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I share these extraordinary psychic experiences &  sound files where I trance channeled various beings, including an extraterrestrial or space traveler named Arduon, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Azrael and three human beings in spirit -Mr. Edgar Cayce, Dr. Marcel Vogel and Nikola Tesla. I have heard on numerous occasions telepathically and through the trance channelings that trance channeling is the fulfillment of my ultimate destiny during this incarnation on Earth and part of the Plan.
These are my new and developing experiences where  I directly voice channel in trance.  This type of trance direct voice channel first started on 4/18/15 Saturday. When the being comes, it is blended in my energetic field and actually speaks DIRECTLY AND FULLY through me, using my vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm, arms and hands.
I trance channeled for the first time a complete message from Master Kuthumi, an ascended master, on 4/19/15 Sunday.   Please read about this experience, my background with trance channeling, events leading up to this moment, and information about trance channeling at the below blog post:
Please, when you listen to the below files and watch the videos keep an open mind.  Trance channeling is a whole another ball game for me than my usual telepathic channeling, which is way less taxing.  I am newly learning to trance channel and so are the different beings that work with me.  There is a learning curve and process improvements to be made.
Developments in My Trance Channeling
You will notice a progression in information delivery with each trance channel below showing my rapid rate of acceleration.  It may be uncomfortable to watch the videos and listen to some of the sound files as I show that I am straining and laboring with the force and stress of trance channeling.  I am happy to share that has decreased incrementally with each successive trance channeling.  I share these clips for scientific purposes and for others to learn from it as it is important.
About the Videos of Trance Channeling
I have to be honest, watching the videos of myself trance channeling , does crack me up because I have never seen myself do this before.
I also wanted to point out the following observations that occurred in some of the trance channelings to date:
Beings Able to Read Your Mind and Respond
– the being may come in to answer what you are thinking telepathically, even if you have not posed or asked this directly to the being. This is quite amazing and surprising to me when it happens. This happened in the 4/24/15 Edgar Cayce trance channeling, that I shared below,  when he expressed himself through me out loud to answer some of my questions in my head that I had not even telepathically asked him.
– Ability to Ask Questions During the Trance Channeling
In the 4/20/15 Arduon trance channeling we, my spouse and I, were actually, able to ask the being questions!
My Diaphragm Moving With Each Word Yet I Receive the Communication Telepathically
– This happened in the 4/24/15 second trance channeling with Mr. Edgar Cayce.  He was speaking to me telepathically.  However, unlike  times before this point, whenever he spoke my solar plexus/diaphragm tightened with each word he expressed and then released between the spaces of the words.  I received his words very clearly telepathically in my own thought voice.
About Trance Channel

There are different ways to channel.  Trance being one of the most complex and intense ways.  There are different levels of trance channeling as well ranging from a light trance to a deep, full trance.  In a deep trance the medium is unconscious, and the being that incorporates into the medium’s body has full control and use over their body.

In true trance channeling the medium or spirit communicator goes into a deeper state of consciousness to directly channel beings, who exist in other dimensional frequencies.  The being blends with the energetic field of the medium, using the physical system of the medium including their larynx, vocal chords, voice box, diaphragm and possibly their arms and legs as well.  The diaphragm is the main muscle used in breathing.

This requires and uses much chi energy, also known as vital energy, of the medium.   There is some misunderstanding when some mediums declare that they are in trance when they are not because it is not a deep enough level. Some trance channels are aware and keep their lucidity during trance. Others become completely unconscious during their trance state. In the trance channelings that  I shared below, I was 100% lucid during the entire time and never lost consciousness.

Being an authentic, genuine trance channel is a very specialized and specific type of mediumship.  There are only a small percentage of mediums in the entire world that have this skill.

Prior to this experience I considered myself a telepathic channel in a very light trance.   During channeling sessions for clients, I maintained lucidity and full control over my body and voice box and received the information telepathically. I would then reiterate verbally to the client what I received telepathically exactly as I received it.

Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with receiving telepathic information or trance channeling.

You can read more my background by clicking here.



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Below are the sound files that was recorded on the  I-phone as it came in. Please note that the very beginnings of most of these were not able to be recorded because the i-Phone was not ready. Many of these channelings happened spontaneously.
The Sound Files Show the Trance Channeling Process  & Challenges of Trance Channeling
The quality of these sound files is not high, and the volume of it is low at times.
As part of the trance channeling process,  I do clear my throat at times and cough intermittently as part of the clearing process to connect fully with the being.
Sometimes it is hard to hear or make out the words due to way that the being channeled used my voice box.  Please also know that at times you can hear me pause and strain as the being uses my voice box to get their message out.
My voice is usually shaky as they express himself through me, and there are some funny, odd voice inflections and voice pitch rises and falls. The beings at times have difficulty controlling the tone and pitch of my voice as they vocalize, resulting in unusual vocal sound variations and sound volume.  It often sounds comical.
When there is difficulty for the being to vocalize, the word “hard” comes in or the consonant “h”.  At times, the beings have trouble enunciating the letter “r” and don’t fully pronounce it.   I don’t know exactly why this happens.
One time I thought during the trance session that it may be another being interjecting. However, now,  I fee that this was  indicative of the early stage and learning curve of the trance channeling process with various beings  & them learning how to use my voice box.
I am 100% lucid during these channeling as evidenced by my ability to interject and speak out loud at times during the session.
I wanted to share the actual sound files so that you can hear the trance channelings and understand how it may sound different than other types of psychic readings.  Trance channeling is unlike the readings I do for clients’ sessions.

