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I shared these this somewhat scary out-of-body-experience (OBE) with an alien interaction on 5/9/15 Saturday during my sleep state. I share this to show the spectrum of experiences one may have when you raise your vibration, and you experience other aspects of your existences lucidly.  “This will become more and more common place as others raise their vibrations and have lucid recall.”
(Note: I directly channeled what are in quotes.)
This OBE definitely ranks up there in my top five as one of my most frightening and emotionally disruptive OBEs with an alien encounter since my spiritual awakening in 2009.    It ended about 1:25 a.m. because I immediately woke up and checked the time on the bedroom night stand.
The Commonalities I Have Experienced in OBEs
Having had many OBE experiences, some of which I have shared on this blog, I have compiled some commonalities that I have noticed.  I categorize this as an OBE for the following reasons:

  1. The lucidity of the experience
  2. Having a being transport me to another dimension
  3. Going through a portal or wormhole of some type with an transporter
  4. Being in another dimensional reality and interacting with other dimensional beings
  5. Having some sort of procedure done – in this experience, some sort of apparatus similar to a bike chain was being inserted into my lower half.

My Teachings
I shared this OBE  to teach the following:
We are are Multi-Dimensional & Can Interact With Other Dimensional Beings in Our Sleep State
– that  human beings can interact with other beings, including alien types, in their altered state of consciousness, like their sleep state.  I have heard telepathically many times that I am an Arcturian and have an “alien nature”.  This can explain the frequency of my own experiences with alien beings.
Lack of Fear & Composure &  Emotional Mastery is Important
– to keep an open mind and to be composed is key during these OBE interactions. To remember to keep your balance is important.  It would have been easy to “lose my cool” in the below experience. To have emotional mastery is the ability to transcend your life events.
Having had enough of these OBE experiences since 2009, I realized that it is essential that I maintain my emotional balance.  I sense that this is for my own growth and part of my “tests” that I personally face and agreed to have prior to this Earthly incarnation.   Many of my tests are in my OBEs as well as a few in my 3-D (Third Dimensional)  life.
Because of my recent spiritual developments, including trance channeling that unfolded on 4/18/15, I sense I have been on hiatus from my OBEs due to the amount of personal chi or life-force universal energies required to sustain and lucidly recall these OBEs.  This was done for my own good. But now that hiatus has ended and in the last two days I have experienced lucid OBEs, both of which I have shared on this blog.
The other recent OBE I experienced was on 5-5-15 and involved participating three spirit crossovers.  Please see that blog post at:
– How one can receive premonitory information about the OBE a few days before.  In my experience below, I received some information in an oracle card spread to be discerning and watch for the red flags. I also received clairvoyant images of two aliens in the days preceding.
– How one can experience an OBE from a dream sequence.
– How the OBE settings and scene can change suddenly.  In this experience I went from my apartment, into the portal, to a doctor’s office, then back to my apartment, and then to a planet.
– How beings in the OBE may use your own personal symbols and associations to communicate with you.  It is like they can pick your brain.  In this experience, the alien knew I had an an uncomfortable association with Darth Vader and chose “Vulcan” instead as his species type.
Your Spirit, Another Level of Consciousness,  as Navigator
–  My theory that your spirit is responsible for your OBE destinations, navigations & OBE development or simply for the thrill of an adventure.  This explains why the scenes break so suddenly and spontaneously. However, because My Spirit is another level of consciousness not readily accessed by my conscious level because it is behind the Veil, I have no clue that this is going on.  It appears to me to happen randomly and spontaneously. And as in the experience I shared below, I am often confused and don’t understand what is going on.
I share this for you to understand yourself better and why you may be experiencing lucid, emotional volatile OBEs.
The Veil
– The Power & Lifting of the Veil – As your veil lifts when you raise your consciousness and hence have a higher vibration, you are able to have these lucid multi-dimensional experiences and OBEs.
I feel that the term “curtain” is synonymous to the term “the Veil.”  Curtain is a term I hear frequently telepathically.  The veil is the shroud that many human beings are born with that hides our past, parallel and future lives and many levels of our subconscious, including our Higher Self.
