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I am  going to share what I did prior to this OBE as a general understanding of what events may lead to an OBE (out-of-body experience).  Please know that what I share is based DIRECTLY on my own experiences, feelings and insights.
From about 8:00 p.m.- 10:30 p.m. the evening of this OBE  I dozed on the living room couch. My muscles were slightly sore from a weight lifting workout, and it felt so good to relax.
At about 10:30 p.m.  I woke up to go to bed.  I spent about forty-five minutes to an hour in bed, sending energy to Mother Earth, to the elephants and doing energy work on myself and repeating some positive affirmations.
Healing Energy to Elephants in Tanzania and Botswana
The past two nights I have received clairvoyant images of elephants before going to sleep.  One was a single large elephant with large tusks in its natural habitat.  I also received images of a parent elephant and a baby elephant. It looked like they have been skinned.  I received this the night before this OBE and also the night of this OBE.  The elephants appeared to be in distress.  I sensed that they were being slaughtered unmercilessly.
I, usually, don’t receive such graphic, clairvoyant images.  To receive these two nights in a row meant that a serious message was coming through for me to address and do some light work on.
As a nightly practice I like to send healing energy to Mother Earth before sleep.  Even if it is only for a few seconds, I feel these well-intentions have impact for healing.   Sometimes when I have done this in the past, I receive telepathically what specific areas of the world to send energy to.  Often it has been to the polar cap regions and to the penguins.
When I stated this intention this evening to send healing energy to Mother Earth, I  received the clairvoyant image of two elephants, a parent elephant and a baby elephant,  that looked like they have been skinned.   This was the same image I had received in the evening before going to sleep.
I felt the elephants’ distress.  I felt that many elephants have been killed and torchered.  I heard “Tanzania” and “Botswana”.  Then I, clairaudiently, which is a form of telepathy, heard  “poachers”, “ivory”  and “genocide”.   I felt clearly and strongly that these elephants were in dire need.  I could feel their pain. It was tragic.  I tempered what I allowed myself to feel about them as I was afraid I would get drawn into their deep sorrow and pain.
I thought that the elephants may not have crossed over or transitioned upon their physical death because they their deaths were so horrific.  That happens with humans as well where they miss going into the light tunnel upon physical death.  I have shared in this blog a few posts where I help beings transition to other realms.
In bed with my intention and visualization, I sent the elephants love and light.  I bathed them in pink light for love.  I did this for about 6-10 minutes.  Whenever, I wanted to stop sending, I sensed that I shouldn’t because the healing energy was still flowing so strongly to them.  After about ten minutes, I felt a break.  I received an image of two elephants in a field of high grasses and sensed that they were in a good place.  I felt that this was a good time to end the energy flow.
I also protected the elephants in a white bubble of light. I asked Source, the angels, and high level beings of light and love to assist in this matter.  I asked that love and compassion enter the hearts of the poachers and that they put down their arms and tools of violence used against the elephants.
Up until this time, I had no idea what was happening to this elephants and was not aware of any such sufferings consciously in current events.
The following day I Googled “elephants in distress in Tanzania.” I received definitive hits with the following two recent articles.
1) 3/24/15 Elephant slaughter reaches ‘an unprecedented rate’ in Tanzania – ITV News
Elephant slaughter reaches ‘an unprecedented rate’ in Tanzania
Elephant slaughter reaches ‘an unprecedented rate’ in Tanzania – ITV News

I was heart-broken to read these articles.
Please send healing energy of white light and love to the elephants.  Please don’t buy any ivory products or support this industry with your dollars.
Click here to go to the Facebook post that I created for this effort. 
Feeling My Energetic Body Wanting to Lift Out
After I sent the elephants healing energy, I relaxed to go to sleep.  I noticed a very odd and unusual sensation within myself.  I felt that my energetic body wanted to lift out of my physical body. It was very pronounced and strong. This was the strongest response I have had with this uncontrollable urge to lift out.  It was similar to a pet on a leash, straining to be let go.
It reminded me of when I first started trance channeling on 4/18/15 when I was experiencing uncontrollable physical sensations of a being that wanted to talk through my vocal chords. It was that kind of physical response, spontaneous.
I felt my energetic body actually standing in the bed.  What I mean by this is that I felt my head where it was supposed to be, on the pillow, but that the rest of my body had gone down through the mattress and the bedroom floor.  It felt like I was  no longer in a supine position, energetically, but in an upright position.
Sounds odd, I know.  I have experienced this sensation before over the past six years when getting ready to bed where it felt I was standing up energetically as I described above.  However, this evening there were other prominent OBE indicators involved like the feeling of my energetic body straining to lift out.
My Physical Responses – Pre-OBE
Feeling Physically Distressed

  • As I lay in bed, I felt under physical duress because I was experiencing unusual neurological and nervous responses, uncontrolled, due to  my energetic body wanting to lift out.

