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4/27/15-5/01/15 Messages #3-7 from Aristotle on Dream Time-Multidimensionality-Hope-Power of Breath

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Here are five messages that I channeled from Aristotle on the New Age  from April 27th-30th, 2015. I transcribed them as I received them telepathically in my own thought voice on my computer.   Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher and scientist, who died in 322 B.C.
 4/27/15 Channeled Trance Message #3 in 2015  from Aristotle: Dreamtime & Multidimensionality
4/27/15 Monday 9:15 a.m. Seattle, WA
Aristotle: I am here for another valuable session. Today’s topic will be on your dream state.
When you dream, this is an opportunity for you to experience your many lives. This is a time for you to have adventures. In this state, you can become more lucid and retain high level information for you to bring back consciously. In your altered state of consciousness, you can travel through the portals of time and visit other alternate dimensions. This is part of your wiring and who you are.
You are all naturally multi-dimensional. This is a large concept. Principles of dimensional travel are based on energy and vibration. Therefore, what you are vibrating at currently determines the type of travel and destination points that you will experience.
You can feel your own vibration and become familiar with it. This type of sensing is part of the New Age, and many shall become more aware of their energetic state.   In doing so, you can better manage your relationships and your communications with each other.
Your dream time is a time for your consciousness to naturally exit your body and to return again. You can feel this lift if you are aware. However, many do not feel the exit and entrance back into their physical system. Others do. There is quite a range. In time, all shall become more aware of their concurrent lifetimes as part of their evolutionary growth.
As you learn more about yourself, you will be able to feel the vibration of all that is around you. As you understand yourself and your motivations, you can better navigate your destiny. It takes time and a constant practice. There are many teachers in physical form on the Earth today who can help you. Take the time to learn who you really are.
I am Aristotle, come to share teachings for the New Age. Thank-you for allowing me the opportunity for this dialogue.
Ended 9:28 a.m.                
Katy’s Invocation  To Start the Above Trance Session & Those Following:
Katy: Dear Aristotle, I am here to receive another message from you. Thank you for your earlier messages, which I have shared on FB & my blog. On 4/24/15 Arduon, another light being, trance channeled to me that I should sit down every day to receive messages from you. You, yourself, came to me on 4/20/15 Monday through trance channel and stated that you wanted me write a book about your teachings. Please share that which is important for me to disseminate to others at this point in human history. Please be clear, understandable, accurate and specific. Please help me to receive your words easily. Thank-you. Namaste.
4/28/15 Video Channeled Trance Message #4 in 2015  from Aristotle: New Age-Power of Prayer & Heart Space
Please see the below blog post to watch the video and read the background information on it.
4/29/15 Telepathic Channeled Message #5  in 2015 from Aristotle: The New Age & Hope
4/29/15 Wed 11:35 a.m. Seattle, WA
Aristotle: I am present. I have arrived.
It is in your destinies that you shall all succeed and make major changes in your lives for success. Succor shall be yours. Know that it is a time of cataclysmic changes, of new beginnings. From this you shall all grow strong and powerful.
Release Quickly Low Vibrational Energies
To understand this will help you to release quickly low vibrational energies that are existing in your energetic shells. When you respond more timely to the disturbances within your emotional state, you can better control and change its ramifications on your physical system as well as your thought forms. This is the power you have to make these adjustments within yourself.
Learn to recognize when you feel unbalanced, unstable and insecure. These are the preliminary indicators that your mood and therefore your mind is not at the proper set point. Your high vibrations will help to send energy into the atmosphere, creating much-needed and anticipated breakthroughs for all humanity for this is the Changing of the Times, a New Day, a New Era.
You are the herald for these words, not only for me, but for other divine beings, that will express themselves through you. It is a time to usher in the New Age.
As you grow, as you become more flexible and adapt willingly to the flux that is around you, surrounding you, your inner vibration will create a magnificent sound and resonance.   This is the test of these times, making all things possible. It has been foretold in this way, and this is the way that it will unfold.
Have hope! Carry this within. Let this be the main accelerator for all of your thoughts and words as you speak to others for this is a Grand Time, of new opportunities, unlimited in scope.
I have come to tell you, to inform you so that you may spread the seeds of divine love and inspiration to others, for them to relax in these moments being created specifically for human evolution. I have spoken and now I depart to return again in our customary manner.
Stay strong and persevere for herein lies your Ultimate Destiny. You shall succeed! The flame of love burns eternal bright within each and every one of you. Let this shine! And it shall guide you to the next levels of your development.
Have faith and continue on, our Loved Ones. I represent many and speak on their behalf. With love in my heart extended to you, feel this. You are cherished!
Ended 11:51 a.m.
4/30/15 Telepathically Channeled Message #6 in 2015 from Aristotle: The Earth’s Shift-Power of Breath
4/30/15 Thurs 10:14 a.m. Seattle, WA
Aristotle: It is a new day, a time for fresh beginnings. Remember, in every moment you can create yourself anew. Nothing is permanent. Change is inevitable.
I have come to you today to share my words of wisdom and peace. All this is available to you.
It only takes a willingness to want this, and your destinies shall come to full fruition.
The Shift-The Grand Design
There is much at hand. There are many changes happening on the Earth now as part of the shift, the Grand Design. You have chosen to be in this moment. Now, the moment is yours. I want you to feel this power and relax in this. This will release a monumental energy charge that will allow you to grow by leaps and bounds and become more, that which you are.
Inner Sanctum
You are powerful. You are all-knowing. Do not let your mind limit you. The heart knows the truth of this. In your inner sanctum, all is available to you. To create this direct and flowing channel into your heart space requires only a willingness and a true desire. This is optimal. This will allow many new developments to enter into your field of influence.
You shall see the change and notice the difference.