The veil is there for our protection as often there is deep trauma and transgressions that we have committed or experienced in our other lives. It serves as a mechanism to learn and dissipate our egos for our spiritual evolvement and to overcome the illusion and duality of the world and connect to Source.
As your veil lifts when you raise your consciousness and hence have a higher vibration, you are able to have access to these multi-dimensional experiences and OBEs.
What Dreams Really Are
I refer to dreams as OBEs to create the awareness that we experience our multi-dimensionality in our sleep state. I don’t believe dreams are “just dreams”.  All dreams are significant, and there is real value in interpreting them if you can recall them.
Our sleep time is the time for our interdimensional travels. We are multi-dimensional beings and experience realities on other levels, concurrent to our human existence. I have channeled a few messages from other beings that share this educational content as well.
In our dream state, when we are in altered state of consciousness, we are able to experience these parallel realities in “other dimensions of time and space.” Everyone experiences this in their dream state. Some or most people are just not lucid during this time and are unable to recall them upon waking.
(Note: I directly channeled what are in quotes.)
In these dimensions, one interacts with  the dimensional beings of the plane and is another dimensional landscape. These beings may or may not be familiar.
Please know that my learnings on this subject are based ONLY on my personal experiences and intuition.  Due to the nature and ambiguity of dream time, technology & science, at this point in time, does not exist to verify and validate my perceptions.
Shift from the Third Dimension to the 5th Dimension & Multi-dimensionality
As people on Earth raise & expand their consciousness, they will move into the fifth dimension or level of development. Currently, many humans are in the 3-D but are transitioning to higher dimensional levels.   Being in the fifth dimension will naturally result in increased lucidity during your sleep state.
Since my spiritual awakening, I have telepathically  heard in my own thought voice numerous times  that I am in the 16th level of the fifth dimension.  This accounts for  the increased lucidity  and number of my lucid OBEs.
Please share with others who may be interested.  I would love to hear if you have had any similar OBEs or alien interactions.
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5/8/15  Friday Evening Seattle, WA
Events Preceding this OBE
I want to share some of the events and circumstances leading up to this unique though startling OBE.
My spouse and I watched two series of the TV show “Mad Men” and went to bed at about 12:00 am.  I still wasn’t feeling well. Since 4/6/15, I had unusual cold symptoms of a sore throat, runny nose and congestion.  In the last three days, in the late evening at about 9:30 p.m. I am I would feel congested, and my gums and upper cheeks would throb.   The last two nights I took 500 mg of Tylenol before sleep to help alleviate the discomfort.
Also, I would do energetic healing with colors in the early am and during my once daily meditations, where I would invite Archangel Raphael to help me.  I attributed not feeling well to the psychic procedures and procedures I was having done to prepare my for trance channeling.  I have shared these trance channeling experiences earlier in this blog.
5/9/15 Saturday OBE from a Dream Sequence
I became lucid in my sleep state to find myself in the Seattle apartment that my spouse and I are currently staying in.  My spouse was laying in the bed.  Next to him was another bed, a twin bed.
(Note: In reality, this twin bed did not exist).
In it was my daughter as a baby and another baby, who I knew to be my baby boy.  In real life, I only have one daughter, and she is in college.  This shows our multi-dimensionality in which you can know that you have children in other dimensions.
Replicating my Two Dimensional Children
My daughter was sucking on a baby bottle filled with milk as she did when when she was a baby.  It looked very familiar to me.  I had a thought and somehow, I doubled the scene.  What I mean is that another twin bed appeared, and my same young daughter and my young baby boy appeared in that bed right next to the other bed. It was like I had replicated them!
I was slightly surprised but not that surprised that this had occurred.  My second daughter in the second bed was sucking furiously on her bottle filled with milk as well.
Trance Channeling Aliens in the OBE
I felt a male being wanted to express itself through me by trance channeling.  In real life this has been occurring since 4/18/15.   Then  he trance channeled through me and said “You are powerful.  You can create intelligences.”  I sensed that this was an alien being.