Feeling Kriyas

  • I had a few kriyas, or spontaneous body twitches. I experienced one kriya in a place that I have never experienced before.  It was located in my back in the middle of my left shoulder blade.  I recognized this as the area that an acupuncturist had applied acupressure in 2014 for some symptoms I had with carpal tunnel on my left arm.  This area was so sensitive,  I almost jumped off the table when the acupuncturist applied pressure here.

I knew that my energetic body was releasing and re-balancing itself and preparing for the OBE.  It is important for your energetic body to be strong, fluid and balanced for a lucid  OBE.
The Need for More Air

  • I took deeper breathes because it felt like I needed more air.

Getting Frustrated
After about fifteen minutes of  feeling this, I was like ” Spirit, enough already! Just let me just lift out energetically.”  I knew it was my spirit that was responsible for this. It  has a mind of its own as I have shared in other OBEs.
I thought how weird it would be to lift out and look back and see my physical form lying in bed.  Some people have shared this as their experience in OBEs though I have not experienced OBEs in this manner. There are many ways to experience an OBE, and you may not necessarily look book and see your physical form lying in the bed.
Asking for Help from Beings with the OBE
Because I was getting frustrated, I decided to ask a high level being of light and love for assistance.  Maybe, they could lift me out of my physical body. From my OBE research, these beings have been known to assist human beings happen from time to time.  I read about this in one of Robert Monroe’s OBE books.  He was a prolific author on the topic of OBEs.
I received a fuzzy clairvoyant image of what appeared to me to be an unfamiliar extra-terrestrial (ET).  I asked him to pull me energetically up from both arms.  I did this for a minute or so to no avail.
Then I felt a force behind my back as I was laying in the bed.  The ET was pushing me from behind as if he were pushing me to sit up.  Telepathically, I heard “Heave ho!”.  I felt I was so close to lifting out energetically, like 95% there,  but still did not do so.
It is frustrating to feel to feel this way. It is like your body wanting to burp or some other biological response, and it is so close and you still cannot and so you become agitated.
Fears of the 4th Dimension
I had some thoughts about what I may encounter if I did lift out energetically into an OBE.  To date I have not done it in such a lucid, awake state. All of many OBEs since 2009 have been in an altered state of consciousness in my sleep state.
I have learned that when you have OBEs and enter the next dimension, closest to the Earth dimension, some people have referred this as the 4th Dimension, or the Astral Zone or Astral Plane, that it has been a scary place at times.
Recognizing the 4th Dimension – The “Ghetto”
For me 4th Dimension has been recognizable because it is the same setting as my bedroom or the setting where I fell asleep but with physical appearance distortions.  For examples, my bed spread will have a different pattern on it, or there will be long curtains along my windows when in reality, I have vertical blinds.  Or they may be some unusual and unfamiliar bedroom furniture.  Also, the lighting is very dim.
I have experienced that discarnate spirits and entities without physical form and often with deformities exist here.  There could be also be human beings but with psychotic or  deep personality issues and have missed the light tunnel upon their physical death. I am always very cautious and on the defensive in OBEs where I am in the 4th Dimension.  You can say it is the “ghetto” where all sorts of things and lower vibrational entities hang out.
I had a feeling that evening that I would have a lucid OBE since I slept for about two and a half hours, stayed awake in bed for about an hour, more and less, doing spiritual work and sending healing energy to the elephants.  Usually, when I do this, I have a lucid OBE almost immediately after falling asleep. That is exactly what happened in this instance.
In the Vibrational State
I became lucid in my sleep state to feel the right side of my head to my right shoulder, vibrating quickly. It felt uncomfortable.  I knew I was on the cusp of something because I was feeling these strong vibrations.
(Note: Many OBE publications share that being in a vibrational state is a key to experiencing an OBE.) 
