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5/13/13 Channeled Message: Inspirational: The Teachers: The Truth & Love

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love, who exist in other dimensions.

I want to share an inspirational message I channeled from The Teachers. This is my first message from them.


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The Teachers: Take a look around and see how the Divine has created such beauty, such love, such light, all for you to witness and partake in.(1) All this for you, to create in and to have such a wonderful, warm space to enjoy your journey. Don’t miss this! Remember to enjoy the beautiful fruits of abundance of your living. Encourage others as well. Learn alongside them. You are all dearly loved! Each and everyone. No one is excluded. For that is all there is, that divine love that connects us all. We are The Teachers and work with the Divine to help with expansion and inner brilliance. The Truth shall be told. In the Truth, all shall be revealed, and the light will radiate until there is only that which exists. Love all that you do and much will come back in return. In this graceful way of living, you will all succeed to live lives of Truth, Clarity and Wisdom.

(1) Note: I heard a toning in my left ear as I channeled this.


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