his name, telepathically and randomly,  in the past two weeks.  The frequency of hearing his name had increased recently in the past few days.  Now, I knew why.  He had been sending his calling cards of sorts to me by repeating his name in anticipation of this moment.

I have not yet channeled a message from Serapis Bey but I felt he was one of My Guides since 2015 when I started to hear his name more frequently telepathically. I sensed that now Mr. Tesla was stepping back, and Serapis Bey was stepping forward to be channeled.

Clairvoyantly, I received an artistic image of him that was on one of Doreen Virtue’s Angel oracle cards.  It appeared as a thumbprint picture of him right next to Nikola Tesla’s thumbprint photo in my mind’s eye.  It was as if they were appearing in small TV screens side by side in the first row of my mind’s eyes.

I focused on this image of him in my mind’s eyes, trying to create a strong connection so that he could come through.  I felt he was so close to expressing himself, like 90% there. The energy was welling up in in the base of my throat. My heart was pounding.

Third Trance Channel Attempt: Mr. Edgar Cayce (3/18/1877 -1/3/45), Renowned American Psychic in Spirit

Then, I had the thought that I should connect to someone who I have already channeled before. That was Mr. Edgar Cayce.  Perhaps, it would be much easier to connect with  him since I already had an existing partnership with him having channeled him many times in clients’ readings and psychic guidance circles.  His thumbprint image appeared next to Serapis’s Bey in my mind’s eyes in the top row.  I focused on his image. Telepathically in my own thought voice, I heard “Edgar Cayce is here.”

Within a minute or so, I spontaneously channeled out loud in a very shaky and old sounding voice ” I am Mr. Edgar Cayce.” My solar plexus was tight during this time.  I couldn’t believe it! It happened. It was a break through, and he had used my voice box!  My spouse woke up. I was so happy. I hoped that Mr. Cayce would channel something profound.

4th Trance Channel Attempt with Success: Master Kuthumi, Ascended Master

Next, telepathically in my own thought voice I heard “Master Kuthumi”.  I thought that he must be changing positions with Mr. Cayce, and now it was his turn.  I received a clairvoyant image of Master Kuthumi.  It was a fuzzy image but he was clearly wearing a large white turban with some large, faceted lighter colored jewel in the middle.  He also had dark, olive colored skin.   He was so dark that I thought that maybe he was black.  The image I received of him did not match the image of him that is on my Angel oracle cards.  I trusted my clairvoyant image more.

Then I voice channeled the below with Master Kuthumi using my voice box. He spoke in a very shaky voice, which made him sound like an old man.  He also used my right arm and right  hand a lot to make gestures.  He lifted my right arm clumsily and would point throughout the channeling in front of me as if he was pointing to an audience. It was very obvious that he was learning how to use my arm and hand because it was not smooth at all and very jerky.

I paraphrased his message as best as I could following the channeling.

Master Kuthumi’s Channeled Message (Paraphrased)

Master Kuthumi:   I am Master Kut…(This was truncated & did not come out fully) .. I have come to you to share my words… You are not alone… Do not doubt yourself… Your destiny is at hand… Many will come to hear your words… You will travel across the country…  You will share the words from that who is known as Jesus…You will become famous… (chanting and singing 2-3 lines from a song in an unfamiliar language)… You will be a repository of information… You are an angel… God blesses all his angels…Begin your work… (chanting and singing 2-3 lines from a song in an unfamiliar language)… You will fulfill your destiny… (sound tone) You are the oracle…. (sound tone) You are the oracle… Your divineness… Now, I must go…”

My Physical Reactions During the Trance Channeling

In between each of these phrases, the channeling paused, my arms dropped to my side, and I would take one or two deep breaths. There were such many pauses. I felt an odd pain in the lower back of my head on the left side. My eyes were watering, and each time he spoke through me, my solar plexus tightened.  At times, I wanted to cry because it was so taxing, but I controlled it.  I felt waves of light sweat break out over my entire body when I was channeling Master Kuthumi’s words.

Receiving Telepathic Information As Well During the Trance Channeling

During this session, I would receive the information at times telepathically from Master Kuthumi before he tried to express  it through my voice box.  At the very beginning of the session, I heard telepathically “prodigy”.  Sometimes, he was able to communicate out loud what I received immediately before telepathically.  Quite a few times, he just couldn’t say it out loud through me.  There was difficulty. When I received it telepathically, it came in very strong into my mind, which I appreciated, so though he couldn’t get it out, I knew what he wanted to say.

Though he said he would go at the end the session, Master Kuthumi picked up again, and I started channeling a few lines from a song in an unfamiliar language.

My heart space area still felt very stimulated about fifteen minutes after the trance channeling ended.  It just felt active.

My Psychic Perceptions After the Trance Channeling Ended

I felt that there were a few beings waiting or in the “queue” that would have loved to come through me immediately following Master Kuthumi. Telepathically, I heard the following after the session ended:

1. “Jesus was Jewish…Jesus was Jewish.”.. .The second coming of Christ”  – I am not Jewish or Christian or have any religious orientation. For whatever reason, the Guides wanted to express this twice to me.  I shared it here only as a record of my observations.

2. “Education…” – I sensed that this meant that trance channeling was an educational process for both me and the beings that came through me to express themselves.  We have to learn how best to facilitate this.

My Experiment

3. “Your experiment…” – About since 2014 I have heard telepathically and randomly that I have some sort of experiment.  I sensed that I had some sort of experiment that I decided on to do when I incarnated on this Earthly plane during this life time.  Up until this time, it has not been revealed to me what this experiment was or what it was associated with.  Since these words come so quickly on the heels of the Master Kuthumi’s channeling, I know now that my experiment has something to do with trance channeling.

Importance of Crystals

4. “Your crystals are important.”– I appreciated the importance of this.

My Connection with Crystals

I do wear the following crystal jewelry regularly and almost daily.  I wanted to list these for those who are into crystals:

-rose quartz pendant-for self-love, unconditional love and compassion for all things, people& Mother Earth

-sugalite pendant- a healer’s stone and one to align you with your life purpose. Telepathically, I received the name of the crystal in 2014 and within a few days purchased the pendant online. I didn’t even know what it was when I heard it. When I googled it, I learned it was a type of crystal.

-black onyx bracelet-to absorb lower vibrational energy and for grounding

– yellow and blue turquoise bracelet-for balanced self-expression and communication

– amethyst and moonstone ring – amethyst is for intuition and insight.  Moonstone is for intuition and helps with dream time.

– different crystal earrings made of hematite, carnelian, clear quartz, etc….