Then I felt myself lift out and break away.
My Female Escort
The next thing I remember was that there was a tall, elegant woman opening up a door in front of me and me walking through it.
The Inter-Dimensional Scene
I was now in a dimly lit large room, perhaps about 20 x 20 feet.  There were quite a few unfamiliar people in it milling about.  There was a small counter with a matronly looking woman in a professional dress behind it in front of me.  There were about two other people behind her, engaged in some sort of activity or work.
The matronly woman was complaining about her work.  I told her that I could not believe it was like that up here. I said to her “As above, so below”.  I told her that’s why I wasn’t looking forward to my physical death and going to heaven if it was going to be like Earth with dreading your job, complaining about it, etc…
(Note: I have experienced this a few times in OBEs where the other people in the OBE complain about their work. I am always disappointed to experience this in the OBE as I am like “I can’t believe it’s like this in this dimensional plane as well. Ugh!” )
The matronly woman said ” Why, this is not heaven!”.  It made me think that I was erroneous in assuming that this plane was heaven.  It was just another alternate reality but not heaven.
Rude Treatment From a Male
An unfamiliar, taller man to my left made a comment to me that I was not able to recall what.  Then, he told me to “Shut up.”  I did not appreciate that and told him that he needed to respect me and shouldn’t use that word or something along those lines.  He did not care and said it again.
At this point, I was just tired of hearing this.  This has happened quite a few times in OBEs where some people are mean to me and don’t treat me well. I always react defensively and tell them off and berate them for their actions toward me.  I chide them and tell them to be more polite.  Usually, I think to myself, when this happens “Don’t they know I am an astral traveler and am trying to figure things out, that I have no clue and am trying my best? They should be more understanding toward me!”
To Learn to be an Independent Astral Traveler
I know it probably sounds like I am whining and feeling like a victim, and I readily admit that I am. Unfortunately, I am rarely coddled in my OBEs and have to learn by the seat of my pants.  After almost six years of experiencing OBEs lucidly in my sleep state I have learned that one of my lessons it to “toughen up” and be independent and learn on my own.  No one is holding my hand during these OBEs and explaining to me step-by-step what I am experiencing.  This is instilling strength & resilience within me.
After the man told me “shut up’ and then I scolded him, I just deflated. During this OBE, I became resigned and just plain tired of this rude behavior toward me and just let it go without fighting anymore. I was just burned out and tired of reacting like this in these OBEs.
A Lesson in this OBE for Me
I am sure that there is a lesson for me to learn here in regards to controlling my reactions since this has happened more than enough times in OBEs.  I am from the school of thought that your life lessons are presented to you again and again till you learn from them.  This type of occurrence in an OBE has happened enough times where I feel slighted and unrespected for me to learn that I need to react differently or perhaps not react.
Conference Table with Men Conversing
I looked behind the matronly woman and noticed a large oval table with about fifteen men sitting around it.  They were talking animatedly in conversation.  I could not hear what they were saying.  I noticed that it appeared that the room was split in two, with the men around the conference table in one half,  and others, including myself, in the other half.
There was a young man in his twenties next to me in white, pressed collared shirt.  He said something to me about how he could help me but then added it would be in a sexually pervasive way.  I felt frustrated with him and his behavior and wanted nothing to with him.
(Note: As I analyze this OBE, I count three times that I have been frustrated with people or situations in this OBE.  The first was learning that people complain about their work in other planes like on Earth.  The second was when the man told me to “shut up”.  The third was when the young man made a lewd comment to me.)
Seeing Dog Pets & Chimp
