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I share these two experiences recently where I had a psychic procedure done and the energetic process of kundalini.
I share my experiences for the following reasons:
– To teach about the process of trance channeling, another form of channeling, and how it may occur and precursors to it. In the experience below, I trance channeled a Being called “Azurcan”. – To teach that these amazing occurrences of psychic procedures & kundalini activity are possible and do occur for our spiritual growth and development and may be directly due to our Divine Destiny. In the experience I share below I had a psychic procedure on my heart space.
– How planetary alignment and positions can affect us. That my heart space psychic procedure occurred on that special and rare day that Jupiter and Venus, the planet of love, were in conjunct with each other was not a coincidence but a well-planned and synced psychic procedure.
– The importance of divination tools such as oracle cards to reveal helpful, guiding information to you about upcoming life events. My oracle card spread revealed an upcoming procedure on my heart space. – That the “frequency of such procedures or energetic changes may be occurring more rapidly as each one of us advances in this Age of Aquarius that we are in. That sometimes this procedures are necessary and essential for our growth.” (That was directly channeled).
– To teach that kundalini energy ascent is real and that I experienced it myself and chronicled it below. I admit when I first learned about kundalini energy I was not a 100% believer but kept it on the back burner for further consideration. I explain what Kundalini is below. To read an earlier blog post about my Kundalini experiences, please see: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/32815-about-my-kundalina-energy-rising/
– That kundalini energy can be activated with expanding your consciousness, which is what happened in my case.
– To let you know that I have experienced such things myself and that that you are not alone if you are experiencing similar unusual energetic activities.
– To reassure you and hopefully reduce or eliminate your feelings of fear and anxiety in this regard. – To teach how you may receive communications from the Beings to help explain what you are experiencing. This can be in the form of telepathy or clairvoyant images. During my kundalini experience below, I received a few words like “fire” and “Sushumna” and received a clairvoyant image of a snake.
The Beings that Communicate to Me I refer to those etheric consciousnesses that communicate with me telepathically or perform such procedures in general as the Beings, My Guides or my Higher Self. Sometimes those beings with more medical related orientation refer to themselves as “The Doctors”. Sometimes, it is not clear who is directly communicating with me telepathically. I do ask but sometimes do not receive a definitive response back on a conscious level. This is not unusual. Since my spiritual awakening of 2009 I have learned to let go of this expectation of receiving their identities. If I receive their names, that is hunky-dory. If not, I let it go.
I receive much of my information, telepathically. I hear it in my head in my own thought voice.
This ability to hear words in your head telepathically is one form of the psychic sense of clairaudiency. This is the main way that I receive information when I channel beings that exist in other frequencies that we cannot readily discern with our physical senses.
Being a Psychic & Receiving Information for Myself
Though I am a professional practicing psychic as I described in earlier blog posts, many times the telepathic information I receive for myself is parsed, in single words and symbols, and not in a streaming flow or dialogue. This is not unusual for psychics. Many professional psychics and mediums receive their information primarily in this fashion. Psychics are human beings and still have their own life lessons to learn and therefore, we may not be spoon fed all information, especially in regards to our own lives.
Difference Between What I Receive for Myself Vs. in Clients’ Readings
The quality and flow of the psychic information I receive for myself during the day is different than what transpires during client’s channeling sessions. I consider these two different modalities because of this. For clients’ private reading sessions I directly voice channel in a light trance various light beings, word for word, to provide guidance to their life questions. It is as if the being is talking directly to the client through me. Outside of these sessions, I receive psychic information differently for myself. I feel the difference in these two modalities is due to more energy for amplification of the transmission in client readings due to the fact that two people, the client and reader, have gathered for a specific reason and with intention. I don’t have the addition of another human being’s energies when I receive telepathic information for myself throughout my day.
Some people think that I have Mr. Edgar Cayce, renowned American psychic in spirit, on my shoulder like a parrot, all day long, talking to me clearly and psychically and guiding me throughout the day. He is one of the consciousnesses that I channel for clients’ readings. I wish at times that this was true. It would be helpful! However, this is not the case and “not the agreed upon relationship that we have”. (Note: What is in quotes was directly channeling).
6/30/15 Tuesday
Events in the Days Preceding
Being in an Increased Love Vibration
In the three days preceding my heart space psychic procedure of 6/30/15, I felt I had changed. I felt I had shifted. I was feeling so much more loving and viewing memories and people in my life with so much more love. When I walked down the city streets of Seattle, I would look at my fellow pedestrians with so much love and amazement that we had all incarnated on this planet at the same time. You could say, I was in a love vibration. It was such a beautiful place to be in for me with so much less judgement. I wished I could always stay in this vibration. I hoped it was a permanent shift for me.
