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6/28/13 OOB: Portal : Vibrating Healing – Meeting Matiqua in Higher Realm Dimension – University of Consciousness

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Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing OOBs (out of body) experiences.  Since February 2013 I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being.   I also have heard that I am a star seed.   This combination of factors explains the uniqueness of my experience with OOBs and with the messages I receive as a channeler.  I have been guided to chronicle these experiences in detail with dates.

I want to share this amazing OOB I had on 6/29/13.  I categorize this as an OOB & not a dream for the following reasons:

–           I travelled through the portal to another dimension

–          The lucidity of the experience and the clear and distinct sensation of being an observer in this dimension

–          Having an escort through the portal and upon arrival to the dimension. 

I don’t believe there is such a thing as “just a dream”.  All dreams are significant, and everyone has OOBs when they sleep.  Most people, however, don’t remember or become lucid during them.

I want to share this OOB to teach the following:

  1. How you may experience healing procedures as signified by body vibrations and sensations in parts of your body.  In this OOB, I experienced a sensation to the right of my heart area.
  2. How this OOB illustrates that we are multi-dimensional beings and have the ability to transport ourselves to other dimensions. In this OOB I visited a “higher realm” of dimensionality.  I categorized this as such because the people in this realm, I sensed were very educated, classy and well-mannered.   In addition, the landscape of this dimension was very clean, well-maintained and attractive.
  3. How in an altered state of consciousness, such as sleep, the technique of winding up to gain momentum to go through a wall to go through the portal and into other dimensions can be used.
  4. How the portal can appear as colors or textures.  This has happened to me frequently in OOBs.In this OOB it appeared as the color apricot with small specks of various colors in it.  
  5. How there may be a transporter or  escort to take you through the portal.  A transporter is my definition of a being who takes you to another dimension.  Very often, once you arrive at the dimension, they disappear and another being may appear.  I have had many transporters in past OOBs.  They have been men, women, children and even extra-terrestrial type beings.  They have always been different, and are unfamiliar to me.  
  6. How there may be an escort upon your arrival to the dimension to guide you.
  7. The importance of being an observer and taking note of the landscape around you and unique characteristics of that dimension.

 Please note when I refer to 3-D below, I mean life in the third dimension, which means Earth.

 Please read the commentary at the end as it provides supplemental information for understanding.

 Please share your own OOBs, portal experiences and/or experiences with multidimensionality.  I would love to hear about it.

 Please share with others who may be interested!




6/28/13 Friday I had an amazing OOB between 5 -6 a.m. this morning.  It was from a dream sequence.

 Vibrating Healing Procedure

I was sitting at large rectangular table in an unknown room.  My spouse was nearby.  Spontaneously, my right arm went in front of me and my left arm went above my head, as if I was directing traffic.  I realized that I had made a spontaneous arm movement.  Then I was vibrating in my mid-torso area.  (Note: This is the second OOB this week where I was vibrating.)  My arms were still up in the air in this position.  I wondered if I should lower them as they were getting slightly tired from being up in the air.  I decided to keep them in this position.  I felt this was important. 

As I vibrated spontaneously, my chin went down to my chest.  I felt an odd sensation a few inches to the right of my heart.  I made a few attempts to talk to get my spouse’s attention to let him know something was happening to me.  All I could do was make a short grunt.  It was as if I was in a trance and had no control.  My spouse had his back toward me and was working at a small desk on his computer in front of me. 

I felt my chair with me in it being pushed along the table and around its corners.  I tried again to get my spouse’s attention to show him that something was happening to me.  I thought if he saw me acting like this he would think it was really strange and may get concerned.  I noticed the chair with me in it was picking up speed.  Finally, he noticed what was happening to me.  He looked perplexed.  At this point I realized I was going to be taken somewhere.  This is not uncommon for me to do a circular motion as a sort of windup before I go through a wall.  I have experienced this before in past OOBs.

Going Through the Portal – Apricot Color

I was being pushed very quickly now in the chair.  I grunted a “bye” to my spouse before I went right through a wall in the chair.

I saw a texture with a color, in all my vision,  of apricot color with specks in it.  This is also a sign of being in the portal when I see patterns or large expanses of colors in my Third Eye.

I felt very, very tired now.  I just wanted to sleep. My eyes were closed.  This sensation of feeling very tired is common also when travelling through the portal.  I was still moving very quickly forward.  I told myself to open my  eyes to observe the portal I was travelling through.  I forced them open.  It wasn’t easy.  I almost wanted to use my fingers to open them manually.  It was pitch black at first and then a dim haziness was all I could see. 

To my right I passed what looked like an exhibition.  There were pieces of metal equipment behind a glass window.  It almost looked like a museum display of antique farm equipment.  I made a mental note of this to remember.  I specifically remembered three metallic pieces of equipment, exactly the same.  They looked like small wind turbines, used to generate electricity.  They looked clean and polished.  I estimated that they were about 5 feet high and 2 feet wide each.