I knew this to be a reference to the fact that I had just replicated my daughter and my son just prior to this trance channeling.
Telepathically, I asked this being who he was.  He said a name, alien sounding, that I don’t remember. Then, I felt another male being wanting to express itself through me.  I felt the force of this building inside of me in my throat area.   Then this being trance channeled and spoke through me.  From the way he  spoke, I knew he did not have a mouth and tongue like a human being.  It seemed to be missing completely because he couldn’t articulate the words through me.
Below is the trance dialogue paraphrased as best as I can remember:
He vocalized his name through me.  It sounded something like “Rigoletto” and had some distinctive alien accents.
Unusual Alien Mouth Feature
Telepathically, I said to the being “You don’t have a mouth.”  Then I heard a third party unseen male with a firm, authoritative voice say in the background “He doesn’t’ have any teeth.”  Then I said “I can help him and teach him how to take care of his teeth. ” I do try to be intentionally courteous in this OBEs.  I know this may sound ridiculous but I do consciously attempt to that in my OBEs most of the time.
A quick image was shown to me of myself.  It showed that my mouth was overextended and almost distorted and my chin skin pulled out as a result of this being trance channeling through me.
My Helpful Tips About Dental Hygiene
I said “We have brushes here and brush our teeth. It is also important to floss.”  I sensed there was confusion on other other side as if the males there were not understanding what I was referring too.  Then one of the unseen males laughed and said something that I don’t recall but I knew he understand then that I was explaining about dental hygiene.
Telepathically, I asked the being what alien race he was.  The first thing I received telepathically was “Darth Vader”.  That scared me.  Darth Vader is the iconic villain  and dark force in the sci-fi movie “Star Wars.”
Premonitory Darth Vader Clairvoyant Images
(Note: In reality the past three days or so, I have received about two clairvoyant images of Darth Vader at random times during the day.  I sense now that this was a precursor to this alien encounter.)
The Aliens Used My Mind Symbols
Looking back and analyzing this OBE later, I sense that the aliens must have sensed my discomfort at the concept of them being “Darth Vader”. So instead, to be politically correct  and being a  bit manipulative on his part,  the being trance channeled through me that he was a Vulcan.  He changed it!
Immediately, I questioned this.  The Vulcan was an alien type from the sci-fi TV series “Star Trek” that the character Dr. Spock was from.  Vulcans, in this series, were logical and peace minded aliens. I sensed that this alien was not being entirely truthful or forthright in disclosing his alien origin to me.
(Note: I have learned that beings, including aliens, and guides work with your conscious memory and the images and associations that you have stored in there to communicate with you.  They work with your personal symbols. In this case, the aliens worked with my personal associations and symbols I had attached to the terms “Darth Vader” and “Vulcan”.
I also sense that this dialogue in the OBE about dental care was a message for me to take better care of my teeth in real life.)
I Did Not See the Aliens’ Physical Appearances
Please know that I had no idea what these aliens looked like as I did not receive any images, including clairvoyant images,  of them during this OBE.  I sense that this was done for my own protection and that their physical appearances may have been alarming to me. )
My Unusual Levitation Chair
In this OBE I realized and started to feel that during these two trance channelings when the male beings were talking through me that I was actually levitating and in a reclined type position in the bedroom. There was actually some sort of mechanical, vibrational recliner that I was in, that floated me up in the air about a foot off the floor.  I could feel it under me but could not see it.
I started gesticulating and exclaiming loudly to my spouse, who was laying in bed, that I was levitating and that he should videotape it.  He fumbled for his i-Phone to video it.  It was dark in our bedroom. I told him to turn on the light so he can video me levitating better.  He seemed to have trouble turning on a light. I was getting frustrated and angry with him about that.
Taken by the Transporter
Next thing I knew I was being lifted up in the air and travelling through the air. I knew I was being transported by this alien.  We went through the wall of what used to be the kitchen in our home in the Northeast during the early 1990’s.  The scenery had changed from our Seattle apartment to this setting suddenly.