I looked over to the side of the room with conference table.  Next to it, I saw five dogs.  Three of them had white fur with large black spots.  Three of the dogs were smaller, lap dogs. Two of the dogs were medium-sized dogs.  They appeared to be playing gently with each other and enjoying each other’s doggy company.  Then, to my surprise, I saw a small chimp with orange fur, sitting on a chair next to the table and the dogs.
Conveying Info Out loud to My Spouse
Out loud I start conveying to my husband in narrative form, what I was seeing.  My spouse is not there in the scene, and I know this; however, I continue to talk to him in a very firm, loud voice.  This seems to be a common psychological mechanism that  I have adopted during OBEs to help me to remember the OBE. I do this automatically in the OBE at times.  I don’t even think that is weird in the OBE, for me to talking out loud like that in front of people.  To be honest, this does help me to enhance my recall about specific details of the OBE when I talk out loud to my husband who isn’t there!
I said to my husband out loud “There is a conference room with many men around it.  There are about five dogs, three of them are white with black spots.  There is even a monkey!”
Then, I hear the matronly woman, who was behind the counter, say that it was one of the assistant’s monkey.
I looked to my left.  The tall, elegant woman was there, standing to the side.  She was observing but not participating.
( Note: Upon thinking about her presence upon waking up, I heard that she was a “monitor”. This is a common occurrence in my OBEs, where such “monitors”  are there and stay off on the sidelines and observe.  I am sure they will intervene if things get hairy but they usually maintain a neutral position).
Everyone Disappears
All of a sudden, everyone disappears.  I am in the room by myself.  Some of the furnishings are there but everyone is gone.  The conference table is not even there.  I wondered where it could have possibly gone.  Where was everybody? And all those men that were around the conference room? How could they have exited so quickly?   I feel alone.
The next scene I was lucid and I was laying next to my spouse in our Seattle bedroom.  I have the knowingness that my husband in reality is not laying in the bed. He was having trouble sleeping and awoke to work on his computer.  I remembered that.
My Fear of Being Stuck in a Dimension
I look at my husband laying next to me and ask “Am I back or am I still in the Astral Zone?”  My husband reassured me and said “No, you are back.”  I was having difficulty in telling the difference if I was still in my sleep state in the OBE  or if  I was actually awake.
This has happened before in OBEs.  It feels like I am back in the Third Dimension or Earthly plane of reality and I am not.  It is very upsetting.  Sometimes, I feel I am going to be stuck in another dimension and not come back because I am so lucid, and it feels so real!
Those of you who are lucid dreamers may be able to sympathize and relate to my fears.  When you are a lucid dreamer, it feels so real, everything you are experiencing and feeling is in real-time and like it is in your real life.
I notice the lighting the bedroom. It was very dim like it would be if our bedroom was in the Astral Zone or 4th Dimension.   I got emotional.  My voice rose and I cried to my husband “No, I am not back. I am still in the Astral Zone!”.   I punched the bed mattress with one of my hands to see if my hand goes through. If it went through, I would know I was still in the OBE.  This is a type of test I use for myself in my OBE travels to see if I am in an OBE or not. I will often put my hand through a wall or window to see if it will go through. If it goes through,  I know I am in an OBE.
After I punched the bed mattress with one of my hands, my hand makes contact with the hard mattress!  I cannot believe it!  I know I have not returned yet to the Third Dimension where I exist.  I know I am still in the OBE though it feels like I have awakened.  I punch my mattress again.  Again, my  hand does not go through.  I am shocked and in disbelief.
The OBE stopped suddenly, and  I awoke.   I opened my eyes in bed.  My bedroom looks like it should. Now, I know I was back.  I was really back in the Third Dimension of my reality.  I was very relieved and appreciated how it felt to be back!
5/30/15  Saturday Evening Seattle, WA My Apartment