In addition, I keep an assortment of  cleared and programmed crystals next to me by my computer.  I spend a few hours a day by my computer as part of my work.  These crystals are about the size of small stones.

Whenever, I do an Angel oracle card reading for myself,  I get the “Crystals” card about 30% of the time.  This means I am meant to work with crystals & integrate them into my life.

In the third quarter of 2014 up until now I also have felt that the two large amethyst geodes in my house in South Florida were communicating with me on subtle levels.  I would be walking through my house and then suddenly be drawn to the crystal as if it was sending me some information.

My Background with  Jesus Christ, Another Ascended Master
Master Kuthumi said that I would channel Jesus Christ during the trance channeling session. I have channeled my first message from Jesus Christ in 2015 that I transcribed as I received it into my computer when it was happening.  It was not trance voice channeled but channeled telepathically.
Click here to hear the YouTube video on Facebook of this message as channeled by Katy on Faith, Trust Optimism & Positivity

Beings That I Sense that Want to Connect with Me Through Trance Channel

5 (1) “Aragon” – I have heard this name telepathically  on 4/20/15 Monday  and 4/21/15 Tuesday after the Master Kuthumi trance channeling of 4/19/15 Sunday: I have heard this sporadically in the past year, perhaps only 2-3 times. I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that wants to trance channel through me.  I have not channeled this being yet to date.

(2) “Archangels want to come…. Archangel Uriel…” On 4/21/15 Tuesday  I, telepathically, heard this. The way Archangel Uriel was said was in the way of the traditional Hebrew pronunciation.   I telepathically sent back  “I would honor their presences and to be a channel for their words. I welcome them.”   I have channeled messages from a few Archangels, including Archangel Uriel in 2014 and shared them here on this blog.

(3) “Ajuna” – I started  hearing this name since Sept 2014 about  once or twice a day. I also heard  it telepathically  on 4/20/15 Monday  and 4/21/15 Tuesday after the Master Kuthumi trance channeling of 4/19/15 Sunday.  This extraterrestrial trance channeled through me on the first time on 4/27/15 Monday, 1:46 pm , Seattle WA.   He shared a message about the New Age, the Shift, how people are going to be changing, how people are going to be born with advanced gifts.

(4) “Arun… Arduon…”  This is a name of an extraterrestrial being or space traveler that I have been hearing in 2015 telepathically quite a few times.  I trance channeled him for the first time on 4/20/15 Monday evening in Seattle in my bedroom for the first time.

(5) “Asgard” – This is a name of another  being that I have started hearing in 2015 telepathically. The frequency of his name increased about a week ago.  I trance channeled him for the first time when I was laying in bed spontaneously on 4/22/15  for about three minutes that ended at 2:22 a.m. in the morning. On 4/24/15 Friday I telepathically heard that he was a Lanternian.  Lanternians are light beings that I have received many channeled messages from and that I shared on this blog.

On 5/2/15 Saturday at about 11:15 pm as I lay in bed getting ready to sleep, I heart that Asgard was possibly an Arcturian.  This conflicts with what I received above.  I heard that he can see people’s past lives and kashic records (for Akashic records).  I wondered if I could invite him to help me with Akashic records readings for clients.  I did not receive answer to this.  As I am typing this on 5/2/15, I heard he was a gatekeeper.

(6) “Astuk… Astuk…”  I heard this name  a few times since 4/20/15 regularly and also in 2015.   This is a name of another being that I haven’t channeled yet. I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that may trance channel through me.

(7) “Azurcan”–  I heard this name for the first time on 4/27/15 Monday evening at about 8:00 pm telepathically.  I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that may trance channel through me. About an hour later, he expressed himself through me spontaneously when I working on my computer.

I also heard his name many times telepathically on 5/1/15 Friday.

I felt the familiar sensation of energy welling in my throat, a precursor to a trance channeling  and heard the name Azurcan just before he expressed himself.

4/27/15 Monday  Azurcan Trance Channeling Living Room Meeting Me in My Dream State, Seattle, WA ended 9:01 pm, 17 min 23 sec

Here is the transcription of above sound file that was transcribed after the channeling:

Azurcan: “I am..hhhh… I am the one….hhh…You shall see me… I am the one known as A zur can…I have come to you to share my…hhhhh….my… hhhhh…my expressions…It has been a long time since I have communicated like this.  It is new for me. Please understand and be patient.  You are kind to allow me into your energy field… I exist on many high…hhhhh…dimensions…hhhhh… This is easier than I thought. You have been prepared..ah….well to allow this type of…hhhhhhh… coming together….(sounds)… I would like to share some important information about these…hhhh… changing..hhhh…changing…(pause)… You must allow to….hhhhh….. It is a challenge now…

I will appear to you during a dream at night time….(ah)…I will introduce myself to you so that you are familiar with my name. I am a…. hhhh… designated representative.  I am allowed to interact with you at this time. Your angels have made it clear that you are…prepared…to receive this information to share to those on Earth at this time to introduce some new concepts and terminology..hhh..

I shall meet you in your dream.  I will show you…hhh… some higher…hhh… higher existences… from your past lives. I shall take you there. I will be your escort…It is in the planning stages and will come to be in due time.

You are familiar with space travel and have already…hhhh… been visiting other…. hhhh other dimensions of your reality. It will be interesting for you.  You shall come back and share what you have experienced to let others know of these…hhhh… these….alternate…dimensions, parallel universes.   You will be very successful in…hhhh….in…hhhh….in…navigating in this manner.

This is a New Time for many human beings, who are going through some difficulties as well as growth in extraordinary ways…(pause)…It is in your destiny and so it shall be. It shall come to pass.

 I am Azurcan come to deliver this message to you so that you can be prepared and understand your role.  I look forward to…hhhh… our union… our …our..hhhh…commonalities….We are preparing as well to make this….hhhh…agreeable…hhhh…hhhh…event in your life and your history.

This has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned to recalibrate myself to your attunings, to your energy field, to  your vibration. It requires a special frequency.  However, I am allowed to access this to allow this communication, for me to deliver ..hh…my..hhhh.. important….hhhh… message.

We shall meet again.  Till then I wish you well with much love in my heart, compassion, and kindness for you and all of ….hhhh….your successes…hhh…. I want you to feel my vibration and learn when I come to call.  According to the guidelines, we must be allowed to visit.  We are entraining in your… energy.  This allows us to communicate and for me to hear your thoughts…

I am Azurcan. I have spoken. Now, it is time for me to go…hhhh…hhhh…hhh….

Katy: Namaste, Azuranc

You are welcome…. You are….hhhh…

Katy: Thank-you, Azurcan.  I am looking forward to our engagement when we shall meet in my dream state.

