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I shared this extraordinary out-of-body-experience (OBE) on 5/2/15 Saturday during my sleep state with a transporter, a being, who took me to another dimension. This occurred on 5/2/15 Saturday when I was sleeping in the living room. It ended approximately 7:52 a.m. or so because I did wake up and look at my i-Phone for time after it ended.
This has been my first lucid OBE since April 18th, Saturday, when I started experiencing trance channeling in a more pronounced way.  To read more about this trance channeling experiences , please see:
Prior to 4/18/15 I was having lucid OBEs 1-5 times a week. Because of my recent spiritual developments  including trance channeling that unfolded on 4/18/15, I sense I have been on hiatus from my OBEs due to the amount of personal chi or life-force universal energies required to sustain and lucidly recall these OBEs.  This was done for my own good.
Therefore, the experience of 5/2/15 Saturday marks my first lucid OBE since the extraordinary trance developments of 4/18/15 Saturday.
Having had many OOB experiences, some of which I have shared on this blog, I have compiled some commonalities that I have noticed.  I categorize this as an OBE for the following reasons:

  1. The lucidity of the experience
  2. Having a transporter who took me to another dimension. I created  my own definition for a transporter based on my numerous OBEs since my spiritual awakening in 2009. A transporter is defined as another consciousness or entity, which  may not be necessarily human, who attaches to you or carries you to another dimensional reality.
  3. Visiting & observing another dimensional reality

I share this OBE to teach the following:

  • How you can experience an OBE from a dream sequence. How one can change dimensional settings quickly or just dissipate instantaneously  in an OBE WITHOUT experiencing the wormhole again
  • How a transporter can be other than human.  In this OBE, the female transporter had lizard like characteristics.
  • How the transporter may comfort and soothe you through touch during the transport for it to go well.
  • Feeling uncomfortable sensations during transport – This is the first OBE since my spiritual awakening in 2009 where I experienced unusual discomfort because the transporter was putting her fingers on key positions of my face to access a portal.
  •  My theory is that My Spirit is responsible for the navigation in my OBEs for its experience, development and just for adventure.  This explains why the  scenes break so suddenly and spontaneously. However, because My Spirit is another level of consciousness not readily accessed by my conscious level because it is behind the Veil, I have no clue that this is going on.  It appears to me to  happen randomly and spontaneously.
  • The Power & Lifting of the Veil – As your veil lifts when you raise your consciousness and hence have a higher vibration, you are able to have these lucid multi-dimensional experiences and OBEs.

What Dreams Really Are
I refer to dreams as OBEs to create the awareness that we experience our multi-dimensionality in our sleep state. I don’t believe dreams are “just dreams”.  All dreams are significant, and there is real value in interpreting them if you can recall them.
Our sleep time is the time for our interdimensional travels. We are multi-dimensional beings and experience realities on other levels, concurrent to our human existence. I have channeled a few messages from other beings that share this as well.
In our dream state, when we are in altered state of consciousness, we are able to experience these parallel realities in “other dimensions of time and space.” Everyone experiences this in their dream state. Some or most people are just not lucid during this time and are unable to recall them upon waking.
(Note: I directly channeled what are in quotes.)
Please know that my learnings on this subject are based ONLY on my personal experiences and intuition.  Due to the nature and ambiguity of dream time, technology & science, at this point in time, does not exist to verify and validate my perceptions.
Shift from the Third Dimension to the 5th Dimension & Multi-dimensionality
As people on Earth raise & expand their consciousness, they will move into the fifth dimension or level of development. Currently many humans are in the third dimension (3-D).   Being in the fifth dimension will naturally result in increased lucidity during your sleep state.
Since my spiritual awakening, I have telepathically  heard in my own thought voice numerous times  that I am in the 16th level of the fifth dimension.  This accounts for  the increased lucidity  and number of my OOBs.
Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar OBEs.
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5/2/15 Saturday OBE from a Dream State with Transporter to Take Me to My Presentation

On 5/2/15 Saturday somewhere between 7:30-7:52 a.m. in Seattle Washing while I was sleeping on the living room couch, I had my first lucid OBE out of a dream state since mid April when all the new and recent trance channeling happened

I was in a dream with unknown people, including a man and a woman. I was talking to them about something.  I don’t recall what. I was not lucid enough to recall.

We were in some sort of hallway but there was no ceiling so the top was open to the sky and nature. I could some over hanging tree branches.

