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5/30 & 5/31/15 Channeled Messages: #19 & #20 in 2015: Aristotle: Understand Yourselves & More

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Aristotle:  It is in your good graces that I come today, that you have allowed me this opportunity to share my words.  I feel you and have high hopes for what you do and the care you take.
Understand Yourselves
Understand yourselves. This is important. In understanding yourselves you create more empathy for others.  In developing an understanding of who you are and what makes you tick, you become more aware.  In your awareness, you can create change for your betterment and well-being.
Become More Aware
Learn to become more aware of your emotions, how they arise, and why they surface.  What are the circumstances that lead to the disruption of your emotional state and loss of balance? This will reveal those aspects of yourself that you have hidden, suppressed and are not ready to acknowledge consciously and willingly.
These are the times to learn about yourself, how your upbringing affected you and your perceptions, how your mind created your belief systems.  All this is important to your understanding of who you are and what you carrying around inside of you, that which is your personality and projection to the world.
Your mind is very powerful. At times, it does you a disservice and creates unrest within yourself with its distorted perceptions, ambiguities and inconsistencies. Become more aware of your mind, how it engages and how it interacts with your thought systems.  Be observant, and this shall give you the capabilities to withdraw from those interactions that are not conducive to your overall well-being.
Your Mind is a Ladder
Your mind is a ladder.  If you can learn to use it productively and fruitfully, you will be able to climb to higher levels of thought forms and evolution.  This is part of the Plan, to learn these teachings and then to integrate them into your life.  In doing so, you shall help create change and demonstrate to others the availability of such growth.
Tools for Entraining the Mind –Crystals, Sound & Nature
There are certain crystals that can help you entrain your mind to these advanced levels.  Those are the crystals that work with your rational, logical cerebral side.  Use these as a tool to help yourself and for assistance.
There are sound vibrations that vibrate to the frequencies of your crown chakra and those chakras even higher to help you clear and remove obstructions and impurities of thought.   Nature, as well, can help create that space within your mind for adjustment, re-balancing and harmonic union.  Take the time to learn about such tools and utilize them in your daily life.
You have been created to be high vibrational beings of divine light and purpose.  Remember this and take the time daily to feel this and know that this is who you are and how you have been created.
Aristotle’s Closing
I am one who has come to deliver these missives to help you in your advancement and evolution, to help your rise and transcend those feelings and thoughts that hinder you and create unnecessary obstacles to your growth and development.
I am one who knows and cares for humanity.  Please read my words, repeat them to yourselves, slowly, and with the intention of absorption into your cellular consciousness, where they will rest and begin to assimilate into your cells and thoughts.
You are unbounded! Acknowledge this.
Love Yourselves Unconditionally
Learn to love yourselves unconditionally and have high hopes for all that you do and are capable of doing. This will have a causal effect. In this you shall attract the Universal flow and abundance into your sphere.
I am you, that is who I am.  We are all united! Unity consciousness is a level that can be attained by all.  Feel this connection to all that is.
You have heard me clearly. Now, spread my words and teachings to those who are eager to embrace these to help themselves and others.
In your good graces I came, in your good graces, I will depart until the next time when I share more words of Wisdom and Truth.  Make haste.  Do not delay!  Continue to shine your light!
5/30/15  Saturday Channeled Message #19 from Aristotle on Understanding Yourself 
 12:32 p.m. –12:53 p.m. Seattle, WA


5/31/15 Sunday Channeled Message #20 from Aristotle on  Your Evolvement & Purpose
 11:53 a.m. –  12:17 pm Seattle, WA

We Are Not Alone
Tis a fine design how the Universe has been made and all of its unique and varied denizens from many worlds.
We Are Not Alone
I am here to remind you that you are not alone, that there are many high vibratory beings, who endeavor to help humanity during this time. These are the times for rapid acceleration and advancement.
About Early Man
Early man desired knowledge of the stars, the sun, and the moon. This desire allowed them to enter into realm of the celestial. These initial formulations increased their capacity for growth, education and learning. In time, many came to know the Truth of this Light.
Your Evolvement
You are all evolving at increasing acceleration. You can feel the difference within yourself when you turn inward and listen to the beat of your heart.
Be Courageous
Be courageous, and take heart that this is part of your initiation and in the course of your development. Trust in yourself and that your soul knows and desires this completion at this stage of your journey.
You Chose This
Understand that you have partaken this destiny with joy and the knowingness that it will help you to raise your consciousness and expand your thoughts. As you evolve, you learn the meaning of reverence for all life and consciousnesses. You will feel the vibration of all things and sense their essence. This is in your DNA blueprint and encodings.
Your Purpose
You have a purpose! That is to become naturally the divine being that you are. You shall touch and walk in the Truth of How You Have Been Created.
You are Unbounded
Do not limit yourself! Freedom is yours! Feel the sanctity this creates within your inner space.
You are unbounded! Teach this. Shower this on others! Feel how refreshing and appealing this is to you! You need to hear this, and acknowledge this within your conscious thoughts.
Teach This
Teach this to your children and work with them and support them on their path. Relinquish your old-fashioned beliefs and story lines that keep your imprisoned and do not allow you breathe fully. Put these on the way side.
You are Valuable
You are very valuable for each one of you touches many others. In your interconnectedness, you can awash yourself in joy, laughter and relaxation. Live your life in this way, with this vibration! It will become easier and easier to do so. Let your Thought Speak be pure, loving and generous to yourself and those in your care.
Aristotle’s Role
I am here to help lift the veil of ignorance & of small-mindedness, and to encourage all to feel the quality of their design and their state of eternal beingness. It is a wonderful Plan of high intelligence and quality of vibration, of sight and sound.
I am evolving as well as this is a Journey of Truth, Knowledge and Inspiration. I have come to bring to the forefront these special concepts for your integration and for clarity on your life and its speed of progression.