I shared these this out-of-body-experience (OBE) on 5/30/15 Saturday during my sleep state, where I experienced vibrations before the OBE. I share this to show the spectrum of experiences one may have when you raise your vibration, and you experience other aspects of your existences lucidly.  “This will become more and more common place as others raise their vibrations and have lucid recall.”
(Note: I directly channeled what are in quotes.)
This OBE ranks up there as unusual since I experienced body vibrations as a precursor to the OBE.   Since my spiritual awakening in 2009 I have only had about five or so OBEs where I experienced body vibrations before the OBE.  I know that initiating body vibrations is a common technique for an OBE but I have experienced it only limitedly in the past six years.
This OBE ended about 1:45 a.m. because I immediately woke up and checked the time on the bedroom night stand.
The Commonalities I Have Experienced in OBEs
Having had many OBE experiences, some of which I have shared on this blog, I have compiled some commonalities that I have noticed.  I categorize this as an OBE for the following reasons:

  1. The lucidity of the experience
  2. Having a being transport me to another dimension- in this OBE, the transporter was a tall, elegant woman
  3. Being in another dimensional reality and interacting with other dimensional beings

My Teachings
I shared this OBE to teach the following:
1) We are are Multi-Dimensional & Can Interact With Other Dimensional Beings in Our Sleep State
– that  human beings can interact with other beings, including alien types, in their altered state of consciousness, like their sleep state.  I have heard telepathically many times that I am an Arcturian and have an “alien nature”.  This can explain the frequency of my own experiences with alien beings.
2) Lack of Fear & Composure &  Emotional Mastery is Important
– to keep an open mind and to be composed is key during these OBE interactions. To remember to keep your balance is important.  It would have been easy to “lose my cool” in the below experience. To have emotional mastery is the ability to transcend your life events.
Having had enough of these OBE experiences since 2009, I realized that it is essential that I maintain my emotional balance.  I sense that this is for my own growth and part of my “tests” that I personally face and agreed to have prior to this Earthly incarnation.   Many of my tests are in my OBEs as well as a few in my 3-D (Third Dimensional)  life.
Because of my recent spiritual developments, including trance channeling that unfolded on 4/18/15, I sense I have been on hiatus from my OBEs due to the amount of personal chi or life-force universal energies required to sustain and lucidly recall these OBEs.  This was done for my own good. But now that hiatus has ended I have experienced lucid OBEs,  which I have shared on this blog.
3) How one can experience an OBE from a dream sequence.
4) How the OBE settings and scene can change suddenly.  In this experience everyone had vanished from the room and it was only me and few furnishings left in the room.
5) How you can learn your life lessons in the OBE.   For me, I am learning how to become stronger and more independent in OBEs and less judgmental and non-reactive.

Other Recent OBEs

The other recent OBEs I experienced were the following:
-On 5/9/15  I experienced an emotionally disturbing OBE with aliens at:
– On 5-5-15 I participated in  three spirit crossovers during this OBE.  Please see that blog post at:
– How one can experience an OBE from a dream sequence.
– How the OBE settings and scene can change suddenly.  In this experience everyone had vanished from the room and it was only me and few furnishings left in the room.
Your Spirit, Another Level of Consciousness,  as Navigator
–  My theory is that your spirit is responsible for your OBE destinations, navigations & OBE development or simply for the thrill of an adventure.  This explains why the scenes break so suddenly and spontaneously. However, because My Spirit is another level of consciousness not readily accessed by my conscious level because it is behind the Veil, I have no clue that this is going on.  It appears to me to happen randomly and spontaneously. And as in the experience I shared below, I am often confused and don’t understand what is going on.
I share this for you to understand yourself better and why you may be experiencing lucid, emotional volatile OBEs.
The Veil
– The Power & Lifting of the Veil – As your veil lifts when you raise your consciousness and hence have a higher vibration, you are able to have these lucid multi-dimensional experiences and OBEs.
I feel that the term “curtain” is synonymous to the term “the Veil.”  Curtain is a term I hear frequently telepathically.  The veil is the shroud that many human beings are born with that hides our past, parallel and future lives and many levels of our subconscious, including our Higher Self.
The veil is there for our protection as often there is deep trauma and transgressions that we have committed or experienced in our other lives. It serves as a mechanism to learn and dissipate our egos for our spiritual evolvement and to overcome the illusion and duality of the world and connect to Source.
As your veil lifts when you raise your consciousness and hence have a higher vibration, you are able to have access to these multi-dimensional experiences and OBEs.
What Dreams Really Are
I refer to dreams as OBEs to create the awareness that we experience our multi-dimensionality in our sleep state. I don’t believe dreams are “just dreams”.  All dreams are significant, and there is real value in interpreting them if you can recall them.
Our sleep time is the time for our interdimensional travels. We are multi-dimensional beings and experience realities on other levels, concurrent to our human existence. I have channeled a few messages from other beings that share this educational content as well.
In our dream state, when we are in altered state of consciousness, we are able to experience these parallel realities in “other dimensions of time and space.” Everyone experiences this in their dream state. Some or most people are just not lucid during this time and are unable to recall them upon waking.
(Note: I directly channeled what are in quotes.)
In these dimensions, one interacts with  the dimensional beings of the plane and is another dimensional landscape. These beings may or may not be familiar.
Please know that my learnings on this subject are based ONLY on my personal experiences and intuition.  Due to the nature and ambiguity of dream time, technology & science, at this point in time, does not exist to verify and validate my perceptions.
Shift from the Third Dimension to the 5th Dimension & Multi-dimensionality
As people on Earth raise & expand their consciousness, they will move into the fifth dimension or level of development. Currently, many humans are in the 3-D but are transitioning to higher dimensional levels.   Being in the fifth dimension will naturally result in increased lucidity during your sleep state.
Since my spiritual awakening, I have telepathically  heard in my own thought voice numerous times  that I am in the 16th level of the fifth dimension.  This accounts for  the increased lucidity  and number of my lucid OBEs.
Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar OBEs  or experiences with body vibration before an OBE.
To learn more about my background, click here.
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