My Oracle Card Spread-Revelatory of Psychic Procedure
On 6/29/15 I felt guided to do an oracle card spread on myself for general life guidance. I received a clairvoyant image of oracle cards randomly twice so I knew that my Guides or Higher Self were telling me it was time to do a spread. This is how my Guides/Higher Self show me that it is time for me to pull out the cards, they send me a clairvoyant image of the cards.
I usually pull three cards from about ten different oracle and angel card decks. Then I reorder the cards and weave my personal guidance from the cards and see what story is unfolding for me for my well-being and that is important for me to know.
I received the following seven cards in the spread all related to the theme of heart, love & energy work which was very revealing. Immediately upon seeing these cards, I knew I was going to have a psychic procedure in the near future as I have received similar cards in the past and that is what happened.
These were the associated cards with their corresponding key words, unordered:
1) See only Love card – a card associated with the heart
2) Love Yourself First card
3) Energy Work card – revealing I will have a psychic procedure
4) Heart Chakra card – the importance of the heart chakra & what the psychic procedure will be ion
5) Change Physicians card – this usually means that my physicians are going to be etheric, non-physical doctors that do the energy work revealed in card (4)
6) Trust Card – meaning trust that this is all for my highest good
7) Protected Card – reassurance of not to worry that I will be protected during the psychic procedure
Physical Precursors to a Trance Channeling
On 6/30/15 my spouse and I were watching Cosmos on TV at about 10:30 pm. I started feeling anticipation and an energy building in my throat area, spontaneously. My mouth started watering I recognized these immediately as as a sign that a Being wanted to trance channel through me.
I share when I first started trance channeling on my blog in April 2015. Please see below blog post to learn about trance channeling: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/5415-important-info-about-trance-channeling/
Clairvoyant Images of Kemal Ataturk
At about 11:40 pm I went to bed after watching the show. Within a minute or so of laying down and closing my eyes, I started feeling stronger physical precursors to a trance channeling. I started receiving quick clairvoyant images of Kemal Ataturk. He was the first president of Turkey and is in-spirit. He modernized Turkish government and instituted many important reforms including giving women equal rights. I was born in Turkey and came to America when I was three years old with my family. I have received a clairvoyant image of him before in the past month, randomly and spontaneously. I thought because of these images, he was going to be the being to trance channel through me. His image flashed in my mind about two to three times.
My Third-Eye Scape & Wormhole Acceleration
At this time, I was looking through my Third-Eye, with my eyes closed. That is the space between your eyebrows. My Third Eye scape was dark indigo with many pin point white lights in it. Then I felt myself accelerating in my Third Eye. It felt like I was moving! I was quite surprised. This usually happens in my out-of-body experiences during my sleep state when I am about to travel through a worm hole. This was one of the few times, I felt this type of movement, like I was moving through my Third-Eye in such a lucid state.
My Feelings of Confusion-Precursors to a Trance Channeling
As what usually happens before a trance channeling, I felt confused and a level of anxiety. I felt unusual tingles around my crown chakra on top of my head. I felt some unusual and sporadic kriyas in random parts of my body, signs of an energy release. The energy at my throat was becoming stronger and welling up. I felt like I just wanted to vomit. It is taxing on the human physical system when a Being blends with your energetic field and attempts to use your vocal chords to express themselves fully and directly through you. This is another type of channeling modality.
I attempted to stay calm. I felt my body breaking out into sweats, another precursor to a trance channeling.
I kept hearing the name “Azurcan”. That was a name I have heard clairaudiently many times in 2015. I thought maybe he was the Being that was trying to come through me. I grabbed my i-Phone and put it on “record” to record anything that I may trance channel. This was not easy to do as I was very much discombobulated and just wanted to lay there.
Protecting Myself for the Trance Channeling
If I had some notice of this trance channeling to take place, I would have done proper protection and clearing techniques for the space I was in and myself. However, this trance channeling occurred unexpectedly as soon as I laid down for sleep so I was unable to prepare in this way. I had to make do in other ways.
It was very difficult for me to focus on protecting myself because of my emotional state but I telepathically told myself I was protecting my energetic field. I telepathically asked my Gatekeeper Guides to ensure that whatever Being was coming through had the proper access. I injected the Reiki symbol for protection into my energetic field. Honestly, I did not do a thorough job as I would have liked due to emotional distress at the time but I did what I could manage.