With the Transporter in the Portal
As soon as we went through the wall, the scenery changed. I knew we were in a portal.  I have had many OBEs when I have gone through different portals that I have blogged about.
The landscape around us was now a cloudy gray white.  There looked like there were a few air bubbles about the size of baseballs around us.
As we were travelling through this space, I realized my shirt was being pulled over my head.  I was not lucid enough to question this but was aware of this happening.
Unusual Sensations in My Body
I felt an unusual sensation in the lower half of my body or rectum area.  I put my hands down there. I felt something hard and felt that it was shaped similar to a bike chain.  It felt like it was being inserted inside of me.  I did not like this!  I pulled it out of me but it seemed to come back again and again.  I attempted to pull it out of me about three times.  Each time, I could sense it come back.
Then, I felt a being pinch both my nipples at the same time.  It was not done affectionately. It was done perfunctorily in a scientific way, almost as if to evaluate  my reaction to it.  It was like when a doctor taps your knee with that special hammer in a physical exam to see if you have the appropriate reflexes.  I got angry. I said “Stop doing that!”  I was trying very hard to keep my cool but I was irritated, and it did show.
Examination by the Alabama Country Doctor
The next scene changed quickly.  I felt myself travelling and being taken into a very dimly lit room. I knew my transporter was still behind me.  It was some sort of small country doctor’s office.  The doctor examined me quickly.  I was not able to see him.
I felt the bike chain apparatus again being inserted into my lower half.  I tried to pull it out.  The doctor said in a clear American voice  “The scars are healing well.  You should leave it in there. It is good for your immune system.” I had the thought that this doctor must have known I had not been feeling well in real life.
I asked “Where am we?” Then I heard a country song playing in my head and the words were about Alabama. I knew this to mean that we were in the state of Alabama in another dimensional plane.  This song played in my head in full stereo sound clearly for a few minutes.
 I Heard I am on the 16th Level
Then the transporter and I were travelling again.  I heard a male voice say “sixteenth level’.  This is a term that I have heard multiple times in the past two months telepathically.  I have heard that I was on the sixteenth level of the fifth dimension in terms of my development a few times. More often, though, I have heard that I am on the 16th level.  When I would ask telepathically “The 16th level of what?” Then I would hear “the fifth dimension”.
I also heard in this OBE after the male said that I was on the sixteenth level, “She is a female representative”.
Calling the Archangels for Help
I was feeling very discombobulated and confused.  I needed help. I called loudly for Archangel Michael, the Archangel of Protection.  Then I called for Archangel Uriel.  Both of these beings I have a connection with and have channeled message before in real life.
Calling Gods and Goddesses for Help
I didn’t feel that the Archangels were responding. I decided to call Archangel Uriel by his Jewish name, Uriach.  I called this out loudly and with force so that my voice would reverberate through the Universe.  That was my intention.
Then for some unknown reason, I called out the following “The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece”.
(Note: In analyzing this later, I sensed that I must have a connection with these divine beings  from past lives).
My Voice Being Muted
When I called out to these Gods and Goddesses, I realized that my voice had been muted by those beings.  That has happened to me once or twice before when my voice is muted by other beings when I get really loud and yell when I feel like I am in trouble in the OBE.
Scene Change – Back in Seattle
The scene changed suddenly. I am back in our Seattle apartment. It is night time and very dimly lit.  My spouse is laying on the bed. I am hovering in the air over him. I am desperately trying to waken my spouse to help me and to let him know I need his help. I grabbed the bed sheets and pounded on the bed with my fists.
Trying to Wake My Spouse for Help
Despite my efforts to awaken him to help m e, my spouse is still sleeping soundly and not responding.  I have the thought that I should send him telepathic thoughts of me, our wedding day and our daughter to get him to awaken.  I do this for a few seconds but still, to no avail. He does not waken.
I have the thought that my spouse and I should come up with a code word that I would use only when I was in danger.
The next thing I know is that I am travelling and being transported again, by I think, the same alien transporter, who whisked me away the first time.