I decided to communicate out loud as I felt I had a transporter with me.  I said “Hello”.  I heard a nice female voice respond back and said something like “Damia”.  I didn’t know what this meant.  I liked the sound of her voice.  In many of my previous OOBs I have sensed that the transporters were just doing their job and had no interest in communicating with me.   Then to my left a slender woman with short blonde hair and dark framed glasses materialized.  She appeared to be behind a steering wheel.  She started speaking to me in a language I did not understand.  It didn’t sound like any foreign language I knew. I asked her “Can you speak English?”  She immediately switched to speaking English.  I don’t have lucid recall of this conversation.

Observing the Landscape of This Dimension

The next thing I remember is that we were at a new dimension.  I was standing outside and viewing a picturesque quaint town in front of me.  There was lots of greenery and big green trees.  The houses were all very large, two story Colonial style homes.  They looked very grand.  The houses, I knew were old, but they were very well maintained.  Each house was set on a lovely lot.  I said “This is a nice town.”  A middle-aged woman, with brown short hair and with a matronly build, said back “Yes, it is a nice town”. I will refer to this woman as Matiqua, as this is what I found out her name was later on in the OOB.

University of Consciousness

I looked closely again at the town before me.  I do this frequently when I visit other dimensions to observe in more detail and bring back this information to the 3-D.  I noticed a cluster of well-kept older buildings to my left.  There seemed to be a main building, which was the annex and about five smaller buildings around it.  There were a few people milling about here.  As I noticed this, Matiqua said “This is the University of Consciousness”.  In my mind, I agreed with her, that yes, this did appear to be a campus of some sort.  I noticed to the right of these buildings was a statue of a male figure in a small green area. It looked like he was in a Roman toga.

Matiqua asked “Do you have your Eometrics card?”  I told her that I was not familiar with this term.  There was another woman next to us but she wasn’t speaking.  Matiqua and I proceeded to walk.  I felt very comfortable with her.  She had nice energy. I started to talk very openly and share with her.  I let her know that I go to other dimensions frequently.  She asked me “How do you know where to go?”  Enthusiastically, I shared with her because I had just found out in another OOB on 6/24/13  that I had some sort of GPS system in my mid-thoracic area that guides me there.  She looked at my chest and nodded slightly and then said “Yes, I see.” 

 I asked Matiqua how she found me.  How did she know I was in play? This was my reference to how was I selected to visit this dimension.  

 Matiqua made a comment that I was a higher vibrational being.  I expressed to her that I was happy that she said this.  Because of the last OOB I had, I questioned this.  (Note: In the last OOB I had a few days ago, it seemed that the two main females in it, who were teachers, were condescending and frustrated with me.  This OOB was to a lower realm.  During this OOB my feelings were very hurt because of their attitudes toward me).

I asked Matiqua what frequency was this dimension in.  She didn’t answer, and I did not seem to notice that she didn’t answer.  I said to her “You are in human form, and I had seen other people here in human form.  Are there any other life forms and plants on the rest of the planet?“  Again, she didn’t answer, and I did not seem to notice that she didn’t answer.  (Note: Upon waking from this OOB, I told myself that in my next one, I must remember to wait for the answers or ask them again.)

We were now in a hallway on a stair landing of some sorts.  Another heavier set woman came down the stairs.  She asked us about lunch.  Matiqua seemed to be a little flustered.  I had the thought that it was 10 a.m. and that lunch was about two hours away.  Matiqua said that she would take care of it. 

It was then that I decided to ask Matiqua her name.  She said it.  I didn’t catch it.  I asked her to repeat it very slowly and spell it.  I let her know that I had trouble remembering people’s names.  (This is true.  In prior OOBs I lose some lucidity and have difficulty when hearing the names of people or places.  It is almost like this is blocked out so that I don’t remember.  Because of this during the OOB I always make a point to write down the name during the OOB or have them repeat their name.).  Matiqua spelled her name out loud to me twice.   I got it and told myself that her name was like the word aqua as a way for me to remember upon waking from this OOB.  

I realized that I was holding a newspaper page in my hand and had it during this discussion with Matiqua about her name.  I took the newspaper page and inserted it into the newspaper that was laying next to me. I had the thought that this was rude of me, to be reading this when Matiqua was talking. 

The OOB broke.


Commentary:  Symbolism of Newspaper in this OOB

Looking back at the OOB, I analyzed what me having the newspaper meant.  I think this was symbolism.  In some dreams since my spiritual awakening in 2009 I have had the symbol of the newspaper appear.  I sensed that this was guidance to me to read the newspaper regularly and using my discernment to send healing energy remotely to those incidents or situations of the world that need it. (Note: As I typed this, a quarter sized orb flashed on my spouse’s leg to the right of me, who was sitting next to me).  Since my spiritual awakening in 2009 I have received telepathic messages that I am able to send healing energy effectively to remote areas of the world and to people.  (Note: As I typed this, I saw a basketball sized blue spot flash about 10 feet away next to the living room wall).


Healing Procedure

For the past two weeks, I have been hearing telepathically that I am going to be experimented on.  Perhaps, this body vibration I experienced during this OOB was part of this experiment.

Visiting a Higher Realm

About a month ago, telepathically, I heard that I would be given access to restricted areas.  I sensed at that time that I would be visiting higher realms. This OOB was validation of that.

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