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5/11/13: Channeling Nikola Tesla: For the 1st Time

by | May 11, 2013 | Channeled In Spirit - Nikola Tesla, Channeled Message

I am a channeler of various beings.  I channel both technical and inspirational messages.   I want to share my first and recent communication I had with Nikola Tesla.  He was a famous scientist and now is in spirit.
I just read the book “Nikola Tesla Returns” by Robert R. Leichtman.  This was Tesla as channeled by Leichtman.
I felt like I connected with Tesla as I was reading this book.  After reading this book, I telepathically heard such terms as “lunar capacitator”, “moon beams”, “particles in the moon beams”, “moon beam angles”.   I wanted to connect with Tesla to channel information about moon energy.  He mentioned this possibility in the book, along with the ability to harness planetary energy.
This is my first attempt to communicate with him, or any such technical person as him, in spirit.  This was a stretch exercise for me.  I like to do this from time to time.
I share this experience to teach the following:
–          How information may come in psychically as you channel
–          The behind-the-scenes psychic impressions during a channeling that also occur
–          How other guides can intervene during the channeling for assistance
–          The importance of the channeler having some basic information if it is a technical subject.
–          The importance that the channeler be very relaxed to allow proper information flow
I would love to hear anyone’s similar experiences.
Please share with others.


Katy: Hello, this is Katy.  I am here to connect with the Nikola Tesla if he is available to share some words with me.  (I heard “He is in the board room. ” I clairvoyantly see him sitting in the board room with about 7 other indistinguishable gentleman.  He is sitting behind a long conference table.   I feel some pressure on my third eye, which is between my eyes.  Telepathically, I have heard “board room” in the last few weeks).
Other Guide: “He is ready and available.”
Katy: Welcome, Mr. Tesla.  Thank you for coming.
Tesla: Indeed, I am here in response to your questions.  Feel free to discuss what is on your mind.
Katy: I am here to receive information to help humanity for their highest good at this point in time.  You may already know. that I am not scientifically technical and don’t have an engineering background in this 3rd dimension.  However, I am willing to disseminate any such helpful information.  (Telepathically, I heard “Edgar Cayce” and received a lot of telepathic static. I focused on keeping the channel with Tesla).  Mr. Tesla, can you share your own thoughts on the topic of mankind harnessing lunar energy and using it as an alternative source of energy?
Tesla: Certainly,this is available to mankind at this time.  Know other alternate energy sources can be developed and are currently under way by various scientists in many countries.  Collegiate friends are also involved in this undertaking.  The lunar beams vibrate at alternating frequencies of wavelengths with specific transmissions of energy and vibration.  Unless you are familiar with some of the technical aspects, these details will appear to be mundane for you.  Your thought creators are working to advance your memory in this respect.  You’re best suited for other communications.  Your scientists are developing thought programs to restore the valuable information.  You are limited now in this technical aspect.
Have heart, do not despair.  The thought purveyors continue to develop and select those ancillary thought patterns prudent for you at this juncture.  You are being experimented on, and do not need to fear.  Until you become a powerful thought purveyor yourself, you need to be respected for your search.  The last 2 messages that you delivered on thought wave and frequency was dearly interpreted by the thought providers to teach others of the power of their thought selections. (Comment: I also shared these channeled messages on my Facebook page).
Other Guide: “Tesla wants you to return to your relaxed state.  Your tension is blocking the current of information being made available to you.”
Katy: (I relaxed my body physically and take a deep breath).
Other Guide: “You are deliberately blocking the flow.  Tesla requires more unobstructed sentence flow.”
Katy: (I relax even more, including my head, but I still feel the pressure on my third eye.  I paused. I closed my eyes.  I visualized my energy blending with Tesla’s.  I saw his image with mine, blending together in a peaceful, soft way.  I asked the guides for continued protection and safety.  I felt I was in white energetic bath.  I felt love, light and gratitude.  I felt Tesla close.  Clairvoyantly.  I saw a download of large letters and symbols into my forehead.   I saw my head.  It was opened very neatly, and my brain is exposed.  (I heard it referred to as “mind cap”).   Tesla showed me an old book titled “Principles of Magnetism”.  I spent about 3 minutes in blissful mediation with Tesla.  Then I asked if it was  okay to stop and heard a “yes”. )
Katy: Thank you, Mr.  Tesla.  I look forward to our next communication.
Tesla: Your units of measure are….( The rest of this sentence was dropped.  I have heard this phrase about 3x before telepathically during the day since I read this book).
10:35 amCommentary: After this, I felt like I needed to get grounded. I did a short meditation to get grounded and envisioned my body being anchored to the earth.  I hope to have better communication with Nikola Tesla next time.  Till then, I probably should familiarize myself with principles of magnetism as he did show me this book.  It would probably be more productive to continue this when I was more well-read on the topic.   I wondered why he did not show me a book on electricity, since that was his field of study. When I went on the Internet to learn about magnetism, I learned that the study of magnetism and electricity was almost synonymous!  I did not know that on a conscious level.


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