Azurcan:  You will be lucid to help you with your recall.

Katy: Thank-you. I appreciate it. That way I can document it.

Documentation is necessary and why I delivered my message to you now so that you may proceed as we have requested.  Thank-you for your help.  We look forward to this mutual…hhh…understanding between our two worlds.  We can communicate in this way for you have been designed, and it has been planned.

Katy: Thank-you, Azurcan.  I thank all the beings that is making this communication possible. Namaste.

Katy: I see him clairvoyantly bowing. 

A few minutes after it ended I felt strong tingles at very  top of my head and also around the circumference of my upper head.  Then I heard telepathically “You are violet”.

(8) Exascaban-  I spelled this like I telepathically heard it so I am unsure if the spelling is correct;however, I don’t think the beings are concerned with such formalities.  I have heard this name on 5/1/15 Friday and 5/2/15 Saturday a few times  I have heard it before but very infrequently.  I have not channeled this being yet to date.  I sense that this is an being that wants to trance channel through me.

(9) “Lyricus”  – I also heard this name,telepathically, one or two times in about the last quarter of 2014.  My spouse bought a book that had channeled messages from Lyricus in 2014 which is when I first was introduced to this name.  This is a group of beings that other channeler(s) have  connected with.  I have not channeled these beings yet to date and sense that they possibly want to trance channel through me.

(10) Malderone – On 4/24/15 I heard this name as well as a few times in 2015. I have not channeled this being yet to date.  I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that wants to trance channel through me.

(11) “Seropsis” – I telepathically heard on 5/6/15 Wednesday and 5/7/15 Thursday.  I have heard this as well a few times in 2014.  I haven’t channeled this being yet. I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that may trance channel through me.

(12) “Solahweh” – This is a new name that I telepathically heard on 4/21/15 Tuesday. I spelled it like I heard it. I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that wants to trance channel through me.  I have not channeled this being yet to date.

(13)” Valdagon” – I telepathically heard on 4/26/15 Sunday.  I have heard this as well a few times in 2014.  I haven’t channeled this being yet. I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that may trance channel through me.

(14) “Verasconi” –  I telepathically heard on 5/4/15 Monday and 5/3/15 Sunday.  I have heard this as well a few times in 2015 to date.  I haven’t channeled this being yet. I sense that this is an extraterrestrial or light being that may trance channel through me.

Human Beings in Spirit That I Sense that Want to Connect with Me Through Trance Channel

(1) Benjamin. I heard heard this name telepathically in own thought voice from time to time in 2015.  On 5/1/15 Friday & 5/2/15 Saturday I heard it repeated about three times.  I asked telepathically if it was for “Benjamin Franklin” who I channeled before and shared that blog post.  I did not receive a conscious response back so I am still unclear as to who Benjamin is.

(2) Milton Berle, well-known comedian in spirit, who passed in 2002.  On 4/23/15 Thursday  & 4/24/15 Friday I just sensed that he may be interested in coming forth for trance channeling at random times during the day.

(3) “Dolores” (passed on 10/19/14). A  past live regressionist, speaker,  and Arkansas author of 17 books, speaker and developed Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. She researched such subjects as reincarnation, past life regressive hypnosis, life, death, origins of humanity, UFO’s and extraterrestrials. She has learned most of her knowledge from her clients, who tell her the details of their past lives on this and other planets under hyponosis..

 This I intuitively known is to refer to Dolores Cannon. I have heard her name telepathically in my own thought voice from time to time sporadically in 2015.  I respect her alot and admire her for creating the body of work through her many published series of books of what her clients under hypnotherapy revealed to her about their aliens existences and encounters.   I only read one of her books to date , The Convoluted Universe II, in 2013 but it touched my heart deeply as I could relate to some of her case studies in  my own OBEs.

(4) James Gandolfini,  an actor in spirit, who passed on 6/19/13. On  4/24/15 Thursday I received a clairvoyant image of him. He was  best known for his role as Tony Soprano, an American Mafia boss in the HBO series The Sopranos. I received a clairvoyant image in the early a.m. between 3:30-5:00 a.m. while in bed.  He just popped into my mind suddenly and spontaneously.  My spouse and I watched all the Sopranos episodes, though I was uncomfortable with some of the violence in the series.

I had another “energetic encounter” with the spirit of James Gandolfini.  It was in about early 2015.  My spouse and I were eating at a traditional, small neighborhood Italian restaurant in South Florida for the first time. There were red and white checkered tablecloths and Italian music playing.  At the time I felt that this was like a small Italian restaurant you would find on a New York City block and a place where the character Tony Soprano, that James Gandolfini played, would go and enjoy to eat with his Italian cronies in the TV series “The Sopranos”.

All  of a sudden as I sat there at the table,  I felt a rush of energy go through me from the lower half of my body to my crown chakra.  I almost felt my neck going back and my head tilting back. I thought for a split second I was going to lose control of my body.  It was almost like a strong gust of wind coming up from behind you  and under you and knocking you off-balance. Then as quick as it came, this energy force left me.   This entire incident took me off guard as it was unexpected and so fast.

I sense that was a quick visitation of Mr. Gandolfino’s spirit through me.  Somehow, I invoked him by thinking about this Italian restaurant and how he would have enjoyed eating there.

(5) “Jefferson”.  I heard heard this name telepathically in own thought voice from time to time in 2015.  On 5/1/15 Friday & 5/2/15 Saturday I heard it repeated about three times.  I asked telepathically if it was for “Thomas Jefferson”. I did not receive a conscious response back so I am still unclear as to who Jefferson is.  As I am typing this on 5/2/15 I received a clairvoyant image of Thomas Jefferson in a white ruffled long sleeve shirt that males from his era wore.  So  I sense now that this is for Thomas Jefferson.  It came very quickly after “Benjamin” that I thought perhaps that they were associated.  I have heard the name “Alexander Hamilton” during 2015 a few times as well.

(6) “Patrick Swayze”. This is an actor who passed in 2009 and was best known in his acting role in the movie “Dirty Dancing”. I have enjoyed his movies but I don’t have a special affinity to him.

(7) “Uncle Andy”. – This surprised me. This was my spouse’s uncle in spirit who had passed about 10-15 years ago.  I thought he was shy as a spirit. I would often get clairvoyant images of my spouse’s aunt (Uncle Andy’s sister) and my spouse’s grandmother in spirit especially  in 2015 but Uncle Andy would not come forth or present himself.

(8) Robin Williams, well-known comedian in spirit, who passed in 2014 – As I typed the above statement on 4/24/15 about Milton Berle, I heard Robin William’s name telepathically.

