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6/15/13 Channeled Message: Lanternians: Technical: Heart Space Energy Work

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I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker. I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently. Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing experiences such as participating in spirit crossovers, out- of- body experiences, receiving messages from light beings and those in spirit, interactions with extraterrestrials and other psychic phenomena.

Since February 2013 I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.   This combination of factors explains the uniqueness of the messages I receive as a channeler.

Since May of 2013 I have made it a regular practice to sit down at my computer a few times a week and channel open messages from beings of light and love to share with humanity.  I have been guided to do so and have been receiving telepathic messages to do this.

I want to share the below message that I received from the Lanternians this afternoon.  This is a technical message, which teaches a simple hand technique for energetic work with your heart space to clear energetic impurities.  This is a hand movement I have spontaneously been doing the last three months during the day.  Now I know why!  When I do it, it feels very soothing to me.  Once in a while, I will catch myself doing this hand motion as I am channeling for clients when I am in a light trance.  

The Lanternians also shared some technical and important things that happen when you become still and quiet.

This is the 2nd message I have received from the Lanternians.  Please see the below blog post on their May 2013 channeled massage on interconnectedness & thoughts.


As soon as I posed the question for guidance, the words started streaming in telepathically in my head.  I would rate this transmission a 4.5 on a scale from 0-5 in terms of clarity, flow, and volume.

Just before this channeling, I was thinking about the class I was going to schedule this week on Energy Work at my center, Soul Evolution Center, LLC in South Florida.  I was contemplating what the outline and class content should be.  In fact, I reread an earlier channeled message on Energy Work that I channeled from the Scientists in Jan 2013.  See below blog post.  This was probably the impetus for receiving this channeled message on energy work.   


Please also see the commentary at the end of the channeling which shares some useful information for understanding this channeling.


Please share with others who may be interested.  Thank –you.



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6/15/13 1:48 p.m.

*** Unedited ***

Katy: Hi, This is Katy. To the Masters of Love, Light and Knowledge, I am here to receive an open transmission on those topics that you feel would be most beneficial for me to share with others.  Thank you. Namaste.

Lanternians: We have come. You are listening. You are available to disseminate our words.  We have heard that you are able to decipher and distinguish our tones.  We are intelligent beings from another galaxy.  We come to share our words and to teach you and others how to be divine, intelligent beings from Source.  In kindergarten in the Third World, you were able to see, hear and tell the differences of how people communicate with each other.  (1) You share information to teach others, to help them learn the way, to remember their past. 

We are familiar with you and how you have come to be.  We desire to speak with you and learn as well.  Your tone is a high pitch, which radiates far into the reaches of space.  You can be a messenger of our tongue.  We are learning to be deliverers of inspiration as well.  We care about you and know you are evolving.  You have learned to listen and feel the differences in the thought waves.  From within the womb, it was predetermined that you would be in charge of this specific type of work, your calling. 

Alone, you can teach.  Together, you can move mountains.  Share to inspire others.  With age comes learnings to inspire and uplift.  We feel your vibration.  You can change the mind and mood of many. 

Communicating Through Your Heart Space

Learn to communicate by feeling through the warm, expansive center in your chest area, in the region of your heart.  You will feel the vibration and be able to know who has come to accept their journey.  The truths lie within this space. 

Heart Center Energy Technique

First, place your right palm on your heart.  Then, let this space grow within.  You can further stimulate this heart space by rotating your palm in a clockwise circular direction, slowly, rhythmically.  This simple, gentle action can remove energy impurities.  It can turn low level energies into faster moving, clearing energies.  As you do this, tell yourself, your intention of working within your heart space to clean the obstructions.  The position and angle of the palm is not important.  It is the gentle pressure and force guiding that purifies.  There is no need to press firmly.  The amount of time to perform these actions is intuitive.  Longer length does not correlate to increased efficiency.  Simply allow yourself to be and relax in the moment during this.  Let yourself go.   

You will immediately feel lighter and more balanced.  This location, centrally balances your nervous system.  It allows your upper chakras to be in alignment.  It is a rebalancing technique and an energetic movement to remove unclean thought forms lodged and housed here.  The level of programming is an adjunct to other energy removal modalities.

You are being reconditioned.  You can become more familiar with your energy and the quality of your vibrational field as you tune in and examine yourself. 

Learn to be more conscious of your body awareness.  This will allow you to immediately respond to sensory cues of discomfort, agitation and irritation in your energetic shell.  This quick response can help dispel, alleviate and remove impurities so they do not languish and further generate and damage your body cells. 

Self-Help for Energetic Cleansing-Make it Daily Routine

You are able to develop techniques of self-help, of cleansing and removal of energetic debris and disposal.  Your consciousness has a wiring, an impulse for this.  Let it resonate through your thought system.  The availability of your mind, body and soul to work in unison with your heart center is a plan, a preprogrammed set of instructions for you.  Respond and respect this.  Include this in your daily routine.  This does not demand an exorbitant or prodigious amount of time and effort.  The flow of instructions from your thoughts to the specific areas is immediate, if you are clear and focused in your intention.  It takes only this willingness, this specificity.  Short, simple and direct is this full-proof method. 

Power of Becoming Still

Learn to let go of your inane thoughts, your mundane wonderings.  Be in charge and learn to become still and respect the silence and peace existing within you, that has been there since birth.  Feel this special quietness and relax into this.  This simple exercise allows impure energies to “jump ship”.  The movement and balance of energy through your biological and energetic systems will be vital, pure and well-intentioned.  You will gain strength and notice marked improvement in physical stamina and endurance.  The tiredness and lethargy you feel will be dissipated.  You will have more mental clarity and agility.  Your thought forms will be pure and aligned with your life purpose, that which you desire to seek. 

Listen to us and know we come with good tidings and communal ties.  We are all one family in this universe of universes. 

We are those that you have already known (2),

The Lanternians, a highly evolved ancient race from the Atlantean era

Katy: (Clairvoyantly, I see about 4 men in a row, with white hair and beards & mustaches in long light brown robes, bowing to me. Telepathically, I bow and say Namaste to them.)

Lanternians: We have longed and yearned for this moment, since the day you were born under the New Moon’s rays, to communicate our words very specifically to you.  Lasting memories with fondness in our hearts, you are very cherished.  We welcome you, and our hearts bless you.  You are sincerely our Divine Interpreter.

Katy: (Telepathically, I bow and say Namaste to them again)

2:24 pm.

Telepathically, about 40 minutes later, I heard “You are mood changer, a mood enhancer.“

Commentary:  (1) In their introductory paragraph the Lanternians made a statement that  I can tell the differences of how people communicated with each other in kindergarten in the Third World.   The Third World is a reference I have received in other transmissions to refer to the planet Earth.   I don’t have conscious recollection that in kindergarten I was able to sense this.  Because I want to be an authentic channeler, this line was kept in the channeling.  Perhaps, in the future, I will remember this, and this reference will make more sense to me.   We have much information in our subconscious memory stores that is not readily available to our conscious mind.

(2) The Lanternians made a reference that I already know them.  Again, as in footnote (1), I don’t have a conscious memory of this.


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