(Note: In analyzing this after, I feel I got the “Protected Card” in my oracle card spread earlier to reassure me that I am protected during these type instances.)
Being’s Name – Mazurcan vs Azurcan
Then the Being came through me, using my vocal chords. I said out loud ” I am… I am….” My entire voice, pitch and tone changed. The Being was having difficulty with the energy in completing his sentences through me. They would get dropped. I had difficulty receiving supporting telepathic information as well. I did vocally express after some efforts “I am….” with the name Mazurcan given telepathically. I was perplexed. Was his name Mazurcan or Azurcan? I have been hearing “Azurcan” telepathically for weeks and now when it was actually trance channeled, it was Mazurcan? I will use “Azurcan” to refer to him until I receive information to the contrary.
In the days following, I attempted to confirm his name but as of 7/4/15 I am still unsure.
Increasing the Strength of the Trance Channeling
Azurcan was laboring and delivering only partial sentences through me. The last few words of his sentences were being dropped. I attempted to breathe deeply as I found this has worked in the past to increase the transmission flow and is very helpful to the Being. This deeper breathing on my part seemed to help him express himself through me slightly better.
Possibly Seeing Azurcan in My Third Eye
For some reason, I remembered to keep looking through my Third Eye with my eyes closed. When I did this, it seemed to increase his delivery. I had some anxiety that Azurcan would just present himself, plop, right there in my Third Eye, and scare the heebie jeebies out of me. He could have odd alien features and be reptilian or something like that. If I saw that flash huge and suddenly in my Third Eye scape, I admit I would be taken aback. I am not sure if I am ready to receive that type of clairvoyant vision yet. Luckily, he did not present himself to me in my Third Eye probably because my nervous system would not be able to handle it.
Physical Motions During the Trance Channeling
Whenever Azurcan spoke through me, both my arms would rise high above my head spontaneously. I just let them go. I wasn’t going to keep them back because it was too much effort. I really wanted to be a clear conduit for him.
Azurcan’s Trance Message to Me
Through trance channeling, Azurcan told me the following that I have paraphrased from the recorded sound file:
I am a fifth dimensional being and so I can communicate in this way. He also told me that I would write many books. He said that my destiny was predestined and that it was written in my books and records, in the annals, in the Hall of Records under the Sphinx.
(Note: Then I received a clairvoyant image of the Sphinx in Egypt. I have read that the Hall of Records is located under one of the Sphinx’s front paws under ground. The Hall of Records is the same as the Akashic Records where every thought and deed since your soul’s inception is stored there.
Again, I am speaking these words out loud as Azurcan talks through me. My patient husband! He is laying next to me and hearing every word!)
As he is speaking through me out loud, my back is arching as I am laying horizontally in the bed. It becomes more and more arched, an unusual position.
Azurcan also tells me that there are many beings who want to speak to me but that I needed to be prepared through my heart space.
My Heart Space Psychic Procedure
Then I receive a clairvoyant image of a band of light about three inches wide coming from the heavens into my heart space area. My back becomes more arched. Both of my arms are spread wide and high in the air. I feel an uncomfortable pressure and stretching around my heart space. It actually hurts. It feels like an expander was put around my heart, and it was being stretched. I could feel my heart beating and it feels like it was beating outside of my chest! I have never felt that before! For a few seconds I have thoughts of if it’s possible to have a heart attack and what would my husband do if I had one, right there in the bed.
I speak out loud “My heart hurts!”. I felt these uncomfortable sensations around my heart for about fifteen seconds or so. I attempted to stay calm.
Connecting with Archangel Raphael for Comfort
For whatever reason, I thought of Archangel Raphael. I called him. I imagined him there in my Third Eye and just focused on him and his loving, healing energy to distract myself from the sensations I was feeling.
Seeing Cupids & Unicorn
Then I saw a vision of a garden inside of my mind’s eyes. There were three angels that looked like cupids or cherubim . They were very young and pudgy and looked very happy. That had swaddling around their lower halfs just like the iconic images of cupids. One of them them showed me his white beautiful unicorn. He was right next to it, holding its head tenderly. I was so thankful for these visions as they were distracting me, and they were beautiful. The unicorn looked so soft, gentle and loving. I sensed that a level of me was taken to another dimension, this dimension with the cherubs and unicorn, during this heart space psychic procedure.