Other Spirit Visitations-Dr. Marcel Vogel, in early 2015, Dinner time between  5:15 -6:15 pm, Italian Restaurant, South Florida

I have had this type of experience only two prior times before.   One time in 2015 or early 2015 when my spouse was giving a presentation at Soul Evolution Center in South Florida on energy and crystals.  I was sitting in the back row of seats in the conference room.  All of a sudden about two feet away from me to my right, I sensed a full size spirit there with the girth of a male frame.  As I am typing this, I heard it was “holographic”.   I could almost sense its weight and height like five feet eleven or so.  I was walking toward me in the aisle between the seats.  I received a clairvoyant image of Dr. Marcel Vogel and knew he was in attendance at my husband’s talk!

Dr. Marcel Vogel was a research scientist, who passed in 1991. He was known for his research with crystals and came up with the precision cut Vogel crystal.

This make sense.  My spouse was doing alot of work and research with crystals to program and restructure water for human energy healing and the foundation of his work was based on Dr. Vogel’s research and development.

Other Spirit Visitations-Melia, Incan Shaman Woman, Healing Procedure, John of God Presentation at the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida, about 2010, afternoon

I was sitting  in one of the back row of seats at the Metaphysical Chapel.  I was there to hear a presenter talk about John of God, the healing medium of Brazil.   She was a tour guide and took people on retreats to see John of God at the Casa in Abadiania, Brazil. My spouse and I actually used her as a tour guide when we went on a retreat to see John of God in July 2011.

I was watching the presenter go up to the front of the room.  She started speaking.  All of a sudden, I was filled with so much love.  I thought it was a beautiful thing what she was doing, teaching and helping people like that.  The love was welling up within me.  My eyes started watering.

Then suddenly, my head jerked back spontaneously.  It was like I was looking at the ceiling, and my head was all the way back.  Then clairvoyantly, I saw Melia, an Incan shaman woman in spirit.  (Please see my experience with her below).  She was dancing and chanting in my Third Eye.  I had a fear that I would uncontrollably start chanting and dancing right there as well in the room.

My head was still awkwardly tilted back.  I could not, for the life of me, lift it back in place to a normal position.  It was like there was some kind of force keeping my head back like that.   I just sat there like that for a few minutes.  I did not what to do as I could not even get up.

There was a woman sitting next to me.  She was very sweet and into metaphysics and spirituality.  She  notice that I  was sitting there with my head tilted all the way back.  She asked me if I was OK.  I told  her that I could not get my head back, that it was stuck.  Luckily, I still had control of my vocal chords!

Other people sitting around us started to notice us and what was happening.   The presenter felt the disruption in the back of the room.  She asked what was going on.  The nice woman next to me said that my head was stuck, and I could not get it unstuck.

The presenter recited some prayers in Portuguese and snapped her fingers around my head.  She said “It should be fine now. ”  I tried.  I still could not lift my head back into a normal position.

Then with sheer brute force, as I if was fighting against a G-force I lifted it back into position.  I then sat in a trance for the next 20-30 minutes in my chair.  I stared like a zombie at a fixed random point about fifteen feet away.

Since this experience, I asked many spiritual and metaphysical teachers what they think happened to me.  One teacher said that the head tilted back position is a position that is used in healing procedures for the Third Eye.  That made sense, the Third Eye becomes easily accessible and prominent in this position.

I sense that was what it was.  I had experienced some sort of spontaneous healing procedure and that is why I continue to be in a trance even after.  They (the healing entities) were still working with me and wanted me to be very still and quiet during this time.

The presenter said that she has many healing entities that are around her because of the work that she does at the Casa with John of God.  I think that they must have participated along with Melia in this healing for me.

“Archangels want to come…. Archangel Uriel…” On 4/21/15 Tuesday  I, telepathically, heard this. The way Archangel Uriel was said was in the way of the traditional Hebrew pronunciation.   I telepathically sent back  “I would honor their presences and to be a channel for their words. I welcome them.”   I have channeled messages from a few Archangels, including Archangel Uriel in 2014 and shared them here on this blog.

Importance of Grounding After Trance Channeling

It was difficult to get grounded right after the Master Kuthumi channeling ended.  I knew I had to.  I did some hand movements around my physical body to ground it. I visualized being connected to Mother Earth.  I asked the Angels to help me ground.  I could have easily gone into trance and zoned out if I allowed myself.  My heart space area was tingling.  I knew I could channel another being.  I wanted to end it though. It had been quite taxing. I didn’t want to overdo it on my first time, and the time was very late now, about 12:45 a.m. in the morning.  I was still in bed.

I got up and got a pyrite cluster from my tray of crystals in the kitchen to ground myself.  I held the stone with both hands and visualized its grounding energy entering my arms and going through my entire body. I still did not feel grounded.  I heard “calcopyrite”.  That is the name of another stone I have. I was too lazy to get up and get that stone from my tray of crystals.    Then I telepathically heard “lead boots”.  So I imagined I was wearing heavy dark lead shoes.  That seemed to do the trick and grounded me.

I hope in the future that this incorporation of these high level light beings into my system is less taxing on my autonomous system.  I will be working with My Guides on this & communicating with them telepathically to make it easier on me and with less strain and more flow.


Important Background Information Leading to the Master Kuthumi Trance Channeling

Below are the fascinating events leading up to the 4/19/15 Master Kuthumi trance channeling for further understanding and important background.

My Previous Trance Channeling Experiences

1) Trance Channeling an Extraterrestrial- Somewhere between 2011 – 2013 at the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida, Trance Mediumship Workshop

I attended a trance medium training workshop. The two facilitators were from the United Kingdom. During the practical student exercises each one of us partnered up with another student. My partner was a female colleague of mine and actually a professional medium in the South Florida area.  We were to take turns to practice trance channeling with each other.

When it was my turn, I took a few deep breaths.  I also did about three sound tonings spontaneously. It was kind of embarrassing to do this out loud but it was part of my process.  I started to have this crying sensation as I trance channeled a being that I felt was an extraterrestrial (ET).  I don’t recall the being’s name.

The instructor came over and  asked the being to leave me. She said that it shouldn’t be that taxing on the medium that they would be crying.  I felt the being’s disappointment. He was enjoying this opportunity to present himself to the workshop and being in the spotlight.  I do recall that as I sat there in the chair, he was looking out, though my eyes were closed, and purveying the room.  He was also using my using my arms and hand to make small gestures from time to time. He talked very simply like on a fifth grade level. Unfortunately because I did not chronicle it at the time, I forgot what he shared. It was something general and inspirational. I almost forgot about this experience if I hadn’t been blogging about it now.

