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5/25 & 5/27/15 Channeled Messages: #16 & #17 in 2015: Aristotle: Heart Space, Life Lessons, How You Treat Others & More

by | May 28, 2015 | Channeled in Spirit - Aristotle, Channeled Message that are Inspirational

Aristotle: “I have arrived, dear one. I am here upon your invitation.
Your Heart Space Vibration
It is important to realize you have an inner vibration, created by your inner sanctum (your heart space). Inside of you is this powerful force for change, for creation and ultimate fulfillment. This has been gifted to each and every one of you.
A Heart Space Practical Exercises & Its Benefits
Feel your force. Feel your inner sanctum. By focusing here on this area you can create great change within you that will allow you to see beyond your physical world.
Your heart space is a wonderful area of creativity and imagination. Become more aware of this area. During regular intervals of your day, bring your attention to this space in the center of your chest. Feel this vibration here.
Do this in quietness and when you have an opportunity to clearly feel without noise or interruption. Take your time. Do not rush it or overexert. It will come easily and naturally this connection and affinity to your heart space area.
In doing this regularly, you will create a heart expansion, a deeper channel and connection to the Divine. This will be your sweet spot, where you can come, to relax and touch your inner being and the Truth of Who You Are and how you have been created.
This is powerful, and you will feel the change & metamorphosis within you. Feel the freedom this will bring you and how you will be released and liberated. The heart space area is a special continuum, and a portal, an entry to other dimensions of time and space.
Create the time to endeavor in this activity of furthering your development by connecting to your heart space. Your moments of glory will be revealed, and you will learn how to rise spiritually in your physical domain. You will know what it is to be a spiritual being incarnated in a physical, biological form.
Learn to live your life from your heart space. Make decisions with the connection to this space. When you live in this way, you shall feel the universal flow of all things and the unity of one. When love fills your heart, the possibilities are endless.
Our Life Lessons & Adventures
You have all come so far to be here in time at this nexus. Now, it is the time for further development for the quality of your evolution and purpose. You have come to experience this, to have these adventures, these trials and tribulations for your expansion. Look back at your past experiences as stepping stones and opportunities for learning. Feel this, and you shall forgive yourself and others, more easily and readily. You shall overcome and transcend at a more accelerated rate of expansion.
How You Treat Others
Know that others are developing alongside of you. You can help them with your understanding, grace and compassion. You have all come together at this time, at this specific point in history. This is part of the Grand Design.
Learn to love your neighbor. When you relinquish control and the desire to dominate and subjugate others to your will, you will have reached a major milestone. Your destinies shall be fulfilled.
Become more aware of how you wield your power and to what end. Be cognizant that every human being is a developing soul, including your life partners, your children, those in your family, your co-workers, your colleagues and those that ride the highway of life with you.
Learning to live in this way will be a relief and comfort to you for you will no longer have to “figure it out” for others. It is their soul sojourn to have this discovery for themselves.
Through demonstration and without harsh words and reprimand, you can light the way for others.
You are Responsible
You are responsible and solely you. It lies within your good and capable hands as to how you proceed with your life, how you choose to internalize your life events, how you choose to react, to blame or not blame. These are your perceptions and projections, self-created.
Daily Self-Reflection Exercise
Take the time daily to reflect upon this in your life. Notice how you are going about your day and what thoughts are being created by your mind. When you can have this awareness, you can better rein your thoughts in, monitor and modify them for your well-being and overall health. You are in charge. You are the master of your thoughts. Learn to be more mindful.
About Your Guides & Angels
Your Guides, Angels and those evolved beings, who agreed and are involved with your care, respect this. Great care is taken in their tutelage and with awareness that you are a developing soul with free will. They pay homage to this and treat this honor and reverence. Mind control is not allowed and strictly forbidden. They are there for you and understand the responsibilities they bear.
Get to Know Yourself
Sense who are you. Become more familiar with yourself. Get to know yourself. Do you know who you are? It is the moments of quietness and with gratitude that you shall discover your true purpose and fine design. Feel this vibration.
Aristotle’s Closing
Feel my vibration and know the Truth from which I speak and share to help humanity continue on its evolutionary progression.
I am Aristotle. I have come to share specific and special teachings to help those who are ready to embrace these thought forms of higher evolution. Unto you I come to deliver my words so that you may spread them more readily and make them available to the Truth Seekers.