We travel very fast in very dim lighting so that I cannot see things clearly.  We stop and land.  I feel we have gone underground on an unknown planet.   I know that I am on their planet.  I am very scared now.
The OBE stops. I wake up and look at the clock by my bed stand. The time is 1:25 a.m.
My Feelings After This OBE – Seeking Guidance on This OBE
I am very upset and still distraught after this traumatic OBE. Telepathically, I say “What the heck??!!” to My Guides and Angels.  Why did I experience that??? Where was my protection? Where was the Captain and the Sargent? These are the terms that I heard my guides use to say  who protected me. Where was my security control and border patrol?
I found that when I am emotional like I this when I looked to received telepathic information immediately upon waking, I block the information flow.  I did here telepathically “Rape…”  It did not feel like I was raped but there was that sensation of things being inserted into my lower half.  That could have been a form of rape.
Telepathically, I told my Guides and Angels, if these are the experiences that one will have when you raise your vibration like I did, there will be very few people who will raise their vibration!  This was not a good public relations campaign for raising one’s vibration!
Though I was upset, these type of fearful interactions in OBEs have happened a handful of times before, and it is futile for me to get overly irate at my Guides and My Angels and blame them.   I have learned this through experience.  Having all these low vibrational feelings is not good for me.  So now, as a result, I do attempt to maintain some composure and try to be reasonable and understand what it is I am meant to learn from these experiences instead of panicking & being filled with fear and anxiety and placing blame where it does not belong.
Where Were My Dragons?
Where were my three dragons during this OBE that I received images of during a self-healing Reiki session in March 2015 that I blogged about at below post?  I was disappointed  that my dragons did not come to help me.
I did hear telepathically in May 2015 a few days prior to this OBE:
– “Your dragons cannot travel to that dimension.” I telepathically heard that in response to my question in the beginning of April 2015 when I first started trance channeling and asked for protection for myself during my trance channeling.
-“Your dragons need to be trained.” I telepathically heard about 5/5/14. I telepathically asked back “Who can train them? Can I train them?” Unfortunately, I did not receive a conscious answer back to my questions. I am sure dragons are fierce by nature and require some domestication.
Was this OBE a Type of Training?
Telepathically, immediately upon waking up from this OBE, I asked “Was this OBE some sort test or training trial like Navy Seals experience to test their endurance and stamina?”  I have experienced that I undergo these type of rigorous training in past lucid OBEs for experimentation.
I asked this question and waited for some telepathic answers back in response.  Unfortunately, I did not hear anything concrete or clear.
Precursors to this OBE
The night before this OBE before I fell asleep, I heard telepathically “You have fortitude…You have fortitude….”  Maybe the Guides were giving me a head’s up for what I was to experience shortly thereafter and to remember that I am strong and resilient and to give me faith in myself.  I kept hearing telepathically “You have fortitude” every day a few times a day for four days following this OBE as well until 5/13/15.  I think this was for moral encouragement.
My Telling Oracle Card Spread the Day Before
When I was asking for guidance on the meaning of this OBE immediately after its occurrence at about 1:25 a.m. in the morning, I did receive some images from the oracle card spread I had done the day before. I had done a 30 card oracle card deck using ten different oracle cards decks.  I received the “Strength” card for the first time which said that everything that I was experiencing was to make my stronger.
Also, in this oracle card spread,  I received a card for the first time that said “Look for the Red Flags.”  I also received a card for “Discernment.” I sensed that  these two cards were premonitions to this traumatic and upsetting OBE that I experienced.  These were premonitory messages to this OBE and that I should be more discerning about who I allow to transport me in this OBEs.
My Responsibility
I should have listened to my gut feelings when I sensed that the beings were lying about their alien species type and changed it from Darth Vader to Vulcan.  I should have put up a bigger stink and not gone with this alien transporter when I was whisked away.
The Premonitory Current News Event of that Day
Also, very telling, that very day on the TV news, I heard that a thirteen  year old girl had defended herself and warded off a physical attack from a male that was trying to sexually assault her.   That is what I should have done in this OBE.  Now, I know and will be more aware in a possible future occurrence.