ET Trance Channel Similarities to Recent Channeling of 4/18/15 with Master Kuthumi

As you just read, this experience has some similarities to the Kuthumi trance channeling.   These similarities included the following:

a) The spontaneous sound toning

b) The deep breathing

c) The sensation of wanting to cry because it was taxing to my system

d) The use or manipulation of my arms and hands by the being to make gestures

2) Second Trance Channeling – Some time in 2010-2011 Melia, Incan Shaman Woman, My Bathroom, South Florida

The other occurrence of a trance channeling occurred when I had a small irritation on my right big toe.  I remember exactly when it started.  I put my bare feet into my sandals when I was going out and felt something gritty on my right big toe.  Over the next few days, it got increasingly irritated.

I was in my bathroom in the afternoon.  I had just gotten out of the shower, and the towel was still wrapped around me. My husband was away on business so I was alone in the house.  I decided to look at my toe and check out its status.  I lifted my right foot to the edge of the bath tub.  All of a sudden, I saw the aura around my right foot spike about a foot and a half away from my toe.  A part of the aura was bright green.  I could not believe it.  I never see auras this fast.  Though I could see auras since my spiritual awakening in 2009, it usually takes about five minutes of staring gently around something  to see its aura.

Then I felt something welling inside of me.  It was very strange and unusual. I felt both my eyes start to water simultaneously.  Then I started to chant spontaneously!  I chanted for about three minutes straight.  I could not believe it! I was perfectly lucid. I just went with it since I was alone,  and after a few minutes it subsided.  During the chanting, I saw clairvoyantly in my mind, a  short petite older woman in her seventies or so with sun weathered skin.

A day or two later I sat down with my journal and telepathically asked for more information about her. Prior to this date, I had no experience or interest with shamanistic work or studying Indian culture or tribes.  I channeled that her name is Melee or “Melia”, an Incan shaman woman, from Peru.  Her name came in phonetically, and I spelled it like I heard it.  I  She had lived in a village and was the village shaman. She healed many villagers and was powerful and well-known.  People bought their sick farm animals to her as well.  She had come to me to heal my toe.   She said she had waited a long time to do her healing through someone, and now she has finally found me.

(Note: I received “Melia” as a correction as I typed this into this  blog post.)

Melia also came to me about a week later when I was in the shower, checking out the same right big toe.  Again, I started chanting spontaneously but this time for only a minute or so.   I saw the aura around that area with my physical eyes for a split second.  My eyes watered up during the chanting.

Following that, I invited Melia by name into all my Reiki direct sessions for clients. Sometimes she came, and I would voice channel her chants out loud if my client are comfortable with me doing this.   I don’t have any conscious awareness of what I am chanting and what it means or what it does. When she uses my voice box to channel, both my eyes usually water.

Melia works through me using my arms and hands to make healing gestures around my client’s bodies.  She will clap and snap her fingers through me around different parts of the client’s body.   She doesn’t do this with every client.  Perhaps about thirty percent of Reiki sessions she comes to participate on my request.  I found that when I  take deep breaths and do a few sound tonings, I can connect with her more readily for her to work through me.  Because I hold Reiki sessions in an office complex, I sometimes worry about chanting too loud because the other office tenants may here, and it may be disturbing to them.  When Melia’s chanting does occur through me,  I really want to just belt it out, full force, but I tone it done.

Melia Trance Channeling Similarities to Recent Channeling of 4/19/15 with Master Kuthumi

As you just read, this experience has some similarities to the Master Kuthumi trance channeling.  These similarities  include the following:

a) The spontaneous sound toning

b) The deep breathing

c) My eyes watering

d) The use or manipulation of my arms and hands by the being to make gestures

3) Another earlier sign of my ability to sound channel  is when I channel songs & melodies spontaneously.

This has occurred at many times since my spiritual awakening in 2009 up until now.  It occurs only in my house when I am most comfortable and no one is around.  Though, I occasionally will do when my husband is in the room because I am very comfortable with him.   I  have spontaneously channeled tones and single line songs randomly when I am in my house. For example, one line that I sing is “I am the one….” I sing out loud spontaneously certain melodies and single line songs.  This happens a few times during the week regularly.  The melodies are all unfamiliar to me.

4) Attempts at Trance Channeling 4/18/15  Saturday the day before the 4/19/15 Master Kuthumi Trance Channeling,  Late Evening, South Florida, Laying in Bed, My Bedroom

My spouse and I went to bed after watching the movie rental “Wild” starring the actress Reese Witherspeen.  I did not check the time but perhaps it was about 11:00 pm.   Within a few minutes of laying down, I felt something welling up inside of me in my throat area.  It was as if I wanted to talk but could not get it out. I knew exactly what it was. Some being wanted to express itself through me. It was so close to doing that. My mouth went agape naturally and in anticipation.My spouse was already asleep.  I made a spontaneous sound. It was garbled and not a word.

I have had a few instances of attempting to making a sound when I was sleeping since 2009.  This would occur maybe once a month or less so it was not frequent.  But now I see it was a precursor and preparation in my sleep state leading up to what happened on  4/19/15 with Master Kuthumi’s trance channeling.

After making this sound, I got up to get a drink of water. My spouse woke up. I told him that it sounded like someone was trying to get through me and express themselves. I told him not to be surprised if I started talking in my sleep. Within  a few  minutes of going back to bed, the words actually came up.  I spontaneously channeled out loud the words “I am…”  It came out shaky and like an old man.  My spouse had already fallen asleep and did not hear me channel this.  I was surprised this came through but stayed calm to see what else would come through my voice box.  After this, I knew that something was up, that there was activity going on and that some being(s) wanted to channel through me and my voice box.

My Sore Throat & Activity in Heart Space Area Prior to the Master Kuthumi Trance Channeling

Every day during the week of April 6th, my throat had been sore in a very odd place. I would wake up in the early a.m. from my night-time sleep and have a strange tickle high up in my throat. It was quite unusual. It was not major but definitely noticeable and not normal.  It went away as I went about my day but then would come back again in the early a.m. when I was sleeping. These symptoms have continued as of the date of this rating of 4/23/15 Thursday. I had not been around anyone who was sick.  These type of symptoms and length of duration was highly unusual for me.

By the following week, the week  of April 13th, the tickle had gotten progressively worse.  By April 16th I would cough from time to time. There were about three consecutive days on  April 17th – April 22nd where my voice had noticeably changed as a result for other people to comment on it.

As of 4/26/15  Sunday I started feeling about 80% of my normal self.