This was my second vision with a white unicorn. I received another one earlier in 2015.
My back was still arched in bed. I sense this was to expand my heart chakra even more and my arms were still up in the air. Then suddenly it all dissipated. I felt very tired. Immediately, I went to sleep. I did not have any extraordinary dreams following this procedure.
The next day 7/1/15 I woke up and felt fine and normal.
Planetary Influences for My Love Vibration
I shared with you earlier in this post that I had been feeling in a beautiful love vibration near the end of June. Then I found out on that on 6/30/15 that the planets of Jupiter and Venus were conjunct, the closest they will be to each other. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansiveness. Venus is the planet of love and harmony. You can say that Jupiter acts like an amplifier to Venus’s natural planetary energies. Jupiter works similarly to a quartz crystal, which can naturally enhance and amplify, any other crystalline energy around it.
Then it made sense to me why I was feeling so loving these past few days. I must have been affected by the planetary energies of Jupiter and Venus. It was so beautiful what I was feeling.
It also made sense that the heart space psychic procedure occurred on 6/30/15 as well!
The Seventeenth Dimension of the Fifth Dimension
Telepathically, I asked the Guides “Is this a permanent shift within me to a higher vibration of love, peace and harmony? Am I still in the 16th level of the fifth dimension?” I had heard telepathically a few times in 2015 that I was in the sixteenth level of the fifth dimension. My answer came a few days later on on 7/4/15 telepathically, I heard clearly that now I was in the seventeenth level of the fifth dimension.
Now, I am going to share another unusual energetic event that occurred following my heart space psychic procedure but this was one was more natural and involved my kundalini energy.
7/4/15 Saturday
Events Preceding the Evening- Feeling Kriyas
At about 7:00 pm on 7/3/15 I had unusual kriyas, or muscle spasms, in my right forearm. A specific area of that kept twitching spontaneously and quickly for about fifteen minutes. That usually is a sign to me that I am releasing and energy balance is being restored within my energetic system.
Then when I took a meditation at about 7:30 pm, I felt unusual kriyas in my knees and waves of energy washing over them. I was happy to feel that and hoped that the energies around my knees were being restored. The amount of energetic activity that I was feeling in my physical system felt heightened to me.
Unusual Nighttime Headaches
I went to bed about 10:30 pm on 7/3/1. Then I woke up at 2:48 a.m. with the beginning of a major headache. This was the third night in a row that I had been woken up in this manner. The headache was in the same area of my head these past three days. I sensed that the Beings were continuing their work on me that had was coming on the heals and that started on 6/30/15 Tuesday late evening with my heart space or heart chakra procedure.
For the past three nights I was woken up and I would take a pain reliever of 500 mg of acetaminophen. On July 1st, I would wake up and take another 500 mg every 3.5 hours since the headache first started. I share this to show the severity of the headache.
Some additional background on this:
Why These Headaches Are Unusual for Me
– I do not usually get severe headaches like this in the middle of the night that wake me from the sleep. This is a new occurrence that started happening sporadically since my spiritual awakening in 2009.
– The headaches also occur in very unusual parts inside of my head as well.
– The severity of the headaches is increased as evidenced by the following:
1) A normal headache would subside within ten or 15 minutes of the headache onset and a 500 mg of acetaminophen would suffice.
2) These headaches are very intense and sometimes I need to take 1000 mg of acetaminophen to decrease its intensity.
3) I have to take a series of 500 mg of acetaminophen when the dosage wears off every 3-4 hours during the night time.
These are only my experiences. Please seek out proper medical care and attention if you are experiencing such physical symptoms yourself.
Back to my 7/14/15 experience:
“Explosion Inside of my Head”
So feeling the throbbing headache, I took 500 mg of acetaminophen at 2:48 am and laid back in bed. It felt like within the first few seconds of this headache starting, it blew up to be a major throbbing inside of my head. I was very surprised as to how quickly it had accelerated. I wondered if this was the “explosion inside of my head” that I heard heard telepathically two times in the past two weeks. It did feel that strong but I did not hear any clairaudient explosion noises.
About two minutes went by. The throbbing was fierce. It felt like a throbbing energy force in the left right hemisphere of my brain slightly off center. I wondered if it was possible for my head to explode. I was very uncomfortable. I got up and took another 500 mg of acetaminophen and went back to bed.