I am one with you. With many blessings to all and in your good graces,
 5/25/15 Monday Channeled Message #16 from Aristotle on Heart Space, Life Lessons, How You Treat Others, You are Responsible, Your Guides & Get to Know Yourself
12:45 p.m. – 1:10 p.m. On the plane from South Florida to Atlanta, GA
5/27/15 Wednesday Channeled Message #17  from Aristotle on During this Revolution, Equilibrium, Our Power of Creation & Manifestation, 9:25 a.m. – 9:51 a.m. Seattle, WA
Aristotle: I am here in your presence, in your vibrational field.  I have come to teach upon matters that are important at this time.
Be devout, and know that you are not alone on your journey on the Earthly plane.  You have come to share information to others, to increase their knowledge base and help with their expansion.
A Revolution
It is a revolution that is going on currently, a time of abrupt and sudden changes.  Many are feeling inner turmoil.  This is a time of analysis, of learning and change.
Restoring Your Equilibrium
Look within yourselves, and you shall find the answers that you seek.  Your inner equilibrium can be rebalanced and restored in this way.  When you can find the time daily to turn inwards in solitude and with the intention of helping yourself achieve inner harmony,  you will help to improve the status of your life.
The harmonizing effect is important.  When each person can learn to balance themselves energetically and emotionally,  you will be able to sustain and maintain the promise that you made prior to incarnation to help in the empowerment of each individual.
This is a time of discord but within each and every one of you, you have the ability to sanctify.  It is in your supernal beingness and how you  have been created.  Teach others to show them the way to everlasting peace.   Remember, you are all here together, to help each other and move freely through this world.  This is your time.
Feel this new vibration, this uprising.  You have succeeded in coming to this planet for this adventure and to learn how to help others.  In your wise ways, you can help uplift many.
Help from Divine Beings
We have been working with others, beings of divine light, and doing our utmost to help bring solidity, balance and a sense of safety to the masses through our interpreters.
Becoming Independently Minded to Our Power
When each person becomes independently minded to the power and strength that lies within them and available at all times like a reserve, a pool to draw from, there will be fantastic, new developments on all levels of consciousness and growth in technology.
When you know how incredibly powerful you are, you can direct this energy to many aspects of your life for peaceful living and fulfilment.  The generosity of your Spirit has allowed this, and it has been coded in your DNA for your advancement.
This was your promise to help others learn about the sovereignty of their power for creation and for the Ultimate Fulfillment of Love, Peace and Gratitude in all the lands.
Ability to Create
You have this power, this wondrous ability to create if you allow yourselves and truly believe in the opportunities and potentialities it presents. You can create through the Truth of Knowledge and with kindness and compassion.  Your creativity is a reflection of your Genuine Self, that aspect of  you that is all present and all knowing.
Practical Exercise: Permeation into Your Being
Focus now on this Truth that I am sharing.  Feel its vibration and its authenticity in your inner being.  Absorb, assimilate and integrate it into your systems, your cellular regions and all levels of thought.  This will give you tremendous will, perseverance and a desire to dedicate yourself to altruistic causes and be of service.
Be Courageous and Do Not Be Limited
Care for yourself but dare to be courageous and go forward in your life with determination, adaptability and in the deep knowingness that you are highly qualified and have immense capabilities for thought formulation, control and the creation of new concepts and ideals.
Do not be limited by that which is around you.  Learn to look beyond, and feel the magnificent power of your heart.  With this, manifestation will happen at accelerated rates.  As the Earth clear its energy,  there will be additional resources available to you that will happen automatically and naturally.
You are successful, and you have already achieved some level of this astounding progression to higher levels of evolution. Bathe yourself in the everlasting light of All-Knowing and Permanent Love and Beauty.  This is your requiem.
Aristotle’s Closing
I have come to share with you at this time these important words.  Revel in them.  Draw them into your heart space, where they can flower and bloom and fragrance your life.
I am Aristotle with Teachings for the New Age.   Namaste.
How Katy Started this Channeling
Below is my invocation used to start the above channeling. I usually start these channelings by sitting behind my computer at my desk.  I, then, type the message into my computer as I heard the messages coming in telepathically after my invocation.
