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5/15/13 Travel to Other Dimensions: Hilly Landscapes-Bird Trees- “Hang-Gliding”- Third World

by | May 15, 2013 | Out of Body - Interdimensional Travel, Out of Body Experiences


I want to share two dreams I had early this morning to teach the following:

–          How we are multi-dimensional beings that can travel to other dimensions in an altered state of consciousness  

–          What landscapes we can view and the different types of animals that exist here

–          What my guides have channeled to me as to the meaning of import of these 2 specific dreams

 When we understand and accept that we are multi-dimensional beings, that can help shift our entire perception on our 3-D (third dimensional) existence on the Earth.  It can expand our consciousness & heighten our awareness.  When we do this, we are no longer attached to those limiting thoughts patterns that we have created in the Earth dimension.  Automatically, as we shift into this new awareness level, we release those emotional energetic blockages that we have been carrying around for years, that have hindered and kept us confined.

 This is the ultimate reason I share my OOBs and travels to other dimensions, to help people know who they are really are and how they have been created, to transcend and liberate themselves in the third dimension of their Earthly existence.


Though I didn’t travel through the portal as I do in some OOBs (out-of-body experiences), I recognize the importance of these dreams.

 I would love to hear your similar experiences and thoughts.

 Please share with others who may be interested.




 Dream #1 – Hilly Landscape-Bird Trees- Men Upside Down  “Hang-Gliding”

I didn’t do through the portal; However, I was in another land.  I was there with my daughter.  We had a choice of driving in the car on 3 different dirt roads up a mountain. I decided on taking the 1st road.  As we turned the bend, we came to a beautiful landscape of many, rolling hills. There were other tourists on the hills.  It appeared to be a known place for the view. Because it was so stunning to view, I drew in my breath suddenly as to what I was beholding.

 We were on a hill with a sharp slope.  The slope was so sharp that I had to watch my balance.  I took out my iPhone to take a picture of this beautiful scene.   (I have taken photos in other visits to other lands as well.  The picture taking is a symbolic act representing the importance of this dream and the act of remembering it).    As I was about to take the photo, the scene in front of us in the distance on one of the mountains started to change.  What looked like a group of trees was actually large, dark birds with their wings folded in.  They looked like giant black crows.  They flew up into the air and then came back down and folded their wings again to look like trees.  I was fascinated.   

 To the left of these birds was another group of green, leafy tall trees with thick trunks.  From my distant viewing point, I looked closely.  It looked like there were pairs of men suspended in the air, upside down!  I was very surprised to see this.  While they were upside down, they were moving their legs in a scissor type action, which was caused the tree leaves to move also.  I was fascinated and wondered what they were doing.   As I am typing this, I am hearing “They were hang-gliding.”

 This is not unusual for me to witness such odd occurrences in other dimensions.  I sense I witness these type of unusual activities to show the breadth and scope of life on other dimensions.  As you shall read further on and from other channelings I have received, my guides have affirmed to me, that this indeed is the case and why I observe such fascinating events in other lands.  

 Channeled Message & Commentary on Dream #1 :

Katy:  I telepathically asked the Guides “Where did I go in this dream?” 

 Guides: You were in a 5th dimension in a corner of the world.  You witnessed the hang-gliding event. (Sometimes, the Guides have a funny way of phrasing things!)  You almost somersaulted toward them (I don’t remember this).  God has allowed you to witness many unusual dimensions. (I am not a religious person at all and wasn’t raised that way.  However, the past few weeks, I have been hearing the word God.  Because I want to deliver messages authentically, I have included this in here).   For it is your function as a divine inspirator to ring the bell, clearly.  You actually witnessed the oget (?)

 Katy: Was this “oget” the bird event?  (I did not receive a clear affirmation to this question.  I hope this comes in later).

 Guides: …..You are gathering information about the 5th dimension.  Your testimonials will be helpful to those, who are willing and ready to others, who want to experiment.   Surrender your values, and you will see, hear and feel many valuable experiences.