Seeing Prior Clairvoyant Images of Alien Beings
In the last few days before the OBE before sleeping, I saw two unusual images in my mind’s eye of two different  aliens.   They randomly appeared just before sleep.  One time I saw a male human face, that had as I would best describe it as “vanilla colored” skin, with two ram’s horns on the top and sides of his head. These horns curled down, almost around his chin.
Another time about two days before this OBE,  before sleeping I saw an image in my Third eye of what looked like a unusual mechanical, metal plated ram’s face, very triangular in appearance.
In the moment that I received these two distinct images, I knew them to be of alien forms.
Why Humans Have Not Regularly Encountered Aliens Consciously
I understand now why aliens have not fully presented themselves to human beings and why we may only be aware of them in dreams or when under hypnotherapy.  Their physical features, some times, are unlike our own, and can be overwhelming and intimidating to us.
Sure, it is okay to view alien beings in sci-fi movies. It is safe for us to sit there in our movie seats and with the knowingness that we are only viewing a movie.   I sense that the modern alien sci-fi movies are to prepare us psychologically and mentally for what is to come when we have true alien interactions in the future.
Right now the human race is not ready as a collective to interact with alien species.  For goodness sake, there are some people in this world and even entire communities that are still prejudiced, racial and misogynists.  How will they handle an entirely different alien species with unique, physical features?
Seeking Guidance Upon Waking Up from This OBE
The next morning upon waking up from this OBE, I did the same thing and telepathically asked for information as to what transpired during this OBE and why. I was still very distraught about what I had experienced.   I heard the following, paraphrased as best as I could remember:
“Your pre-birth conference…. your promise….your commitment…”
These parsed phrases imply that I have agreed to have these type of interactions, as emotional as they may be to me on conscious levels.
What I Have Learned – My Responsibility
I truly believe that everything one experiences  is a learning experience for their own good. I take full responsibility for what I allowed to happen during this OBE.  I don’t want to be whiner and blame My Guides and Angels when I am culpable.
I should  have been more discerning and followed my intuition as to my feelings about these aliens and not allowed myself to be taken by them.  These type of experiences are part of my life purpose and learnings for this incarnation,to become more aware and follow my intuition.
I share my experiences to help those that may be experiencing similar experiences and to learn from my own encounters.
My Spirit is the Navigator & in the Driver’s Seat
Also, as I stated earlier in this blog post it is my theory that my spirit is responsible for my OBE destinations, navigations & OBE development or simply for the thrill of an adventure. My spirit determines, not My Guides or Angels, what I experience during my dream state.
However, because my Spirit is at another level of my consciousness, not readily available to me, my conscious level sometimes is very surprised and not in agreement with what my Spirit is doing. It is a disconnect of sorts.
I sense that this is why I felt I was not protected during my OBE. However, I know my Guides and Angels also honor my free will  & spirit’s wishes and do not intervene no matter how much it conflicts with my conscious thoughts.
On 5/11/15 Monday evening  two days after this OBE occurrence I telepathically heard “You have fantasies.”  I admit since I was a little girl,  I have always loved sci-fi movies with spaceships, aliens and those set in the future. Perhaps, it is that aspect of myself, submerged, that is driving these type of OBEs where I feel I am in danger.  You can say my alternate personality may be responsible.
What Other Spiritual Practitioners May Say
Having attended many spiritual events since my spiritual awakening in 2009 and interacted with many spiritual and metaphysical  people, I feel some may so that I am not high vibrational because I am attracting these type of lower vibrational experiences.  I do agree that there is some level of me that wants to participate or experience these type of experiences for my growth and development though my conscious level is not happy with it and does not understand this at time.
Aura Cleansing After
In the two days following this OBE, I cleansed myself with a white light visualization to remove any possible impurities from this OBE.  I also will do a special meditation & have a telepathic communication with My Guides and Angels to see if there are any harmful implants that was inserted into my energetic system by the aliens that need to be removed.


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