4/20/15 Monday Trance Channeled Message from Arduon, A Space Traveler, Between 2-3 a.m, My Bedroom in Seattle, WA   30 min. 1 sec.

In this trance channeling, my spouse, Tim, actually asked questions to the being, Arduon.  I wanted to see if this was possible to do ever since I received the trance message on 4/19/15 from Master Kuthumi that  I shared earlier on this blog.  And yes! Arduon answered Tim’s questions.

4/20/15 Monday Trance  Channeled Message from Aristotle on the New Age & Wanting To Write a Book with Me,  Between 2-3 a.m, My Bedroom in Seattle, WA  8 min 46 seconds long

4/21/15 Wednesday  8:21pm start time Dr. Marcel Vogel Trance Channeling, Living room of My Apartment in Seattle, WA, My Spouse Tim was also in attendance   46 minutes long

I wanted to see if I could trance channel technical scientific information that I did not have conscious knowledge just to see if I had capability and to help  my spouse with his crystal and water experiments.  My spouse and I decided to have a trance session and invite Dr. Marcel Vogel in.

Dr. Marcel Vogel is a research scientist in spirit who worked at IBM. My spouse has taken up his research in using programmed water to create water for healing of human levels.

“I can hear you!… I can hear you!…”

Please note that in the very beginning of the trance channel recording, Dr. Vogel expresses quite animatedly through me “I can hear you!…. I can hear you!”  This was to validate to Tim and I, that indeed, he could hear us.  That was a question I had when I first started trance channeling on April 18th  if the beings could hear what other humans next to me were saying to them or whether it would just be a one-way communication or transmission from the being.  During this 4/21/15 trance channeling sound file, Dr. Vogel confirmed that he could indeed hear as well as transmit!


4/22/15 Thursday  Nikola Tesla Trance Channeling, Living room of My Apartment in Seattle, WA

As our purpose was in inviting Dr. Marcel Vogel, my spouse and I decided to have a trance session with Nikola Tesla, a famous Serbian inventor and scientist, in spirit, to ask him questions about electromagnetism.  This was an important part of my spouse’s research.


4/22/15 Wednesday Mr. Edgar Cayce Trance Channeling, Living room of My Apartment in Seattle, WA 

I was working on my computer in the afternoon. Mr. Edgar Cayce came spontaneously to me.

4/24/15 Friday Mr. Edgar Cayce Trance Channeling, Living room of My Apartment in Seattle, WA 

1st Trance Channeling

After working on my blog on my  computer for two hours in the morning, I realized I still didn’t feel well. I have not been feeling 100% since the week of April 6th.  I felt slightly feverish. The upper back of my throat still was sore.  I was becoming tired of not feeling well. I don’t like being a whiner so I attempted to chin up.

I decided it would be a good time to take a forty five minute meditation on the living room coach as Mr. Edgar Cayce trance channeled to me on 4/22/15 the importance of daily meditation for my attunements to help me with my trance channeling process.  I took out the  heating pad because I thought the heat would feel good on my throat.  I kept my I-phone close to me on the cocktail table in case a being trance channeled through me.

I am paraphrasing now as best as I can recall but this is what happened and my telepathic conversation and conversation out loud with Mr. Edgar Cayce.

Katy, telepathically: I, Katy Simmone, am  here for an energy healing for my highest good and to receive my attunements.  I invite the Doctors (my spiritual medical team) and Archangel Raphael.

I felt the Doctors close.  I felt pressure on my forehead and sensed they were doing something there. Clairvoyantly, I saw a quick image of about two people around my head.  It looked like they were putting a white headband of sorts on my head or something. This headband was made of a firmer material than cloth.

I bathed myself in green light for healing and sent Reiki energy to myself with my intention. I am a Reiki Master.

Katy, telepathically: Please provide me details on what you are doing so that I understand.

Guides, telepathically:  We are working on your chakras and your energetic field.

Katy, telepathically: My major chakras?

Guides, telepathically: Yes, those

Katy, telepathically: How many of the chakras do you consider are major?