For some reason, I felt that I should really feel the location of my head from which the throbbing was coming from. I wondered if the Beings were doing work on my pineal gland, which is a psychic center located in the middle of your head. I ruled that out because this throbbing was off center. Telepathically I asked ” I, Katy Simmone, am here to ask if the Beings are working on me right now. I am feeling a strong, unusual headache. ” (Note: Sometimes, I like to be specific and communicate in a more formal way with the Beings in order to be more clear in case they weren’t up on things. )
Telepathic Communications My Headache
Telepathically, I received back in my own thought voice a single word “fire”. Hmmm. I thought. Are the Beings burning out energetic debris out of my head? I would not describe the sensations I was feeling as fire-like. On 10/12/2007 after rereading this, I knew immediately it was referring to the “kundalini fire.”
Telepathically, I sent to the Beings and then added the term “The Doctors” in my salutation, “Please, can you decrease the intensity of this headache? It is uncomfortable. What is exactly happening here? What procedure is being performed?”
Kundalini Energy
Then, clairvoyantly, a very quick image of a snake flashed inside my head. It was so quick! If I wasn’t aware, I would have easily missed it. Right away, I knew this to be the symbol for the kundalini energy, which is traditionally represented as a snake. I put this snake image together with the word “fire” I had just received and knew that this throbbing sensation was related to the “fire serpent”, the term sometimes used for kundalini energy.
The following is background about kundalini for your reference:
About Kundalini
—Kundalini is an energy, a life force that exists in everyone’s body, usually in a dormant, inactive state. This means that many people never feel it and never know it is there.— It ordinarily rests at the base of the spine and is described as being coiled there like a serpent. The Sanskrit word, kundalini, means coiled, like a snake. —Kundalini energy is not recognized by medical science.
The kundalini energy can be activated in numerous ways, with intention, spontaneously or gradually over time. Within Eastern religions or traditions, Kundalini is described as an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened or activated in order to achieve a state of divine union and oneness upon the seeker of truth or aspirant. For some, it happens when they raise and expand their consciousness to higher levels of thought. This has been my experience.
About Kundalini Rising
When the kundalini is activated, it begins its rise through the Pingala, Ida and Sushumna. These are major energy channels, also known as nadis, located in the torso of your physical body. The kundalini makes its ascent through the channels and major chakras up to the crown chakra and even past. This is known as a kundalini rising.
Kundalini rising is a healing force, but its effects can sometimes be quite unpleasant for some. Its effects and journey upward may last for minutes, days, months, or even years. For me, it was very subtle and happened over the period of time since my spiritual awakening in 2009 and is continuing to happen. If I hadn’t heard telepathic references to it and the state it was in, I would not have been aware of this process on a conscious level. In fact, prior to my awakening I had no idea of what kundalini was.
Back to my 7/4/15 experience:
Feeling Kundalini Energy Ascent Movement
For whatever reason, I continued to focus on the specific location of the throbbing sensation in the upper left quadrant inside of my head near the center. To my surprise, I felt it moving upward inside of my head, very slowly and almost in an undulating manner. It wasn’t a direct movement. It was unhurried but moving definitively upward inside of my head. I wondered if the kundalini energy was making its ascent!
Earlier Telepathic Messages on My Kundalini
I thought my kundalini had already risen as I had heard telepathic information to that regard as I shared in my blog post of March 2015. I shared then that in 2014 at random times during the day I would hear that my kundalini had risen to the twelfth level. Sometimes, my Guides don’t use mainstream vernacular and terminology such as the term “chakras”. At this time I interpreted this to mean that my kundalini had risen past my 7th chakra, which is the crown chakra to my twelfth chakra, which is located above my head as well.
But now I am now sure that was the case. Maybe the twelfth level does not mean twelfth chakra.
Back to my experience of 7/4/15:
I felt the throbbing energy migrating to the very top of my head, inside of my head. It felt like the area of the throbbing sensation had diminished considerably perhaps to one-third of its original size, which I was very thankful for. Maybe “The Doctors” had responded to my request to turn down the intensity level.
Feeling Acupuncture Like Sensations
The throbbing energy reached the top of my head. I felt two to three times, general tingles around my entire crown area, along the top of my head. I took this as another sign that this was some sort of energetic event and not a normal headache. Then I felt a very odd pinch or pricking on my right foot between my big toe and the toe next to it. It was almost like I was getting acupuncture there! This sensation lasted only a second
Then about ten seconds later, I felt another prick on my right shoulder like I was getting acupuncture there. This sensation lasted only a second. Again, these unusual, and to me, random sensations that I was feeling within my energetic system that indeed something energetic was happening.