This is not uncommon for light workers and others to experience physical symptoms because of the changes going on in the Earth today on subtle energy levels.

My Spouse Experiencing the Same Exact Symptoms

For the first time in our twenty-five year marriage, my spouse experienced the same symptoms in his throat with coughing starting on 4/13/15 Monday and continuing to 4/23/15 as of the date of this writing.  We are not usually are in parallel like that with our symptoms. We shall see in time the significance of this.

Holistic & Energetic Healing Remedies for my Sore Throat

I was using holistic remedies as much as possible to heal my throat.  I received strong clairvoyant images of having tea with lots of lemon and honey, so I did that in the early mornings when my throat was most irritated.  I did Reiki on myself every night and bought in green color for healing and applied it to my throat area.  I asked Archangel Raphael, Archangel of Healing, to help me.  I put tea tree oil and oregano oil  in my aromatherapy diffuser during the day to infuse that into the house.  I also gargled with that as well about three times during this time.  I invoked the healing power of a malachite crystal in my bedroom to my throat space.  A few times in Seattle, I laid in meditation and invoked the healing energy of the sun’s rays.

In addition to my sore throat, I felt some unusual activity in my heart space area a few inches in front of my chest in roughly  a circular area of 10 inches in diameter. It felt like  it was attached to the base of my  throat and related to it somehow like they were connected.

Telepathic Words that were Foreshadowing to the Master Kuthumi Trance Channeling

In addition, about a week prior to the Master Kuthumi trance channeling, I heard telepathically in my own thought voice at random times during the day once or twice the following statement:

“We will be working with your voice box.”

Therefore,  I thought that my sore throat that I felt in the early  a.m.  was related to the  work that was being done energetically by My Guides to my voice box. On a certain level, I knew this and did not complain too much about my odd, sore throat.  Knowing the reason for my sore throat and its purpose made it easier to handle.

Telepathic Information about My Psychic Gifts Prior to the Master Kuthumi Trance Channeling

I also heard telepathically in my own thought voice more frequently  and randomly during the past two months a few times during the week:

“You are different.” – to date, I don’t know what this means.   I think everyone is different and unique.

“You do things differently.”

“Your gifts will be changing.”

“You are changing.”

“Your visions will be increasing…premonitory… “– On 4/21/15 Tuesday, I heard this telepathically as I was typing this  blog post.  Premonitory means sensing things before they happen.  Currently, I don’t possess this gift.

 “They (your gifts) will be broadened… They will be accelerated…You will be able to see into past, present and future…” – I received this twice or so when I telepathically asked for explanatory information on the above.

“When you look into someone’s eyes, you will see their past lives.” – I heard this one time in mid April.

I  would love to have my gifts expanded in this way. Most of the time I received nothing back telepathically when I asked for clarification on the above.

My Recent Experiences with Sensing People’s Past Lives

These are my recent experiences with sensing past and future lives. Upon thinking about it, I would agree that recently in the past three weeks sensing past and future lives has been happening more often so what I heard telepathically in regards to this seems to be happening in my life.

In the past two months, I have sensed a few times my friends’ past lives. I shared them below:

a) In Dec 2014, I was at dinner with two of my girlfriends at an Asian restaurant in South Florida. One friend was talking about how she feels that she had a certain past life and was attracted to it.  As she talked, I spontaneously started receiving images and words about one of her past lives.   I saw when she was Celtic.  I also telepathically heard the word “moore” and heard music that sounded like the musical artist “Enya”.

I shared my psychic perceptions with my friend.  She got excited and agreed. She loves Enya! Even though my friend is not Scottish, she felt she had an attraction to it.

b) During a 4/17/15  Friday hour-long Reiki session that I gave to a client,  I received two very quick images of  her two past lives. One was of her outside on the deck of  large wooden ship with blue sky in the background.  I knew she was sailing to the Americas.  There was something, a relationship,  maybe with the captain of the ship.  I heard the word “galley”.

I also saw an image of her imprisoned in a dark dungeon by herself.  I heard the word “brothel”.  I also heard that she had “nineteen lives”.  I thought it was “nine lives” so I asked telepathically for the Guides to repeat it because I told them that I would not share it with the client if it wasn’t accurate.  Clearly, I heard back “nineteen” with the letter “t” enunciated. Therefore, I shared this with her.

My Recent Experience with Sensing Future Lives

a) About 4/15/15  I spontaneously received psychic information that my husband has a future life where he works with  robots, their development and “artificial intelligence”.  Upon physical passing, he will go back to this technology realm.  In real life he is very technical and has an engineering background. When he attended engineering college, he had done a project using a robot!  This is the first time I have received information about someone’s future life.  This specific future life explained a lot about my spouse’s natural and inherent strengths, talents and interests that he exhibits now. It was very illuminating to me.  It helped me to understand him better.

After what happened in the evening of 4/18/15 Saturday  I thought that this feeling of having something welling up inside of me, wanting to be expressed related to this recent correlating  telepathic information I had received in regards to my gifts being accelerated.

I am an Angel

On 4/17/15 Friday evening as I lay in bed ready to sleep , I telepathically heard in my own thought voice “You are an angel…You are an angel… You are an archangel…”  This is the first time I have heard this.  Because it came in more than once,  I feel confident that I heard this correctly.

I am not letting this go to my head.  It may be that I am an angel on a concurrent life.  I have experienced a few of my concurrent lives in multi-dimensional travels in my  out-of-body experiences in my sleep state that I have blogged about.   To put it in perspective, I have also heard telepathically recently “You are Egyptian” , “You are Jewish” and “You are Arcturian”. So I am many things!

I know that there those who believe Angels cannot walk the earth because their vibration is so high.  I have read this myself in various spiritual and metaphysical writings.

I will share some experiences I had where it felt like I was an angel.

Feeling My Etheric Wings Unfold During a Reiki Session

Sometime in the past 5 years I had two Reiki sessions where other people were giving me a Reiki in which I felt an unusual sensation. One of these sessions included when my spouse gave me Reiki upstairs in our house in South Florida.  I was laying on the Reiki table on my back. When the sessions first started, I felt a sensation as if I had wings and that they were folded in the back of me and then they  unfolded!  It felt like I had a large wing span perhaps 6 feet across on each side.

Dream of Ascending as an Angel

Also, in 2009 on the cusp of my spiritual awakening I had a lucid dream.  In it I was in the living room with my spouse and daughter.  I felt myself rising into the air. As I did, I looked down onto them with such love and tenderness and with my arms outstretched as an angel does.