Power of Breaths
Take deep breaths throughout the day. This will allow the new thought forms that are being delivered to the Earth’s air systems of everlasting peace, love and security permeate all aspects of your physical and energy being. This is a tool that has been given to all human beings at this time. Remember to do this, and you shall see your life change and the quality of your relationships improve.   It will allow increased expansiveness to enter into your consciousness. You will learn new ways of being. In doing so, you will create and generate full and total energy movements, which will allow others to develop themselves.
You have heard the call, and so you are here.   Remember this is an important day as all days of your human existence are. These are the winds of change. Feel this and know that what you have been asking for will be delivered.
Release and totally discharge into the beauty of creation, that you are an essential and integral part of. This is you and who you have always been. It is time to come back into this remembrance.   With these words of divine inspiration and Truth, I take my leave, to return again to continue my sharings. Till then, live in the generosity of your heart, and your path will be clear. Tidings to you of great joy, love and comfort. Namaste. I am Aristotle.
Ended 10:26 am  
5/1/15 Trance Channeled Message #7 in 2015  from Aristotle: Our Gifts – Power of Meditation
5/1/15 Friday 10:35 a.m. Seattle, WA
Aristotle: Aristotle is here. I am here to provide you with key guidance at this time as you have requested of me. I want you to know how important it is in this day and Age, to use your gifts, the endowments you have received.   Use these to spread the seeds of love to all you encounter.
Each human being has a unique design, specific to them. It is important to full utilize and integrate your gifts to fully align you with your purpose. You, understand now, what your endowment is. Others shall feel the vibration of this and know you are genuine and authentic. (In these last 2 lines, Aristotle is speaking directly to me here. All other parts of this message are universal.)
For those, who are not completely aligned or feel confused or unsure as to what their divine gifts are, it is recommended that you engage in a daily practice of meditation and stillness. You shall see that in time, it will be revealed to you clearly and with focus. This is the primary purpose of such a practice to align in entirety with Source and all that you naturally are. When you are away from the distractions and illusions of the physical world, you can more clearly see and feel the difference within your inner sanctum (your heart space).
Discovery of your innate gifts will help to relax, stabilize and solidify yourself. It will ground you to Mother Earth. It will create a sanctuary within yourself of inner peace, balance and harmony. For when you understand yourself, what your primary purpose is during your time on Earth, you shall realize the Grand Design of All Things and beauty within this, the organizing pattern.
Let your heart be the well of your thoughts. From this, you shall draw needed sustenance for your well-being. What you are clearly lacking in your thoughts will be revealed to you. All shall come in due time.
The Power of the Plan is strong and pervasive through all these things, all creation. You have come to know and understand this. There is a primary purpose for all things and people. Do not doubt this.
Love yourselves. Be kind and gentle, not only to yourself but to all that is around. Respect and honor all. In this way, you shall see the Light and know the Truth of who are you. With much reverence to all, I bless you. Namaste. Ended 10:46 am
I share these extraordinary channeling experience where I trance channeled & telepathically channeled Aristotle.
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My Background with Aristotle
My first channeled message from him I received in June 2010 and then it was almost five years later till April 2015 till I received his next series of messages.  This was perhaps to prepare me for this work to be done.
My Past Lives with Aristotle
I sense that I must have some sort of past life experience with Aristotle, which is why he is able to blend naturally into my energetic field.  We must have had some sort of connection in previous lifetimes.  This has not been shown to me clairvoyantly or given to me telepathically but it is what I sense.
I do sense that I had incarnated during Greek times and perhaps was a mathematician.  Mathematics was my bachelor’s degree in this lifetime! However, this has not been validated for me yet.
Aristotle’s Channeling  Instructions to Me
I am attempting to honor Aristotle and the words that he wants to share.  I heard from him in another earlier trance channeling on April 2015  with him that I should sit down every day to receive a message from him and that morning would be best as I had more energy then.
During a 4/20/15 trance channeling from him,  I received this from him (excerpted):
“…I will talk to you from my time to time. You will write it down and put it out there for others to read and learn about my work.  I have many things I am working on right now…”
You can hear the actual sound file of this 4/20/15 Aristotle trance channeling at:
How This Trance Channeling Happened 
Ever since 4/25/15 Saturday, I would sit down on my computer in the morning and invite him and then wait and listen telepathically for the words.  The first four messages were received in trance channeling.  I received the message telepathically. My diaphragm was contracting throughout the entire session, which is how I knew it was trance channeling.  The last two messages on 4/29/15 Wednesday and 4/30/15  Thursday to date were straight telepathic, which is much less taxing for me.
My Trance Channeling Process
Aristotle spoke to me DIRECTLY and used my  diaphragm.  Whenever he spoke, my solar plexus/diaphragm tightened with each word he expressed and then released between the spaces of the words.  A few times during the session he had difficulty getting the words out.   There were also some pauses in the channeling as you can hear in the sound file. This is how I know it was a trance channeling and not just telepathically channeling.  He was able to manipulate my physical system.  Quite amazing!
Trance channeling is a new way for me channel.  It  first started occurring on 4/18/15 Saturday, and I have been rapidly developing this since.
To date in 2015, I have trance channeled nine other beings, including an extraterrestrial or space traveler named Arduon, an extraterrestrial Ezrada (on 4/25/15 Saturday), Asgard (a representative), Archangel Raphael, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Sandalphon and three human beings in spirit – Mr. Edgar Cayce, Dr. Marcel Vogel and Nikola Tesla. I have heard on numerous occasions telepathically and through the trance channelings that trance channeling is the fulfillment of my ultimate destiny during this incarnation on Earth and part of the Plan.
To date, I also have telepathically channeled messages from over twenty six different beings.
To read my blog about my early trance channeling experiences, please see:

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