Telepathically in my own thought voice , I heard the word “Sushumna”. The Sushumna is the major central energy channel or nadi of the human energetic system that exists in another dimensional frequency that most people cannot readily detect with their physical senses. It runs from the base of the spine to the crown chakra. It plays an important role in kundalini awakening.
My Kundalini’s Lateral Movement Toward Center
I continued to stay focused on the kundalini’s journey. I wondered why the sensations I was feeling were not exactly centered in the mid-line of my head. It was off center about two-three inches to the left side. Then as if to answer my question and to my surprise, after the throbbing sensation moved to the top of my head. I felt the throbbing sensation start moving toward the center of my head! I was quite shocked. It was now traversing laterally toward the center of the top of my head!
Kundalini Energy Spilling into My Sushumna
Then I energetically felt, that in the center of my head, there was a dip. If felt exactly as if the throbbing sensation was going into this dip! Like it was spilling slowly into the dip! Quite an unusual sensation! It felt like it was spilling into this dip one to two inches deep.
After a few seconds of this spilling sensation, I felt a strong quick tug around my heart chakra. Immediately, I know this energetic activity and kundalini actions was related to my heart space as well. Then it all just suddenly stopped. I felt fine and back to normal.
I looked at the clock on the night time. The time was 3:16 a.m. This entire process had taken 29 minutes. It started at 2:48 a.m.
My Dream Time Following Kundalini Activity
Then I went into my dream state. My dreams were of the normal kind and not extraordinary.
The next morning I upon waking, I felt fine and not unusually different.
Other Psychic Procedures & Energetic Activities
This is is not the first time I have experienced such energetic sensations or psychic procedures.
This is not the first time I have experienced a psychic procedures or unusual energetic sensations. Sometimes they occur in my sleep state or in-between sleep or even in meditations. I had psychic procedures, including those in my Third Eye.
This is me earlier energetic activities I have experienced and blogged about:
3/28/15 About My Kundalini Energy Rising
These are some of of my earlier psychic procedures that I have blogged about:
1/17/15 OOB: From Dream Sequence: Healing Procedure-Dipped into Light Bath
11/12/12 OOB Procedure in Canteloupe Mist
Also, see below for a dream in which I experienced an eye procedure that I did myself but it was not in my Third Eye scape:
12/24/14 Wednesday Eye Procedure Dream Done by Myself or Spontaneously
Katy’s Background
Since my spiritual awakening in 2009, I have had some amazing psychic experiences, including weekly lucid out-of-body experiences (OOBs), participating in spirit cross-overs and channeling messages from beings that exist an other dimensions. A spiritual awakening occurs when you start to raise you consciousness. You begin to look at the world around you and your own life differently. You realize that you are spiritual being having a physical existence for your own evolution.
Also, since my spiritual awakening, I found that I could receive information telepathically from beings of light and love. I have telepathically heard that I am a fifth dimensional being. I also heard that I was in the third level of the 16th level of the fifth dimension up until mid January 2015. Then starting in mid-January 2015 I telepathically heard numerous times that I was on the 16th level after making some extraordinary shifts in accepting my life purpose from mid December 2014 to mid-January 2015. I also have heard that I am a star seed, an Arcturian, a “hybrid”, “genetically modified” and a transient.
I heard that I had been “rescued” and “restored”, and that I am in the “witness protection program.” In 2014 I received about four clairvoyant images of the fictional character Frankenstein, where he was laying on the treatment table while the eccentric scientist was rebuilding him. It was my guides’ way of providing me this literary allusion, showing me that I had been rebuilt like Frankenstein. I heard telepathically that I operate on multiple frequencies.” This combination of factors and my “alien nature” explains the psychic activity I have experienced in my day–to-day life and during my sleep state and in altered states of consciousness.
I have been guided to share my experiences, which I do here in this blog. I am a psychic life adviser, providing life wisdom from beyond. I do this through direct voice, Tarot and oracle card readings. I have received channeled information from various beings of light of love, who exist in other dimensions, on various topics to help humanity, that I share on this blog as well.
To learn more about my background, please see: My Background
Please share with others who may be interested. I would love to hear if you have had any similar experience.
Katy Simmone, Psychic Life Adviser, Life Wisdom from Beyond
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Copyright © Katy Simmone. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material, including excerpts as long as you do not alter it in any way, and the content remains accurate, and you include this copyright notice and link: http://soulevolutioncenter.com/blog/ .


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