My Odd Food & Drink Cravings / Psychic Messages About My Diet/Exercise

In the past three weeks  I have been having cravings for odd foods and drinks. I feel this was to prepare my physical body for the Master Kuthumi trance channeling experience.  It is important to be balanced in all your nutrient levels for the taxing trance experience.

Please know that below are not meant to be recommendations for you.  Each person is unique in their nutritional requirements and this is dependent on numerous factors and unique genetic makeup.

I have received the following in the past two weeks:

– a new craving for pickles, mustard and horseradish.  This is highly unusual for me and to date, I don’t consume these foods at all.

– a new craving for tuna fish. I also received clairvoyant  images of this. I sense it was for the zinc.

– a new taste for raw ahi tuna.  I could taste this in my mouth during the day even when I had not eaten it! This is the psychic sense of clairgustinance when you can actually taste foods that are not there.

– clairvoyant images of Gatorade.  One time I received an image of a lime flavored Gatorade bottle immediately upon waking up.  My electrolytes must have been off. I bought sugar-free Gatorade and had one-third of a cup of this every other day or so.  I am not crazy about having this artificially flavored drink with artificial colors but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages and I wanted to honor and respect my Guides for sending me this image.

– clairvoyant images of diet Coke.  It even appeared in a dream about two weeks ago in which there were bottles and bottles of Coke. This I know was for the phosphoric acid in the soda. It is very difficult to get phosphorus, an important trace element, into your body through foods. It is not usually sold as a supplement or pill.

I have integrated a one-third cup of diet Coke every other day into my daily diet.  I know diet Coke is not good for you but as I stated earlier the benefits of consuming this in limited quantities outweigh the disadvantages, and I want to respect and honor my Guides in giving me this important piece of information.

– clairvoyant images of larger servings of  carrots.  I know that this is to increase my  beta-carotene levels.  I have been shown that it is more than two small carrots I need a day, which is what I started taking.  I increased that amount after the images that I received to do so.

– clairvoyant images of potatoes and cravings for potatoes.  Potatoes have phosphorus as well as important potassium.

– On 4/13/15 Monday immediately upon waking up, I telepathically heard in my own thought voice “Hemp”.  I knew this to mean I need to incorporate hemp seeds or nuts into my diet.  Hemp is high in omega-3 amongst other things.

– On 4/17/15 Friday I heard telepathically “Flax seed oil is very important.”  Because I kept hearing “flax seed” telepathically months ago,  I have been taking a teaspoon of this 3-5 times a week  But this is the first time I heard that it was very important.  The Guides really want me to get this message.  Flax seed is also high in Omega-3s.

– I received a clairvoyant image of lemon bread.  I also had a recent dream with lemon bread in it. On 4/21/15 Tuesday I tasted lemons in my mouth through clairgustinance when I was working on my computer.  I sense that the lemons are important for detoxification and “clearing”.  For the first time in my life since February of 2015 I have been drinking water with slices of lemon in it.

– On 4/20/15 Monday after the Master Kuthumi trance channeling I received the following:

a) a clairvoyant image of fish oil pills.   I guess it is really important for me to have those omega 3’s for my nervous system!

b) I telepathically  received “Vitamin B”.   This vitamin is for your nerves.  Again, the Guides are stressing the importance of nutrients for my nerves for the trance channeling process.

c) “Your energy levels are important… More carbohydrates…”  Again, trance channeling requires a tremendous energy on the channeler’s part.  Carbs give you energy.   Now, I know why I have in the past two weeks I have had two dreams where I was shown loaves of bread! In one dream about 4/16/15 a man had baked a yellow cake and there were croissants and strawberries on the top of it! Talk about carbs on top of carbs.

In mid June of 2015 I was thinking of going on the Atkin’s diet, which is low carbohydrate. Telepathically, I heard that My Guides say that it would affect my channeling.  Then, I sensed and just knew  that my mood would drop and I would feel tired,  if I went very low on my carbs and that this would affect the quality of my channeling.

In 2015 a few times when I did lower my carb intake from day to day, I would receive clairvoyant images of Turkish food, higher in carbohydrates.  For example, I received clairvoyant images of a  pan of  baked Turkish rice with chicken and Turkish burdek, the pastry with filo dough, that my mother and father used to make when I was growing up.   When I received these clairvoyant images of food,  I could almost taste these dishes in my mouth as well.  I was born in Turkey, and I sensed that my father or Turkish relatives-in-spirit were sending me these images to let me know I should increase my daily carb intake.

– On 4/21/15-4/22/15  following the Master Kuthumi channeling I had an increased appetite and desired carbs. I usually moderate the level of my carbs.  However, now I just didn’t care.  I felt intuitively that this was okay and necessary and what my  body needed at this time.

– On 4/23/15 Thursday I felt that finally my usual desire for balanced food with organic vegetables and organic spices was back.  I didn’t feel as carb depleted.  My body must have normalized after the Master Kuthumi trance channeling of 4/19/15 Sunday. I am so thankful for that

– In 2014 I started working out intuitively. I would do stretching exercises that I received clairvoyant images of.  One exercise I started to do was tilting my head back.  This stretched out my neck and upper spine and opened up my throat chakra.  I believe this physical expansion of my throat was to vitalize my throat chakra in preparation for the trance channeling to come in 2015.

Detoxification of My Foods and Environment in 2014

– Just as additional background to what I can see now as preparation for Master Kuthumi trance channeling of 4/19/15, in 2014 I detoxed my food & my living space.  I did this by doing the following:

1) I went to all organic food and drink products as much as possible.  I stopped buying conventional food.

2) I started using a lot of organic dried seasonings and herbs in my food.

3) I switched over to green household cleaning supplies and paper products.

4) I switched over to beauty products that were paragons fee, had no sulfates, and were not tested on animals.  Also, I looked for ingredients that were organic.

4) I stopped using the microwave oven.  “There are harmful emissions from this device that detrimentally affect the vibration of the food substances”.  (This was directly channeled as I typed it.)

5) I store my leftovers and food in clear glass containers as much as possible. I avoid or limit the the time my food products are in plastic.  I just sense that glass has a higher vibration and a better storage receptacle for food.

I sensed that this was important for me to do at the time. Now, I can see why.  All these things increased my vitality and chi levels, which are very necessary for trance channeling.

A Past Dream with Trance Channeling Sometime in 2012-2013

I had a message dream. Because I did not log it, I forgot the details. But the major gist of this dream that I do recall was that I was shown a beautiful violet book. It had a wonderful, luminescent purple glow about it, making it look extra special and highlighting it.  This type of glow  is my dream symbol that this was a special message to me. The title of the book was “Trance”.