How Katy Started this Channeling
Below is my invocation used to start the above channeling. I usually start these channelings by sitting behind my computer at my desk.  I, then, type the message into my computer as I hear the message coming in telepathically after my invocation.
Sometimes, it will take 3-5 minutes for the telepathic feed to come in. During this time before the message comes in I will relax, breath deeply, close my eyes and attempt to tune into Aristotle’s energy without force.
I listen very closely but without force to what I may hear inside of my head in my own thought voice but that is not generated from me.   This is called clairaudiency and is a form of telepathy.  Clairaudiency is the main way that I receive channeled messages.


Katy’s Telepathic Invocation to Start These Channelings
Katy: Dear Aristotle, I am here to receive the highest & best guidance at this time for humanity.  I heard telepathically for the first time on 4/30/15 Thursday that the “highest & best” should be included as part of my invocation. Thank you for your earlier messages, which I have shared on FB & my blog.
On 4/24/15 Arduon, another being, trance channeled to me that I should sit down every day to receive messages from you. You, yourself, came to me on 4/20/15 Monday through trance channel and stated that you wanted me write a book about your teachings.
Please be clear, understandable, accurate and specific. Please help me to receive your words easily.
Thank-you. Namaste.


I share this channeling experiences where I  telepathically channeled Aristotle’s messages #19 in 2015 Understanding Yourselves and #20 on Your Evolvement & Purpose in 2015
Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.) was a famous Greek philosopher and scientist.
Everyone is Psychic & Channels
Everyone has the ability to channel.  It comes in different ways according to many factors, including each person’s life plan & energetic blueprint.   I share my experiences and how I channel so that you can learn and hopefully expand your consciousness to not only know that there are other beings, who are here to help us, but the possibilities of being able to communicate with them.
I am happy to take what is gifted to me, and understand it is a mutual partnership or association between me and the beings that I channel that extends beyond the third dimension.
I have heard telepathically that when you receive a gift, you must give back. I also have heard telepathically that this was a promise I made before I incarnated, and it is my “prime directive” to be a herald. After  almost six-year of resisting this, I have finally surrendered and embrace this. It hasn’t been the easiest road but an important part of my journey.
Earlier Aristotle Channelings
To read earlier messages that I channeled from Aristotle that I shared on this blog, please see the following:
-Three channeled messages, in June 2010 on worldly matters, 4/20/15 and 4/25/15 on the New Age
– Trance channeled message #2  received on 4/26/15 on Thoughts and Vibration
– Channeled messages #3 – #7 that I received from 4/27/15-5/01/15
– Channeled messages #8 – #10 that I received from 5/5/15-5/7/15
– Channeled messages #11 – #13 that I received from 5/8/15-5/10/15. Please note that message #13 was from Pliny the Elder, another being, who stepped in on Aristotle’s behalf. 
– Channeled message #14 on 5/16/15 another group of beings the Altun Hans  stepped in on Aristotle’s behalf.
– Channeled messages #15 that I received on 5/16/15
– Channeled messages #16 that I received on  5/25/15 on Heart Space, Life Lessons, How You Treat Others, You are Responsible, Your Guides & Get to Know Yourself &  Channeled messages #17 that I received on  5/27/15 on During this Revolution, Equilibrium, Our Power of Creation & Manifestation
– Channeled messages #18  that I received on 5/28/15 was from Pliny the Elder on All-Knowingness.  He stepped in on behalf of Aristotle.
My Background with Aristotle
I received my first channeled message from Aristotle in June 2010. It was almost five years later after that in April 2015 till I received his next series of messages.
My Past Lives with Aristotle
I sensed that I must have some sort of past life experience with Aristotle, which is why he is able to blend naturally into my energetic field.  We must have had some sort of connection in previous lifetimes.
This was validated on 5/5/15 Tuesday through a trance channeled message from Aristotle in which he shared the following, which I transcribed from the sound file:
Aristotle: “I want you to know that it is our past lives together that has allowed this blending, this correlation.  It has been fortuitous and successful.  When you are in the advanced levels of your design, this type of coming together is powerful and well-intentioned.
You have the energy field now to sustain such communications of high vibration…You are in advanced studies of thought development.”
I do sense that I had incarnated during Greek times and perhaps was a mathematician.  Mathematics was my bachelor’s degree in this lifetime!
Aristotle’s Channeling  Instructions to Me
I am attempting to honor Aristotle and the words that he wants to share.  I heard from him in another earlier trance channeling on April 2015 with him that I should sit down every day to receive a message from him and that morning would be best as I had more energy then.
During a 4/20/15 trance channeling from him,  I received this from him (excerpted and transcribed from the sound file):
“…I will talk to you from my time to time. You will write it down and put it out there for others to read and learn about my work.  I have many things I am working on right now…”
You can hear the actual sound file of this 4/20/15 Aristotle trance channeling at:
About Katy
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog.  I am a psychic life adviser and provide guidance to people’s life questions through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings. I also am a workshop facilitator & Reiki Master & Reiki teacher. To date, I have received channeled information from over forty beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear your feedback and experience with communications with light beings.

You can read more of my background by clicking here.



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