My Purple Bike Falling From the Sky-Symbology Of

Then, I realized my purple bicycle has just fallen down out of the sky and landed on the ground with a thud a few feet in front of me and to my left side.  There is symbolic.  (In reality when I was in college I did have a purple racing bike that was ultra-light and specifically designed for racing.) I sense that the bike represented a sudden return to my ability to astral travel across multi-dimensional plans easily.  The bike is a symbol of transportation, of getting to one place to another.  Because in this OBE it was shown as my specialized racing bike, it represented a more advance way of travel.

The color purple of the bike is also symbolic.  Purple is a high vibrational color for spirituality and transmutation.  I sense that a purple bike in evocative of the ability to astral travel and that this is indeed related to my spiritual journey.

As I shared earlier in above, I haven’t had a lucid OBE since my extraordinary trance developments starting on 4/18/15 Saturday. I have been wondering what happened and why I had not astral traveled since mid-April 2015.

In the dream I realized that I shouldn’t have put my purple bike up there  in the sky and that it could break when it landed.  I should take better care of my bike.  I had a memory that this was the second time that my bike had fallen out of the sky like that.

My Transporter

Then I noticed that I felt something soft and gentle on my neck. It was like someone was gently kissing the back of my neck in pulses.  It felt very soothing.

As soon as I noticed this, this unseen being latched onto my back softly, and I felt their movement and positioning behind me.  She was transporting me to another dimension and securely engaging herself to me.  I have blogged about this before of having transporters take me to other dimensional realities.

Please see my blog and categorize by “out-of-body experiences -transporter” to read these earlier OBE posts.

Feeling Uncomfortable Sensations During Transport

We were both flying through the air.  From the back of me she took her finger and pulled the side of my right lower lip down.  She said “This is one of your portals.”   I was very surprised that she shared this technical information with me. Usually the transporters are quiet and mum and don’t like to reveal information, much to my disappointment many times.

Unusual Level of Discomfort

Then I felt a sharp, sustained pinch on my upper lip.  It was uncomfortable.  To date since 2009 when I started having such OBEs, I don’t recall experiencing discomfort like this, especially when being taken by an escort.

The Alternate Dimensional Landscape

Then she said ” Ah… good.. we did it.”  I saw the landscape around us change.  In front of me to my right I saw a hillside with red buildings, that looked like barns,  dotting it over green cover. I realized we were in another dimension.We were flying over some sort of country lane highway.

A “Clairaudient” in This Dimension

 There was a woman with glasses walking alone on the road to the right side of us. When I said something out loud, the woman turned toward me, the direction of my voice and said “What? ”  It was like she could hear me but not see me.

I recognized this woman from the earlier dream segment when my bike fall out of the sky.

My transporter said to me out loud “She has very unusually acute hearing.  She can hear us.” Her implication was that she could hear us but not see us.  After my transporter said this, the woman turned toward her and said “What?”

I had the thought that this woman was “psychic” in this dimension and  had the psychic gift of clairaudiency, the ability to hear what is not physically there.

Being Caressed by the Transporter

My transporter started caressing me very softly as we were travelling.  Sometimes the transporters do this to me in OBEs.  I would say this happens in about 20% of OBEs when I have a transporter.  It is as of they want me to stay calm during our travels.  I probably become more docile and manageable so that they can take me more easily to where we need to go.

The transporter was still behind me so that I could not see her.  I quite a quick glimpse of her somehow but only her head.  She had a female face and beautiful green eyes, framed by gray and black hair and looked very human.

My Transporter was Lizard Like

My transporter  licked the side of my face and the side of my right lip.  I felt that she had forked tongue like a lizard. IntuitivelyI  knew that her teeth and tongue were not like a human’s.  I was not freaked out by this and stayed calm.

I touched the front of her body with a gentle, sweeping  gesture as a return of affection to her.  She told me that I was touching her but!  I had no clue.  Her body must have been differently formed than a human body that I thought that I was touching the front of her when it wasn’t.

She told me that she was taking me to give a talk, that it would only be ten minutes long, so I should prepare what I was going to say for it.  I had no idea what she was talking about.

She said that my spouse was already there, and he had been talking for an hour!  (Note: In reality, my spouse has given talks  on energy and crystals and shared his research on this subject so it was not surprising to me that he would be giving a talk in another dimension.)

Then the OBE broke.  This happens in a few OBEs where it just stops. It is almost as if there isn’t enough chi, or life force energy, for me to keep it sustained.

Still sleeping, I thought to myself that it was too bad that I didn’t get a chance to  make it my destination.  I was curious about my presentation.

2nd Time in Transport

Suddenly, again I felt gentle kisses on the nape of my neck.  My transporter was back!  She made movements such that she was attaching  to the back of me through our hips in some way.  I knew that she had to “latch on” to me to transport me properly.

Again, we were off and flying through the air.

That’s when the OBE stopped.


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