Guides, telepathically: Nineteen

I felt the energy welling up at the base of my throat, a common precursor to a trance channeling. I recognized it immediately.  I scrambled for my I-phone.  The being was right there. I could not sense who it was.  I had trouble with the voice memo function on my I-phone, which I use for recording, and had to turn my phone on and off again.  I was holding back the being. The energy at the base of my throat was welling up within me.

Katy, telepathically: Please hold on as I want to record it.

Mr. Edgar Cayce, out loud through me: This is Edgar Cayce.

I am still fumbling with my phone.   Good thing, there is no one else here with me. If they heard me and did not know that I was channeling, they would think I had a split personality or talking to imaginary people in the room!

Mr. Edgar Cayce, out loud through me: I am waiting.

I am so glad  and relieved that he expressed that to me.  It was like he was aware of exactly of what I was doing! He was patiently waiting for me to get my recorder set up. Thank goodness!

From this point on the rest of the trance channeling could be heard at below sound file.  The channeling came in much smoother and rapidly than some of the earlier sessions, which I appreciated. He was also able to use my vocal cords more adeptly and come in at a more normal voice tone and not like an old man with a shaky voice like some of the early trance channelings.

2nd Trance Channeling – Mr. Edgar Cayce on Advisory Panel, 12:26 p.m., 14 min. 25 sec.

I decided to meditate for 20 more minutes as  it had not been forty five minutes of mediation.  As I continued to meditate in a reclining position on the living room couch, Mr. Cayce came in again, to directly answer what I was thinking of! It was like he was right there  in the room with me and could read my mind! Quite amazing!

Here is the sound file of this trance channeling session.  In this session, Mr. Cayce shared information about the advisory panel that is being put together for my husband’s crystal and water experiments.


My Telepathic & Clairvoyant Psychic Messages that I Have Received Recently 

Received telepathically in my own thought voice on the following dates. As I shared in earlier blog posts I receive most of my information this way.  It usually happens randomly and spontaneously during the day or evening when I am just going about my day. Because I have worked on becoming more aware since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I can discern these psychic imprints.

“Your daughter shall be helping you… She will be able to channel… She has the new energetic imprint… “- Received on 4/24/15 Friday for the first time. My thoughts are, perhaps, she is of that breed of “new generation” children referred to in the metaphysical/spiritual worlds as indigo or crystal children that have incarnated now.  I was surprised to hear this because as of now she has not exhibited a keen interest in my work or what I do.  I have honored where she is and not forced it on her as I know it would be futile.

“You were married to Mr. Edgar Cayce.” – Received on 4/24/15 Friday for the first time. Aha! That explains the connection and partnership we have together now. It was not specified what lifetime it was. I have heard on numerous occassions I have had 75 lives on the planet Earth.

“Your toroidal field is increasing. It has been extended.”  Received on 4/23/15 Thursday for the first time Thursday, Seattle, WA. The toroidal field is a field of energy in the shape of a toroid around every human being.

“Ask and you shall receive.” Received on 4/24/15 Friday for the second time at  7:54 pm Pacific Time, Seattle, WA. I also heard this one time in the background before during one of the trance channelings with Mr. Edgar Cayce  this week. I don’t recall which one it was.

“There are multiple, parallel universes.”- Received on 4/24/15 Friday for the first time at 7:54 pm Pacific Time, Seattle, W.A

“You will be remembered… You wanted to be remembered…”– Received for on 4/24/15 Friday about the fifth time 7:54 pm Pacific Time, Seattle, WA. I heard this telepathically just a few times in 2014.  To be honest, I don’t know what this means.  On a conscious level, I have no such grand designs.  Now, I sense that it has something to do with my promise and vow I made just before I incarnated on Earth in this lifetime in reference that  I wanted to leave my mark on the world.

On a conscious level, I would say that I cannot relate to this at all.  I don’t think I am egotistical or egocentric and relinquished many aspects of my ego over the past few years since my spiritual awakening. I think many of my friends would agree with this.  Sure, from time to time, I get on my high horse but that is not the way I usually operate. However, as Mr. Edgar Cayce channeled on  4/24/15,  there are nine levels of conscoiusness so perhaps this desire to be remembered exists on one of those unconscious levels,which is why consciously I don’t completely understand its meaning.

Clairvoyant images evocative of Christmas and Christmas themes.  Received on 4/21/15 Monday -4/24/15 Friday.   I sense that this has to do with the message I received from Master Kuthumi on 4/19/15 Sunday  in the trance channeling with him that I will be channeling Jesus Christ sometime in the future.  This is symbology associated with the Christ figure.  I have had countless dreams since my spiritual awakening in 2009 with Christmas symbology with Christmas trees and beautifully wrapped gifts.  In one out-of-body experience in my sleep state in 2012 or 2013 I even saw a parade of Christmas elves in my bedroom!


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