 Commentary: In the past few days, in A Course in Miracles, I have been studying values.  This is a comprehensive, channeled book on changing the way you live your life for peace and love.  Yesterday’s lesson was “Nothing I perceive has value. “ Yesterday, I was also thinking about the telepathic message I received months ago and regularly of “Surrender your values.”  The Guides, in referring to “values” are reiterating and reminding me the importance of releasing my values.  Some of you may think your values are indeed valuable.  Initially, I thought that too.  Dig deep.  When I did that, I realized many of my “values” were based on a false, belief system and were actually keeping me confined and limited.    


Dream #2 – Seeing Third World Animals & Experiment 


This is another dream, I had this morning.  Again, though I did not go through the portal; however, I was in another land, another dimension.  Again it was very hilly, and the hills were very striking.  This hilly terrain is appearing to be a common landscape in my dreams and OOBs lately.

I was outside and came upon three unusual animals, who could communicate.  In fact, I said to them “You speak English?!”  One of them could actually change shapes.  He was about 2 feet tall and smooth, white in color.  He had no distinctive features and appeared to be made of a grid pattern.  Then he morphed into an animal. As he was doing this, I turned my back to him so I did not clearly view what he shifted into. 

 I believe I was walking with these three intelligent creatures in the countryside, who were behind me.  I saw many unusual animals in front of me in their natural habitat.  Some of them I sensed were dangerous.   I avoided them and tried not to catch their attentions.  Three animals ran across the front of my path.  They were purple in color and short haired.  Immediately, I noticed the shape of their bodies.  They were similar in form to small Kangaroos perhaps 2 feet in length.  They had small heads, short ears and a longer snout.  Their backs were very curved, and they had strong hind legs.  They propelled themselves forward in a marsupial type fashion. 

 Channeled Messages & Commentary on Dream #2 :

Katy to the Guides: Where did I go in this dream in this 2nd dream, where I saw many species of different animals?

 Guides:  You were in the primal section of the Third World.  You were able to view various species that live there.  You learned a lot about other forms of intelligent life and androids, who can convert their bodies in full fashion.  You found how you can travel to other destinations. 

 Katy:  What is the Third World?  I have telepathically heard “Third World” the past few days.  Is that the same as the third dimension, Earth?

 Guides: The Third World is an allegorical representation of living.  It is a place of surprises and intrigue.  It is a valuable area to develop.  Various species are represented here.  Some have come from alien cultures.  Others are formed by complex analysis by the scientists and doctors.  It is an experimental facility for nuclear physicist and rocket scientist, for thermal dynamics. 

 Katy: How can you travel here?

 Guides:  You can travel here through the portal, the time dimension, for valuable information on the incubation process and experimentation.  It is available through your dream time, your nocturnal state.  You need to have high security clearance.  You have been given a restricted permit for your special function of being a Thought Provider. (Through earlier channelings, I know the Thought Providers as being a special guide in the area of thought). You represent your alien culture. You have been designed this way, to permit travel and encounters with other alien forms and beings.  You clearly have the ability to transport yourself through time and space.  Step into this.  You will be able to gain much new knowledge to help evolutionize others, who want to learn.  You can perform this special feat.  Continue on and don’t let others stop you.  You have been permitted and granted this access.  You can fundamentally change and expand the outlook of many human beings on their views of the planets and their own destinies.  Follow the Plan and keep up the good work.

 Katy: Thank you.  Is there anything else you want to share before we end this transmission?

 Guides:  New beginnings are ahead.  New time horizons.  Believe in it.  Speak from your heart about your destiny.  Unto you much will come.  Have faith and do not allow yourself to be deterred.  You will be finding many others, who can do as you do as well.  Undertake the task and special function specific to you….You will stay challenged. 

 Katy: Thank you.  Namaste.

 Commentary: “Great” I thought to myself on this last statement “You will stay challenged” means that this is not going to be the easiest thing for me to understand!  

 I would appreciate it if the Guides were more specific.  It would be helpful to me and the readers; However, I will have gratitude for what they do transmit as it does add more clarity, than I would have had.  Hopefully, over time, more detailed information will follow.


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