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6/22/13 Messages: How Your Sleep State Can be Used for Rehearsal/Programming/Messages/Downloads

by | Jun 22, 2013 | Messages, Messages in/during My Sleep State


I am a channeler of beings of light and love and a light worker.  I receive information clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and clairsentiently.  Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have been having amazing psychic experiences including receiving messages from light beings and other psychic phenomena that I share on this blog.

I want to share the below experience I had this early morning on how you can receive messages, programmings, tunings, downloads, or you can be “rehearsing” in your sleep state, with things associated with your life mission.  Your guides, angels and Higher Self will use whatever opportunities to avail themselves to help you. 

Benefits of Being in a Sleep State

During your sleep state, because you are very relaxed, your ego is passive.  Also, your subconscious comes to the forefront.  This provides ample and fertile territory for your invisible helpers to do their work, unobstructed and unhindered, to help you with your life contract.   

I, Consciously, Asked For This

In addition, I receive this type of guidance because I regularly, telepathically ask my guides & the Universe during the week that I want to be aligned with my life mission, and I want to be of service.  I also ask them to help me with that which I need healed.  I have taken this responsibility. On many levels I am open and receptive to receiving it.  I have left the door open and very wide for this, which is why I get this type of activity and am aware of it.  

In the past two weeks, I, personally, have noticed an increase in receiving these type of messages in my sleep state.  In my sleep state in between my dreams, it feels like I am going through drills over and over again, like I am practicing or “rehearsing” something.  The word “rehearsing” came in as I was typing.  I don’t have lucid recall of exactly what it is I am rehearsing but I do remember that I am doing the same thing over and over again.   

Affect of Heavenly Bodies on Messages

The messages I received early this morning were especially strong & repetitive, over 3 hours. This is the longest download yet.  Perhaps, it was because it was the day after the Summer Solstice and the approaching of the Super Moon on 6/23/13. The Super Moon is when the full moon appears larger than normal and is the closest to earth. There are 4-6 Supermoons a year.  

My Unique Experience

Because I have lucid recall of my dreams at times and regularly experience out-of-body experiences during the week,  where I travel through the portal sometimes and then visit other dimensions,  I am more sensitive and aware of these programmings, messages and “rehearsals” that I receive during my sleep state.  I am sure many others are receiving similar things but just don’t have the conscious recall of their experiences.

Enjoy.  I would love to hear your experiences with receiving guidance, messages, downloads or participating in “rehearsals” during your sleep state.

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This morning, 6/22/13,  between 3:15 -6:20 .am. a message, like a tape recording was playing in my head, over and over again. It was about Facebook (FB), which I went on about a month ago.  My FB is 98% inspirational and spiritual.  I share articles, comments, and quotes to inspire others in their lives and to teach people about their importance of their thoughts & their energetic anatomy, like their auras and chakras.

The message I was constantly receiving this morning during sleep was about the second posts in Facebook.  I don’t remember the exact wording, but the gist of it was that the second posts in Facebook should be short, concise and not too technical. To help you understand, let me explain.  The first posts are the original ones I receive in my FB news feed.  From these, the second posts are those that I share and that I repost.  I usually add a short, explanatory comment to complement the inspirational photos when I repost.   

This constant feed I received about keeping the 2nd posts short and sweet made me feel like I was being indoctrinated or brainwashed.  I guess the guides or my Higher Self really wanted me to get this point, hence the reiteration.  This message played again and again in the front of mind, in the conscious area, for almost three hours.  Between each short dream sequence, this message would play.   

I am understanding this to mean that I need to be aware and when I share posts or repost, I should not add lengthy, technical commentary.  To attract the masses, FB posts that are short and easily digestible are the key for maximum impact.  Many in this technological age have short attention spans.  This especially applies in FB, where people are scrolling very quickly through their newsfeeds.  I know I am a light worker and one of my functions is to get as many people on the spiritual bandwagon (As I was typing this, I just saw an amazing moving cloud of white light sparkles above me on the ceiling about a foot wide and a foot long) and get as many lives as possible to be aware about their spiritual consciousness to help shift the collective consciousness quickly.  I sense this urgency.  In the past two weeks, as I spent time on Facebook, increasingly I have become cognizant of what a powerful tool FB is in creating spiritual awareness if done in the “proper” way, meaning keep it short, simple, direct and use beautiful visual imagery to enhance the message. Lengthy and technical communication is best put in other venues, like my blog, books for publication or classes. This message that I received in my sleep state really bought this message home to me and validated this approach.   

To be honest, I did feel out of sorts though from 3:15- 6:20 a.m..  To have this reel constantly playing was irritating and disconcerting.

I release my frustrations associated with this in the knowingness that my sleep state is a prime time for many tunings and programmings to be performed.  In addition, as I stated in my introduction to this blog post, I asked for this!  The old age “Be careful what you ask for!” applies here. 




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