Upon wakening, I knew this to be a message to me that I should do trance.  At the time, I had no desire or motivation to pursue this.  Now, after the Master Kuthumi trance channeling, I see that this dream was prophetic.

My New Motivation with Trance Channeling

After the attempt on 4/18/15 Saturday where a being wanted to come through, I thought about how nice it would be to do full trance channel, where the words coming out of mouth, were put there by the beings themselves through my voice box.  It would take the pressure off of me.  My readings would be 100% from the being.  I would not have to worry about my ego interfering or if my belief systems blocked some of the channeled message. I would fully trust the integrity and authenticity of the channeled messages I received if I received them in this way in a trance channel state.

I know I am hard on myself and expectation of what I receive as channeled messages but I want to make sure that they are indeed clear, accurate and the integrity of the message is kept as expressed by the being.  Some people may think I am a perfectionist but I feel I have a great responsibility to make sure it is all kosher. This would definitely be the case if I channeled in a trance state.  I got very excited and enthusiastic about this idea.

The Power of Your Excitement to Propel & Initiate

On 4/20/15 Monday later in the day after the Master Kuthumi channeling, I heard that it was my enthusiasm and exuberance that contributed in a major way to making that channeling happened.  I have channeled that before from Mr. Edgar Cayce during two different clients’ readings.  One time when I was channeling a caller’s life question on a Blog radio show that I was a guest on, Mr. Cayce channeled that it was her and her husband’s enthusiasm for their horse riding ranch business that will help with its success.

This make perfect sense that there is power in your desires and passions and based on the Law of Attraction and vibration.

The Power of Wishes

The Wish Dream Sometime in 2013 or 2014

I had an amazing and extraordinary out-of-body experience in 2013 or 2014.  I was in a magical cloud scape of beautiful colors and sky.  There was an old man riding one of the clouds in the distance of a beautiful celestial blue sky.  He told me that I have a wish.  I said that I was going to make it now though really I had no clue what I would wish for.  He said “No, you need to think about it.”  I will never forget this dream and the beautiful magic that surrounded it.

The Ending Wish for the Earth Healing Project

In April 2014 I channeled a beautiful meditation from a group of beings who called themselves “The Wise Ones” for my spouse’s Global Earth Meditation project.  I was very surprised when  I received at the end of that meditation that the participants should make their wish, that the healings continue on even after the meditation had ended.  I was almost reluctant to transcribe that word of “wish”.  But I wanted to be authentic to the message as received from the being and so I left it.

To read the transcript of this meditation, listen to  the meditation sound file,  and receive key healings for yourself, please see:


My Prior Reluctant Feelings on Trance Channeling

I’ll be honest.  Prior to this point, I was not excited about doing trance channel, which is probably why it had not come to full fruition.    I just didn’t have an interest in it.  I thought it was weird.  In addition, I have gone to events where there were channelers there who claimed to trance channel beings and most of the time, I did not think it was authentic! I questioned that the beings were actually using their voice box.  I thought the channeling may be occurring on a lighter and telepathic-like I had channeled before and not in a trance level.   And now, there may be people who think that about me and question me when I trance channel !

How Trance Channeling Could Help Humanity

My spouse and I had a conversation as we sat outside on our patio during the day prior to  the 4/19/15 Master Kuthumi’s trance channeling.  I talked about how wonderful it would be if I could channel high level beings in a trance state. I  talked about how great it would be if I channeled Nikola Tesla in a full trance state and how he could provide illuminating information to humanity.   Or if I could channel some high level light being, who can provide human doctors some help with finding cures for diseases. The possibilities were endless.  I was very excited about this modality and way of channeling.  I told my spouse that I would travel all over the country and world doing channelings if I channeled like this because I would be so confident in what I was receiving.

No Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) or Lucid Dream Recall from 4-18-15 Saturday to 4-26-15 Sunday

I sense that this was done out of protection and security for me.  There was just so much going on energetically with me to prepare me for the trance channelings  during this time frame and in addition, I was not feeling physically well.  My energy was being utilized in different areas and so there was limited energy availability for OBEs, which does require a high level of chi.  I also had difficulty remembering my dreams during this time frame.  Usually, I remember at least one to two dream segments vividly.

Prior to this time frame, I was having lucid OBEs in the early a.m. in my altered state of consciousness during my sleep state 3-5x a week. I have blogged about some of  these OBEs and my experiences with going through the portal to enter other dimensions.

4/27/15 Monday Back to Lucid Recall of Dreams

On 4/27/15 I woke up and felt 90% of my usual self. My cold symptoms had been greatly alleviated.   I also recalled two dream segments very vividly.  I was back to operating at my normal levels during my sleep state.

The two dreams that I recalled left a lasting impression on me through out that day and evening.  It was almost like I could feel the deepening bond between me and the two main characters in these dreams.  I feel closer to them.  It’s a bit strange.

Dream With My Girlfriend’s Other Dimensional Self In Our Alternate Neighborhood.

One dream was with one of my friends and colleague in the psychic field, who has her own spiritual center as well.  I met her in South Florida in 2009.  In it, I had a sleepover in her apartment in another dimension.  She lived on the second floor by herself in an unfamiliar neighborhood.  Her apartment had a casual, lived in feel.  I lived right down the street.  I had promised her that I would sleep over and spend some time with her during the following day.

I did sleep over.  I was laying in the bed next to her and because I was lucid I thought it was strange that we were sleeping together like this. This was not anything sexual in nature in regards to this.

My house was just a few doors down across the street.  Upon waking, I left her apartment to walk down to my house to do something.   Then I walked back. I thought that would be okay by her because I was only gone for about an hour and still could spend the rest of the day with her.  I did not want to disappointment her and wanted to honor my promise of spending time with her.  I worried slightly that she may get upset with me because I was going back to my house but I did come back and it was only for a short time.

On my way back from my house to her house, I almost got lost but didn’t. I went past her house and come to the end of our street which opened up to a vista of water with houses nearby.  I turned around and found her house again as I knew I was on the right street.   I think this was done to show me the neighborhood that we were in.

2nd Dream: My Colleague Who Was Selling her Metaphysical Store

Then following, I had another lucid dream segment. I know a woman in South Florida ,who owns a metaphysical/spiritual store.  In this dream, she told me that she was selling it. Her life had changed, and it was her decision to do this.  I sensed that she wanted me to let my spouse know in case he wanted to buy it, and we both could run it together.

She was with her mother in the dream. In reality, her mother was in spirit.  Her mother was slender and looked to be in good shape for her age.

The day following these dreams, I had such an affinity for both of these women.



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