Sometimes, it will take 3-5 minutes for the telepathic feed to come in. During this time before the message comes in I will relax, breath deeply, close my eyes and attempt to tune into Aristotle’s energy without force.
Katy’s Invocation to Start These Channelings
Katy: Dear Aristotle, I am here to receive the highest & best guidance at this time for humanity. I heard telepathically for the first time on 4/30/15 Thursday that the “highest & best” should be included as part of my invocation. Thank you for your earlier messages, which I have shared on FB & my blog.
On 4/24/15 Arduon, another being, trance channeled to me that I should sit down every day to receive messages from you. You, yourself, came to me on 4/20/15 Monday through trance channel and stated that you wanted me write a book about your teachings.
Please be clear, understandable, accurate and specific. Please help me to receive your words easily. Thank-you. Namaste.
I share these channeling experiences where I  telepathically channeled Aristotle on the following:
– 5/25/15 in Messages #16 Heart Space, Life Lessons, How You Treat Others, You are Responsible, Your Guides & Get to Know Yourself.
– 5/27/15 Wednesday Channeled Message #17  During this Revolution, Equilibrium, Our Power of Creation & Manifestation
Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher and scientist, who died in 322 B.C.
Everyone is Psychic & Channels
Everyone has the ability to channel.  It comes in different ways according to many factors, including each person’s life plan & energetic blueprint.   I share my experiences and how I channel so that you can learn and hopefully expand your consciousness to not only know that there are other beings, who are here to help us, but the possibilities of being able to communicate with them.
I am happy to take what is gifted to me, and understand it is a mutual partnership or association between me and the beings that I channel that extends beyond the third dimension.
I have heard telepathically that when you receive a gift, you must give back. I also have heard telepathically that this was a promise I made before I incarnated, and it is my “prime directive” to be a herald. After  almost six year of resisting this, I have finally surrendered and embrace this. It hasn’t been the easiest road but an important part of my journey.
Earlier Aristotle Channelings
To read earlier messages that I channeled from Aristotle that I shared on this blog, please see the following:
-In June 2010 on worldly matters and 4/25/15 on the New Age
– 4/26/15 trance channeled message #2 in  2015 on Thoughts and Vibration
– Channeled messages #3 – #7 that I received in from 4/27/15-5/01/15
– Channeled messages #8 – #10 that I received from 5/5/15-5/7/15
– Channeled messages #11 – #13 that I received from 5/8/15-5/10/15. Please note that message #13 was from Pliny the Elder, another being, who stepped in on Aristotle’s behalf. 
– Channeled message #14 on 5/16/15 another group of beings the Altun Hans  stepped in on Aristotle’s behalf.
– Channeled messages #15 that I received on 5/16/15
My Background with Aristotle
I received my first channeled message from Aristotle in June 2010. It was almost five years later after that in April 2015 till I received his next series of messages.
My Past Lives with Aristotle
I sensed that I must have some sort of past life experience with Aristotle, which is why he is able to blend naturally into my energetic field.  We must have had some sort of connection in previous lifetimes.
This was validated on 5/5/15 Tuesday through a trance channeled message from Aristotle in which he shared the following:
Aristotle: “I want you to know that it is our past lives together that has allowed this blending, this correlation.  It has been fortuitous and successful.  When you are in the advanced levels of your design, this type of coming together is powerful and well-intentioned.
You have the energy field now to sustain such communications of high vibration…You are in advanced studies of thought development.”
I do sense that I had incarnated during Greek times and perhaps was a mathematician.  Mathematics was my bachelor’s degree in this lifetime!
Aristotle’s Channeling  Instructions to Me
I am attempting to honor Aristotle and the words that he wants to share.  I heard from him in another earlier trance channeling on April 2015  with him that I should sit down every day to receive a message from him and that morning would be best as I had more energy then.
During a 4/20/15 trance channeling from him,  I received this from him (excerpted):
“…I will talk to you from my time to time. You will write it down and put it out there for others to read and learn about my work.  I have many things I am working on right now…”
You can hear the actual sound file of this 4/20/15 Aristotle trance channeling at:
About Katy
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser and provide guidance to people’s life questions through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings. I also am a workshop facilitator & Reiki Master. I have received channeled information from over forty beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with communications with light beings.

You can read more of my background by clicking here.



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